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									                                                ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY
                                                  (Furnished Accommodation)

                             STANDARD LETTING TERMS


1.1   Reference in this agreement to the Landlord shall include the Landlord’s Agent and
      other representatives.

1.2   Where two or more persons are together the Landlord the Tenant or the Guarantor
      they are responsible for their obligations jointly and individually.

1.3   Clause and paragraph headings are for convenience only and shall not affect the
      construction of this deed.

1.4   Normal residential use of electricity, water and sewerage utility services is included
      within the Rent. The Landlord reserves the right to recharge the Tenant for non-
      residential or wholly unreasonable or excessive use of the utility services.


2.1   The Tenant agrees:-

2.1.1 To pay the Landlord for the duration of the Tenancy Period (notwithstanding the
      fact that the Tenant may cease to occupy the Premises during such period for
      whatever reason) the Rent.

2.1.2 If the Rent is not paid on or within 7 days of the Rent Days, then the Landlord’s
      administration charge of £30.00 will become payable immediately.
2.1.3 If the Landlord has to request the overdue rent from the tenant in writing then a
      further charge of £30.00 will become payable immediately.
2.1.4 Any late Rent will also be subject to interest at 1% above current bank base rate.
2.1.5 Payment of Rent may be made either:

      (A)    by cash/cheque at the Landlord’s site office at the Building:
      (B)    by Standing Order to the Landlord’s bank account details of which will be
             given on request; or
      (C)    at the Landlord’s discretion, by credit or debit card at the Landlord’s site
             office at the Building.
      NOTE:         Any monies received from foreign banks may result in an additional
      administration charge being levied on the Tenant to cover charges made by the
      Landlord’s bank.

2.1.6 To reimburse the Landlord immediately on demand in respect of any costs or
      charges payable by the Landlord as a result of any payment by the Tenant not
      being duly honoured or being made after the due date for payment under this

2.1.7 To Tenant agrees to pay for any damage, or compensation for damage, to the
      premises its fixtures and fittings or for missing items for which the tenant may be
      liable, subject to an apportionment or allowance for fair wear and tear, the age and
      condition of each and any such items at the commencement of the tenancy,
      insured risks and repairs that are the responsibility of the Landlord.

2.1.8 The Tenant agrees to pay for the reasonable costs incurred in compensating the
      landlord for, or for rectifying or remedying any major breach by the tenant for the
      tenant’s obligations under the tenancy agreement, including those relating to the
      cleaning of the premises, its fixtures and fittings.

2.1.9 The Tenant agrees to pay for any unpaid accounts for utilities or water charges or
      environmental services or other similar service or Council Tax incurred at the
      property for which the tenant is liable.

2.1.10 The Tenant agrees to pay any rent or other money due or payable by the tenant
       under the tenancy agreement of which the tenant has been made aware and which
       remains unpaid after the end of the Tenancy period.

2.4.1 The statutory rights of the landlord and the Tenant to take Legal action through the
      County Court remain unaffected by clauses 2.41., 2.4.2. 2.4.3. and 2.4.4.

2.1.11 The Tenant agrees to pay for any liabilities of the Tenant to the Landlord arising
       from any breach or default by the Tenant in the performance of its obligations in
       this Tenancy Agreement, including failure to take up residence or any failure to
       deliver up vacant possession at the end of the Tenancy Period;

2.1.12 The Tenant agrees to pay for any loss suffered by the Landlord as a result of any
       communal damage caused to the Premises, the Cluster Common Parts of the
       Building Common Parts or the Building itself or any parts of the             by a
       tenant/tenants and/or their guests;

2.1.13 The Tenant agrees to pay for any loss suffered by the Landlord as a result of any
       communal and/or individual damage cause to individual room no.                 by
       the tenant/tenants, and/or their guests;

2.1.14 The Tenant agrees to pay for any loss suffered by the Landlord as a result of any
       non payment of Rent;

2.1.15 The Tenant agrees to pay the costs incurred by the Landlord in respect of replacing
       lost keys/electronic entry devices.
2.2   The Tenant will promptly pay any Council Tax or similar tax (if applicable) , together
      with all utility bills in respect of the Premises or its occupants for the Tenancy
      Period and all charges for electricity consumed or supplied to the Premises (in
      excess of the level provided by the Landlord as referred to in clause 2.4)

2.3   The tenant will indemnify the Landlord for any Council Tax and all utility bills due in
      respect of the entire flat to the Local Authority and utility providers as a result of
      change of status of the Tenant.

