The Riddler's Gift

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					            “A highly recommended fantasy novel –
           enormous fun to read and extremely easy
          to lose yourself within.”

The Riddler’s Gift
                                 Greg Hamerton
                                 In a time when the world was ravaged by
                                 chaos, one kingdom remains; ordered,
                                 isolated, protected. Then Tabitha Serannon
                                 awakens an ancient power and the world
                                 begins to change.

                                 She is hunted for her talent. The Shadow-
                                 casters whisper in her ears as their evil closes

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                                 around her. Soon the Riddler walks beside her,
                                 but is he on her side?

                                 She has a moment to learn the magic before
                                 she loses her grasp of the Lifesong, but the
                                 path she must follow leads into Darkness; into
                                 terror, treachery and desire.

                                 To survive she must give voice to a music that
                                 she hardly understands, an enchantment that
                                 will echo through all time.
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     “When you reach the end of The Riddler’s Gift, you’re
       left wanting more. Highly, highly recommended.”                                    Valid until 31 DEC 2009

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