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					                                                      ERICH THALHEIMER
                                                           INCE BOARD CERTIFIED
                                                       ACOUSTICAL CONSULTING ENGINEER

                                                   27 PETERSON ROAD, NATICK, MA 01760
                                                          PHONE: (508) 651-9772
                                                       E-MAIL: THALHEIMER@RCN.COM
                                                     WWW.T HALHEIMERASSOCIATES.COM

Erich Thalheimer is an acoustical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in professional practice and
education, and has earned a national reputation in the area of construction noise control. His broad range of
experience includes noise assessment and mitigation for transportation (highway, airport, and railroad)
projects; construction noise and vibration projects; stationary source and operational noise projects; interior
acoustics projects; applied noise and vibration research; and product noise and vibration testing. He has
provided expert witness testimony to clients in the area of noise analysis and mitigation, and has presented
numerous seminars to the engineering community on noise measurement, analysis and control. Erich is an
expert in area of noise and vibration measurement and analysis.

Erich’s accumulation of knowledge and successful leadership on the Central Artery/Tunnel (The Big Dig)
Project’s noise control program (,%20NCEJ,%2048(5),%20Sep-Oct%202000.pdf) earned him
the status as Board Certified by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering in 2001. For his work, Erich was
honored by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association with an ARTBA Globe Award in 2003,
and received the Artery Business Committee’s ABC Excellence in Building Award in 2001. He has also
appeared in several TV documentaries, newscasts, and newspaper articles regarding construction noise
control. Erich has shared these experiences with the engineering community through more than a dozen
published technical papers. Erich recently concluded his work with FHWA and the Volpe Center to establish a
new national policy and assessment procedure for construction noise, entitled Roadway Construction Noise
Model (RCNM), which was officially released by FHWA in February 2006 and is available for downloading at More recently he completed work with the New York City DEP to
update and improve the NY City Noise Regulations which take effect in July 2007 and can be seen at For this effort, Mr. Thalheimer received a 2009 ACEC Silver Award
from the American Council of Engineering Companies as well as the 2010 NHCA Safe-In-Sound Award from
the National Hearing Conservation Association.

Erich has also been a contributing member of several technical standards committees including ANSI S12 for
community noise, ISO 2631/5349 for human vibration, and IES S10 for roadway lighting.

PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF, Boston, MA                                                                                                   11/96 to Present
            Senior Noise & Vibration Engineer (Project Manager)

          Currently serving as a Senior Professional Associate performing noise and vibration work on a multitude of
          projects for both public and private sector clients - advisor to City and Federal agencies in the development of
          noise control policies and regulations - for ten years was responsible for managing the Central Artery/Tunnel
          Project's construction noise control program as technical lead in support of the Massachusetts Turnpike
          Authority. Duties included serving as technical advisor directly to project directors, development of project
          noise and mitigation policies, developing and overseeing contractor compliance with project construction noise
          specifications, researching and recommending appropriate construction noise mitigation strategies, training

       noise staff, presenting noise-related issues before City officials and community groups, managing and
       scheduling the Nighttime Noise Patrol, and acting as the Project's expert for noise-related legal defense.

KM CHNG ENVIRONMENTAL, Waltham, MA                                                                      5/94 to 11/96
            Senior Consultant (Project Manager)

       Managed and performed all aspects of environmental and transportation related noise and vibration impact
       prediction and control projects involving highways, airports, railroads, and stationary noise sources performed
       for State agencies (e.g. MWRA, MBTA, MHD, MPA, CA/T, etc.) and private sector clients alike. Developed
       new business through marketing efforts and proposal writing. Attended scoping and negotiation meetings.
       Developed in-house analytical/empirical noise and vibration propagation models. Supervised company's noise
       and vibration instrumentation and field work exercises. Presented findings at public hearings.

ATLANTIC APPLIED RESEARCH CORPORATION, Burlington, MA                                                  12/91 to 11/93
            Acoustical Consulting Engineer (Project Manager)

       Responsible for performing a wide variety of acoustical and vibration related engineering measurements,
       assessment and control. Identified market potentials, sought and developed possible client work involving
       environmental noise issues. Also responsible for care, maintenance and calibration of AARC's extensive
       instrumentation laboratory.

THALHEIMER ASSOCIATES, Framingham & Natick, MA                                              5/91 to Present
            Free-lance Acoustical Consultant (Self Employed)

       Performed free-lance acoustical engineering and consulting primarily for environmental noise projects with
       companies such as: Johnson & Johnson, Rizzo Associates, Browning & Ferris (BFI), Cashins Associates,
       Wyle Laboratories, Stone & Webster, KM Chng Environmental, Lewis Goodfriend Associates, others.

