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									                             FAKATUFONO NIUE

TTN #38 [February 2010]

In this issue:

    •   Hakupu Community joins e-

    •   Niue launches National Youth Policy

    •   Vaiea begins the ‘4Gs’ Project

    •   Taoga Niue Notices

    •   Tropical Cyclone Rene…

    •   More….

From Fale Fono:

    •   Premier Talagi is still absent on sick
        leave. Prayers please for his swift     Acting Youth Minister, Ekepule
        recovery. Acting Minister who is        Maihetoe Hekau opening the Niue
        responsible for the Premier’s           Youth Policy Launching
        Portfolio matters is still Ekepule Maihetoe Hekau.

    •   Acting Premier is Hon Pokotoa Sipeli.

    •   Acting Minister for Hon O’Love Jacobsen [who is away in Vanuatu] is
        Ekepule Billy Talagi, and

    •   Acting Minister for Hon Togia Sioneholo [who is away in New Zealand] is
        Ekepule Esther Pavihi

    •   SOG Richard Hipa is also absent, replaced by Mrs Wennie Salatielu.

Niue Launches 2009-201-2013 National Youth
“You are tomorrow’s leaders of our nation so look ahead with pride and
determination,” said Acting Minister for Niue Youth, Ekepule Maihetoe Hekau,
during the official launching of the Niue National Youth Policy last Wednesday
evening at Talo’s Restaurant. “Just as we have the 1974 Niue Constitution, this will
be yours, a
document, or a
constitution if you
like, equally as
binding in guiding
and directing the
development of
Niue Youth for
the next five
years. The Policy
as I see it looks
and deep,
various groups        Celebrating the end of hard work with Acting Youth Minister [centre]
and organizations Ekepule Maihetoe Hekau
such as the village
youth, church groups and elders who will listen to you and the direction in which you
will choose to go.”

Acting Minister also urged the youth to respect their elders, use Vagahau Niue at
every opportunity and preserve Niue’s cultural traditions while at the same time to
‘Look up and Look ahead with pride in your hearts’, and for the youth leaders ‘to
work closely with other youths and the Government of the Day so that they can
achieve their goals.’

“This is a very important policy document,” said Fapoi Akesi, Director of Community
Affairs, “small, thin and user friendly compared to the 2003-2008 version that was
                                                           big, round and
                                                           cumbersome. It is a
                                                           roadmap for youth to do
                                                           with it what you like but
                                                           whatever you decide please
                                                           make something happen.”

                                                                   Director Akesi thanked the
                                                                   people who have been part
                                                                   of working hard in putting
                                                                   the policy together and in
                                                                   passing acknowledged Mrs

Getting their 15 minutes of fame during a karaoke competition...
Birtha Togahai, who, as the National Youth Officer [funded by UNDP] managed and
supervised Niue Youth Parliament to a successful conclusion in 2009.

National Youth Council Chairperson, Ms Inangaro Vakaafi agreed that the current
National Youth Policy is indeed less intimidating than its 2003-2008 predecessor,
which achieved little of consequence during its five year term.

“It’s been a long journey and there were too few of us to make it happen, but it is
finally here - another of our dreams come true,” Ms Vakaafi explained, and we really
need to look and work together to succeed – cooperation is the key to the
development of our youth.”

Pastor Joe Singh was rapt to be asked to offer words of encouragement and to bless
the launching of the Niue National Youth Policy.

                                                           “This policy is really a
                                                           presentation for the next
                                                           generation,” he told the
                                                           young people who attended
                                                           the function, “but you will
                                                           need to know which path
                                                           to take as you deliberate
                                                           and navigate your way
                                                           through your lives.”

                                                             “You need to identify the
This group, during the Quiz competition, is on the verge of
                                                             problem, have a good plan
winning hence the smiles...                                  in how to achieve a goal
                                                             and a leader to guide and
direct your actions. But don’t forget that among all of this God always has a plan for
you and be sure to first check His purpose.”

