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Prospecting Strategy #1 – The Curiosity Creating Button
This button concept is dramatically affective for introverts who refuse to call friends,
family, or strangers.

   -   1.)We‟re looking for 3 good people
   -   2.)Ask me about my thousand pound dog

Sometimes prospects would press me further about the dog button. They just had to know
about my thousand pound dog. I would point out that a thousand pound dog is a “big
deal.” Then I would hand the prospect a sizzle tape with my home number on it and ask
them to call me back if they thought the information on my tape was a big deal. No
rejection. People always approached me. Of course, today the handout could easily be a
CD, DVD, or a business card with a telephone sizzle call number on it.

Prospecting Strategy #2 – The Lime Green Card
       Now interviewing
   Serious inquiries only
   (Your telephone number)

   Many retail businesses have cork board displays on the wall and allow people to place
   business cards or ads on the display board. Your lime green cards will attract
   immediate visual attention and your message will stimulate curiosity. Post these cards
   all over town and get ready for calls.

   *Note* - Make sure that your voice mail has a very brief, friendly, and professional
   message that tells the caller you‟re tied up.

Prospecting Strategy #3 – The Fish Bowl Business Card
Find a proprietor who will allow you to award and pay for free dinner for one of his
customers each month. Determine with the proprietor the cost of one dinner. You put the
sign, provide the fish bowl, and clean the cards out each week. In exchange for that
opportunity, you contact the winner of the meal and pay the prospector for the meal. You
also contact all the runners up to provide tem with their free CD.

The process of converting business cards into front line business builders in
straightforward. Call them and give them the good news that, although they didn‟t win
first place, they did win a free CD and you need to confirm the correct mailing address.
Those who are interested will give you their mailing address. They will call you back if
they listen to the CD and are interested in knowing more about your business. The person
who does win the free meal drawing will be a great prospect.

Prospecting Strategy #4 – Data Specific Lists
The thing that‟s so impressive about a data specific list is that it allows people to build a
huge warm market in a hurry.

The way you use data specific lists is quite simple. Acquire a list and call the people one
at a time. Introduce yourself by pointing out that you do what they do. For example, I
called parasgliders and said “Hello, my name is Mark Yarnell, and I‟m a paraglide pilot
and I understand you‟re a paraglider also.” This is going to sound crazy, but I think I
have found a way for paraglide pilots like us to earn $100,000 a month and fly five days a
week. Grab a pen and I‟ll give you a number so you can check it out.

Data specific lists are marvelous because they allow common people with hobbies,
interest, and activities to link with other people with whom they have something in
common. Let‟s say you are a nurse. You get a list of nurses within a thousand miles of
your home, call them, and identify yourself as a nurse. Then you point out that you have
found a way for nurses to earn a whole lot of money. Ask them to grab a pen so that you
can give them some information to check out. That‟s the concept of using data specific
lists to prospect.

Prospecting Strategy #5 – The local Expert Presentation
You‟re the local expert. You go to the Chamber of Commerce and purchase the list of
clubs and organizations in your community. From Lion‟s Clubs to garden clubs, to
country clubs, there are organizations in every city. Next, you begin contacting the
presidents of those clubs and organizations an informing them that you‟re an expert in
professional networking and are willing to speak to their club.

Most company presidents or speech acquisition staff members have a tough job, because
if its not an election year, finding interesting speaks for their luncheons and dinners is
hard. Explain that you would like to come to one their meetings and deliver a 20 minute
presentation on the difference between illegal pyramids and legitimate Network
Marketing companies.
Attend the meetings and deliver a 20-minute talk on what makes Network Marketing
legitimate and what makes pyramids illegitimate. Those are things you can easily learn
by going a little bit of research. You‟re regarded as the professional, which is what
prospecting Strategy 5 is all about. You are the local expert.

Prospecting Strategy 6 – The Employment Agency Strategic Alliance

Every city has employment agencies. Some of those agencies are national chains and are
very difficult to help. But individuals locally own some of the employment agencies in
your area. Those are the agencies that you want to approach.

It‟s simple as inviting them to lunch with an idea that will make you both a lot of money.
Take them to lunch, after offer them an opportunity to earn 5 or 10% per month on a
person‟s check as opposed to just one-time fee. Watch their eyes light up.

