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					                                                         The Gap
                                       State High School
30 October 2009                                                                                          1020 Waterworks Road
                                                                                                      The Gap, Queensland Australia
Principal’s Column                                                                                        Phone: 07 3511 3888
                       The 2009 Speech Night was held on Wednesday evening 28 October. The
                       night was very enjoyable with excellent support from our students and                Fax: 073511 3800
                       their families. Thank you to our guest speaker, Ms Lyndal Reid – an original
                       Gap High student.
                       Congratulations to the all award recipients - the school is very proud of       Have you subscribed for
                       your achievements. Thank you to the 2009 School Captains and Vice                 our E-Newsletter?
                       Captains for their contribution to Speech Night. Congratulations to our
                       2009 Dux, Alexander Dekkers.                                                    We now send the newsletter
                                                                                                            home via email!
                       Congratulations also to the School Captains and Vice Captains for 2010.
• Captains: Erin Gourlay and Brett Parfitt
                                                                                                          To subscribe go to:
• Vice Captains: Nahila Rahman and Brendan Fugate                                             
To the students who assisted and performed on the evening - thank you. Our Instrumental
Music students’ contribution to the night was exceptional. Thank you to our guest conductor;
parent, Mr Paul Dean, who conducted the students to perform uplifting orchestral pieces.
The students thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul for the many weeks of rehearsal and on                This Newsletter is provided
the evening. A special thanks to the Film & Television students and the Tech Crew for the                 FREE to The Gap State
preparation of and presentation of the sound, lighting and vision.                                      High School with the great
                                                                                                       support of the local business
Thank you also to the staff of The Gap High who assisted in making the 2009 Speech Night a
Russell Pollock                                                                                          Please Support these
Principal                                                                                                     Sponsors.
                                                                                                            EasyAs Driver Training
Speech Night Awards                                                                                               Australia
                                                                                                               P: 1800 144 749
Listed below are the Special Award winners at our 50th Annual Speech Night which was held
on Wednesday 28 October 2009.
Structured Workplace Learning Student – Edward Mason                                                           Advertise Here!
Worklinks School-based Traineeship Award – Nathan Craner                                                     Contact Schoolzine
                                                                                                              P: 1300 795 503
The Ross Wright Memorial Humanities Prize – Ailsa Fairclough
David Stephenson Memorial Art Prize – Bronte Davy                                                              Advertise Here!
                                                                                                             Contact Schoolzine
P & C Fellowship Awards
                                                                                                              P: 1300 795 503
•   Year   12 – Danni Cameron
•   Year   11 – Jack Conkey                                                                                    Advertise Here!
•   Year   10 – Hayley Maybury                                                                               Contact Schoolzine
•   Year   9 – Lachlan Schuhkraft
                                                                                                              P: 1300 795 503
•   Year   8 – Taylor Gibbs
RSL Bursary – Madison Ainsworth                                                                                Advertise Here!
The Gap/Ashgrove Rotary Club Junior All Rounder Award – Kaela Armitage                                       Contact Schoolzine
                                                                                                              P: 1300 795 503
Highest Cultural Award (Sponsored by the State Member, Ashgrove) – Jon Smeathers
Highest Citizenship Award (Sponsored by the State Member, Ashgrove) – Chris Perez-                             Advertise Here!
Compton                                                                                                      Contact Schoolzine
Outstanding Young Leader’s Award (Sponsored by the Federal Member, Ryan) – Victoria                           P: 1300 795 503
                                                                                                               Advertise Here!
Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (Sponsored by the Federal Member, Ryan) – Leon                        Contact Schoolzine
                                                                                                              P: 1300 795 503
ADF Leadership and Teamwork Awards
                                                                                                             Want to advertise
• Year 10 – Monique Filet
                                                                                                            in this newsletter?