It was a great launching night with group quiz activities in which the non-youth group
blitzing the youngsters without blinking an eye followed by a karaoke session in
which the same group
scoring 99 points out of a
100, not a bad effort from
a bunch of ‘oldies that
included the Minister and
SOG. For what it was
worth everyone had a
great time with every
opportunity for the
youngsters on the
karaoke to become
famous for fifteen
minutes after the          The eventual winners of the Quiz competition and already
                           celebrating their success...
winning group had
departed for an early evening.

Congratulations to Ms Charlene Tukiuha, Ms Ina Vakaafi, and everyone who had
made the Niue Youth Policy possible.

Thank you to the following sponsors and donors for their financial contributions:
Government of Niue and SPC [South Pacific Community] who provided advisors and
technical support and the printing of the policy document.

Tropical Cyclone Warning: Tropical Cyclone Rene










From the Niue Meteorological Office

Vaiea’s 4-Gs Project

                                                                          When Minister of
                                                                          Health Hon O’Love
                                                                          Jacobsen accepted an
                                                                          invitation to attend an
                                                                          Independence Day
                                                                          Celebration by the
                                                                          Tuvalu community
                                                                          living in Vaiea in
                                                                          October last year the

New shower and toilet ablutions on the right to replace the old latrine
and shower on the left.
Minister announced that she had received some funding assistance while at a WHO
meeting and would like to use some of it to upgrade the water and sanitation
conditions of the people of Vaiea.

Minister Jacobsen good naturedly and appropriately dubbed it as the ‘4-Gs Water
Project’ – Good water, Good sanitation, Good clean environment and Good healthy
citizens. As of this week the project is already under way much to the delight of the
Vaiea residents who have waited for years to have water inside their homes for
                                                             cooking, washing and for
                                                             ablution facilities.
                                                             $64,000 has been
                                                             allocated for the project.

                                                               The $64,000 will buy
                                                               pipes, labour costs,
                                                               fittings, aggregates,
                                                               machinery hire and
                                                               ground preparations up to
                                                               [and including the
                                                               materials] the residents’
                                                               homes, while septic
Carpenter Mr Biu Bilitaki and assistant adding the finishing   tanks, toilet pans and
touches to the new unit...
                                                               cisterns, shower units and
taps inside the house will be the responsibility of the resident. Private loans, arranged
through the Community Affairs Department will be made available if required.
Eleven homes have been targeted to receive this assistance and the project is under
supervision by Niue Health, Community Affairs, PWD and the Secretary of Justice.

But why Vaiea? The Minister of Health insisted that the informal title for the project
is self-explanatory. “The sanitary conditions of the Vaiea residents pose serious health
problems which must be addressed immediately,” she told TTN in an interview after
the Independence Day function in October 2009. “Discharges of used water into open
spaces around the homes and open type latrines will eventually compromise our fresh
water lens – that will affect everyone living on this island. It is therefore best to arrest
this situation now before it gets to serious to be satisfactorily rectified.”

Some residents in other village communities are concerned that they are still waiting
for similar upgrades in their own homes. Reassurances from the Minister are
forthcoming that eventually everyone living in Niue will be offered the same terms.

Hakupu Village Joins the e-Revolution
                                                             Scan Mitiepo [Manager of
                                                             the Government’s ISO unit]
                                                             and former IT graduate
                                                             from the UNITEC Institute
                                                             of Technology, Mt Albert,
                                                             Auckland, is rapt with the
                                                             response from his fellow


ICT maestro Scan Mitiepo [standing] with Ulumotua
Mititaiagimene Vivian
Hakupu residents in wanting to join the e-revolution on how to use computers and
how to get the best out of them.

“We aim to be the first community in Niue to be e-connected and to be known as the
nation’s first “E-Village,” Mitiepo said.

“It is an integral part of the overall development of Hakupu,” explains Community
Affairs [the co-coordinating body of this project] Director, Fapoi Akesi. “It rates
Priority 4 under ICT Infrastructure Development of the ‘Hakupu Village
Development & Action Plan 2009-2020,’ a Community-Centered Sustainable
Development Programme [CCSDP] which is an initiative by the United Nations that
was penned under the ‘Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] Plan.”

