MARSH GIBBON PARISH COUNCIL

PRESENT: Cllr J Davison, (Chairman), Cllrs M Hall, D Leonard, I Metherell, J Smith, E Taylor
and the Parish Clerk.

APOLOGIES: Cllr R Cross (away on holiday). All agreed - the apologies were approved by
the Council. Apologies also from PC Ian Newman (Community Police Officer).

The Chairman thanked Cllr Leonard for chairing the June meeting whilst she was away on

Council Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2006 – re Section 2 – Statement of Assurance,
the Chairman asked that “signed by the Chairman” be amended to “signed by the Chairman of
the Meeting”. All agreed. The minutes were then agreed by all councillors and were signed by
the Chairman as a correct record.

Re – The ‘Duck’ warning sign at Townsend – BCC have now re-installed the sign.
Re Wheelie Bin for Cemetery – AVDC have confirmed that they can supply this FOC. The bin
will need to be presented for rubbish collection outside the Cemetery gate on Tuesdays at
6.30am. All agreed - the Clerk to arrange for a bin from AVDC. Cllr Leonard offered to put the
bin out each week for the rubbish collection.
Re Potholes in The Ryelands, Edgcott Road and Swan Lane – The Clerk had reported these
– BCC have confirmed by email that the details have been passed on to the technician for
RE SID – This is available w/c 12 July and 19 July, but then not available during school holidays.
Next available w/c 6 September. All agreed – arrange for w/c 20 September. Cllrs to consider
possible volunteers.
Re Broken concrete in footway – Castle Street – This has been attended to by BCC.
Re Cemetery Gates – Cllr Taylor reported that she had not yet arranged for Pat Taylor to look
at the gates.

There were no members of the public present.

Posters for display re Children’s Entertainment – Friday 28 July 11am.
Email – 3 July re Register of Electors – Monthly elector alterations – alterations to the July
Letter – 3 July re Gambling Act 2005 – Licensing Policy Statement – copied to all cllrs.
Deadline for comments is 22 Sept 2006. Cllr Metherell proposed, Cllr Smith seconded and
all agreed – no response to the document.

Letter 14 June re Delegated Budget Bids for 2006/07confirming that the two projects – The
Knob and the Bus Stop area in Bicester Road – will be carried out subject to final technical
assessments (eg utilities costs and safety audit). Letters had crossed in the post re PC
contribution. Details on exact programming to follow.
Letter 15 June re Delegated Budget 2006/07 confirming that details have now been passed to
Simon Dudley in order that detailed design work can commence. BCC to advise when they
have a starting date for these projects.

Letter – 9 June re Cluster Meeting for Cllr John Cartwright. Next meeting on 17 July. They
ask for confirmation of attendance at meeting and items for the agenda asap. Notes from the
previous meeting held on 20 March enclosed for information. No-one likely to be available to

Letter – 20 June re Secondary Return to Teaching Course with poster to display.
Letter – 20 June re Primary Teacher Taster Course with poster to display.
Aylesbury Vale Local Committee - Agenda and Minutes re Meeting of 13 July, 6pm, Winslow.
Jots – journal of trading standards - Summer 2006 issue.

Letter – 4 July re Temporary prohibition of through traffic order 2006 – Heet Road – 1
August for approx 8 days whilst urgent carriageway repair works take place.
Letter – 15 June re above.
Letter – 5 July re Temporary prohibition of through traffic order 2006 – Summertown
junction with Castle Street – 1 August for approx 2 days for urgent carriageway repairs.
Letter – 15 June re above.
Cllr Smith reported that there is a well in the middle of The Knob and is not sure if it is filled in or
capped. The well is fed by a spring in that same area. Agreed – the Clerk to advise BCC
before carriageway repairs are undertaken.
Letter – 12 June re Temporary Traffic Regulation Order – Main Street, Charndon – 24 July
– 27 July for carriageway repairs.

Email rec‟d 4 July re Bucks County museum – lunchtime gallery talks.
Getting Closer to Communities Newsletter – July 2006.