2.4   Within 7 days of written demand reimburse and indemnify the Landlord in respect
      of any Council Tax payable by the landlord as a result of the Tenants continued
      occupation at the premises.

2.5   The termination or surrender of this Agreement does not cancel any outstanding
      obligation which the Tenant owes the Landlord.

2.6   If the Tenant is exempt from paying any Council Tax, then an exemption certificate
      must be obtained and provided to the Landlord within a calendar month of the
      tenant’s occupancy.

2.7   The Tenant agrees to pay the Landlord any outlay, such as insurance excess
      and/or cost of repair/renew of damage as a result of fire damage caused by the
      negligence of the tenant as a result of breach or none compliance of section 5.15 of
      this agreement and/or any of the Landlords rules and regulations in relation to
      residing at the premises set out in this agreement.

2.8   The Landlord’s rights under this clause are in addition to any other rights the
      Landlord has under this Agreement. In particular the Landlord reserves the right to
      seek compensation for a breach of this Agreement or to cover any arrears then the
      Landlord may pursue other rights and remedies it has as it sees fit.


      The Landlord may (by written notice to the Tenant) terminate this Tenancy
      Agreement immediately if: -

3.1   the Tenant shall fail to pay any instalment of the Rent in accordance with the terms
      of this Tenancy Agreement; or

3.2   the Tenant is in breach of any of the obligations contained in this Tenancy
      Agreement whereupon the Tenant shall vacate the Premises forthwith but shall not
      be entitled to any refund of the Rent or if the Tenant:-

3.3   the Tenant will still be liable for the outstanding rent and any other payments due.

3.3.1 commits any offence or behaves in a manner which causes a nuisance to other
      persons or endangers the Premises, the Building Common Parts or the Building

3.4.1 or indulges in drunkenness or the misuse of drugs;

3.4.2 uses the Premises or the Common Parts for any unlawful purpose’
3.4.3 uses violent and or threatening behaviour

      AND the effect of such termination will be to end the Tenancy Period but will not
      release the Tenant from any outstanding obligation.


      Throughout the Tenancy Period the Landlord will:

4.1   give the Tenant exclusive uninterrupted occupation of the Premises and the right
      (shared with others) to use the Building Common Parts during the Tenancy Period
      for as long as the Tenant complies with the Tenant’s obligations under this Tenancy

4.2   Use all reasonable efforts to arrange for any damage to be remedied as soon as
      practicable, provided that there is a reasonable prospect that such damage can be
      remedied within the current academic year; and

4.3   Refund to the Tenant any Rent paid for any period in which the Property is
      uninhabitable or inaccessible as a result of any such damage save where loss of
      rent is not recoverable under the Landlord’s insurance policy by reason of the
      Tenant’s action.

4.4   Use all reasonable endeavours to arrange for the Building Common Parts to be
      clean and properly lighted.


      Throughout the Tenancy Period the Tenant agrees:-

5.1   to allow the Landlord access to the Building Common parts and the Building itself
      at any time for the purposes of inspection and the carrying out of repairs
      maintenance and cleaning of the Premises, the Cluster C common Parts, the
      Building Common Parts and the Building itself.

