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7151.03 - Policy.
Each document containing a written description of lands and/or interest in land shall be approved
as to legal sufficiency of form by the Forest Land Surveyor (or Regional Land Surveyor as
applicable) before document is signed and recorded. Descriptions for wilderness and other
administrative boundaries shall be reviewed by the Forest Land Surveyor before publication.

7152.03 - Policy.

       1. Legal
          b. All contacts about surveying services with the BLM shall be routed through the
          Forest Land Surveyor, and then sent on to the Regional Land Surveyor.

       2. Administration
          c. Forests shall be responsible for establishing a technical and legal peer review for
          each land survey plat. Reviews shall be accomplished by individual arrangement
          between neighboring Forests (or other similar arrangement) before the plat is entered
          into the public record.

           f. Where economically feasible all surveys shall be tied to a National Geodetic
           Reference System.

           g. All cadastral contracts awarded in the Region shall contain a clause regarding
           cultural resource protection and shall make reference to the R-3 Cultural Resources
           Handbook, FSH 2309.24.

           h. No changes or modifications shall be made to any plat or other document sealed
           by a professional land surveyor without his/her written concurrence.

       4. Public Relations
          d. The Forests will maximize the use of co-op surveying opportunities. Sole source
          procurement of surveying services through adjoining landowner co-op participation
          can be justified using the "Determinations and Findings" statement issued in the
WO SUPPLEMENT 7100-91-1                                                           7150
EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/11/1991                                                        Page 2 of 2
DURATION: This supplement is effective until superseded or removed.

                                   FSM 7100 – ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT
                                        CHAPTER 7150 - SURVEYING

7152.6 - Standards.

         2. Monumentation Standards
               a. Corner monuments:

                   (2) Driven or drilled monuments may be used when and where appropriate. See
                   EM 7150-3, Land Surveying Guide for details.

         3. Property Boundary Line Marking and Posting.
                e. The Region 3 line visibility standard is as follows: Lines shall be marked to a
                minimum necessary level, no painting, no brushing of lines, and posted to class B
                (longitudinally visible) standards. See EM 7150-3 Land Surveying Guide for
                details. Alternate standards may be requested by the land manager on a project by
                project basis.

                   (1) All property boundary signs shall be placed within 1 foot of the true property
                   line. A minimum fence post length of 5 feet may be used where appropriate.

       4. Boundary Maintenance. Each Forest shall establish a maintenance cycle of not more
than 20 years in accordance with guidelines given in EM 7150-3.

7153.03 - Policy.

         3. The Forest Land Surveyor shall determine the method used to survey and/or describe
rights-of-way acquired or granted. A recordable plat and/or metes and bounds description
(approved by the Forest Land Surveyor) is required. See EM 7150-3, Land Surveying Guide for

7153.2 - Operations.

Training. To remain current with new technologies and future legislative actions, all Region 3
land surveyors shall be required to attend formalized training or continuing education classes on
an annual basis. This shall be included in the annual cadastral workshop if possible.

The Regional Office will organize or help organize training for the surveying technicians on the
Forests in new technologies and other land law topics as needed.

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