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					The ‘Elf’
Created by sailplane and light aircraft designer Jerzy Krawczyk, the Elf is the first of
a new generation of high quality, high-tech, low cost ultralight aircraft offering pilots
significant cross-country flying and the capacity to thermal and ridge soar, engine off.

This exceptional flight capability will be of interest not only to the recreational pilot
seeking to extend his flying skills into new areas of competence and experience, but
also to the ultralight competitor fully aware of the value of the Elf’s performance,
range and fuel economy.

Easily rigged and de-rigged, and transportable on an open or closed trailer, the ‘Elf’
is destined to set new cost/performance standards in ultralight aviation.

All major components and control systems are being tested to values and safety
factors required by UK, BCAR Section ‘S’. Compliance is currently in progress.

So whether you fly as an individual owner or syndicate member, are currently a
paraglider, hang glider, ultralight, G.A. or glider pilot, the ‘Elf’ with it’s convenience,
performance and safe, predictable handling, could be your next opportunity to
broaden your aviation experience, enjoyment and satisfaction.

XC Aviation Ltd
19 Camphill Avenue
G41 3AU

Tel/Fax:                                                  Directors:
Daytime: 044 141 445 4448                                 Brian Harrison
Evening: 044 141 649 5136                                 Gordon Salter
                                                          Company Reg No. SC216119
Specification                            Performance (Flight Tested)

Weight:          145 kg                  Cruise:        50 mph at 5,100rpm
Gross Weight:    260 kg                  Max Climb:     400ft/min at 30mph
Area:            10.8 sq/m               Econ. Climb:   300ft/min at 42mph
Span:            11.2 m                  Stall:         27mph
Length:          5.7m                    Best L/D:      26.4:1, 150ft/min at
Aerofoil:        NN18-17, mild, stable                  45mph
                 stall unaffected by     Min Sink:      120ft/min at 39 mph
                 rain or insects         Airbrake:      300ft/min at 45mph
Engine:          20 hp (JPX)                            (13:1)
Prop:            1.16m, folding          Fuel:          4.5 litres/hour
Fuel Capacity:   15 litres
                 (3 hours + reserve)     Note:          We reserve the right
Proof Load       +6 : -3                                to change
Pilot Limits     Height 1.9m (6’3”)                     specification and
                 Weight 100kg                           performance details
                 (220lbs)                               without notice.
‘Elf’ Ultralight Motorglider

Kit Contents:

Special Note:                  This kit is very comprehensive. Only additional costs
                               are painting, cockpit interior furnishings, battery and
                               some minor components required to complete.

Supplied:                      All moulded parts, jig drilled ready for assembly and
                               installation of controls. Control systems, canopy,
                               fuel tank, folding 3-blade propeller, wheels,
                               instruments – 5 (see Quest option), 6 point pilot
                               harness, seat pad, electrical wiring, aero-tow hook,
                               building instructions, including DVD, propeller
                               manual, engine manual (with engine) operations

Factory Building:              Kit is assembled, painted, engine, instruments and
                               electrics installed ready for first test flight.

Closed Trailer:                Designed for ‘Elf’ only, and supplied with all fittings
                               for safe, secure transportation. Panels are synthetic

Ballistic Parachute:           Is Alphaparachute 750 on ‘Standard Composite’ and         500 on ‘Carbon’ Elf.

‘Quest’ Flight System:      Is a very sophisticated flight information system monitoring all engine, performance and (with GPS)
                            navigation parameters.

Engine:                        Is the reliable JPX D330 horizontal twin cylinder,                     two-stroke which has been in production for over 20            years.

                               Note: Our folding, 3-blade, propeller has been
                               specifically developed for this engine.
Elf’ Price List, Order Form (UK)                                     April 2006
Ex-Works Krosno, Poland

                       Standard Composite             Carbon Euro Glider
                       ± 145kg                        80kg
Elf Kit                                        Tick                          Tick

(see contents)               £10,990                        £13,750
JPX D330                      £1,725                           N/A


Krosno/Calais ¹                £600                           £600
Factory Build, incl.
paint                         £3,660                         £3,660
custom trailer                £2,290                         £2,290
Ballistic Chute
                              £1,410                         £1,270
‘Quest’ Instrument
System ²                       £595                           £595



Invoice Total

¹ Delivery to other destinations, ask for quotation.
² Price shown includes deduction for kit instruments not required.

I wish to order the above components.





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