Remember, employment agencies benefit tremendously whatever they place a person in a
job. When you form an alliance with an employment agency, which is the basis of
Prospecting Strategy 6, you‟re building a lifetime referral opportunity with a person who
benefits by getting interviews for clients. Additionally, you‟re building an organization
under somebody who has a constant flow of new prospects on a daily and weekly basis.

*Note - You only need one employment agency to fill up a portion of your organization
with very good sales people.

Prospecting Strategy #7 – The Athletic Event
I must confess that very few people may have an interest in executing this strategy. I
included it here because of the tremendous success I saw a young distributor have
utilizing it. An athletic event is any professional sports event that takes place in a major
city with a local football, basketball, soccer, or hockey team.

Here is how Chuck built his business around Denver Bronco games. I want to be clear
about the fact that he did get into a little trouble and he did have to pay a minor fine for
littering. However, the payback was so dramatic; he really didn‟t mind the cleanup fine.
Every time the Denver Broncos scored a touch down, he threw a handful of five hundred
little business cards that simply said, “Touchdown Bronco‟s!” on one side, and on the
other side “You deserve to earn $30,000 per month. Call me immediately” followed by
his phone number.

In one football game where the Denver Broncos scored four touchdowns, he received so
many phone calls that he built a $25,000 a month income in less than one year using the
leads generated at that one athletic event. Some call him lucky because he found one real
winner at the game. I call him creative.
Prospecting Strategy #8 – The ATM Drop
The ATM Drop, is very simple, but make sure the bills are nowhere near regulation size
because you could because it‟s illegal to make fake $20 bills.

Have a significant number of little papers printed so that when you fold them into a small
size the only thing that appears on the surface is a simulated corner of a 20-dollar bill.
When prospects at ATM‟s pick them up and unfold then, the copy should read, “Earn
$30,000 a month. Wear designer clothing. Drive a new Mercedes.” It should include your
phone number. I found out that if you leave these little $20 bill cornered pieces of
advertising in various spots around the ATM machines, people will pick them up and
some who are interested will call you and leave their name and number.

Prospecting Strategy 9 – The Overpass Sheet Message

To some, this may sound positively outrageous. It certainly seemed that way to me, until
I saw how much business it created for one very successful Networker in Atlanta,

She and her husband got the wild idea while driving to work one day. There were tens of
thousands of commuters stuck in traffic under one overpass on their way to downtown
Atlanta. She found that every day they crawled along in traffic as everybody was fed
onto one major highway from a number of arteries. It seemed to always stall drivers
under one specific overpass bridge. She and her husband got the idea to ask one of their
friends, a professional sign painter, to paint a creative message in red block letters on a
king-sized white sheet. It read, “Fed up with traffic? Earn $30,000 per month. Never
Commute Again. “And a phone number.

One Tuesday morning, they walked to the center of the overpass, below which were
trapped thousands of commuters. They draped the sheet with that message over the side
of the overpass bridge. Thousands of people saw that sign. It created so much
excitement that the local radio station‟s helicopter circled the bridge numerous times.

Prospecting Strategy 10 – The Kiosk CD Handout

Do you realize that in every mall, in every city there are small booths in the halls where
people sell everything from cell phone technology to costume jewelry, candles, and food
condiments? They‟re called kiosks and they are the little work stations in the centers of
malls. Many of those kiosks are managed by the people who lease the kiosks, and not
people who are clerking for minimum wage.

The key to Prospecting Strategy 10, The Kiosk CD Handout is this: All you need to
do is recruit one person who leases a kiosk in any mall.
That person will generally observe many thousands of people each weekend. They
simply pick the people who look responsible and friendly and give them a free CD about
your business. You enroll the kiosk person on your front line and make the agreement
that all their leads will go directly under them in order to build a power group.

