Landlord and Tenant Act by gabyion


									Maintenance by Landlord                     premises or permit any person to do so
The landlord shall:                      5. Not disturb the neighbor’s peaceful
1. Comply with applicable building          enjoyment of the premises
   and housing codes materially
   affecting health and safety
                                         Enforcement and Remedies
2. Make all repairs and do whatever is
   necessary to put and keep the         The Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs
   premises in a fit and habitable       offers free mediation services for complaints
   condition                             regarding the Landlord and Tenant Act.
3. Keep all common areas clean and       However, you may need to contact an
   safe                                  attorney regarding your rights and possible
                                         legal action.
In multi-unit complexes of 4 or more
units, the landlord must provide and
maintain appropriate receptacles and
conveniences for the removal of ashes,
garbage, rubbish and other waste from
common points of collection.             DIVISION OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS
                                              500 James Robertson Parkway
Tenant Obligations                              Nashville, TN 37243-0600
Tenants shall:
1. Comply with all obligations             (615) 741-4737 (Consumer Hotline)
   primarily imposed by applicable
   provisions and housing codes
   materially affecting health and
                                             (800) 342-8385 (inside TN only)
                                                   (615) 532-4994 (Fax)
2. Keep their space as clean and safe
                                          Email:                            and
   as it was when the tenant took
                                                        Web Address:
                                                                                                      Tenant Act
3. Dispose from dwelling all ashes,
   rubbish, garbage and other waste
   to the designated collection areas                                                               Consumer Information
   and into receptacles
                                                   Tennessee Department of Commerce and
4. Not deliberately destroy, deface,               Insurance. Authorization No. 335378, 5,000
                                                   copies promulgated at a cost of $.08 per copy.
   damage or impair any part of the
        Tennessee Landlord and Tenant Act - Title 66, Chapter 28

  The Tennessee Uniform                  Rental Agreements                                    landlord and tenant must both sign
 Residential Landlord and                                                                     the listing or the tenant shall
                                         It is important for consumers to keep a copy of      specifically state in writing any items
 Tenant Act was enacted in               their signed rental agreement. This document is      that the tenant does not agree with.
 1975 to establish the rights            a binding contract and should include informa-       A tenant who disputes the accuracy
      and obligations of                 tion regarding the duration of the lease, the        of the listing may bring an action in
                                         amount and date rent is due, as well as any          the appropriate court for the county
    landlords and tenants
                                         other pertinent information. If the landlord         that the property is located in.
  involved in the rental of              does not sign a written rental agreement,            Security deposits may be applied to
     dwelling units. The                 acceptance of rent without reservation by the        any unpaid rent after 30 days.
purpose of this pamphlet is              landlord binds the parties on a month to month
                                                                                              The landlord is required to notify the
   to address some of the                tenancy.
                                                                                              tenant in writing of any refund due
   most commonly asked                                                                        and may retain unclaimed refunds
  questions by consumers.                                                                     after 60 days of notification.
                                         Security Deposits
                                         All landlords of residential-property requiring
                                         security deposits prior to occupancy are             Access by Landlord
                                         required to deposit all tenants’ security deposits   The tenant shall not unreasonably
The Landlord and Tenant Act only         in an account used only for that purpose.            withhold consent to the landlord to
applies to rental agreements entered     Prospective tenants shall be informed of the         enter the dwelling in order to inspect
into or extended or renewed after July
                                         location of the separate account. Within 3           the premises, make necessary or
1, 1975. The Act only applies to
                                         business days of termination of occupancy but        agreed repair, supply services or
counties having a population of more
                                         prior to any repairs or cleanup of the premises,     exhibit the dwelling to prospective
than 68,000 according to the most
                                         the landlord shall inspect the premises and          tenants. The landlord shall not abuse
recent census with the exception of
                                                                                              the right of access or use it to harass
certain counties excluded by law based   compile a comprehensive listing of any damage
                                                                                              the tenant. The landlord may enter
on the results of the 1990 census. For   to the unit which is the basis for any charge
                                                                                              the dwelling without consent in the
a complete list of applicability by      against the security deposit and the estimated       event of an emergency defined as a
county, please visit our website at      dollar cost of repairing such damage. The ten-       sudden, generally unexpected occur- .                    ant has the right to inspect the property to         rence or set of circumstances
                                         ascertain the accuracy of the report. The            demanding immediate action.

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