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                           News From Schools
                                                        Sr. Principal gave a message on harmful
 Foundation Day at Udaya Public
                                                   effects of drugs. All the instructions mentioned
       School, Faizabad                            in letter from CBSE, that is being followed in
     Udaya Public School celebrated its            letter and spirit were once again highlighted.
ninth Annual Function on February 23,
2009. The programme showcased items and
presentations based on cultural heritage
and academic development in modern
scientific era. Students took an active part
in each activity ranging from anchoring of
the programme to the execution of various
presentations. Mrs. Madhu Tripathi, principal
of school read out the annual report of the
school. Different dignitaries and administrative
officers gave away prizes and certificates of
merit to students.                                    Students listening to counsellers at Jyothis Central School,

  International Drug Abuse
 Day at Jyothis Central School,                              Teacher’s Orientation
     Thiruvananthapuram                                      Programme at Hindu
                                                             Vidyapeeth, Sonepat
       International Day against Drug Abuse and
Illicit – Trafficking was observed in Jyothis            Hindu Vidyapeeth, Sonepat organized an
Central School, Kazhakuttom, Triviandrum on        In – service Teacher’s Orientation Programme
26th June 2009 in a befitting way. Students        (workshop) in English, Mathematics, Physics,
prepared the charts and posters highlighting       Social Sciences and Calligraphy for one week
the importance of the day. Master Yasir Hareed,    i.e from 1-6-2009 to 6-6-2009 in the school
a senior student gave an extempore speech in       auditorium.
a fluent and highly impressive way. Many other
                                                       Prof. Hukum Singh and Prof. V.P. Singh
students and teachers spoke on the occasion.
                                                   (Mathematics), Prof. V.P. Shrivastava (Physics)
A quiz related to the day was also organized.
                                                   and Dr. Nahar Singh (Social Sciences) were the
Teachers cautioned students against harmful
                                                   Resource Persons.
effects of smoking.

44                                                                                         July-September, 2009
   Participating teachers at Orientation Programme at Hindu      Shri G Balasubramanian lighting lamp with Shri Nagaraju,
                      Vidyapeeth, Sonepat.                      Regional Officer, Chennai, CBSE at Kalyanasundaram School

     Including the Host school, teachers from                 School, Chozhan Maligai, Kumbakonam,
five schools participated in the workshop. The                when the science and Fine Arts blocks were
guest schools included Hindu Sr. Sec. School,                 inaugurated by Shri N. Nagaraju, Regional
New Court Road, Sonepat, Hindu Malviya Sr.                    Officer, CBSE, Chennai. The Principal Smt.
Sec. School, Sonepat, S.M Hindu Sr. Sec. School,              Revathi Rajan welcomed the gathering .The
Sonepat and Hindu Sr. Sec. School, Sonepat.                   chief guest congratulated the Staff and
      About 400 teachers from five institutions               Students for the spectacular cultural show
got enriched with innovative methods                          put up by them.
and modern technology of teaching. The                            Shri    G  Balasubramanian, Former
teachers were familiarised with some of the                   Director(Academic) CBSE, New Delhi, presently
techniques to relate learning with practical                  the mentor of the school opined that all
life. Total number of teachers who benefited                  round development of a child along with
from the programme were 55 in English, 65                     the academic excellence should be given
in Mathematics, 60 in Physics, 30 in Social
Sciences and 400 in Calligraphy.
                                                                   Co – ordinator of the school highlighted
    The workshop concluded with a
                                                              the activities of the school. He said
motivational session and vote of thanks by the
                                                              that the philosophy of the Chairman to
Host Principal.
                                                              provide education to children in a manner
      Inauguration of Science                                 conducive to over all development of the
     and Fine Arts Blocks in G.S.                             children evoked remarkable response from
                                                              the parents and that was visible when they
    Kalyanasundaram Memorial
                                                              turned up in big numbers to secure a seat
         School, Tamilnadu
                                                              for their wards. The function came to an end
    27th June 2009 was a special day                          with the proposal of vote of thanks by the
for Dr. G. S. Kalyanasundaram Memorial                        Vice – Principal.