Hakupu is only one of two villages in Niue [Tuapa is the other] carrying the
Millennium Villages label that has been chosen by UNDP to be a pilot project through
                                                            which some, if not all, the
                                                            objectives of the MGDs
                                                            could be achieved.

                                                                  Mitiepo has been
                                                                  facilitating training
                                                                  workshops, [HICT] the
                                                                  Hakupu Information
                                                                  Communications &
                                                                  Technology Workshops,
                                                                  this week at Hakupu
                                                                  every evening from 5-
                                                                  9pm for the local
                                                                  residents who are
'Keen as mustard' [from left: Colin Etuata, Marie Etuata, Rossyinterested in learning how
Pulehetoa [workshop assistant] and visitor                     to use computers,
particularly the internet email services. “Amazingly the older participants have been
found to be the most ardent ‘students’ in turning up when it was their turn to attend
the training sessions,” said Mitiepo, grinning as he relates the antics of some of his
learners. “Some gripped the mouse grimly as if they were planting talo, or getting
down to eye level in order to line up the mouse to the cursor as they concentrated on
what was going on in the screen. But it is all good as excitement turned into wonder
when they realized that they had actually managed to send off an email to their
workshop mates in the room. It is a personal achievement and they are proud of what
they did as I am of their progress, remembering that these guys, before they came are
in fact ‘air mailers’ who have just graduated to ‘e-mailers!”

                                                                            Magaoa, a
                                                                            resident from
                                                                            New Zealand
                                                                            who spent an
                                                                            evening in
                                                                            one of the
                                                                            has spent
                                                                            more than five
ICT Training Workshop, Team 4                                               years
computer classes and workshops in Auckland was amazed with the way Mitiepo
taught his classes and more amazing still that the service is free and the tutor offers
his time voluntarily. Mitiepo also encouraged those who have ‘graduated’ to teach or
keep helping out others who were unable to attend the workshops, and offered to keep
the computer modem available for internet connections to use as required. The beauty
of this exercise is that the workshop was delivered in the vernacular (Vagahau Niue),
its user friendly and the golden oldies are also all starting off on the same platform –
same ‘E” literate.

“You have no idea how lucky you are,” she told TTN, “these classes cost the students
and the government millions of dollars each year, and some of my tutors are nowhere
as good as Scan. He is well organized, patient, methodical and systematic in the way
he started off the class, not rushing anyone to the next learning stage before he or she
is ready and his presentation is very clear.”

HICT plans to have advanced workshops in the future to ensure that his students do
not feel neglected but more important that the internet facilities offered free by IUSN
are not squandered unnecessarily as Hakupu community edges closer to becoming
Niue’s first ‘E-Village’ of the e-revolution. . This workshop definitely takes Niue’s
knowledge economy to a new level.

Comments from the participants:

   •   Congratulations HICT committee and all participants on the success of your
       workshops and all the hard work put into it.

   •   I am definitely going to purchase my own laptop so I can email at my leisure
       and not waiting for my children to get off the computer.

   •   It will definitely be easy on the phone bills as well.

   •   I guess this is what they mean by bridging the digital divide between the
       younger and older generations..

   •   A job well done and keep up the good work.

Tau Talanoa

•   TTN has been advised by the Director of Works, Mr Deve Talagi, that the
    lifetime gift of free plantation preparation and personal use of aggregates
    which was part of the gift to Mr Tufohe Kaiuha on his retirement night has
    been officially revoked.

    “This was not cleared through me as DOW and normally for something of this
    magnitude would need the Minister’s blessings. Therefore the gift offer has
    been revoked and will suggest something more reasonable,” Director Deve
    Talagi told TTN.

    In addition Director Talagi will need to ‘discuss further with the Civil
    Superintendent on the protocols of government commitment.’

    The reasons for the revocation have already been explained in TTN #36 [p10]
    – that commitment to use public funds or properties will need a Minister’s
    approval, and that it might set a precedence for others to follow if left as is,
    such as a lifetime of free telephone calls for a retiring Telecom Niue Director,
    or free power supply for the General Manager of Niue Power Corporation.