Letter – 7 July re Rights of Way Team and Use of Offenders for Works on Public Rights of
Way. (PC had agreed in January 2006 to the proposal to utilise offenders for works on public
rights of way). Agreed – Respond to BCC that PC is in favour of scheme in principal and look
forward to receiving further information in due course. PC wishes to be made aware of the
works that are proposed and when.

Letter – 4 July re Adopted Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan with copy of the

Cherwell District Council
Letter 22 June re Cherwell Local Development Framework – Banbury North Cherwell Site
Allocations – Development Plan Document – Issues and Options Paper. This is to be
published and placed on deposit for consultation for 6 weeks from 10 July to 18 August. CDC
wishes to seek PC views on this DPD. Three information evenings to be held.
Letter rec‟d 8 July re Cherwell Local Development Framework: Banbury and North
Cherwell Site Allocations Development Plan Document Issues and Options Paper.
Documents available on Council’s website at CDC Offices and Libraries. Closing date for
comments 18 August 2006.

Oxfordshire County Council – Letter 27 June re Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste
Development Framework. Minerals and Waste Issues and Options Consultation Paper,
June 2006. Views on the Consultation Paper by Friday 11 August.

Standards Board for England – Town and Parish Standard:07 (copied to all cllrs). Includes
item on „Declaring Interests‟.

NALC – Local Council Review – July 2006 issue.

Aylesbury Vale North Sports Council – Agenda and minutes re meeting 13 July 7.30pm,
Aylesbury Vale Transport Users Group – Agenda and Minutes re meeting on Tuesday 11
June 06.

Bucks County Show – Letter – June 2006 re County Show – Thursday 31 August at Weedon
Park with poster to display.
Bucks Community Action – In Focus newsletter – June 2006 issue.
Central Networks – Updated Unmetered Supply Certificate, including additional light in Castle
Charity Commission – Annual Information Update 2006 re Recreation Ground.
Clerks & Councils Direct – July 2006 issue.
MG Pre-School – Email request (dated 4 July) to use the 5-a-side pitch on Friday 21 July –
9am to 12.15pm approx for their sports day. All agreed, pre-school may use the pitch.
Marsh Gibbon Village Hall Committee – Hiring Charges effective from 1 September 2006.
Safe and Sound Playgrounds – Advertising leaflet – planning, design, supply, inspection etc.
Stadia Sports International Limited – 2006 brochure for goals, nets and grounds.

Bulletin 21/06       Applications determined without reference to the Committee
                     The Church Yard, Church Street, MG
                     Fell 2 No Elder Tree

                             DECISION: Proceed with works - Trees

Bulletin 22/06               Applications determined without reference to the Committee
                             1 Rectory Close, MG
                             Erection of first floor extension and pitched roof over existing
                             single storey side extension
                             Mr and Mrs Hunter

                             DECISION: Approved

Bulletin 23/06               Nothing

Development Control Committee Meetings –

10 May 2006 – Minutes        Nothing
 1 Jun 2006 – Minutes        Nothing
22 Jun 2006 – Agenda         Nothing
13 Jul 2006 – Minutes        Nothing

Letter – 19 June from Planning Enforcement Team Leader re Alleged unauthorized breach of
approved details – Westbury Manor Farm, Moat Lane, MG. It was agreed that the walls of
the eight dwellings should be constructed of Cotswold Natural stone with detailing in an Ivonhoe
Cottage Blend brick. The development as partially built deviates from this approval in that the
brick rather than being used for detailing has been used in the construction of some elevations
primarily those relating to the garage and porch elements.
“This unauthorized variation has been brought to the attention of the developer who has been
advised that it is unlikely to be deemed acceptable. As a consequence an undertaking has
been sought from the developer that the brickwork elevations will be replaced with natural stone
as approved.

With regards to the height of the development check measurements have been taken of the plot
nearest to Moat Lane. The conclusion reached is that it is being built as approved”.

The Enforcement Team will keep us updated of any progress or other developments with
regards to the unauthorized brickwork.