The kiosk CD approach is absolutely marvelous because if you can recruit three or four
leasers of kiosks in your community to assess consumers as they walk by, visit with those
that seem responsible, and hand out CD‟s your prospects will be limitless. It‟s a fine way
to filter through thousands of people on any given weekend in malls all over North

Prospecting Strategy 11 – The Ski Slope Hand Out

It‟s easy and enjoyable to climb on a ski lift and meet everybody with whom you‟re
riding up to the top. Everybody is in a good mood. Everybody wants to know where
everybody lives. When they would ask me where I was from I‟d say, “Well, I‟m from
here. I‟ve got all the free time I need. I ski for a living. My life is about free time.” And
they‟d ask something like, „Oh really, you mean you live in this area?” To which I‟d
respond, “Oh yeah, as a matter of fact I have a free CD on how you too can ski all the
time.” This is Prospecting Strategy 11, the ski slope handout.

The faster you can get down a ski slope, the faster you can get on another high-speed
quad or six-person chair and meet a whole bunch of new people. I got to the place where
I could ski down most runs rapidly and I got back on each lift I always had a backpack
with at least 25 to 30 CD‟s in it that I handed out to people. If you don‟t Ski Slope idea
may trigger ideas for you personally.

What do you love to do that would put you in the middle of a group of happy, active
people who might be open to listening to a free CD?

Prospecting Strategy 12 – The TV Lead List

I call this The TV Lead List because my experience has lead me to conclude that some of
the best lead lists come from television advertising. A number of ads have appeared in
the last few years and generally result in people calling in and asking about the home
business opportunity they have seen advertised. I have met a number of quality Network
Marketing leaders who‟ve made tremendous inroads in their business using lead lists. A
number of Networkers have said that they prefer lead lists generated from television ads
on small business.
So, regardless of how you acquire lead lists, there are people in our industry who have
made them work very effectively. I personally believe, based on my experience alone,
that those acquire as a result of a TV ad tend to be a little bit better than others.

Lead lists do work. The trick is to work the lead list effectively.

Prospecting Strategy 13 – The fate Approach

I believe Laura Kall is one of the most brilliant young women in the history of Network
Marketing. I had the distinct pleasure of being sponsored and mentored by her father in
my first MLM venture. Mr. Richard Kall, to this day, is one of my most respected
friends and one of the best mentors anyone could ever have. Richard‟s daughter Laura
developed this Fate Approach when she first got out of college. I‟ll never forget how
effective it was. It‟s easy for anybody who is an extrovert like Laura Kall.

Laura would put herself in a position where she was surrounded by other people in New
York City. She‟s from Long Island and I can remember her distinctly saying that she
worked the Fate Approach on a number of occasions in Manhattan and in Long Island.
In my opinion, it will work anywhere. I have used it myself and verified that she‟s
absolutely right about its effectiveness.

Here‟s how it worked: Standing in line at Grand Central Station, or a movie theatre, or a
Broadway playhouse, Laura would ask the man or woman standing close if he or she
believe in fate. Her goal was to find professional people who appeared a bit tired, and
burned out. Of course, that‟s the way most people are in today‟s world, so those kinds of
prospects are easy to find anywhere in North America.

After chatting briefly Laura would ask the person, “Do you believe in fate?” They
would generally respond, “Well, what do you mean?” She would say, “Well, do you
believe that things happen for a reason? For example, here we are together in a line
in a city of ten million people. What are the odds that we would be standing in the
same line together? Of all the places in New York where we could have been right
now with these millions of people, maybe fate has drawn us together.” Then she
would give them a CD or a cassette tape, or a business card and say, “I want you to
think about it. I do believe in fate and I think we’ve been drawn together for a

The Fate Approach is remarkable for those with the courage to be that kind of extrovert.
It worked for Laura Kall. I applied it myself to obtain some fine frontline distributors
over the years.

Why not try it yourself? Ask a person you meet, “Do you believe in fate?”

And when they get home they‟ll probably start thinking about that and it‟ll bother them
until they call you back.
Prospecting Strategy 14 – The Graduation List

Of all of the fantastic warm market approaches that are missed by most Network
Marketers, this has to rank in the top. Absolutely everybody, from North America, who
graduated from high school, has an immediate association with other graduates from that
same school. If you graduated, for example, in 1985 in a class of 300 people, three
thousand people graduated from your high school in the next decade. If you‟re older than
that, it‟s even better because when you reach people from your former graduating class,
it‟s been so many years that they‟re delighted to hear from you.