July-September, 2009                                                                                                        45
                                                  an Investiture Ceremony held at the
      Inauguration of N.D. Grover
                                                  school auditorium on 18th July, 2009.
     Science Block at D.A.V. Public               The Chief Guest Lt.Col. Varghese George,
     School, Simdega, Jharkhand                   Commanding Officer 21 Kerala Battalion
                                                  NCC was honoured by the Chairman of
     Tuesday, the 16th June 2009 is a red
                                                  School Managing Committee. The Chief
letter day in the history of DAV Public School,
                                                  Guest in his brief and impressive inaugural
Simdega. After the affiliation for +2 Science,
                                                  address remarked on the importance of a
the newly constructed building named              balanced personality. He pointed out that
after the pioneer of DAV institution late Sir     organizing capacity, leadership capability
N.D.Grover was inaugurated. The Hon’ble           and mental stamina are nurtured and
Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha was the chief           developed through education. Former
guest of the function. The presence of            Head Girl, Pinky Ann Daniel welcomed the
Regional Director, DAV Public Schools (Ranchi     audience. The Chief Guest administered
Zone), Sri S. K. Sinha, Principal DAV Gandhi      the oath of office and the Principal V.K.
Nagar CCL – Ranchi, Sri T.P. Jha Principal DAV    George passed on the light to the newly
Khunti enhanced the glory of the day.             elected leaders. They took the pledge
                                                  in a solemn way by lighting candles
     The programme began with Vedic rituals
                                                  and singing school Anthem. Mrs. Mini
followed by Adivasi Dance. Many colourful
                                                  Varghese presented merit awards for the
items were presented by the tiny tots of the      school Toppers and Subject Toppers in
school. The English Drama ‘Othello’ was highly    the CBSE board exams, AISSCE and AISSE –
appreciated by the audience.                      2009. After the brilliant show, Tony Davis,
    In his ‘Welcome Speech’ Sri P.K. Samal,       the newly elected Head Boy proposed the
Principal, read out the brief history and         vote of thanks. The function came to an
achievement of the school in various fields.      end with various enchanting programs.

     Addressing the audience Sri L.R. Saini ,
Regional Director Ranchi zone highlighted the
excellence and achievements of the students.
The Chief Guest inspired the students to
follow the foot prints of Hon’ble ex president
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The vote of thanks was
given by Mr. R.K. Prusty T.G.T. (Geo.).

Nava Nirman Public School,
Cochin Elected Students Leaders
   The student Council of Nava Nirman               A group of students performing at the occasion of Investiture
                                                          Ceremony at Nava Nirman Public School, Cochin
Public School Cochin was sworn in at

46                                                                                       July-September, 2009
                                                                         The special assembly concluded with the
     Anti Terrorism Day at Army
                                                                      message that
     School, Arunachal Pradesh
                                                                       “Terrorism will be defeated and Peace will
     Students of Class VI of Army School, Tenga
Valley, organized a special assembly to mark
Anti Terrorism Day on 21st May 2009                                        Christ Nagar Sr. Sec. School,
     The day was observed to create awareness                                Trivandrum offered a
among young students to wean them away                                            helping hand
from violence and terrorism and highlight the
suffering of people.                                                       A very young member Harikrishnan, of
                                                                      this Christ Nagar family studying in Class
     Students performed a short skit that                             IV was diagnosed with blood cancer by the
showed how the dark clouds of terror is                               doctors in the first week of June 2009.The news
engulfing the light of humanity and how the                           shocked the entire school and the students
positive efforts put in by the good people                            and teachers joined together in prayer for his
from all parts of the world help fight back this                      speedy recovery. Prayers were also performed
evil and create peace, love, life and harmony                         at each student’s family. Driven by a sense of
on this beautiful earth.                                              social commitment, the school decided to help
    The skit was followed by a speech that                            Harikrishnan with money for his treatment.
generated more awareness about the danger                             A food fest idea, similar to the one they had
of terrorism and violence and its ill effects                         organized earlier, came to their mind and it
on the people, society and the country as a                           was soon translated into action on Saturday
whole.                                                                20th June. The school campus turned into a
     Thereafter, two minutes silence was                              grand buffet with an endless variety of dishes
observed to pay homage to our brave soldiers,                         and sweets cooked at home by the parents of
leaders and countrymen who lost their lives                           the students. Students, teachers, neighbours,
fighting terrorism.                                                   well – wishers, casual visitors thronged the

Enthusisatic students taking part in a group song at Anti Terrorism     Members of the Managing Committee of Christ Nagar Sr. Sec.
              day at Army School Arunachal Pradesh                          School Trivandrum with the change of donation

July-September, 2009                                                                                                             47
campus, more in order to buy than merely to                        Thus, the celebration was made a fruitful
eat. Everyone felt gratified to have helped for                one by the involvement of dedicated team of
a noble cause.                                                 teachers under the guidance of the Principal.