5.2   To allow the Landlord access to the premises under the terms of this agreement
      (the flat) following the Landlord giving statutory notice period. Except when in
      emergencies, i.e. floods, fire, electrical faults and other

5.3   To clean and keep in a tidy condition the Premises.

5.4   Not to use the Premises otherwise than as private living accommodation.

5.5   Not to share the occupation of the Premises or any part of it nor do or cause
      anything to be done whereby the occupation of the Premises is shared with any
      other person (except with other authorised Tenants or licensees of the Landlord)
      and not under any circumstances to part with or sub-licence the whole or part of the

5.6   Not to do permit allow or suffer to be done in or upon the Premises anything which
      may be a nuisance or annoyance or cause or create any discomfort or
       inconvenience to the Landlord or to other residents of the Building and in particular
       not to make nor permit the making of any loud noise between 2300 hours and 0800

5.7    To keep and deliver up the Premises and the Landlord’s furnishings and appliances
       and effects in a good and clean and tidy condition (fair wear and tear expected) and
       not to remove any of the said furnishings and effects from the Premises and if at
       the termination of this Tenancy Agreement either the Premises are damaged or the
       said furnishings and effects are damaged or lost, to pay the Landlord on demand
       the amount or value of such loss or damage.

5.8    Not to make any additions or alterations to the Premises nor to make any alteration
       to the decoration of the Premises.

5.9    To keep the Premises in a clean and tidy and proper condition at all times and to
       dispose of all refuse in accordance with the directions made by the Landlord in this
       regard from time to time.

5.10   Not to keep any animals including birds, fish, reptiles, insects or mammals upon the

5.11   Not to erect any external television licence for any television sets used at the

5.12   To hold a current television licence for any television sets used at the Premises.

5.13   Not to use or permit to be used any electrical fires, gas fires, paraffin heaters, chip
       pans, woks, candles or cooking appliances except those provided by the landlord at
       the Premises other than those provided by the Landlord and to observe fire and
       safety precautions at all times. Not to wedge or jam open any fire door in the

5.14   To be responsible for any injury, loss or damage caused by malfunction of
       equipment or electrical appliances owned or brought into the Building by a resident
       or guest.

5.15   Not in any way to misuse any fire alarm or fire safety appliance at the Premises.

5.16   To respond immediately if the fire alarm at the Building is rung by following the
       evacuation procedure for the Building.

5.17   Not under any circumstances whatsoever to take or allow to be taken into or on to
       the Premises, the Building Common Parts (except in such places as the Landlord
       may from time to time designate) any bicycles or motorcycles.

5.18   Immediately to give notice to the Landlord (and the site manager of the Building) of
       any failure in water, drainage, electrical or other services at the Premises.

5.19   Not be bring any weapons or imitation weapons of any form onto the Landlords
5.20   Not be bring any illegal drugs or substances whether for the Tenant own use or
       otherwise unless prescribed by a bonafide Medical Practitioner into the Landlords

5.21   Not to store bicycles in the flat or any access ways or staircases, but to store any
       bicycle in the designated areas. In the event that the Landlord is required to
       remove any bicycle stored in breach of this clause to pay the landlord on demand
       £25.00 (including VAT) before the release of the bicycle to the Tenant.

5.22   If the Tenant sets off a fire alarm without due cause (even if accidentally) resulting
       in attendance of the emergency fire services or the evacuation of the building(s)
       pay on written demand a reasonable sum as defined in our schedule of charges or
       as required by the relevant emergency service to cover any resulting costs incurred
       by the Landlord.

5.23   Not to use or suffer the Premises to be used for any illegal purposes.

5.24   To have due regard to all notices relating to smoking within the Premises and the
       Building and to comply with all request therein.

5.25   To report the loss of any keys to the Premises or the Building immediately to the
       site manager of the Building and on termination of this Tenancy Agreement to
       immediately return all such key to him PROVIDED THAT in any case it is agreed
       that leaving any keys to the Premises with the security / management personnel at
       the Building will not in any circumstances be deemed as acceptance of termination
       of this agreement by the Landlord.

