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					                                       Daniel D Betts
                              GIS RS Specialist/SR Analyst
                                 506 Jewel DR Ames IA
                             INTERIM SECRET CLEARANCE
                          Betts Geospatial Corporation - Home
                                   515 233-4190 hm
                                   515 441 0034 cell

                                 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY
 Senior Level Geospatial Analyst working constantly to improve in serving GIS and Image
 Analysis needs of the Utility, government, and environmental communities. MS Geological
      Sr GIS Specialist with over Ten (10) years experience working as RS/GIS specialist.
      Expertise in ArcGIS 8&9, Enterprise GIS, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, and ESRI's
       Geodatabase concepts, IMS, SDE, and Image Analysis.
      Senior Imaging Analysis - using ERDAS, ESRI's Geography Network concepts, ArcView
       Image Analyst, and ENVI
      Senior Level Raster data (Hyperspectral, Multispectral, SAR, Lidar, and DEM’s).
      ESRI SDE, IMS Certification HTML and Java viewers and scripting, XML, Java applets,
       and IMS (HTML and XML and Java).
      Emergency Response and Mgt skills used during Katrina and Rita for Red Cross,
       FEMA, and other agencies at Fed, State, Local levels.
      FEMA Regional Field Office Work in Austin TX in support of Wildfire Mapping and
       Logistics (TX NM OK) and Katrina and Rita displaced persons assistance/mapping
       and Demographic analysis.
      Apache and Tomcat server structure with CITRIX, SQL, Windows IIS, ArcGIS Server
       configuration and client.
      Customizing IMS, SERVER, and SDE with Oracle Spatial 9i and 10g. (see tech
       experience below)
      IMS and SDE (Oracle, INFORMIX, and SQL) work experience, and ESRI certification.
      Certification and Expertise in Bentley Microstation, Projectwise, and Bentley Map
       V8i, Autodesk, FME.
      Bentley BETA team member
      Maximo ArcFM and ESRI ArcGIS SERVER Integration and Project Lead
      ArcFM Engine Server Editor Developer Redliner Responder Network Adapter
      Expertise in Remote Sensing, Image Analysis, Geography, GIS, GPS, in addition to
       Geologic studies in Mining and contamination, mineral exploration, vegetative mapping
       technologies, DOT Applications/Networks, cartography, Gas Utility Design/PM,
       Emergency MGT, land cover mapping. Business Analyst, Environmental Contamination,
       Air Quality/Control Technologies, Contamination and UXO mapping.

                              TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE
  Core Competencies: ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 SDE IMS SERVER, Image Analysis, IBM MAXIMO
Spatial, CITIRX, SQL, IIS Servers, SDE (SQL, Oracle, Informix),, Visual Studio,
   JAVA, HTML, XML, AXL, VB and VBA, Apache Server 1.3-2.05, Enterprise Solutions and
       Development, Project Management, ENVI, ERDAS Imagine (Multi Sensor Fusion),
                         Bentley V8i Map, Microstation and Projectwise

Development Environments: ESRI Engine (ArcObjects), ESRI Server (Bentley SDK with Java,
 Python, and VB), VB.NET (through VS 2005 R2) , SDE API, Oracle with SQL, PL-SQL, OEM,
 UML, XML, HTML, JavaScript, EDN, Silverlight, Adobe Flex, JavaScript API, and previous
                                   work with AVENUE

 Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/CE, Servers NT/2000/Active Directory/2003. IIS,
                              Apache, SQL, UNIX, MAC
   Software: ESRI, ERDAS, ENVI, USGS TetraCorder, MS Word, ACCESS, EXCELL, Oracle
     Spatial OEM, Bentley Microstation, CAD, Autodesk, Intergraph , PCI, MAXIMO Spatial

  Technologies/Tools: SDE, IMS, SERVER, ESRI ArcGIS 9, ArcFM, XML, AXL,
      Image Analysis using ENVI ERDAS, Bentley V8i, MAXIMO Spatial

                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Betts Geospatial Corp JAN 2002 thru Present

CURRENTLY WORKING: Washington DC FCC as SR GIS Analyst To NOV 2009

State of CT DOT as SR GIS Analyst/Architect
SR GIS Analyst Jan 2009 thru July 2009
Working Business needs analysis, Detail Design, Technical Design, Testing/Development, in
ArcGIS SERVER project for the State of CT DOT Dept of Rights of Way.
Work skills/tasks:
ESRI Engine (ArcObjects), ESRI Server (SDK with Java, Python, and VB.NET),
asp.NET w Visual Studio, VB.NET (through VS 2005 R2) , SDE API, Oracle with SQL,

Data Interoperability and tool construction for Bentley Microstation and Bentley Map
into GIS using GIS Connector and in-house Export and tools built in XML

IBM NiSource Jan 2008 thru April 2008
GIS/ENG Team Lead for Utility GIS project for Nine State consolidation of services in Chicago
for IN, OH, ME, VA, MD, CT, VT, others. GIS/ENG Team Lead, working with Maximo, ESRI
SERVER, ESRI ArcFM and integration with Business and Workflow Mgr.