      World Environment Day at                                  Cambridge School, Indirapuram
      Aditya Birla Public School,                                Organized Mock Exercise on
             Tamilnadu                                                  Earthquake
     World Environment Day was celebrated at                         Cambridge School, Indirapuram had
Aditya Birla School on 5 June 2009. To mark                    organized a mock exercise on earthquake
the occasion, a large- scale plantation was                    in collaboration with the National Disaster
carried out in school campus by Executives of                  Management Authority, Government of India,
Grasim Industries Ltd., Principal, Teachers and                on July 10, 2009. Major General V.K. Datta and
Students of our school.                                        his team of 12 personnel conducted a mock
                                                               drill on earthquake. The Principal, Ms. Jasleen
    To create awareness about the
                                                               Kaur, extended a warm welcome to the officers
environment among the students, there
                                                               and introduced them to the students and
was a special Morning Assembly, which was
                                                               the staff. The officers instructed the students
packed with Eco – Pledge, Eco – Song and Eco
                                                               about the strategies to be followed and
– Skit. Mr. N. Senthilkumar Biology teacher
                                                               demonstrated various safety techniques to
and Secretary of Eco – Club and Mr. Geetha
                                                               be adopted in situations like terrorist attacks,
Govindan Menon Principal of the school
                                                               fire outbreak, kidnapping, gas disaster, flood,
enlightened the students with speeches on
                                                               land slide, earthquake, etc. His team from the
                                                               National Disaster Response Force comprising
    A drawing and painting competition with                    officers from the CISF, BSF, ITBP and CRPF gave
the titles 'Nature' and 'Save Earth' was also                  inputs on evacuation, search and rescue, dog
conducted for primary classes.                                 search and first aid.

     Students taking part in a Plantation Drive organised by      Personnel from National Disaster Management Authority
             Aditya Birla Public School, Tamilnadu                presenting a demo excesses to rescue vacating of disaster

48                                                                                                   July-September, 2009
      During the mock exercise, the students                    the partner schools by understanding the
were asked to duck under the tables on                          educational system and culture in each
hearing the alarm bell. Later, they were asked                  school and the respective countries. This was
to report to the control room about any                         further facilitated by witnessing teaching
missing students. The rescue team was sent to                   demonstrations in the classrooms; visiting
evacuate the injured students who were given                    places of historical and cultural importance
first aid.                                                      like Cologne, Frankfurt, Marburg; meeting
                                                                the Mayor of Gladenbach and district
      The Principal, Mrs. Jasleen Kaur, stressed
                                                                government officials to get an insight into
on the importance of disaster management.
                                                                the administrative set up of the region. Visit
The session equipped the students with the
                                                                to the information and Documentation
skills needed to face any emergency in the
                                                                Center on forced labour apprised the group
future. She also appreciated the efforts of the
                                                                about the socio – political history of Europe,
entire team to train and equip the staff and
                                                                thereby adding on to the textual knowledge
                                                                of the young learners. Indian students gained
    Multi – Cultural Exchange                                   first hand information on combating Global
   Programme at Rukmini Devi                                    water – related environmental problems
                                                                by visiting sewage treatment plant. To reap
    Public School, Pitampura
                                                                maximum benefits from the exchange, the
     A group of 7 students and 1 teacher                        Indian group also completed pre – planned
from Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura,                     comparison based projects on various topics
Delhi visited Freiherr – Vom – Stein – Schule,                  and also apprised the German partners and
a European school in Gladenbach, Germany                        faculty of the Indian culture and heritage by
from 19th May to 1st June, 2009 under                           musical and dance performance which were
Multi – cultural Exchange Programme, an                         appreciated and even got space in the local
initiative by School Principal Ms. Anita Garg                   media.
aiming at strengthening the bonds between
                                                                  National Painting Competition
                                                                    Awardee from DAV Public
                                                                   School, Chandrasekharpur
                                                                    Suraj Dash, a class – V Student of DAV
                                                                Public School, Chandrasekharpur has bagged
                                                                the National Child Artist Award which carries
                                                                a cash prize of Rs. 25,000/- and a citation.
                                                                A Nationwide Painting Competition was
                                                                organized by Govt. of India in 3 categories via
                                                                – school, State and National level, where more
                                                                than 6 lakh students of Std –IV and V from
  Foreign delegate visiting under the Multi-cultural Exchange
    Programme at Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura          28 states had participated. The theme for the