•   Notice to the tenants of the Niue Public Service Building: During the past
    five months of dry weather, the South-wing half of the above mentioned
    building has been plagued with red dust that clings to our hair, noses, working
    areas and in particular threaten to clog the fans of our lap top and desk top

    It will be most appreciative to the South-wing tenants if visitors and North-
    wing tenants [and their drivers who drop or pick them up after work] to please
    desist from using the dirt access road that runs past our work place.

    If you arrive at our building without creating a cloud of red dust please return
    the same way you came.

•   Another full outward flight last Friday after noon as passengers, who did not
    relish the idea of being left behind like some did last week, arrived extra early
    to check in their personal luggages. The local hosts were similarly surprised
    when they arrived to farewell their guests that they were already inside the
    departure lounge, unlike previous flights when the Airport supervisor had to
    make numerous pleas and calls for passengers to wait inside the departing
    area. It is expected that this week’s outgoing flight will also be full.

                                                 •   School has started at last:
                                                     First day at school has finally
                                                     happened much to the delight
                                                     of children and their older
                                                     siblings who quickly boarded
                                                     their buses in case there was
                                                     another notice delay to start the
                                                     new term. Equally as happy are
                                                     the parents who have waited
                                                     for almost eight weeks for their

    children to return to school.

    TTN had the opportunity to watch a group of primary school students as they
    milled impatiently for the bus to arrive. In previous years there were at least
    20 children from the local neighbourhood who would board the school bus
    every morning from the same stop. The numbers have declined steadily over
    time until this week only seven were found waiting at their usual spot leaving
    TTN to wonder whether this small group is representative of what might be
    happening in other villages.

    “It’s a sign of the times,” commented my neighbour. “Some have grown up
    and left and there aren’t that many coming up in the ranks to make up the
    thinning numbers of school; age children.”

    Of the original 14 families living in the same area, two have moved away, nine
    do not have school age children and the remaining three have seven children
    who board the bus every morning. Nine years ago there were more children in
    the area than there were adults – today it is the other way around.

•   It is always interesting when a TTN reader responds, but more so when the reply adds
    to a particular historical point that supports a particular event which in this case
    mentioned and explained in Takai Niue [TTN #35 Issue 14/10]. David McEwen [son
    of Mr Jock McEwen who came in November 1953 as Resident Commissioner after
    the assassination of Mr Hector Larsen in August the same year.] [Thanks to Ms
    Moira Enetama, who has been instrumental in re-establishing connections with the
    McEwen family, for forwarding this email – Ed]

    David McEwen writes:

    “My brother, Andrew, forwarded on to me your email with the Takai Niue

    “What a wonderful read and what wonderful memories it revived!

    The modern takai looks great - but the takai pasikala on the makatea roads probably
    did more for fitness - and the pasikala [bicycle] only had one gear in those days. I
    remember Andrew and I and a couple of other palagi kids had our own mini takai in
    about 1955. We made it right round the island but had the odd puncture to cope with
    on the way.

    The article about scouting was interesting too. I had been a scout in New Zealand so
    when we got to Niue I joined the Alofi scout troop that was run by the Mormon elders
    in those days. So that we didn't seem to be biased in any one direction Andrew joined
    the Boys Brigade operated by the LMS Church.

    Then there was the bit about people in schools and training institutions 50 years ago
    and there were the names of some of my old classmates from Tufukia School - Akelisi
    Jackson, Sionu Douglas, Salefoto Hukui and others. Akelisi, Salefoto and I travelled
    on the same sailing of the Tofua on my way back to New Zealand in January 1956
    when I was despatched to boarding school at Palmerston North.”

       What a wonderful read and wonderful memories,

       David McEwen.

       While TTN knows little about David McEwen and his brother Andrew, it is their
       father, Mr Jock Malcolm McEwen, seconded from the NZ Department of Maori
       Affairs in 1953, who made his mark on Niue as Resident Commissioner in the
       turbulent years following the murder of former Commissioner, Hector Larsen. Local
       leaders had believed that Jock McEwen was the perfect appointment to placate the
       mood that was generated by the gruesome murder of Commissioner Larsen.