Work skills/tasks:
ESRI Engine (ArcObjects), ESRI Server (SDK with Java, Python, and VB.NET),
asp.NET w Visual Studio, VB.NET (through VS 2005 R2) , SDE API, Oracle with SQL,

Data Interoperability and tool construction for Bentley Microstation and Bentley Map
in outsourced provider oversight

USGS Sept 2007 thru Jan 2008
SR GIS Analyst working ESRI ArcGIS SERVER, IMS, and SDE lead for USGS National Map and
National Atlas programs at Central Mapping Center

Technologies: SDE, IMS, ESRI ArcGIS 9,, XML, AXL, HTML, JS, VB6, VBA,
INFORMIX, ORACLE Spatial 9i and 10g, ACCESS, EXCEL, Bentley Micro station & Map

State of CT DOT ( and ArcGIS Server) thru Jan 2009
IBM (Maximo / NiSource Project)
USGS Geospatial Sciences Center Rolla MO
State of Florida DOT
STATE of Wisconsin IT Operations SR GIS Analyst
STATE of Texas IT Operations Systems Analyst IV
FEMA Joint Field Operations Sr GIS Analyst
Red Cross and 5th Army Sr GIS Analyst
USDA Rural Development Sr GIS Analyst
Beale Air Force Base Sr GIS Analyst
Bureau of Land Mgmt Sr GIS Analyst
Las Vegas Valley Water District Sr GIS Analyst
US Army High Command/PGI Sr GIS Analyst
Boeing Image and GIS Analyst
NASA Image and GIS Analyst                            2002
State of Iowa Environmental Protection Division,
Des Moines, IA                                                  July 99 thru Jan 02
Top Business Analyst / Permit Writer
Implemented the EPA Title V Air Quality Standards for the State Of Iowa and the EPA. Focus
was in Energy Sector (Hydrocarbon Transport Storage and Energy Production).
        Conducted site visits and reviews of technical operation of all types of businesses and
        major polluters in the State of Iowa.
        Completed graduate level Meteorology and Atmospheric Chemistry courses.
        Completed 10 Federal APTI courses on Air Quality and EPA Regulations: Air Pollution
        (meso, synoptic, and microscale), Air Pollution Control Technologies, and AERMOD
Technologies: EPA Aeromod, ESRI ArcGIS, MS Word, MS ACCESS, Power Point, EXCEL
State of Iowa HR 515 281 3087

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp, Boulder, CO                May 97 thru May 98
RS Specialist
Constructed and selected, imaging/GIS Software, servers, and computers for Non
Conventional Imaging Lab
       Imaging Spectroscopy using the AVIRIS platform to identify and analyze mineral
       signatures and contamination from mining operations.
       Performed Ground Calibration and extensive field work for Hyperspectral Land Cover
       mapping using ASD Field Spectrometers, Trimble GPS, and Digital Cameras.
       Finalized write up and classification of imagery and wrote up 45 page White Paper for
       Ball on time and under budget(Using AVIRIS for Mineral and Vegetation ID).
Technologies: ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, ESRI ArcVIEW, Trimble GPS, MS Word,
MS EXCEL, MATLAB, UNIX, NT, MAC, C, VB, IDL, ASD Field Spectrometers.
Neil Endsley 303 939 4000

United States Geological Survey
Denver, CO                                                     Jan 93-Apr 96
RS Specialist
Imaging Spectroscopy using the AVIRIS platform to identify and analyze mineral signatures
and contamination from mining operations. Use of USGS SpecPR Image analysis software.
       Helped build, and maintained, the Infra-Red spectral reference library for the entire
       academic and scientific communities using both Nicolet and Beckman spectrometers.
       Additional projects included the mapping of Bentonitic soils (swelling clays) in the
       Front Range Urban Corridor, and the field analysis using ASD Field spectrometer FR, in
       the detection of heavy metal contamination in the area immediately below the
       Summitville Colorado mining disaster for use with AVIRIS imaging calibration and
Technologies: Image Analysis using Speclab and TetraCorder Hyperspectral
Dr Roger Clark 303 236 1332

Gas Pipeline Design and mapping duties for entire statewide distribution system
        Cathodic protection and design parameters
        LNG Storage Facility Design and Regulatory analysis
        Gas System project management for construction projects total of 1.2 Million/yr
Technologies:IBM CAD Certification, Mapping, Land Survey and Practices Certification,
Project and Budget mgt.

                                  MS Geological Science
                                 University of Colorado 1998

                              BS Geography and Earth Science
                                   Drake University 1994
                          Post MS pre PhD Grad Studies in GIS
                          Drake and Iowa State 2000 & 2003-2004

                                  ESRI GIS Certification:
(32 ESRI Certificates) ArcGIS 9.2, ArcView, Arc/Info, ESRI Migrating from/to ArcView/ArcGIS,
     ArcView 3.+, Spatial Analysis, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, AVENUE programming,
Hydrology, Image Analysis, Forestry, ArcGIS I, ArcGIS II, Visual Basic Applications (Exploring
       VBA Environment, Forms, Functions and Variables, and Branching and Looping),
 Understanding Geostatistics, Creating, Editing, and Managing Geodatabases for ArcGIS 8.3,
  Learning ArcIMS, Customizing ArcIMS, Understanding ArcSDE Table Relationships, Storing
     Raster Data in an ArcSDE, Geodatabase (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo), Geoprocessing

                                MAXIMO Immersion Training

         Advanced Certification MS Word MS ACCESS MS EXCELL and Power Point.
                EPA Certification in Modeling Pollution and Pollution Control
                CAD Certification from Des Moines Area Community College
                      GPS Certification from Ball Aerospace Training
            Land Survey Certification from Des Moines Area Community College
       Current and ongoing training in Oracle Spatial 10g, OEM,, and other

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