Letter – 5 July re Westbury Manor Farm development - further information re above and
response to Clerk‟s email of 27 June reporting that Plot 7 has had dormer windows inserted into
the roof and that these were not included on the latest detailed plans of the houses that the PC
has. (This was reported to the Clerk by a local resident.) –
Re Materials – Agreement has been reached that “bricks used for the garages on Plots 8, 6
and 5 can be accepted as an alternative to the previously approved stone. The use of brick on
the south gables of plots 4 and 5 facing the brick garages is also accepted. However the
developers have been asked to ensure that the garage to plot 7 is constructed is stone and that
the brick on the front elevation of plot 5 be replaced by stone, and that the whole brick garage of
plot 4 be replaced using the approved stone”. Providing these elements are undertaken, Tony
Barker has confirmed that the development can proceed.

“A separate, fresh application in respect of amendments to plot 7, incorporating dormer windows
in the rear roofslope has just been registered and a copy will be forwarded to the PC in the
normal way” for PC‟s comments.

Payments to be Approved:                                                                  £

A Hodges – Gravedigging re the late Lydia Evelyn Herring - £ 30 ]
            and re the late Mildred Eleanor Norman          ] - £120 ]                 150.00
            and the late Charles William James Norman]
Marsh Gibbon Village Hall – Booking – 11 May 06                                          8.50
ABB Ltd – Street Lighting – Maintenance Charges – Qtr to 30 June 2006                  221.51
Powergen plc – Street Lighting – Energy supply – Qtr to 30 June 2006                   246.57
ABB – Repair to faulty street light – light No 5 Little Marsh Road                      32.14
P J Vick – Maintenance work to village seat at Mud Pond                                 42.30
Marsh Gibbon Village Hall – Bookings 13 June (PC meeting) & 15 June (Leisure Facilities Cttee)
P Evershed – Parish Clerk – Salary & Expenses – June 06                                342.77

Darren Hancock Ltd re Interment of Ashes (in Section A) of the late Hilda Anne Stevens            195.00

Balance of Community A/C at 29 Jun 2006                                                           543.11
Less o/s drs to date
Net Balance                                                                                      102.18
Balance of Business Premium A/C at 29 Jun 2006                                                 9,978.34
Balance of Earmarked Reserves A/C at 29 Jun 2006                                              19,777.88

Allianz Cornhill Insurance – re Fidelity Guarantee Insurance - new conditions attached to policy in
this (and other) respects.
Allianz Cornhill Insurance – re Fidelity Guarantee Insurance – amended renewal documents
including increased cover (£10,000) – no additional premium payable.

Letter – 27 June – UHY Hacker Young re annual audit of accounts y/e 31 March 2006,
acknowledging receipt of Annual Return and accompanying papers. Audit work will be undertaken
once the audit call date of 30 June has passed.

Re new signing arrangements at Barclays Bank – The Clerk reported that she is still awaiting
confirmation by letter that the new arrangements are in place, though she has been advised by
phone that the changes have been made.

All agreed the above payments.

No items to be discussed.