5.26   Should the tenant wish to leave the property prior to the end of the tenancy
       agreement, the tenant agrees to find a replacement tenant to take over the tenancy
       agreement, subject to the Landlords approval. If the tenant does not find a suitable
       replacement then the tenant will still be responsible for the rent on the property until
       the end of the tenancy or until a suitable replacement tenant has agreed and
       signed a new tenancy agreement to take over the tenancy of the property named
       on the first page of this agreement.


6.1    The Guarantor unconditionally guarantees due payment of all money payable to the
       Landlord under this agreement within the time periods set out within this agreement
       and the Guarantor agrees to pay to the Landlord immediately on written demand
       any money so payable.

6.2    The Guarantor hereby agrees that the guarantee cautioned in this clause 6 shall
       not be affected by any time or other indulgence the Landlord may see fit to grant
       the Tenant.


8.1    This Agreement shall take effect to the provisions of Section 11 of the Landlord &
       Tenant Act 1985 if applicable.

8.2    This is a joint tenancy and the property is let as one household.
8.3    The Landlord agrees that the tenants named on this contract are liable to pay only
       the individual rent for their room as stated on the guarantor document. All other
       joint and several liabilities remain.

8.5    Notice under Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.

8.6    The Tenant is hereby notified that notices (including notices in proceedings) must
       be served on the Landlord by the Tenant at the following address:


9.1.   The tenant will vacate the flat and remove all of their belongings from the Landlords
       premises and leave the room and the room items (Landlords belongings) in the
       same clean state and condition as they were at the beginning of the tenancy
       period. If the tenant fails to remove any of their property from the Landlord
       premises within seven days after this Agreement coming to an end then the
       Landlord may sell such property as the agent of the Tenant and the Tenant will
       indemnity the Landlord against any liability to any third party whose property is sold
       by the landlord in the mistaken belief that such property belonged to the Tenant. If
       after 2 months the sale proceeds net of any disposal and reasonable management
       costs have not be claimed by the Tenant the landlord shall be entitled to keep
9.2.   Ensure that any flat item or shared item with may have been moved during the
       tenancy period is returned to the location that they were in at the beginning of the
       tenancy period.
9.3.   Give to the Landlord all keys/fobs and for any such item not returned at the end of
       this Agreement the Tenant will pay to the Landlord the administration fee and
       replacement key charges of £25.00.
                                          THE RESIDENTIAL AND CATERING SERVICE
                                          ACCOMMODATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Information for All Applicants
Any personal information provided will be treated confidentially. You must provide an email address at which
you can be contacted up until the date you are due to arrive in Leicester. All students should note that it is
the responsibility of each individual to ensure that an application is made. Sponsored students, e.g. those
sponsored by the British Council, should check carefully with their representatives to ensure an application is

Applications for accommodation are dealt with as soon as possible after they are received by the
Accommodation Office. All applications are dealt with in order of receipt, or within order of priority, as
detailed in the Allocation Policy sections below.

The Accommodation Office will always endeavour to allocate students their first choice of accommodation;
although this may not always be possible. We cannot guarantee a particular type of accommodation as
this will depend on demand. The detailed information, which will be sent to you with your offer of
accommodation, should answer any queries you may have.

All eligible students are invited to re-apply for accommodation for the following academic year at the
beginning of the Spring Term. However, you should not assume that any accommodation offered to you
would be available for the whole of your time here.

If you have special needs please make them clear and enclose any appropriate medical
evidence/certificates. Please note catered Halls cannot guarantee to meet exceptional dietary needs.

Please ensure that you have fully and correctly completed your accommodation application before
you submit it. It is not possible to make any changes to your form once it has been submitted to the
Accommodation Office.

Group Applications
If you wish to apply as part of a group you must enter the names and Student ID (UCAS) numbers of all
group members in your application. Each member of the group must submit a separate application. The
Accommodation Office will always try to match group applications together, although this may not be
possible depending on the vacancies at the time of allocation.