July-September, 2009                                                                                        49
                                                                       During the first session on 2nd May,
                                                                  Dr. K. S. Anitha, discussed the topic ‘How to
                                                                  Unleash the Potentialities of Children’ and
                                                                  detailed the techniques through which the
                                                                  potentialities can be exposed. Dr. Usha, Faculty
                                                                  of Education, Sree Narayana Training College,
                                                                  Nedunganda, stressed the importance of
                                                                  teaching aids for effective teaching and
                                                                      Prof. Rajesh. S, delivered a discourse on
 Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde, Union Minister of Power handing over   the topic “Memory Boosters for Class Rooms”   .
  2nd prize to 'Suraj' from DAV Public School, Chandrasekharpur
                                                                  The resource person on the fourth session, Sri.
competition was ‘Conservation of Energy to                        Jojo Philip, spoke on the topic “I.T. Centered
Create Public Awareness’. Suraj’s creation was                    Teaching and Learning Process” in the present
lauded by the Art Critics as up – to – date and                   educational scenario.
most appreciable. Suraj also received a Cash                           The teachers benefited a lot from the
Prize of Rs. 8,000/- by securing 2nd position in                  interactive sessions with the resource persons
State level.                                                      which follow each session in clarifying their
                                                                  doubts regarding the above topics and
     Teachers’ Skill Enhancement                                  acquiring new perspectives in these areas.
     Programme in Sree Narayana
        Central School, Kollam                                          Decennial Anniversary
                                                                      Celebrations at Jnanadeepa
    Sree    Narayana       Central      School,
Nedungolam, Kollam has organized a two
day skill enhancement Programme for the
teaching faculty of C.B.S.E. schools of Kollam
and Thiruvananthapuram districts on 2 and
4 May 2009 with an aim to update their
knowledge, to improve their competency
and to acquaint them with the modern
trends and developments in the field of
    The        enhancement          programme
conducted in four sessions was inaugurated
by Dr. S. Jayaram, President, Indian Psychiatric
Association; South Indian Zone in a simple
function. Dr. N. Viswarajan, the Principal                         Shri APJ Abdul Kalam with the students of Jnanadeepa School,
welcomed the gathering.                                                            at their Decennial Anniversary

50                                                                                                     July-September, 2009
      Jnanadeepa School, Javalli, Shimoga                           Rohtak brought laurels to the
organized a function to mark the Decennial                          school and the state when
Year of its establishment on 27th Feb. 2009.                        they both stood first in the
The Chief Guest for the function was none                           Classical Instrumental Music
other than the Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul                        and Patriotic Song Contest
Kalam. The function was witnessed by a                              categories respectively in All
gathering of about 18, 000 people, including                        India Multi Lingual Drama,
students and teachers from almost all the            Dance, Music Contest (Global Cultural Diversity
educational institutions of the district. The        – 2009) organized by Akhil Bhartiya Sanskritik
student achievers in different fields were           Sangh, Pune (Maharashtra) on 29th May, 2009.
introduced by the Principal, Mr. Shrikant M
Hegde, and were felicitated by the chief guest.      Yoga Activities in Class Rooms in
Delivering an extremely thought provoking            Manav Public School, Amritsar
and inspirational speech, Dr. Abdul Kalam
motivated the children to nurture the quality             Manav Public School, Amritsar started
of righteousness in their hearts. Emphasizing        “yoga in class room” project to soothe physical
the role played by a teacher in a students’          and mental tiredness and for the relaxation of
life, he expressed his faith in the potential of     muscles. It helped the school in maintaining
today’s youth to lead India towards progress.        discipline in the class room. It also resulted in a
In an interactive session with the students,         creativity oriented activity / self improvement
he cleared many doubts and conveyed some             in addition to increased awareness about
powerful messages, leaving a mark in every           benefits of yoga in day to day life.
listener’s mind. This unforgettable function             Students now feel more physically active
proved to be a dream come true for the               and mentally alert for the time they are in
thousands of students gathered in the campus         school. They have improved concentration
to listen to a great visionary.                      levels. They have learnt proper utilization of
                                                     time for self improvement.
   Singing Prodigies brought
 fame to Pathania Public School,
                    Creativity can be expressed
                in myriad ways and the music
                could be one of the potential
                ways for presenting it.