LOUIS BERGER & ASSOCIATES, Waltham, MA                                                                   6/90 to 5/91
            Senior Environmental Scientist (Staff Level)

       Responsible for preparing environmental and traffic noise reports assessing noise impacts. Formulated noise
       monitoring programs, collected noise data in the field, reduced data and modeled noise conditions accordingly
       with STAMINA 2.0, assessed and predicted future noise impacts, suggested mitigation actions and designed
       justifiable noise barriers. Prepared proposal sections and presented before State agencies.

BOLT BERANEK & NEWMAN, ACENTECH, Cambridge, MA                                                           8/89 to 6/90
           Acoustical Consulting Engineer (Staff Level)

       Concentrated in the study, measurement, and assessment of various environmental noise projects. Collected
       data in the field, reduced data accordingly, and compared results with computer models (e.g. STAMINA 2.0).
       Performed traffic noise studies that typically resulted in highway noise barrier designs. Performed
       Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) pertaining to noise issues, and performed research for the USDOT
       involving the degrading effects of parallel highway noise barriers.

BRUEL & KJAER INSTRUMENTS, Marlboro, MA                                                                  3/85 to 5/89
            National Applications Engineer

       Specialized in the sale and technical support for the entire line of Environmental Measurement Instrumentation.
        Formulated national marketing plans. Served as resident expert and provided technical support to customers
       and sales staff. Promoted measurement techniques and applications through national seminars. Analyzed and
       reported on competitive marketplace.

CAVANAUGH & TOCCI ASSOCIATES, Sudbury, MA                                                                6/82 to 3/85
           Acoustical Consulting Technician

        Responsible for collection of environmental, industrial, and residential noise and vibration data. Developed
        various acoustical software for use on PC's to calculate reverberation times, composite wall TL and STC values,
        partial barrier IL, conversions between sound pressure and sound power levels.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 1984

With particular emphasis in noise and vibration related classes, Teaching Assistant for senior-level vibrations class.

        In addition:     Attended various technical seminars including: Digital Signal Processing (B&K), Acoustic
                         Noise Control (B&K), Airport Noise & Land Use Planning (Georgia Tech.), Architectural
                         Lighting & Acoustics (RISOD), Light and Lighting (IES), Cadna-A Noise Model (DataKustik).

       Winner of 2010 NHCA Safe-In-Sound Award from the National Hearing Conservation Association.
       Winner of 2009 ACEC Silver Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies.
       Pre-certified to perform noise analysis by the Massachusetts Highway Dept., effective July 2007.
       INCE Board Certified - Institute of Noise Control Engineering, effective 6/8/01.
       Winner of a 2003 ARTBA Globe Award from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.
       Winner of the 2001 ABC Excellence in Building Award from the Artery Business Committee.
       Appointed "INDIVIDUAL EXPERT" by the Acoustical Society of America for the S3 Accredited Standards
        Committees for 1996/1997.
       Expert Witness testimony provided in noise-related legal case in Worcester Superior Court.
       Invited engineering lecturer at UMass, UConn, WPI, RPI and Tufts.

       National Security Clearance to perform "SECRET" level work.

        Fully literate and comfortable in a PC Windows or DOS environment. Regular user of E-mail and Internet web-
        sites to research and share information. Certified advanced user of DataKustik’s sophisticated Cadna-A
        environmental acoustics computer model. Authored SOUND acoustics applications software package.
        Experienced with BASIC and FORTRAN languages to perform engineering computations and to interface
        instrumentation. Well versed in use of FHWA's Traffic Noise Model (TNM) and older STAMINA2.0/OPTIMA for
        highway noise and barrier assessment. Experienced with FAA's Integrated Noise Model (INM) for airport noise
        impact evaluation and with FTA's rail noise and vibration impact models. Personally developed
        analytical/empirical spreadsheet noise and vibration prediction models to evaluate potential environmental
        impact against established criteria. Thoroughly experienced with most popular office and engineering packages
        such as Oracle, Lotus123, Excel, Word Perfect, Word, Autocad, Matlab, Smart, PowerPoint, etc.