Allocations Policy for New Undergraduate Students
Your attention is drawn to the information given in the Prospectus and the Accommodation website, which
gives details of the type of rooms available and the residence fees.

The University guarantees to provide University allocated accommodation for all new undergraduate
students who meet the five conditions listed below:

    1. FIRMLY accept our offer of a place on a course.
    2. Submit a completed accommodation application no later than 1 September 2009.
    3. Arrive in Leicester no later than 5 October 2009.
    4. Come to Leicester alone as a single student for the first year of your course.
    5. Pay a deposit of £250 with your application of accommodation (international and postgraduate
       students only).

Applications that meet these five criteria will be considered on a strict first-come first-served basis.

Last updated 26 February 2009                                                                              Page 1 of 7
Most new UK students choose the catered Halls of Residence which provide 14 meals per week. Menus are
designed to meet British tastes. International students may prefer our self-catered accommodation where
they can prepare meals for themselves and stay in their rooms during the Christmas and Easter vacations.

The Accommodation Office will let you know your Leicester address before you come to the University. If you
have not received details before you are due to leave home, please contact the Accommodation Office. New
arrivals should visit the Accommodation Office as soon as possible if they have not received details of their
accommodation. Those undergraduate students holding unconditional offers will normally be sent an offer of
accommodation within seven working days of the receipt of their application, but at busy times (such as
immediately after A Level results day) this process may take longer to complete.

Students admitted through the Clearing Process are not guaranteed accommodation but we will endeavour
to provide University allocated accommodation. The choice of accommodation available is dependent on the
time of your application.

Allocations Policy for Postgraduate Students
New postgraduates joining in 2009 are guaranteed University allocated accommodation if they:

    • FIRMLY accept the offer of a place at the University of Leicester
    • Confirm their acceptance by 1 September 2009
    • Submit a valid application for accommodation before 1 September 2009, together with a payment of a
       £250 deposit.
    • Are coming to Leicester as a single student
    • Arrive in Leicester no later than the first Friday of the Autumn Term

If you are a new postgraduate student you are advised not to apply for accommodation until you are
certain of coming to Leicester. Charges will apply if you do not take up the accommodation offered.
These accommodation charges will still apply even if you do not secure an academic place at the
University of Leicester.

Postgraduate students are usually offered self-catered accommodation within easy reach of the main
campus and the city centre. We will always try to allocate postgraduate students to the site of their choice. If
we are unable to do so we will endeavour to offer you a room close to other postgraduate students. Most
self-catered sites have areas designated to postgraduate and senior students.

Accommodation available to postgraduate students only:
   • Nixon Court              Blocks A and B
   • Opal Court               Block B
   • Salisbury Houses         75 Regent Road
Restrictions may change depending on the number of applications from all categories of students.

If your course begins before the start of the Academic Session (i.e. before 28th September 2009) you may
book vacation accommodation for the period required and until your room is available. This accommodation
is available at a limited number of sites and is charged by complete weeks, payable in advance. Our
accommodation website, www.le.ac.uk/accommodation, contains information of how to book and pay for
early arrival.

Staying in accommodation for the summer vacation 2010 is also not a problem. Application forms for
vacation accommodation will be available from May 2010 onwards. It may be necessary for you to move to
other accommodation for the vacation period.

We do offer a limited number of 51 week self-catered contracts, which run from the start of the academic
year. These contracts are only available for a limited number of rooms at Nixon Court and John Frears
House (part of Salisbury Houses).

Last updated 26 February 2009                                                                         Page 2 of 7
A few courses start in January or at other times of the year. When arriving part way through the Session it is
likely that the choice of accommodation will be limited. If you are joining the University in January or
February and you require accommodation for a whole calendar year, please note that this stretches over
more than one academic year. In most cases, you will need to submit separate applications for the period up
to the summer, during the summer, and from the beginning of the next academic year. You may not be able
to remain in the same room for each of these bookings. We do not offer accommodation for part of a
residence period.

