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•       By
•   Ejiro Kuale

• A surveyors salary is about 34-
  44 thousand dollars a year.
         Job Description

• Surveyors job is to measure
  the land an there boundaries
  for a particular building site.

• There are certain types of
  surveyors out in the world today.
  For every different type of
  surveyor there is a certain amount
  of schooling you need for example
  a marine surveyor has to taken all
  sorts of marine classes for four
• This is one of the universal
  signs of a marine surveyor.
     Job Description
• The surveyor use his tripod
  (behind the letters) to survey the
• The work place is always
  looking for surveyors because
  the more money they pay for a
  surveyor they ca n hire one for
  and he work for the company.
• You can get a job in Volusia
  County with The Hilton on the
  beach side. Surveying the land
  where the hotel will be built.