The Clerk reported on the first meeting of the Committee on 15 June. Cllr Richard Cross had
chaired the meeting and the Parish Clerk had taken the minutes. Those attending were Eugene
Symonds and Paul Bonne (MGS&SC); Christine Symonds (MG School); Ian Gregory (Tennis
Club); Derek Smith (Bowls Club); Cllr June Smith (Pre-School); Cllr Ian Metherell (AVDC Cllr);
Cllr Mike Hall (PC).
Cllr Metherell had reported that £1.5m was available from the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme via
WREN. This was available for projects within a 10mile radius of the landfill sites at Calvert and
Newton Longville (available for Bucks and MK but not Oxon, Beds or Northants). The limit is
£50,000 per project. WREN is keen to see projects that will be well managed, well used and for
multisports, rather than just one sport.
Eugene Symonds was concerned that facilities at the Recreation Ground were “falling apart”
and would need several thousands of pounds to put into good repair. Cllr Metherell queried a
‟new build‟ and Paul Bonne spoke of the proposal for Swan Field and that it had not been
accepted within the village. With regard to the Recreation Ground, Paul Bonne said that the
downside is that it is outside the village, but that if another field was available next to it, then a
complex might be possible for more sports and therefore more people. Social facilities could
also be a feature for up to 60 people – the Village Hall would then still be available for groups of
over 60. Ian Gregory of the Tennis Club suggested that this proposal might also include tennis
courts and therefore avoid the problems re the floodlighting.
Cllr Metherell suggested that the way forward was to agree on a project, then apply for the
funding, from a variety of sources. A committee would also be required to manage the facility –
perhaps based on MGS&SC.
A shopping list of facilities would be required for the next meeting. Eugene Symonds and Paul
Bonne to get sizing for the land, ready for the next meeting.
Cllr Cross to check with Tony Bentley on the availability of the land, before the next meeting.
It had been agreed that those present should form a committee and if other sports clubs wished
to join the committee, they would be welcome.
Cllr Metherell proposed Cllr Richard Cross as Chairman of the committee, and all agreed. Cllr
Cross proposed Cllr Metherell as vice-chairman and all agreed. Minute taking to be rotated.
Next meeting to be 27 July at 7:30pm in the Village Hall - Cllr June Smith to ask the VHall Cttee
if they will make the Cttee Room available FOC.

The Parish Clerk queried whether the Leisure Facilities Cttee is a Village Cttee or a Parish
Council Cttee – Cllr Metherell confirmed that it is a Village Cttee. He reported that there might
be a problem over the availability of the land. Cllr Metherell also confirmed that it had been a
productive meeting with a good atmosphere.
This to be an agenda item for the September PC meeting.

Sam Galvin of Bucks Community Action had analysed the information given in the
questionnaires that had been distributed around the village, and copies of his report and results
had been given to all cllrs prior to the meeting. Of the 400 questionnaires distributed, 136 (34%)
had been completed or partially completed. 84% of respondents were in favour of a scheme
and “the majority of comments recorded were supportive of an affordable housing development
to meet the requirements of people with a local connection to Marsh Gibbon”. The survey had
identified a need for eight properties comprising the following mix –
Rented Units – 2 x 1B (2 person) flats and 2 x 2B (4 person) houses.
Shared Ownership Units – 2 x 2B (3 person) flats and 2 x 2B (4 person) houses.
There were however several inaccuracies in the report. Cllr Metherell proposed, Cllr Taylor
seconded and it was agreed that the Clerk should write thanking Sam Galvin for the report,
requesting that amendments be made in respect of the inaccuracies and asking how he intends
to proceed in finding a suitable site.

The Chairman reported that the next meeting of the NAG is to be on Thursday 13 July, but may
not be able to attend. Cllr Metherell is also unable to go, and Cllr Smith might not be able to
attend either. However, following the previous meeting, the PC had agreed the use of SID, as
suggested by Sgt Smith.

The Clerk reported on a letter from MGS&SC, dated 31 May but received 14 June. This had
been copied to all cllrs prior to the meeting and had been concerning the state of repair of the
clubhouse and had also referred to –
    1. “our charitable status”;
    2. The club‟s payment of rates of £78 per month to AVDC and whether the rates could be
        waived or reduced because of charitable status;
    3. The PC‟s perspective on repair and maintenance of local amenities.
The Clerk had made some investigations into the above and reported to the PC that –
    1. The Recreation Ground (the land) is a Charity that was first registered on 16 July 1962.
        Its Governing Document is the award made under the Inclosure Act 1841 for “one piece
        of land, not less than 5 acres, as a place of exercise and recreation of the neighbouring
        population ….” The Clerk had checked the Inclosure Award and the land identified (as
        the award) is Allotment no 441, and this corresponds with the field that is the Recreation
        Planning Permission in respect of the Clubhouse was granted to R W Summers on
        behalf of Marsh Gibbon Sports Club on 4 May 1976. Notice was at that time served on
        MGPC (as the owner) re the application.
     2. Re Rates – AVDC (Business Rates Dept) had confirmed to the Clerk that MGS&SC
        currently get 50% rate relief as a non-profit making organization with a bar. If they had
        no bar, they would get 100% relief.