The term dates for PGCE students are different from those for the majority of the University. PGCE courses
begin and end outside of our standard periods of residence. We strongly recommend that PGCE
students apply to live in Nixon Court or Salisbury Houses. It is necessary to pre-book with the local Site
Office any accommodation required for early arrival or late departure, outside the standard residence period.
Any additional nights will be charged locally and for complete weeks.

Some postgraduate students are required to undertake research/project work away from Leicester for part of
their course. However, as a postgraduate student your accommodation contract is for 42 or 51 continuous
weeks. No allowances can be made for such periods of absence in any circumstances. You should therefore
consult with your department before accepting the accommodation offered as there is no notice period and
once you take up residence you are committed to payment for the three residence periods; that is all 42 or
51 weeks as appropriate.

Allocations Policy for Returning Students
Returning undergraduates and returning postgraduates who wish to apply for University managed
accommodation for the 2009/10 session must do so online between Monday 12 January 2009 and Monday
2 February 2009. Please visit our website, www.le.ac.uk/accommodation, for more information.
Returning students who are unable to apply for their accommodation online should discuss this with the
Accommodation Office staff.
All applications received on or before Monday 2 February 2009 will be considered according to the
following priority:
         1) Special Needs      2) Final Year students 3) All other students
Applicants will be informed as to whether their applications have been successful on Monday 2 March
2009. Successful applicants will be required to accept or decline their offer of accommodation no later than
Monday 9 March 2009. Please see our Cancellation Policy below.

Allocations Policy for Exchange, Erasmus and Occasional Students
Exchange, Erasmus and Occasional students are guaranteed a place in University accommodation if they
submit an accommodation application by the deadline date. Students due to arrive for the start of the
2009/10 academic session should submit their accommodation applications no later than 1st September
2009. Students beginning courses at different times of year should submit their accommodation applications
no later than one month before the start of their course.

The length of the residence contract you are offered will depend on the length of time you are registered on a
course at the University of Leicester:

    • If your course starts and ends during Semester 1, you will be liable for residence fees for the complete
       Semester 1 residence period.

    • If your course starts and ends during Semester 2, you will be liable for residence fees for the complete
       Semester 2 residence period.

    • If your course starts during Semester 1 and ends during Semester 2, you will be liable for residence
       fees for the whole academic session.

No further concessions are made; no refunds are made for arrival or departure outside these periods.

Last updated 26 February 2009                                                                         Page 3 of 7
The 2009/10 semester residence periods are:

30 week catered contracts:
    • Semester 1: Sunday 27th September 2009 – Saturday 12th December 2009
    • Semester 2: Sunday 10th January 2010   – Saturday 27th March 2010 and then
                  Sunday 2nd May 2010        – Saturday 26th June 2010

39 week self-catered contracts:
    • Semester 1: Sunday 27th September 2009 – Sunday 10th January 2010
    • Semester 2: Sunday 10th January 2010   – Sunday 27th June 2010

42 week self-catered contracts:
    • Semester 1: Sunday 27th September 2009 – Sunday 10th January 2010
    • Semester 2: Sunday 10th January 2010   – Sunday 18th July 2010

Study Abroad Students
Students arriving on the Study Abroad Programme have their accommodation start and end dates
determined by their course dates.

Deposits (International and Postgraduate Students)
If you are due to arrive at the University as a new postgraduate student, or as a new international student
from outside the European Union, you will be required to pay a deposit of £250 with your accommodation
application. Applications received without the deposit will not be processed and no room will be

If you do not accept the accommodation offered, or cancel your acceptance, charges will be applied (see
Cancellation Policy below).

If you accept a place in Opal Court this £250 will become a damage deposit, which is held until the end of
your tenancy and then refunded after deducting any outstanding charges. If you accept a place at any other
University Hall or Site, this deposit will be deducted from the final term’s residence fees (usually the Summer

Deposits (All other students)
If you are not arriving as a new postgraduate or international student, you will not be required to pay a
deposit when you submit your accommodation application form. However, if you later accept a place in Opal
Court you will be required to pay a £250 damage deposit. This will be held until the end of your tenancy and
refunded after deducting any outstanding charges.