Here‟s how I applied Prospecting Strategy 14, The Graduation List. It paid me big
dividends. I graduated in 1968 from Glendale High School in Springfield Missouri. I
telephoned the woman who organized our high school reunions. She gave me the recent
list she had compiled for high school reunions. I later learned that she knew the people
who handled the reunions of those who graduated one and two years after me and I
obtained those as well. Over time I acquire an updated graduation list for ten years, from

Here‟s the approach I used. I called people on the phone and said, “Hi! This is Mark
Yarnell, I graduated from Glendale High School just like you. How have you been?”
They were immediately friendly, because, after all, we had something remarkable in
common – years ago, we graduated from the same high school!
After catching up a little bit with small talk I said, “You know, I think, as crazy as this
sounds, I may have found a way for Glendale graduates to earn a hundred thousand
a month and stay at home. Grab a pen; I’d like give you some information.”
Usually they responded with something like, Mark, you kidding. You’ve discovered a
way for Glendale graduates to make that kind of money? This must be some kind
of joke.” And I would say, “No Bob, just write this phone number down, and listen
to this short message. Let me give you my home number so you can call me back if
you’re interested in knowing more.”

Here‟s an interesting side note. None of those who were successful ever knew me when I
was in high school. One of them graduated five years after I did. But the mere fact that
we all graduated from the same high school created an instant warm market that allowed
me to build a huge organization under them.

Prospecting Strategy 15 - The T-Shirt Promotion
Let me ask you a very important question, “How much do you earn advertising for Nike,
Quicksilver or I-Zod?” Think about it.
Friends, if you’re going to be a Network Marketer, stop advertising big clothing
companies and start advertising your own business and product.

You may recall the button approach that we discussed earlier. The t-shirt or sweatshirt
approach is identical, with the added advantage that the ad is easier to read from greater
distances. I discovered years ago that it‟s very simple to go into a monogram outlet and
have anything you wish either silk screened or sewn onto a sweatshirt or a t-shirt.
Statements such as the following work well: “We looking for three good people,” or,
“Ask me about my thousand pound dog,” followed by your phone number.

Do not waste your time advertising Nike or Quicksilver or I-Zod or any of the other
myriad of companies who are smart enough to realize that Americans, Canadians, Asians,
Eurasians, Europeans, and Mexicans will gladly be free walking billboards for them.

Remember, you will not earn a penny from Nike, but you can become very wealthy
advertising your own company.

Prospecting Strategy 16 – The Volunteer System
Did you know that there are a large number of volunteer programs in every community in
North America? Some people think in terms of Candy Stripers at hospitals when they
hear the words “volunteer program.” However, if you check with your Chamber of
Commerce you will discover a tremendous number of volunteer positions in a wide
variety of fields. Of course, your main objective is to contribute to a particular cause
about which you are passionate, but a peripheral outcome is the connections you will
make for your business.

The important thing to remember about Prospecting Strategy 16, The Volunteer System,
is that whenever you are in a position to help others, that means you‟ve got time freedom
to do it. I have discovered that by joining volunteer programs you rub shoulders with
people from many walks of life.

They‟re always curious about why you have volunteered for a program. This curiosity
gives you an opportunity to explain, “In my line of work, I’ve been able to create
personal time freedom. The reason I’m volunteering to give food out here,” or “the
reason I’m volunteering to help disseminate this important literature or
volunteering at the hockey club and helping the young people is that I’ve got the
time to do whatever I choose, thanks to my business.”

It’s an immediate interest creator when you volunteer for anything. There are
people from all walks of life wanting to know who you are and why you’re there.

“Recruiting is all about getting out there in as many different ways as possible.
Volunteering is both personally rewarding and a wonderful way to prospect.”
The Volunteer, Prospecting Strategy is a marvelous no-rejection process for acquiring
both customers and distributors. And remember, we are paid to acquire customers and
distributors in Network Marketing. That‟s what a professional does. More importantly,
this strategy helps others and is rewarding on that merit alone.

Prospecting Strategy 17 – The Cab or Limo Driver
This Prospecting Strategy may involve rejection initially because I‟m going to ask you to
go out and recruit somebody who drives a limousine. Each month limo drivers are
exposed to hundreds of people who have money.

