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					                                               Press release

                                   OSTRAVICE – 21st of June

                         extreme competition of quadripartite relays

/Prague 22nd of May/

SPACE Adrenalin Cup 2008 will welcome the Slovak representative team!
Prague - Adrenalin Cup enjoys even this year the popularity of leading Slovak sportsmen. Slovak
representative team has promised its participation on Saturday 21st of June in the town Ostravice in
Beskydy Mountains. Its members will be one of the best Slovak kayakers Marcel Potočný, a member
of UK Bratislava, paraglider Martin Sokoli, biker Michal Plesník and for the part of up-hill running
Michal Malák, participant at the Olympic Games in Torino in 2006. Down the „Lysá hora“ mountain
should also fly Juraj "Ďuro" Kleja, the absolute top among Slovak paragliders.

Adrenalin Cup, extreme competition of quadripartite relays is an event, which offers unusual
experiences and adventures not only to nthe sportsmen but also to the spectators. Neither its twelfth
year will be an exception. Members of the teams divide as ever four sections of the race - 16
kilometres run up the „Lysá hora“ mountain with overall rise of 1145 meters, then following 5.5
kilometres of paragliding down this mountain, 36 km of mountain bike and the final 5 kilometers of
kayaking in the river Ostravice.

Those who love paddling will especially appreciate the unique opportunity to paddle through the wild
water in the river Ostravice flowing from the dam Šance. The beauty of the kayak part has attracted
also MUDr.Lukáš Pollert, the official doctor of Adrenalin Cup, who plans to show it to his daughter.
Thanks to the helpful representatives of watershed management of the river Odra and Moravia-
Silesia region will this experience be allowed also for the non-participants of the SPACE Adrenalin
Cup. The public will have its turn in the afternoon after the arrival of the kayekers. The duration will be
about 2.5 hours and the flow rate should be 13 m / 2. In charge of that will be the company.
The race promises „adrenalin entertainment“ to the sportsmen as well as to the viewers. The sight at
the exertion of the competitors intensified by the nice environment of Beskydy mountains is an
wonderful experience itself, especially if among those sportsmen will be such names as the triple
participant of Giro de Italia and Vuelta, cyclist Jan Hruška, multiple participant of Tour de France,
Pavel Padrnos, or double olympionic racer Radim Kořínek. The words of Jan Hruška about the bike
section up the „Lysá Hora“ mountain in an interview for speaks for itself: " It is a real
hard work upwards, but downwards it is a risk." Adrenalin Cup gives you the opportunity to find your
potential and limits and enjoy it at the same time. The portion of adrenaline is guaranteed, boredom is

The sport-legends list does not end with the name of the cyclists mentioned above. Participation
promised e.g. Miroslav Šimek, who won the silver medal at the Olympics in Atlanta 1996 in double
canoe (together with Jiří Rohan). Multiple world champion and world record holder Petra Slívová will
present her parachute art and in the men's category can be named e.g. the leading Czech acro-pilot
Tomáš Ledník.

In the context of the SPACE Adrenalin Cup will run varied associated programme. The newsflesh is
confirmed presence of Karel Loprais, multiple winner of Dakar rallye, including the autograph of his
new book "30 years of Dakar“ and the presence of his indispensable car, brand Tatra, as well.
Exhibition jumps at the trampolin by acrobatic ski-jumper Lukáš Vokatý and parachute jumps
presented by Sky acro team will be fun for adults, as well as for the children. For them will be
prepared also favorite Radegast adrenaline park with inflatable attractions. There will also be
exhibitions on the U-ramp presented by Jeny Valenta and his team. Visitors will be able to try different
climbing rope activities or the flight with hor-air baloon.

Entertainment in Ostravice will not end with the sunset. At Radegast Adrenalin party will be a loads of
attractions to take care about the level of adrenaline of those who come, among others: music groups
Děda Mládek Illegal Band, Medvěd 009, Robson or girls' quartet Kalimera.

The competitors can still sign up at the website, where are also more
information to be found.

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The start          – Saturday 21st of June 10 a.m. – football field - Ostravice
The end (expexted) – Saturday 21st of June 13:15 p.m – football field - Ostravice