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									Gedling House Woods:          Risk Analysis

1     Access to the Site:     Main Entrance

      The main entrance to the site is off Wood Lane near to the entrance to Carlton le Willows

             Car or Mini Bus
             A small stoned parking area is available just inside the gate. This access is only
             suited to parking a mini bus or three cars.

             Note: turning is difficult at this point because of the blind bend and narrow nature
             of Wood Lane.

             Bus or Coach
             Bus transport would require dropping off at the bottom of Wood Lane/ Shearing
             Hill and walking the party about 300 metres up Wood Lane.

             Note: the footpath width up Wood Lane is narrow and for a short distance there is
             no path on the blind bend that leads to the main entrance.

             Entrance to the site involves a stile.

2     Access to the Site:   Secondary Entrance

      The secondary entrance is at the corner of Wood Lane and Yew Tree Lane.

             Car, Mini Bus, Coach/Bus
             There is parking for cars on Yew Tree Lane. Single deck bus access could be
             made to the top of Yew Tree Lane.

             Note: turning space is limited and pre-inspection is advised.

             Entrance to the site involves a stile.

3     Access Within the Site

             Entrance to several sections within the site is by stile only.

             It is considered that access and terrain make the site unsuitable for wheel or push

4     Terrain
               The site comprises natural woodland and meadowland.

               Pathways are naturally formed and the site has natural hazards, clay banks, clay
               and grass paths, tree roots and grass clumps.

               Like all such sites it can be wet and muddy.

               Visitors should wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

               Note: pre-inspection of the site by group leaders is recommended.

5 Facilities

               There are no toilets on the site.

               There is no shelter on the site

FGHW 29.11.2004

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