       From a long line of Resident Commissioners [renamed New Zealand High
       Commissioners since 1974] Jock Malcolm McEwen was the only one who took the
       trouble to learn how to write, speak and read our Vagahau Niue [Niuean language]
       fluently [with the possible exception of Stephenson Percy Smith –then called the NZ
       Government Agent – who managed to speak conversational Niuean in the 5 months
       that he spent here in 1901] and gained him [McEwen] immense insight and
       understanding of the Niuean person’s psyche and his popularity with the Niuean

During his term McEwen compiled and published Niue’s first Vagahau Niue Dictionary
which unfortunately was not accepted by the leaders of the time because of the use of the
written form ‘ng’ instead of ‘g’ [as in Tonga, instead of Toga] - McEwen was also known to
read, speak and write fluently in the Maori Language, hence the use of the ‘ng’] He also
contributed enormously to the legal interpretations relating to Niue’s Land Tenure system.

                                             The Niue Public Service Commission,
                                                         March 1983

                                          Front Row: Jock McEwen, Terry M Chapman,
                                          Dr. Mervin Probine (Chairman), Don Hunn

                                          Back Row: Paul Gatland, Puletaufitu
                                          Mahakitau, Togiavalu Pigihia, Arthur Davis

                                               (Photo Courtesy: Niue Public Service

       Within his time the following people, achievements and events included:

           1. The opening of Burns Philp [South Seas] company stores [now discontinued
              but the main store building in Alofi is still there]

           2. The arrival of a geologist, Dr Jim Schofield to examine the potential of fresh
              water lens for future use

           3. The establishment of the Catholic Church [allowed by law during Hector
              Larsen’s term]

           4. Commencement of the Scout Movement

          5. Niuean Scholar, Sam Pata Emani Tagelagi obtained Niue’s first ever New
             Zealand School Certificate in 1954, followed by Tom Lupo Vaitolo of
             Avatele in 1955.

          6. Established the first Accelerate Class at Halamahaga [later renamed Niue
             High School] The Accelerate Class [Ekesela as known locally] which
             prepared selected students who were academically proficient who went on to
             to become ‘sholarshippers’

          7. First ever Mercy Flight by the RNZAF to uplift a dynamite injured patient

          8. Mrs Malama Head [the mother of Education in Niue] retired after 40 years of

          9. The establishment of Vaipapahi experimental Farm in 1956.

          Mr McEwen was succeeded by Mr Oliver Albert Dare as the Resident
          Commissioner and ten years later in 1966, was appointed as the permanent Head
          of a newly amalgamated [at the abolishment of the Islands Territories Act 1943]
          Department of Island Territories and the Department of Maori Affairs.

          Mr McEwen is still with us and according to Ms Moira Enetama the Niue High
          Commissioner Sisilia Talagi and husband Takili visited him a month ago and
          found him fragile but growing older gracefully. High Commissioner Sisilia
          reported that McEwen ‘is feisty enough to argue with astonishing lucidly with
          Takili, in Niuean!’ Now that is definitely amazing! Note too the correct spelling
          of the names mentioned above by David, undimmed after over half a century later
          – also amazing!

   Special Announcement
   TTN is happy to publish a joint announcement from Taoga Niue and Takatakaimotu
   [Department of the Environment] to celebrate the following events:

   •   Observing Niue Language Day/International Mother Language Day:
       Sunday 21st February, [UNESCO]
   •   2010 the International Year of Biodiversity [UN] and
   •   UNESCO’s Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures [re-establishment of
       friendly relations between nations]


Joint Taoga Niue and Takatakaimotu Press Release, 9th February, 2010

Aho Ua, 9 Fepuari 2010


Ko e Faahi Gahua Tāoga Niue ne fakailoa ai, ko e veveheaga he Takatakaimotu kua fifili ia
ke eke mo fakavēaga gahua he tau 2010 nai.

Kua gahua fakalataha e Tāoga Niue mo e Faahi Gahua Takatakaimotu he Fakatufono Niue
ke fakapuloa fakalaulahi e aoga he takatakaimotu fakalataha mo e tau koloa momoui
kehekehe oti ne ha ha i ai. “Ke puipui mo e fakaaoga fakalotomatala” e tautolu e tau tāoga
oti na ma e fakatūmauaga he ha tautolu a tau momoui.