                      A duo of crooning siblings
                viz. Vishal Kansal of Class- V and
Sanjeevani Kansal of Class –II with an incredible
talent in singing from Pathania Public School,        Students performing stress, releasing Asan under Yoga in Class
                                                                Room at Manav Public School, Amritsar

July-September, 2009                                                                                               51
                                                     achievements in various fields of school life.
 International Day against Drug
                                                     The function came to end with the National
  Abuse and Illicit Trafficking at                   Anthem.
    Delhi Public School, Durg
                                                       Open Day Cum PTM observed
     Awareness pertaining to drug abuse
and illicit trafficking was spread amongst
                                                       at Gyan Mandir Public School,
the nearby masses living in the surrounding                   Naraina, Delhi
areas by the NSS students of DPS Durg. Anti              In order to display the latent talent and the
tobacco slogans were also displayed outside          creativity of the budding artists and to have an
the main entrance and inside the institution         open session, a face to face interaction with the
for the same purpose.                                parents, Gyan Mandir Public School, Naraina,
 Independence Day and Krishna                        observed Open Day Cum PTM recently.

   Janmashtmi Celebrations in                             The day witnessed parents’ discussion,
     Abhinav Public School                           with the teachers about their wards’
                                                     strength and weaknesses, seeking advice
    Abhinav Public School celebrated                 and counselling with the sole purpose of
Independence Day and Krishna Janmashtmi              ‘betterment’ of their wards. Their tete–a–tete
with great enthusiasm and fervor on 13th             included not only academic performance of
Aug 09 in the school. The school was tastefully      their wards but covered a wider area of issues
decorated for this august occasion. After the        ranging from their personalities as a whole.
welcome song junior and senior students
                                                     The parent’s queries also included behavior of
performed number of dances and songs. The
                                                     their children at home, with their siblings, their
chief guest spoke about the sacrifices made
                                                     future aspirations, psychological problems,
by the Indians to retrieve freedom.
                                                     teenagers dilemmas etc.
    Guests gave away the prizes to the
students who had shown extraordinary

       Tinytots at the Independence Day at Abhinav     Students at Gyan Mandir Public School, Naraina, displaying
                 Public School, Pitampura               their creativity by showing different articles made by them

52                                                                                          July-September, 2009
    A wide display of exhibits ranging from
models based on some concrete subjects like
Group Discussion, Poetry Recitation, Debate
Competition of language teaching to models
of Probability, Familiar Figures, Testing of
purity of urea, Food chart, Dam – generating
electricity, Smoke – purifier, Tourists
destinations of India, People as a resource,
Shikara (made of ice – cream spoons), Traffic
Signals, types of Industries, Basketball Court to
                                                        Students at Tagore Public School Jaipur performing a
bus topology etc. proved the maxim ‘Seeing                          skit at World Population Day
is believing’.
                                                    development through judicious use of natural
    The book exhibition of renowned                 resources.
publishers added another feather to the
Open day 2009 and proved to be a big crowd             Election Fever at Delhi Public
puller.                                                      School, Vadodara
 Celebration of World Population                         In the month of July 2009 the campus
   Day at Tagore Public School,                     stirred with the activities for the Students’
                                                    School Council Election in the Secondary
         Vaishali, Jaipur
                                                    section. Among the various things that
    On the occasion of World Population             distinguish us from the others is the
Day students of Tagore Public School,               modernistic approach adopted by our
Vaishali expressed their deep concern and           institution aimed at moulding the children to
care for the healthy growth and safety of           be the ideal citizens.
human race.
                                                         In democracy the control of authority
    Members of Pratap House of the school           rests in public. Children learn a lot about
staged a skit in the morning assembly to
                                                    democracy and election in their text books,
spread awareness among children about
                                                    but a first hand experience thrilled them. 46
the dire consequences of population
                                                    candidates contested for 14 different posts.
                                                    These candidates were selected by a panel
     Increase in population leads to scuffle        of teachers from various faculties including
for natural resources that are depleting in an      the discipline committee, the core council
alarming rate due to excessive and mindless         members and councilor. These selection
demand of mankind. The impending danger             were also based on different criteria like
of annihilation of life is a real one.
                                                    academics, discipline, their contribution in
    Students took a pledge that they would          various fields, the confidence and leadership
serve humanity by encouraging sustainable           qualities they posses.