Cllr Metherell proposed that the Clerk writes back to MGS&SC and respond to the specific
points addressed to the PC and that the Clerk should suggest to the club that they should apply
to the Charity Commission to register the club and list the clubhouse as part of its assets. The
Clerk should also advise them that, as in the past, they have the right to apply to the PC for help
re repairs and maintenance of the clubhouse. However, there are limited funds available and
are more likely to have more success with grants from elsewhere. Cllr Smith seconded the
proposal and all agreed.

Cllr Taylor reported -
Re The Cemetery Gates – Pat Taylor is to look at these.
Re Seat o/s The Plough – Pat Taylor believes if removed and properly repaired by a joinery
company it will last for a long time. Pat Taylor to arrange for Howard & Mason to look at when
next in the village.
Re Seat at Mud Pond – Philip Vick has worked on this – 4½ hours work (see Clerk‟s Financial
Report), rubbing down and restaining.
Re Seat o/s The School – Philip Vick thinks 4 planks on the bottom need to be replaced.
However, Cllr Taylor felt that they would last for a while longer. Agreed – Philip Vick to be
asked to refurbish as best he can. Cllr Taylor had purchased special paint for the metal on this
seat and Philip Vick has been supplied with all materials for his work on all seats.
Re Stump Well – This was deferred until the next meeting. All cllrs to inspect it.

Cllr Taylor had inspected the play equipment during the previous month and had found no
problems. Cllr Hall reported that there were weeds around the 5-a-side pitch, between the
carpet and the concrete surround. Agreed – the Clerk to ask Mick Dempsey to quote for this
work. Agreed - if the quote is for under £20 then organise the work, if above, refer back to PC.
Cllrs Hall and Taylor had inspected the synthetic carpet at the 5-a-side – both thought the carpet
was not yet in need of refurbishment work. The Chairman to carry out the Play Equipment
inspection for the coming month and to check the carpet at that time.

The Clerk reported that there had been one written application, from Robert Thomson of
Steeple Claydon, which had been copied to all cllrs. Two other people from the village had
shown an interest and had indicated that they might apply for the position. It was agreed that
applicants should be interviewed by three cllrs – the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and Cllr
Taylor. Interview date to be 1 August at 7:30pm in the Village Hall Cttee Room. It was also
agreed that Mr Thomson‟s references should be taken up prior to the interview.

Cllr Taylor suggested that in view of the fact that the Clerk is to retire at the end of August, it
would be a good idea for the PC to meet in August (the September meeting is usually very
busy). Cllr Taylor proposed, Cllr Metherell seconded and all agreed that the PC should meet on
Tuesday 8 August.

16. A.O.B:
Cllr Leonard reported that there are potholes everywhere throughout the village. The Clerk is to
Cllr Metherell reported that he had emailed BCC Cllr Cartwright re flooding outside the school
gate caused by a blocked surface water drain. This has been passed on to Ken Horne – the
technician responsible.
The Clerk reported that the surface water drain at Ware Pond was similarly affected during the
recent heavy rain. The Clerk to report both drains.
The Clerk reported on the street name sign (Church Street) outside The Plough, which had
been knocked over. She had reported this to Beryl Kemplen at AVDC, who had arranged for
repair. The Clerk also reported on a petition that had been collected by Brian Judge of Bicester
Road, on the need for a footway on the north side of the carriageway of Bicester Road, and that
was intended to support the PC‟s application to BCC. Mr Judge had sent the petition to BCC at
County Hall, Aylesbury and was concerned in that it had not even been acknowledged. The
Clerk had contacted BCC Cllr Cartwright and asked that he look into it. Cllr Metherell is to
contact Cllr Cartwright also.

17. DATE AND VENUE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 8 August 2006 at 8pm in the Village

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.06 pm.


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