CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD
                                Thursday, May 21, 2009


A meeting of the Okaloosa County Code Enforcement Board was held Thursday,
May 21, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. at the Okaloosa County Water & Sewer Administrative Complex,
1804 Lewis Turner Blvd., third floor Commissioner’s Chambers, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Board members in attendance were Devon Pelham, Spence King, John Snell, Caralee Gibson,
Skip Miller, India Schor, and Nathan Boyles. Growth Management staff in attendance were
Elliot Kampert, Director, Lisa Payton, Code Enforcement, and Teresa Mullins, Administrative
Assistant, John Dowd, County Attorney was also in attendance.

Chairman Devon Pelham called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

1.     ROLL CALL

       Teresa Mullins conducted roll call.

2.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF March 19, 2009: Motion to approve the minutes as
       written made by Spence King, seconded by Skip Miller; 6 ayes.

Caralee Gibson joined the meeting.


       A.     CEB CASE #08-319918            Hubert A. Laird

              Location of Violation:         2820 Highway 98 West, Mary Esther, Florida

Ordinance Violations.

Okaloosa County Land Development Ordinance 91-1 as amended, Chapter 12, Fees, Fines, and
Civil Penalties, Section 12.02.00 #20, Any violation of county ordinance, “Failure to obtain a
Development Order” (Chapter 1, General Provisions, Section 1.03.03 B); and Section 12.02.00
#21 “Failure to comply with Correction Notice.”

Lisa Payton stated that this issue has been resolved. The Development Order has been issued
and Mr. Laird has paid his $15,000.00 fine. Per Code Enforcement, this case is closed.

Ms. Peggy Fowler addressed the board and offered her thanks to the board for the board’s
willingness to work with Mr. Laird on this issue.

John Snell joined the meeting.

                                               1                  Code Enforcement 5-21-09
       B.      CEB CASE #08-319822           Thinner Jean Garner

               Location of Violation:        104 and 109 Wayne Avenue, Ft Walton Bch, FL

Ordinance Violation and Public Nuisance.

Okaloosa County Land Development Ordinance 91-1 as amended, Chapter 6, Development
Design and Implementation Standards, Section 6.02.01, K, 3-4 Construction Codes; and Chapter
9, Operational Performance Standards, Section 9.02.00 Litter and Nuisance Control.

Ms. Payton stated that this issue has been resolved. A contractor has purchased the property and
the structures have been demolished and the properties cleared. Per Code Enforcement, this case
is closed.

       C.       CEB CASE #08-313242          Burton E. Toft

               Location of Violation:        4978 Griffith Mill Rd., Holt, FL

Ordinance Violation and Public Nuisance.

Laws of Florida, Florida Statutes 403.413, Unlawful Dumping, “Discarding Solid Waste;”
Florida Statute 413.161, Pollution; and Florida Statute 386.051/386.041 Nuisance Injurious to
Health; Okaloosa County Land Development Ordinance 91-1 as amended, Article IV Section 11
Solid Waste Prohibitions, Article III Section 11-132 Litter Prohibited, Section 11-134 Unlawful
Litter Storage “Accumulation of Debris/ “Litter” on Property”, and Section 11-135 Litter
Control; Florida Administrative Codes, Chapter 62-701.300 Solid Waste Prohibitions, and
Chapter 62-711.400 (4) Prohibited Storage of Waste Tires.

Ms. Payton stated that notice was received from the Tax Collector’s office that this property has
been sold by that department. Ms. Payton further stated that a statement of claim to reclaim
administrative costs and as much of the fine as possible then had to be submitted against the
$10,174.07 available to those with claim or lien against the property. Ms. Payton stated that the
administrative costs totaled $405.58 and the lien/fine had accumulated to $68,000.00. Ms.
Payton submitted the statement of claim for the entire amount of $68,405.58; however, the most
we can hope to receive is the available $10,174.07. She further stated that there are no other
liens against the property. Ms. Payton said that the property has been sold and the new owner
will now be responsible for cleaning up the property. Ms. Payton stated that Mr. Toft is

Ms. Gibson asked if the case would stay on the books until the property is cleaned up.

Ms. Payton stated that staff would allow the new owner opportunity to clean up the site. If the
site is not cleared up a new case would be opened, however the new owner intends to sell the
property and intends to prepare the property for sale.

                                                2                  Code Enforcement 5-21-09



       A brief discussion was held regarding meeting notifications sent to the board members.
       It was suggested to staff that the meeting notification emails be sent with a “read/receipt”
       and if staff does not see that the email has been read, a follow-up phone call should be

       A further brief discussion ensued pursuant to the Summerhouse site.

6.     ADJOURN

       Motion to adjourn the meeting made by India Schor, seconded by Nathan Boyles; 7 Ayes.

       There being no other business Chairman Pelham declared the meeting adjourned.

Prepared by:_______________________________
            Teresa Mullins, Administrative Assistant

                                                3                   Code Enforcement 5-21-09

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