July-September, 2009                                                                                           53
                                                                             Students of C.D.D.A.V. Mandi Dabwali
     Students quieing up to cast their votes to elect students       acting like their grand parents at Grand Parents Day
                   council at DPS, Vadodara

                                                                 sub activities. In the last step of this activity
    The selected students campaigned and                         the grand parents had to recite the Gyantri
propagated their symbols and manifestoes.                        Mantra for maximum number of times in
The atmosphere was serious when actual
                                                                 one minute and Mr. Shyam Lal Mittal was the
voting was done on 31 July 2009. Children
                                                                 winner and got best Grand Parent award.
got marks on their fingers and they cast their
                                                                 On this auspicious occasion, Ms. Sarita
vote on the ballot paper.
                                                                 Goyal, Principal of the school, said that it
    The voted candidates were invested with                      was the little effort for the students who
authority and power as the office bearers on                     have almost forgotten their Indian values &
22 August 2009 by the Principal N K Sinha.                       culture. She said that Grand Parents provide
     International Day for Elderly                               us innate & unconditional love. With their
     at C.M.D.A.V. Sen. Sec. Public                              rich experience & guidance, we can grow &
                                                                 unfold our wings to explore new horizons.
        School, Mandi Dabwali
     C.M.D.A.V. Sen. Sec. Public School, Mandi                       Rajiv Gandhi Akshya Urja
Dabwali has observed International Day for                          Diwas celebrated at Shaheed
Elderly as Grand Parents’ day on 01.10.09                             Rajpal DAV Public School
in the school premises. The grand parents                                 Dayanand Vihar
of the class L.K.G to 2nd were invited to
witness the program. Sh. Gurdyal Monga                               On the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi
enlightened the candle as chief guest. The                       Akshya Urja Diwas, the Green Gold Club
tiny tots of the school won the appreciation                     of Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School
of the spectators for their wonderful dances                     organised poster making and essay
and sweet songs. The best Grand Parent                           writing competitions on 12th August’09
was selected by an activity entitled as ‘Pyar                    in association with Department of
                                                                 Environment, Govt. of Delhi.
Ki Potli’ which was divided into number of

54                                                                                                   July-September, 2009
     The club primarily aims at disseminating         one of the participants stated the three
awareness about environmental issues.                 R’s – Recycle Reuse and Reduce, in her write
Teachers and students work together to                –up.
ensure greener surroundings. With the advent
                                                           Principal Ms. Renu Laroiya appreciated
of modernisation and industrialisation our
                                                      efforts of the students. Also, she urged students
non renewable resources are depleting fast.
                                                      to conserve energy for a better tomorrow.
Switching to renewable resources is the need
                                                      Staff members and the students pledged to
of the hour. In this direction aforementioned
                                                      conserve renewable resources.
competitions were held.
     The subject of the day was ‘Renewable
Energy Resources’. It was an endeavour to
sensitize students to the impending energy
crisis. Students of classes VI-VIII expressed their
concern through colourful posters bearing
slogans. Senior students penned down
thought provoking essays. They emphasised
on cutting down on rampant use of non-
renewable resources of energy. Students
also suggested ways to harness renewable
resources to make this earth a better place to          A Poster made by a Student of Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public
live in. To curb the problem of energy crisis,               School Dayandand Vihar at Akshya Urja Diwas

                                       Movement is a medicine
                                 for creating change in a person's
                               physical, emotional, and mental

                                                       -Carol Welch


July-September, 2009                                                                                              55

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