If you, as a Networker, can recruit one cab or limo driver, that individual will set you up
with all kinds of team members.

Now, I‟ll be the first to admit that most drivers will say no to the business opportunity. In
most cases, you will have to find a limousine driver who owns his own limo. But the
point is this, there‟s little rejection in this approach. Once you get the limo or cab driver,
they will approach people on your behalf as one of the leaders in your organization. So,
if there is any rejection, it will only be during the process of attempting to acquire a
person who is a cab or limo driver. Once they‟re recruited, they will deal with future
rejection because they‟re the ones who meet with prospects.

Prospecting Strategy 18 – The Bumper Sticker

Perhaps the most overlooked prospecting strategy in Networking is the bumper
sticker. It‟s overlooked because it‟s so inexpensive and nobody uses it. It‟s effective
because it‟s quite easy to find people to help you recruit large numbers of distributors.
The bumper sticker is very simple. Make sure it‟s a white bumper ticker with black
letters that are readable and a large phone number that‟s also easy to decipher. Create
one that reads, “Earn $30,000k per Month” with your phone number below.

This is one of the greatest ways to attract large numbers of potential recruits on a weekly
basis. I have used bumper stickers in Austin Texas, Reno Nevada, and Aspen Colorado.
In Austin Texas, I solicited the help of different friends and young people who I paid five
dollars a month to advertise for me. They drove around Austin Texas with a bumper
sticker that said, “Earn $30,000K a Month,” and my phone number. For fifty dollars a
month, I had ten people advertising all over Austin, Texas on my behalf.

The other thing that‟s wonderful about the bumper sticker is that it leads you into an
exposure technique that is doable for everybody. When somebody calls me after having
seen a bumper sticker, they usually ask, “Okay, how can I make $30,000 a month?”
My response is that the way we earn that kind of money is simply giving people a CD, a
web address or a telephone number. I‟m sure you know what I‟m leading up to here.
Get those bumper stickers made immediately and put them to good use.

It is the ultimate tool for rejection-free prospecting because the only people with whom
you‟ll be speaking, are people who are interested in earning big money and they‟ll call

Prospecting Strategy 19 – The Billboard
I include this strategy because it‟s a wonderful way for a team of Networkers to pool their
money and create a large number of prospect names that they can share among
themselves. It‟s not a system that most people will attempt because of the cost.
The billboard is generally a tool that will require a minimum of $800 - $1,000 per month.
That means if eight to ten people in your organization agree to pitch in, you‟ll each be
spending about one hundred dollars a month to put up a large billboard on a highway in a
high traffic area.

Sit down with a group of people in your organization who are willing to spend a little
money for a high traffic billboard location and pool your resources. Make certain that
you have a mechanism set up to share the leads when they come in.

The trick to the billboard system is to keep it clean and simple. Remember people are
driving past the sign. It has to be brief and to the point. Two effective ones are as
        1) Exit the rat race forever. Earn $$$$ a month from home. (hone number)
        2) Hate this traffic? Work from home. Become wealthy.(Phone Number)

Let me ask you a simple question. As you‟ve driven around your city over the last two or
three years, or even the last six months, have you noticed one billboard anywhere that‟s a
business opportunity ad? The chances are great that you have never seen one. Why not
capitalize on that gap?

One word of caution: On a billboard, you must tone down the income potential. What
I‟ve learned is that anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 a month will grab people‟s
attention. If you advertise income over $15,000 a month on a billboard, the average
person will drive right past and ignore it because they can‟t relate to it. So keep your
numbers interesting, but realistic.

Make certain that you state in the copy on the billboard that you‟re looking for people
who are interested in, as opposed to saying, “Let me show you how to earn $15,000 a
month.” The regulators do not seem to be disturbed by billboards unless those billboards
infer or make an earning claim that is unrealistic.

The billboard is a great way to attract large numbers of people, if you can buy one
for several months in a high traffic area.
Prospecting Strategy 20 – The Media Appearance
Did you know that over the last ten years it has become increasingly challenging for radio
and television talk show hosts to book legitimate guests? Did you know that there are
radio talk shows all over the United States in small local markets that are hungry to find
somebody who can talk intelligently on a subject?