• Year 11 – Erin Gourlay
                                                                                                           Contact Schoolzine on
• Year 12 – Chris Perez-Compton
                                                                                                              1300 795 503
Outstanding Academic Excellence 2005-2009 – Leon Bell, Emma Clarke, Alexander Dekkers,
Ailsa Fairclough, Aisling Scott
The Caltex All Rounder Award – Aisling Scott                                      Pierre de Coubertin Award
                                                                                  Harrison Clarke
Dux of the School – Alexander Dekkers
                                                                                  Service to Sport Award
Cultural Awards                                                                   Victoria Stephenson
Jon Smeathers                                                                     Sportsperson of the Year
                                                                                  Harrison Clarke
Leon Bell, Chaire Bennett, Emma Clark, Yanni Dubler, Louise England, Erin
Gourlay, Samuel Hamilton, Bobbie McIntyre, Jessica Prasad, Aisling Scott, BJ
Hamilton, Lauren Porter
                                                                                  Reelies Awards 2009
                                                                                  The Reelies Awards was held on Wednesday 21 October 2009.
Kaela Armitage, Miki Clarke, Hamish Davie, Monique filet, Brendan Fugate,          Here are the main winners from the night.
Harrison Fugate, Nell Hamilton, Nathan Vaishnavi, Zoe Penman, Chris Perez-
Compton, Sophie Tuttici.                                                          Outstanding Documentary
                                                                                  THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT made by Tomas Holtham, Callum Orr
Citizenship Awards                                                                and William Shelley
Gold                                                                              Achievement in Direction
Chris Perez-Compton
                                                                                  SWITCH made by William Shelley
Silver                                                                            Highly Commended: Tripped Out made by Miki Clarke
Leon Bell, Caitlin Booth, Cameron Caddaye, Miki Clarke, Madeleine Cooper,         Highly Commended: Arthur & Delilah made by Maddie Daly
Madeleine Daly, Yanni Dubler, Bobbie McIntyre, Victoria Stephenson, Sohhie
Tuttici.                                                                          Achievement in Cinematography
Bronze                                                                            EVERYDAY SUPER HERO made by Jon Smeathers
Kaela Armitage, Hayley Callaghan, Hamish Davie, Louise England, Monique           Highly Commended: Tripped Out made by Mikki Clarke
Filet, Brendan Fugate, Erin Gourlay, BJ Hamilton, Nell Hamilton, Nathan
Vaishnavi, Brett Parfitt, Peter Park, Zoe Penman, Jessica Prasad, Nahila           Achievement in Editing
Rahman, Namira Rahman, Aisling Scott, Jon Smeathers, Callum Tear, Catherine       TRIPPED OUT made by Miki Clarke
                                                                                  Highly Commended: Arthur & Delilah made by Maddie Daly
Congratulations to all students who received a prize on the                       Achievement in Sound
night.                                                                            SWITCH made by William Shelley
                                                                                  Achievement in Visual Effects
Sports Awards 2009                                                                SWITCH made by William Shelley
The Gap High Annual Sports Awards Dinner was held on
                                                                                  The Reelie Out There Award
Thursday 22 October 2009 at the Arana Leagues Club. We
                                                                                  ~ For the use of a narrative, visual or genre-defying device
were able to celebrate some fantastic achievements by many
                                                                                  that’s somewhat outside of the box ~
students throughout the year, and a great night was had by all.
                                                                                  HIGH SCHOOL LOVE STORY made by Callum Orr
Congratulations to all award winners. A list of the major awards
                                                                                  Highly Commended: Suki made by Shannon Whiley
is below:
                                                                                  Highly Commended: The Forest made by Lisa Robertson
                                                                                  Highly Commended: Tile M For Murder made by Bobbie McIntyre
                           Age Champions
 Swimming                   Cross Country              Athletics                  Year 12 Exam Block – 12 November
 Open Girls – Aisling
                            Open Girls– Victoria
                                                       Open Girls – Laura
                                                                                  to 19 November 2009
 Open Boys –Harrison        Open Boys – Timothy        Open Boys – Mark           During the exam block, students are only required to be at school
 Clarke                     Gibson                     Dobson
 16 Girls – Stephanie       16 Girls – Ella Gobbart-   16 Girls – Ella Gobbart-   when they have an exam. For their spare sessions, students are
 Lane                       Wood                       Wood                       required to stay at home either studying for exams or working on
 16 Boys – Benjamin         16 Boys – Alexander        16 Boys – Lachlan          assignments.
 Ellwood                    Dalzell                    Stewart
 15 Girls - Lisa Foreman    15 Girls – Kate Giles      15 Girls – Madeleine       Students who have a morning and an afternoon session on the
 15 Boys – Nathaniel        15 Boys – Eamonn Cox       Clarke                     same day are not permitted to leave the school grounds during
 Fitzgerald                 14 Girls – Kaela           15 Boys – Eamonn Cox
 14 Girls – Alisha          Armitage                   14 Girls - Kaela
                                                                                  their break. Students are requested not to congregate at the
 Ellwood                    14 Boys – Scott Niven      Armitage                   shops before or after their exam session.