        Extensive background and experience using a wide variety of measurement instrumentation including Bruel &
        Kjaer's equipment line (including all microphones, accelerometers, etc.) as well as instrumentation
        manufactured by Larson Davis Labs (700 and 800 series), CEL Instruments (593.C.1), and Hewlett Packard
Analyzers (3561, 3562). Was responsible for calibrating, operating and maintaining laboratory instrumentation
as Lab Supervisor for AARC. Additional experience with equipment such as light meters, thermal comfort &
heat stress meters, dynamic air pressure transducers, air velocity hot wires, hydrophones, analog and digital
(DAT) tape recorders from TEAC and Panasonic, multiplexors, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, etc.

   New York City Western Rail Yard Construction Noise Study, presented and published at Noise-Con 2010,
    Baltimore, MD, April 2010.

   Recreational Gun Range Noise - The Price of Freedom, presented and published (paper no. 524) at Inter-Noise
    2009, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, August 2009.

   New York City's New Construction Noise Regulation, presented at the CPWR/NIOSH Working Group
    Conference, Orlando, FL, March 2009.

   Sustainable Precedents for Construction Mitigation, presented at the Transportation Research Board Annual
    Meeting 2009, Washington DC, January 2009.

   New York City’s New Construction Noise Regulation, presented at the Transportation Research Board Annual
    Meeting 2008, Washington DC, January 2008.

   New York City’s New and Improved Construction Noise Regulation, presented and published at Noise-Con
    2007, Reno, NV, October 2007.

   Reduction in City Background Noise Due to Relocation of Artery Traffic into Underground Tunnels, presented
    and published at Noise-Con 2004, Baltimore, MD, July 2004.

   Design for Construction Mitigation on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, presented and published (paper no.
    GE-015) at the CSCE Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Conference, Montreal, June 2002.

   Proactive Construction Noise Control Policies Developed for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project’s C17A6
    Contract, presented and published (paper 019) at Noise-Con 2001, Portland, ME, October 2001.

   Proactive and Reactive Construction Noise Control Strategy at the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, paper
    published at the ASCE Civil Engineering Conference, Houston, TX, October 2001.

   Modeling of Highway Tunnel Ventilation System Noise for Compliance with Municipal Regulations, presented
    and published (paper No. 161) at the Air & Waste Management Conference, Orlando, FL, June 2001.

   CA/T Project’s Construction Noise Program, presented to the Transportation Research Board A1F04 Conf., New
    York, NY, June 2000.

   The Importance of Community Involvement in a Successful Construction Noise Control Program, invited
    presentation given at the Acoustical Society of America Meeting, Atlanta, GA, May 2000.

   Construction Noise Control Program and Mitigation Strategy at the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, presented
    and published (paper no. 184) at Inter-Noise 99 Congress and Exposition, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Dec. 1999, and later
    published as a singly-authored article in Noise Control Engineering Journal (NCEJ, 48(5), Sep-Oct 2000).

   Window Sound Proofing for Construction Noise at the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, presented and published
    (paper no. 97) at Inter-Noise 99 Congress and Exposition, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, December 1999.

   Construction Noise Control in an Urban Setting, presented and published at Tunnel Construction & Piling 99
    Symposium, London, September 1999.

   Pistol Noise Spectra Database, published in the USPSA's Front Sight Magazine, March/April 1999.

   Practical Approach to the Measurement and Evaluation of Exposure to Whole-Body Vibration in the
    Workplace, presented at the University of Florida, College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL, and published in Seminars
    in Perinatology Journal, April 1996.

   Canton Viaduct Rail Rehabilitation Noise and Vibration Study, presented at Transportation Research Board
    A1F04 Conference, Boston, MA, July 1995.

     Chronicle WCVB Ch 5 Boston, program aired in February 2001
     The Learning Channel (TLC), program aired in October 2000.
     The Discovery Channel (USA), program aired in August 2000.
     The Discovery Channel (Canada), program aired in March 2000.
     Multiple local TV news channels covering noise/vibration issues at the CA/T Project.

     Responsible for bi-annual performance of in-house construction noise training course entitled Noise Control
      Workshop for field engineers and inspectors at the Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston, MA.

     Created, organized, and/or lectured at Bruel & Kjaer's biannual three day seminar Acoustic Noise Control; Bruel
      & Kjaer's one day seminars including Environmental Noise, Basic Acoustics, Human Vibration Exposure,
      Thermal Environments, and Measuring Light.

     Invited to lecture at NIOSH's three day course Human Exposure to Industrial Vibration. Appear in NIOSH
      Training Video Tape #178 Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.

     Repeat guest lecturer on topic of Measurement and Evaluation of Human Vibration at the University of Florida
      (Gainesville) conference Sound & Vibration in Pregnancy, and several training programs for the U.S. Navy
      Environmental Health Center.