Prospecting Strategy 20, The Media Appearance, is not for everybody. If you‟re
comfortable in front of a camera or a microphone in a radio recording studio, consider the
possibility of this approach. You will reach many people quickly.

Call radio stations that broadcast daily call-in talk shows, especially those that have talk-
show guests. Explain to the Program Manager that you‟re an expert in legitimate
Network Marketing. Explain that you would like to do a talk show one day, not about
any particular company, but about the industry itself. That way listeners will be informed
about the differences between illegal pyramids and legitimate business enterprises.
Explain that this is a public interest story that will benefit the community.

During the interview, explain a few elements of a legitimate Network Marketing
company. In other words, the media appearance is geared to provide public information
to large numbers of people that will help caution them about getting involved in frauds.

Now obviously the Media Appearance, Prospecting Strategy 20, is not for everybody, but
anybody with the courage to go on a radio talk show can reach a tremendous number of
people and receive a significant number of prospect calls in a hurry.

Prospecting Strategy 21 – The Newspaper Article

If you can demonstrate that you‟ve started a business that has allowed you to change
$300 into a principal–less interest income equivalent to $100,000 in liquid assets, you
have a newsworthy item.

In my case, I was even more fortunate because my first big check was over $15,000.
When I told them I had gone home, become a businessperson and had created a check
that size, they decided to interview me. The article showed a picture of me jumping over
my tennis net and the caption below read, “You couldn’t put more energy into Mark
Yarnell if you zapped him with a cattle prod.” The story was a success. Many in my
downline made copies of the article and handed it out to their team. It became one of the
best recruiting devices.
You are a professional Networker. The fact that you have the courage to go full tilt in
this industry is newsworthy. When the time is right, call your local newspaper, and get
them to do a story about you that could absolutely propel your career into the

I do want to give you one warning. If you are fortunate enough to be interviewed by a
journalist, tell that journalist the entire truth and nothing but the truth. Make certain that
you‟re in a company that has a good management team, quality products and a fair
compensation plan, because Investigative Journalists are notorious for doing everything
in their power to discredit Network Marketers. Honesty is of the highest priority if
you‟re going to use Prospecting Strategy 21, The Newspaper Article.

Prospecting Strategy 22 – The Job Fair

When you go to a job fair, the key is not to purchase a booth and pay money for the
privilege of having people mill pass you. Rather, when you go to a job fair, it makes
more sense to take a bunch of CD‟s related to your specific company. Pay your entrance
fee and make it a point to meet as many people as you can.

Here‟s the best way to capitalize on a job fair if you want to pursue a rejection-free
prospecting technique that works. Do not walk around introducing yourself to people.
Do not walk around giving out your business card. Do not leave brochures laying around
in rest rooms and other areas at the job fair. Do you remember the other Prospecting
Strategies that I‟ve already shared with you? Remember Prospecting Strategy 15, the t-
shirt? The t-shirt is a marvelous tool to use at job fairs. If you‟re walking around
wearing a t-shirt that says, “We looking for 3 good people,” a lot of individuals will
approach you and question you as to what exactly you‟re looking for.
Do you remember the button approach? Wear a button that says, “We’re looking for 3
good people. Earn $30,000K a Month.”

Just wander around a job fair where there are thousands of people looking for
opportunities and allow people who are interested to approach you.

Does it work? Over the years, some of the most shy, introverted, men and women in our
industry have created nice incomes as a direct result of combining these two Prospecting
Strategies: the button or t-shirt, and the job fair. It makes sense to always carry CD‟s
about your company or cards with a web site address to which you want to send potential
prospects. I highly encourage you to begin checking out job fairs in your immediate

Prospecting Strategy 22 is a wonderful rejection-free prospecting technique. Never
overlook the job fair.
Prospecting Strategy 23 – The Ad Reversal
The Ad Reversal is a process of acquiring successful people’s names and phone
numbers who want to do our business and are looking for prospects themselves, and
reversing the process by prospecting them for your own opportunity.