If you cancel your acceptance, an administration/cancellation charge will be applied (see Cancellation Policy

Key Deposits
At all residences a key deposit of £30 will be payable in advance of your arrival and refunded on departure
after deducting any outstanding charges. Information regarding how to pay your key deposit can be found on
our website at www.le.ac.uk/accommodation.

Last updated 26 February 2009                                                                        Page 4 of 7
Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be in writing and addressed to the Accommodation Officer. The cancellation and
administration charges given below will either be charged or deducted from deposits, whichever is

    • If you decline our offer of accommodation, or withdraw your application without accepting the offer, you
       will be charged £75 as an administration charge. This will increase to £100 from 30 June 2009.

    • If you accept our offer of accommodation and then cancel on or before 30 June 2009, you will be
       charged £100 as a cancellation/administration charge.

    • If you accept our offer of accommodation and then cancel between 1 July and 28 August 2009, you will
       be charged £150 as a cancellation/administration charge.

    • If you accept our offer of accommodation and then cancel after 28 August 2009, you will be charged
       £200 as a cancellation/administration charge.

    • If you accept our offer of accommodation and then fail to arrive in Leicester to take up residency of the
       room you accepted in this offer, you will be charged £250 as a cancellation/administration charge.

    • If you accept our offer of accommodation and take up residency of the room you accepted in this offer,
       the full regulations will apply and you will be liable for fees for the whole session. Please note that
       collecting your key counts as taking up residency.

If you plan to arrive late you MUST inform the Accommodation Office to make special arrangements. If you
have not told us of your late arrival we will assume you are not coming and cancel your accommodation and
charge you the applicable cancellation fee.

Students with Families
There are a very limited number of places available in University allocated accommodation for students with
partners and students with children, therefore many students with families are expected to seek private
accommodation. The University cannot guarantee accommodation or accept responsibility for housing
students with partners, their families or single parent families. Finding private family accommodation at the
beginning of the academic year is extremely difficult and may result in a long-term stay in expensive hotel
accommodation if you arrive without making adequate arrangements. It is strongly advised that you come to
Leicester alone in the first instance and that you are joined by your partner/spouse/family only when you
have found suitable accommodation.

It is not possible to accept single University accommodation for a short period and then leave to take
private rented accommodation once your partner/family joins you. If you accept University allocated
accommodation for yourself you are committed to the full length of your contract.

Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Overnight guests are NOT permitted in the catered
residences and guests must leave by a reasonable hour. Guests are allowed to stay overnight in the self-
catered residences but are not allowed to occupy the accommodation of a resident for more than 24 hours,
or two such periods over a Saturday and Sunday.

Opal Court
The University administers the allocation of accommodation and fees for Opal Court, which is a private
development. University regulations still apply to the property. Students must sign a separate residence
contract and where there is any doubt the contract with Opal Court will take precedence.

Last updated 26 February 2009                                                                         Page 5 of 7
Smoking Policy
Please note that from the beginning of the 2009/10 academic year it is anticipated that all areas of
University accommodation, including all study bedrooms, common rooms and communal areas, will
be non-smoking.

The University discourages students from bringing motor vehicles to Leicester as there is no parking
available on the main campus and very limited parking available at the residences. A charge will be payable
for a car parking permit for use in those residences where parking is available.

The average size of a room in University accommodation is 8.6 square metres. Rooms vary in size,
particularly in our older converted houses. There are a few smaller single rooms which, although they are
adequate, have considerably less floor area than a standard single and are charged at a lower price.

Shared rooms are large rooms in the converted houses and accommodate two students. Fees are
discounted to a lower price only for the period that two occupants remain in the room; if one student should
transfer, the fees are adjusted to the single room rate for the remaining occupant from the date of transfer.

