NORTHERN YOSEMITE
                                                   EAA CHAPTER 1337
Volume 2, Issue 5                                                                                              May 2003

                                                                the Fly-In Meetings which will be held in the Wallace
           From The Left Seat                                   Hangar on Thursday nights at 5:30 PM May 8th, June
                                                                5th and the last meeting which is mandatory for all
       Chapter 1337 President's Message: By Alan Wallace
                                                                volunteers, June 12th. You can also contact me directly,
Pancake Breakfast: Thank you to all you that worked so          hope to hear from you soon.
hard on the Breakfast and to those of you who attended.
For our first Breakfast and the bad weather we did very         Sincerely,
well. Lots of folks from Pine Mountain Lake had lots of         Alan Wallace
great things to say about our event. A big thank you to
TCAA for letting us use their building!

May Board Meeting: The Board Meeting will be held at                    Next Chapter Meeting
1:00 Saturday May 3rd in the Wallace Hangar. You don't          One of our EAA Chapter’s main focuses is exposing
have to be on the Board to attend. This is where we do the      young people to aviation through the Young Eagles
planning of events and the month-to-month operations of         program. Our next meeting, to be held on May 10th, will
our Chapter. Input from the general membership is               be a Young Eagles rally where we will provide airplane
encouraged and welcome.                                         rides to interested kids. If you know some kids who may
                                                                be interested in our program bring them to our next
Young Eagles Rally: We need Pilots for Saturday May             meeting. Also, if you are interested in giving airplane
10th, the Pilots briefing is at 8:30 AM sharp with rides        rides and sharing your aviation knowledge, plan on being
starting at 9:00 AM. Please let me know if you can help         at Columbia Airport at 8:30 AM for our pilots briefing.
out with the rides. We also need ground support to help
with this event.                                                In addition to our regularly scheduled Chapter meeting this
                                                                month we are also having a membership drive barbeque on
Membership Drive Barbeque: On Saturday May 17th we              Saturday May 17th. This barbeque will be held at Alan
will have a barbeque at my hangar at Columbia Airport to        Wallace’s hangar at Columbia Airport. If you know
present out Chapter to prospective members. We sent a           someone who might be interested in joining our Chapter,
letter to the EAA members in our area who are not               bring them to this barbeque and we will introduce them to
currently a part of our Chapter and invited them to this        our members and explain some of our Chapter goals.
barbeque.    Those members planning to attend this              Also, we are requesting that our Chapter members help
barbeque should bring a side dish to help out.                  with the food by bringing a favorite side dish.

Father's Day Fly-In: The Fly-In is June 14th and 15th,
with preparation beginning Wed the 11th. Our EAA
Chapter is a big part of this event. As many of you know,
                                                                                Young Eagles
I am the Fly-In Chairman again this year and need lots of       Our Young Eagles Coordinator is moving to North
help with this event. It is the largest event of the year for   Carolina to advance his career in airport management.
our Chapter and for Columbia Airport. Our Chapter will          Tim’s departure leaves us needing a new Young Eagles
have a booth again this year where we will sell food and        Coordinator. Our EAA Chapter is very involved with the
aviation related toys. We will also hand out info/flyers        Young Eagles Program so this is an important position in
about our Chapter.                                              our organization and one that can be very rewarding. If
                                                                you have an interest in leading this program for our
The Father’s Day Fly-In requires a lot of work to put on,       Chapter, please contact Alan Wallace.
but is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet all kinds
of people in aviation and to see some very special aircraft.
For those who help with the Fly-In, there is a special
BBQ/Party on Friday night, June 13th. Many of the pilots
who attend the Fly-In will be at this BBQ. If you who
would like to help out at the Fly-In, please plan to attend
EAA Chapter 1337                                         May, 2003 Newsletter                                               Page 2