A strong extroverted person can respond to those ads. When you call, generally they will
refer you to information. Once you‟ve reviewed it, call them back, and tell them that
you‟ve decided you would prefer to remain in the company you‟re in. Mention that
you‟re always open to new opportunities, but after reviewing their information, you
believe your own Network Marketing company is better. Ask them to review your sizzle

Or cut to the chase the first time you call them. Tell them that you recognize them
as a professional and would like to recruit them into your company. Ask them if
they are open to looking at what you have. That’s how I’d do it, if I used
Prospecting Strategy 23.

As in the Job Fair approach, some people question the ethics of this strategy. Although
I‟ve never used this, I see nothing wrong with turning the table on people who are
advertising. After all, they are professionals, who can afford advertising and they do
believe that their business opportunity offers great promise. You are a professional, you
read those ads and you believe you have the best company in the world. What could be
wrong about contacting people who are running ads in order to show them why you
believe your opportunity is better?

Prospecting Strategy 24 – The Congratulations Letter

This is a strategy which should be applied once per day. And here‟s how it works. It can
be very effective for building relationships with successful people. Simply scour the
newspaper for interesting articles in your immediate area about people who have done
things that are worthy of congratulations. Perhaps somebody has donated to a local
United Way and the newspaper has written about what a wonderful person he or she is.
Perhaps somebody has been promoted, or has just moved into the community to assume
leadership in a local company. Maybe somebody‟s child has just saved someone from a
fire and a wonderful article was written about them.

Once a day, sit down and find somebody worthy of a congratulations letter.

Write a letter congratulating them on the recent press coverage they received. Mention
that you have a business which allows people like them to rise to levels of income they
never dreamed possible. Explain that they are the kind of person with whom you would
like to associate. Ask them to call you if they are interested in earning $30,000 a month
because they certainly seem like the kind of person who would fit into your organization.

Prospecting Strategy 24 requires no more than one letter a day. It take time to write a
letter, but please remember, most people in today‟s world do not get thoughtful letters
from other human beings. When they do receive a handwritten letter, they pay very close
attention. We all love to feel appreciated and congratulated when we do something news
worthy. I can assure you that in today‟s world of high speed information and rapid
change, a simple hand written congratulations letter will do a lot towards creating

Prospecting Strategy 25 – The Lost CD
I love this rejection-free prospecting technique because it works so effectively. Locate or
record a CD designed to intrigue people about your business or even a recorded
conference call. It shouldn‟t be too heavily loaded with information about your products,
or the comp plan. It should just be a sizzle CD calculated to excite people about your
company or market. Write on the label of the CD, this statement, “If found please
return immediately. This information is valuable.” Include your phone number.

A Networker left CD‟s in magazines in doctor‟s office, coffee shops, and by ATM
machines. The CD had an intriguing title on it called, “The Ultimate Secret.” Then it
said, “If found please return immediately. This is vital information” and a phone

Distribute four or five CD’s a week in strategic places all over your community.

Preferably, put them in a good book in a bookstore in the business section, or in a
magazine in a doctor‟s office. The important thing is to leave no more than one in any
particular place.

Prospecting Strategy 26 – The Pall Bearer
Pay attention because this strategy is going to separate you from competing with messes
of people in this industry. I call it the Pall Bearer for this reason. Everybody who
becomes your prospect should be contacted by you every six months until that person
either signs up in your organization or you become his or her Pall Bearer.

You must track your contacts in order to apply this strategy. Get a recipe box that holds
4 x 6 index cards, and get dividers for January through December. Now you have twelve
sectional dividers in your card file. Put thirty blank cards behind every month.
Whenever you talk to anybody about your business, assuming that they‟re pleasant, fill
out a card on that person. Include the person‟s contact information and anything that will
help jog our memory about them. Place the completed card six months from today in
your card file. Now here‟s why that‟s so important.

The average Networker, if not the majority of Networkers, throws away prospects
as if they were disposable.

The reason I call this the Pall Bearer Prospecting Strategy is that you should never give
up on prospects. You should contact prospects every six months until they sign up or die.

The vast majority of Networkers call somebody one time and then they discard that
person‟s name, as if that person were a throw away. They then go out immediately and
start looking for new prospects.

Friends, nobody is a throw away and many will ultimately wind up in a change window.
Keep calling.

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