En-suite rooms have their own shower, washbasin and lavatory.

The electrical supply to each room is limited to prevent overuse and is fused at 2 amps, which is enough for
stereos, computers and televisions but not for electrical heaters, kettles and irons.

All rooms are provided with a bed, mattress and mattress cover, desk and desk chair, easy chair, wardrobe,
bedside table or coffee table, bookshelves, waste bin, telephone and communal cleaning equipment.
Students are required to provide their own bedding and towels.

In all areas of accommodation, except catered en-suite rooms, students are required to provide their own
bedding, including duvets and pillows.

Kitchen Facilities
In catered properties a small communal kitchen is provided that is sufficient to make snacks or drinks. In self-
catered properties the kitchens are provided with a full cooker, microwave, fridge/freezer, kettle and a
rubbish bin. Students are required to provide their own crockery and cutlery.

In all areas of accommodation, except catered en-suite rooms, students are required to clean their own
rooms. Residents in Bowder Court (part of Gilbert Murray Stamford Hall) will also be responsible for cleaning
kitchens and communal areas. Students are required to provide cleaning materials.

Telephone and Internet
Telephones are provided in all rooms at no additional cost for line rental; you pay for your calls only. A
broadband style internet connection is included in the rent of all University owned accommodation. At the
privately owned Opal Court an additional charge is made for connection.

The University cannot accept responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to personal effects, including
bicycles, unless it has a legal liability. Students are strongly advised to take out personal insurance cover.
Cover arranged on parents’ household policies is often the best option and is usually relatively cheap.

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Residence Fees
Residence fees are due on the first day of each term, as set out in the residence agreement you receive with
your offer of accommodation. However, we allow residents the first two weeks of each term (three weeks for
the autumn term) to pay before a set deadline date. Failure to pay before the deadline date will incur a £10
late payment charge. Students who have payment problems should discuss these with the Accommodation
Office staff before the deadline for payment.

No reduction in fees for late arrival or early departure or periods of absence will be made. Students absent
from a catered hall of residence through certified illness for a period of two weeks or more may apply to
receive a partial refund for the period after the initial two weeks.

Fees for residents transferring rooms will be adjusted with immediate effect to the new rate applicable.
Where students move out of shared accommodation the fee is adjusted for both the person who moves and
for those who remain.

Residence fees can be paid online at http://epay.le.ac.uk. Alternatively, the fees may be paid at any of the
residences’ individual offices or in the Accommodation Office on the main campus. The fees may also be
paid by telephone using a debit/credit card. Currently it is NOT possible to pay residence fees by Direct

Vacation Accommodation
The residence agreement for self-catered accommodation operates for either 39 or 42 continuous weeks,
depending on the site, and therefore automatically includes Christmas and Easter vacations.

Students in catered residences at the Oadby Student Village have 30 week residence agreements, split into
three separate terms, which do not include the Christmas or Easter vacations. Students in catered
residences are required to remove their belongings during the Christmas and Easter vacations to
accommodate conference bookings. We do keep a property open so that students from the catered
residences may book accommodation if they wish but they will still be required to vacate their term-time room
for the vacation period.

Summer vacation accommodation is available at Nixon Court. Applications are available from May onwards.
Details will appear on the Accommodation website during this time.

Contacting Us
Please ensure that you have carefully read all the accommodation information provided before
contacting the Accommodation Office. Extra information regarding our accommodation can be found on
our website at www.le.ac.uk/accommodation.

The Accommodation Office
Charles Wilson Building
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH

Telephone: 0116 252 2428 (or from outside the UK +44 116 252 2428)
Fax: 0116 252 5134 (or from outside the UK +44 116 252 5134)
E-mail: accommodation@le.ac.uk

Office opening hours (Monday-Friday) are 09:00 – 16:45 (except Wednesday 09:30 – 16:45).

Please quote your name and Student ID (UCAS) number in all correspondence with the Office.
Current students can find this number on their library cards.

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