         Chapter Logo Contest                                              Paragliding over Don Pedro
The response to our Chapter Logo Contest has been slow.                                     By Jim Thomas
Thus, we are extending the due date for submittals to May              .
17th, which is the day of our barbeque membership drive.
Having a unique logo will help differentiate our Chapter
from other EAA chapters. If you have any artistic or
graphic arts talent, please take some time to submit a
The following are the contest rules:
•   Submittals must be on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper
•   10 copies must be submitted for distribution and
•   Logos should be at least 6” diameter or wide to
    facilitate making it into a higher resolution smaller
•   Each chapter member may submit up to 3 designs
•   Black & white or color will be allowed, however no
    more than 5 colors should be used to allow us to                   A new commercial paraglider operation has begun
    produce badges and embroideries                                    operation on our local reservoirs. Last month they were
                                                                       operating on New Melones Reservoir and using a 2,500’
•   All logos must include one of the following wordings               towrope that put the paragliders at pattern altitude for
    ⇒ “EAA Chapter 1337”                                               Columbia Airport. Several pilots brought this concern to
                                                                       the appropriate County and FAA officials who discussed
    ⇒ “Northern Yosemite EAA Chapter 1337”                             this dangerous conflict with the paraglider operator. The
                                                                       paragliders now realize the danger for both themselves and
•   The entries should be submitted by May 1st and the                 aircraft near Columbia airport and have voluntarily moved
    members will select the winning logo at our May 10th               their operation to Don Pedro Reservoir. This should
    meeting by general discussion and elimination voting               reduce the conflict between paragliders and aircraft near
•   Entries can be submitted to any Chapter officer                    Columbia Airport.

•   The winner will receive a fly-out lunch for 3 people at            Please use extreme caution when flying over our local
    the Auburn Airport provided by our president Alan                  reservoirs. Keep a close eye out for paragliders and
    Wallace and his newly painted Cessna 205.                          remember, if you see a paraglider in the sky, there may or
Contact Jim Thomas if you want more information on the                 may not be a towrope connected to a boat below.

                                                                                      New Members
                                                                       Bruce & Patti Rossio – Bruce has been a resident at Pine
All of our Chapter members must join the National EAA                  Mountain Lake for several years. He currently owns a
Organization. The reason for this is that our Chapter                  Beechcraft A36 and has owned several other aircraft. Red
insurance comes through the National organization. For                 is very involved with flying his plane for charitable
our Chapter members to be covered under our insurance                  purposes, particularly to Mexico.
you must be a member of the National EAA. Membership
forms are available at our Chapter meetings or from other              Vicky Benzing – Vicky and her husband Jeff recently
National members.                                                      finished building their house in Pine Mountain Lake. On
When you join the National Organization you will receive               weekends Vicky can be seen flying her Stearman around
the EAA’s outstanding monthly magazine Sport Aviation.                 the Sierra Foothills. She is also a helicopter pilot and

                                                                       Brett & Ben Thomson – They own and fly a Grumman
                                                                       AAIC and enjoy using it to go on flying adventures.
EAA Chapter 1337                                       May, 2003 Newsletter                                                Page 3

          Aviation News Briefs                                                         Fun Flying
                   AVweb – April 21, 2003                            Several of our Chapter 1337 members own Luscombe
                                                                     aircraft. The Luscombe is known as an aircraft that is very
Xprize, here we come. While other people talk about                  fast for it’s horsepower. Recently, while working on my
commercial manned space flight, Burt Rutan is one of few             Lancair Legacy, I heard a double boom overhead and ran
doing something about it.          The owner of Scaled               outside with my camera just in time to capture this picture
Composites LLC unveiled his company's hardware -- a sub              of a really fast Luscombe.
orbital spacecraft that consists of an airborne launcher
(a.k.a. the White Knight) and the space ship, Space Ship
One. The vehicles have been under development for two
years at Scaled's Mojave, Calif., facility. The company's
Web site says the craft will be used to determine the
feasibility of commercial manned space flight.
Meanwhile, another California company is burning rubber
in its bid to supply the power for Space Ship One.
SpaceDev, of Poway, Calif., has developed a hybrid rocket
that burns nitrous oxide, the laughing gas you get at the
dentist, and HTPB, which is ordinary tire rubber. In a
news release, SpaceDev CEO Jim Benson said the Rutan
project is a great PR platform for the rocket, which has
commercial and military applications as well. Research on
the rubber-burning rocket began in September 2001 and
the engine has been test-fired successfully.

                                                                              O22 & Q68 Frequency
                                                                     For the past few years there has been discussion on
                                                                     changing the CTAF at both Columbia and Pine Mountain
                                                                     Lake Airports. The driving concern for the change is that
                                                                     the current 123.05 mhz is very congested at times making
                                                                     it difficult to broadcast your position and intentions.
                                                                     On April 28th the Tuolumne County Airport Committee
                                                                     took public input on this issue at the Groveland
                                                                     Community Hall. The input received will be provided to
                                                                     the County Supervisors for their use in making a decision
                                                                     on this issue. If you want to make your views on this issue
                                                                     heard by our Supervisors, either send a letter, write an
                                                                     email or call your Supervisor. You can also express your
                                                                     views at the Supervisor’s meeting. Check their agenda to
                                                                     make sure you make the meeting scheduled to address this
EAA Chapter 1337                                        May, 2003 Newsletter                                            Page 4

                     Fly Mart
Want Ads in our newsletter are for aviation related items
and are free to all our Chapter members. Commercial Ads
must be in business card format and cost $25 for 6 months
and $50 for one year. Contact Jim Thomas to place an ad
at or 962-0910.