Ko e Takatakaimotu ko e taha he tau veveheaga ne fitu he Tāoga Niue. Ko e tau fakaholoaga
gahua to muitua fakalahi ke he tau fakatokatokaaga kua fitā he tohia mo e fakagahua he
Faahi Gahua Takatakaimotu mo e falu a veveheaga kehekehe. Ko e taha matapatu fekau ke
mailoga e Vagahau Niue, ko e tāoga fakamua ma e levekiaga mo e feakiaga he
takatakaimotu ma e moui he tagata. Nākai maeke e tagata ke iloa mitaki e mahuiga he haana
a takatakaimotu ka nākai fakaaoga e ia haana a vagahau.

Kua amanaki lahi e tau Faahi Gahua ne ua ke kaufakalataha auloa e tau veveheaga
kehekehe oti i Niue nai mo e fakatoka e tau 2010 nai ko e tau ke fakakite ha tautolu a fiafia
mo e fakaaue ke he tau koloa ne moua mai e tautolu he takatakaimotu mo e kia manatu
tumau ke “puipui mo e fakaaoga fakalotomatala” he tau magaaho oti.

Ko e tau fakalaulahiaga nai kua mailoga fakalahi e tau fakaholoaga he Tau Kautu
Kaufakalataha, ko e Tau he Lalolagi ma e tau Koloa Momoui Oti mo e UNESCO, ko e Tau
ke Liliu Atihake e Fakafetuiga Kapitiga he tau Moui Fakamotu.

                               “PRESERVE, USE WISELY”

The Department of Niue Cultural Heritage have selected the Niue Environment Sector as
the Tāoga Niue theme for 2010.

The Department collaborates and work closely with the Department of Environment in
promoting the significance of Niue’s environment and our biodiversity. To “preserve and use
wisely” the resources from the environment in sustaining our livelihoods.

Niue Environment is one of the seven sectors of Tāoga Niue. The promotion will focus on
strengthening on-going work programmes and strategies currently implemented by the
Environment Department and all other sectors within or outside of Government. One main
task is to recognize the usage of Vagahau Niue, our very first tāoga in the preservation and
nurturing of our environment and biodiversity. A person cannot fully understand the
significance of one’s environment if they don’t use their language.

The Departments of Niue Cultural Heritage and Niue Environment anticipates the cooperation
of all sectors in Niue and to take particular note of year 2010 as the year to show our thanks
and gratitude for the vast resources available to us and remember to “preserve and use
wisely” at all times.

This promotion also recognizes the International Year of Biodiversity declared by the
United Nations and UNESCO’s Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.

February, 2010

            Calendar of Events Programme for 2010

                                      2010 Tau Gahua Faka-mahina
                                         2010 Calendar of Events

Ianuari January            Galue Fakaaue Tau Thanksgiving Feast: 2 Ianuari; Liogi
                           Tapu Hololoa Prayer Week: 4-8 Ianuari; Takai Fiafia he
                           Motu Round the Island Parade: 4 – 9 Ianuari.

Fepuari February           Hafagi Fakavēaga Gahua he Tau mo e Fakaholoaga Letio
                           Opening of Theme Year and Radio
                           Program: 16 Fepuari
                           Aho Vagahau Niue, Aho he Lalolagi ma e Vagahau
                           Fakamua he Tagata Niue Language Day, International
                           Mother Language Day: 21 Fepuari

Masi/ Mati March           Aho he Fifine Niue Niue Womens Day: 8 Masi
                           Taonaga Tufuga Motu he Pasifika, Okalana Pasifika
                           Festival, Auckland:
                           Taonaga Tufuga Motu Polinesia Tau Aoga Tokoluga
                           Okalana, ASB Cultural Polyfest, Auckland:
                           Aho he Lalolagi ma e Vai, World Water Day: 22 Masi

Aperila April              Fakaulu Tau, Blessing of the Yam: 2 Aperila
                           Aho Maaga Hikutavake Hikutavake Village
                           Day: 24 Aperila
                           Fakamanatu Kautau Liliu Mai he Tau, Maaga Liku
                           ANZAC Commemoration, Liku Village:

Me May                     Aho Maaga Makefu, Makefu Village Day :
                           Aho he Lalolagi ma e tau Tāoga Kekeheke,
                           World Day for Cultural Diversity: 21 Me
                           Aho he Lalolagi ma e Tau Koloa Momoui Oti, World
                           Biodiversity Day: 22 Me

Iuni June                  Aho Maaga Hakupu, Hakupu Village Day:

                           Aho he Tofia Maaga Mutalau, Mutalau Marine
                           Day: 1 Iuni
                           Aho he Lalolagi ma e Takatakaimotu, World Environment
                           Day: 5 Iuni
                           Fakaakoaga ke Ua aki Tau Matakavi Talahaua ha Niue,
                           2nd Niue Historic Sites Workshop: 23 Iuni

Iulai July                 Aho Maaga Alofi Toga, Alofi Toga Village Day:

Aokuso August       Aho Maaga Tamakautoga, Tamakautoga Village Day:
                          Aho Maaga Lakepa, Lakepa Village Day:

Sepetema September Aho Maaga Tuapa, Tuapa Village Day:
                         Aho Maaga Alofi Tokelau, Village Day:
                         Aho Ie Puipui Aolagi he Lalolagi,
                         World Ozone Day: 16 Sepetema

Oketopa October            Aho Fakamanatu Tāmataaga Niue Boys Brigade,
                           Founders Day 64th Anniversary: 3 Oketopa
                           Aho Maaga Avatele, Avatele Village Day:
                           Aho Pule Fakamotu ha Niue/ Tau Fiafia Tolugofulu ma
                           Ono aki he Pule Fakamotu, Niue Constitution-
                           Day/ 36th Constitution Celebrations: 19-20 Oketopa
                           Fakatatā Pisinisi Niue, Niue Business Expo:
                           Aho Maaga Mutalau, Mutalau Village Day:

Novema November            Fakatatā Pulou Niue, Niue Hat Parade : 1 Novema
                           Aho Maaga Namukulu, Namukulu Village Day:

Tesemo December                 World Aids Day – 1 Tesemo
                                Aho Maaga Liku, Liku Village Day:
                                Talahau Tala Tuai Hagaao ke he Takatakaimotu ha Niue
                                (Matakau Tohitohi Niue Nukutuluea), Recital of Niue
                                Environment Myths and Legends (Niue Nukutuluea Writers’

                                        Matutaki Mai
                                        Contact Us…

Fakamolemole matutaki mai ke he Faahi Gahua Tāoga Niue po ke Faahi Gahua
Takatakaimotu ke moua falu a fakamaamaaga laulahi ke he fakaholoaga nai po ke falu a
fakailoaaga mai he haau a Matakau/ Maaga/ Faahi Gahua ke lalafi fakalataha auloa mo e
tauteaga nai.

Please contact the Department of Niue Cultural Heritage or the Department of Environment
for detailed information regarding this program, if you have an important event that you would
like to be included together with our theme year activities, do let us know as well.

          Ko e Vagahau ke iloa aki he tagata haana a takatakaimotu
          Language is the key in knowing one’s environment

Tāoga Niue Department                            Niue Environment Department

P O Box 73, Fugamouga,                          P O Box 77, Fonuakula, Alofi
Alofi, Ph (00683) 4138                   Ph(00683) 4021

Contact person-                                  Contact person-
Manager – Tāoga Niue                     Director of Environment
Ph (00683) 4656                                  Ph (00683) 4011
Email: taoganiue@niue.nu                 Email: tongatules@mail.gov.nu

“Remember to Speak Vagahau Niue, Totou Niue, Tohitohi
Niuean and Manamanatu Niue Read Niuean, Write
Niuean and Think Niuean on Mother Language Day on
Sunday 21st February and every day thereafter….”

Publisher: Niue Public Relations Office
Premier’s Department
Alofi, NIUE

Editor/write/photographer: Niu Tauevihi
Proofreaders: SOG Richard Hipa and Mrs Birtha Togahai

Available on the Government of Niue Website: www.gov.nu


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