     FOR SALE: 24 volt 100 amp alternator for
Continental IO-550, 24 volt Weldon boost pump, propeller
for Questair Venture. Jim Thomas 962-0910

    FOR SALE: ’59 Cessna 150 project. Flap gap seals,
new upholstery, and partial new paint. Lycoming O-320-
E2A, 160 hp, 3100 hrs on first run, good condition,
compression in the 70’s, all accessories. $6,000 for the
plane, $5,500 for the engine. Rich McGlashan 962-7928.

    FOR SALE: King KX170B Radio, (14volt) working
great when removed from my 1977 Cherokee 140 two
years ago. $500 Firm 209 586-5860 Alan Wallace

WANTED:            2.25” diameter      electric   attitude
indicator. Jim Thomas 962-0910

             Collier Aviation                                                    Fly-In Schedule
        Specializing in Experimental Aircraft                         May 3       Oakdale Airport Appreciation Day
         Modifications and Parts Fabrication                          May 3       Pancake Breakfast, Placerville EAA Chapter
                                                                                  512. 8 am to 11 am.
    Located on Pine Mountain Lake Airport – Q68                       May 23-25 Watsonville Fly-In              209-962-6400                   May 31      Westover Field Airport Appreciation Day
                                                                      June 7-8    Merced West Coast Antique Fly-In
                                                                      June 8      Apple Valley Airport Air Fair
                                                                      June 14-15 Columbia Airport’s 37th Annual Father’s Day
                                                                      June 20-23 Golden West EAA Regional Fly-in, Yuba
                                                                                  County Airport
                                                                      July 4      Grass Valley Air Show
                                                                      July 19     Colusa County Airport Old Time Fly-in
                                                                      July 29-Aug 4 EAA AirVenture
                                                                      Aug 23      Lake Tahoe Air Fest
                                                                      Aug 22-24 Camarillo Airport Annual Fly-In and
                                                                      Sept 11-14 Reno National Championship Air Races

   Mother Lode Aviation                                               Sept. 26-27 West Coast Seaplane Splash-In, Lakeport on
                                                                                  Clear Lake

       24-Hour Aviation Fuel Service
     Pine Mountain Lake Airport – Q68

                   100 Low Lead Only
EAA Chapter 1337                                    May, 2003 Newsletter                                               Page 5

           Chapter 1337 Officers                                       Chapter Meeting Schedule
       Alan Wallace 209-586-5860                                   May 10     9:00 am     Young Eagle’s Rides,
                                                                                          Columbia Apt.
  Vice President:
       Jim Thomas   209-962-0910                                   May 17        Noon     Membership Barbeque at the
                                                                Wallace Hangar, Columbia
  Secretary:                                                                              Airport
       Ron Sawyer   209-536-9415
                            Jun 14 & 15            Father’s Day Fly-In, Columbia
       Shane Wallace 209-586-4041                                  Jul 19     9:00 am     Young Eagles Rides, Pine Mt.
  Young Eagle's:
       Vacant                                                      Aug 16    10:00 am     Builder’s Workshop. Jim
                                                                                          Thomas’s Hangar, Pine Mt.
  Newsletter Editor:
       Jim Thomas   209-962-0910                                                          Lake
                                         Sept 20   10:00 am     Chapter Fly-out, TBA
  Technical Advisor:
       Vacant                                                      Oct 11     8:00 am     Pancake Breakfast, TCAA
                                                                                          Clubhouse, Columbia Apt.
                                                                   Nov 8     10:00 am     Young Eagle’s Rides,
                                                                                          Columbia Apt.
                                                                   Dec 13                 Chapter Christmas Party, TBA
       2003 Annual Chapter Dues
                                                                                 TBA = To Be Announced
  Even though we all volunteer our time to make our
  Chapter successful, we do need some money to keep us             Our Chapter Activities Schedule is now available on the
  going. 2003 dues are $20 for an individual membership                 world wide web courtesy of Kirk Wallace at
  and $25 for a family membership. Make checks payable     
  to EAA Chapter 1337 and mail to: EAA Chapter 1337,
  22180 Knox Rd. Twain Harte, Ca 95383. You can also
  pay your dues at our monthly meeting.

 EAA Chapter 1337
 22180 Knox Rd.                                                                                                     US POSTAGE

 Twain Harte, CA 95383

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