 14 Boys – Benjamin         13 girls – Kristy          14 Boys – Sebastian
 Fitzgerald                 Armitage                   Jeffries                   Students are required to wear full school uniform when
 13 Girls – Ella Heather    13 Boys - Conor O’Neill    13 Girls - Kristy          they are at school at any time, for all reasons during the
 13 Boys – Oliver Shann                                Armitage                   exam period. Students not in school uniform are required to
                                                       13 Boys - Daniel
                                                                                  report to the office on their arrival at school.
                                                                                  A copy of the exam timetable is attached.
Gold Medallions
Harrison Clarke, Madeleine Clarke, Alisha Ellwood, Susanne
McKeen, Aisling Scott, Victoria Stephenson, Mitchell Swetman                      Selection of Year 10 (2010) Social
Sporting Excellence Medallions                                                    Science Subject
Rowan Cook, Madeleine Clarke, Mark Dobson, Alisha Ellwood,
Scarlett Hankins, Susanne McKeen, Conor O’Neill, Aisling Scott,                   On Thursday 15 October, Year 9 students were given information
Harry Watson                                                                      about the social science subjects on offer to them for next year.
                                                                                  Students must select to study Geography or History or Study of
The Peter Nobbs Memorial Trophy for Open Athletics                                Society during Semester One. As a social science subject remains
Harrison Clarke                                                                   part of Core it is vital that all students indicate their preferences
The Scott Gastrell Trophy for Best and Fairest Rugby                              on the selection form and return this to the Office no later than
Union Player                                                                      Friday 30 October. Every effort will be made to give students
Elliot Bender                                                                     their first preference but this cannot be guaranteed, particularly
                                                                                  to students who fail to return the selection form by the due date.
Tom McGovern Trophy for Soccer Player of the Year                                 Students who have not received the information sheets must pick
Susanne McKeen and Conor O’Neill                                                  them up from the Office.
Volleyball Player of the Year                                                     J Cameron
Madeleine Clarke and Rowan Cook                                                   HOD Humanities and Learning Enhancement

The Gap State High School Newsletter                                                                                                                 2
Email advice for students leaving                                      Year 12 References
school at the end of Term 4                                            Year 12 students have the opportunity to apply for a school
                                                                       reference. Reference application forms are available at the office,
At the end of Term 4, all school-provided email accounts will close    attached to this newsletter and on the schools website. Completed
for Year 12 students and other students who are leaving the state      application forms are to be submitted via email by 3.00 pm Friday
school system.                                                         6 November 2009.
Please ensure your child is aware that their school-provided email
account will not work beyond the end of the school year and that       World Teachers Day
they should ensure that they provide a personal email address to
prospective employers or educational institutions.                     World Teachers’ Day a time to say thanks This Friday 30 October
                                                                       is World Teachers’ Day. Celebrated in more than 100 countries,
This is especially important for students enrolling in further         World Teachers’ Day acknowledges the efforts of teachers in an
education or training using the QTAC, TAFE or other online             increasingly complex society. Every day teachers are building
system.                                                                skills that translate into future careers. They are shaping our
                                                                       future workforce and creating the next generation of leaders
Emails will bounce if sent to a student’s school-provided account      and innovators. Students, parents and community members are
after the end of term and students may miss out on confirming           invited to help demonstrate their appreciation by joining in the
their enrolment into their chosen course of study.                     school’s activities hosting an event or activity. Our school will be
                                                                       hosting [insert event here]. The Department of Education and
Urgent Message for all Year 12s                                        Training also recognises the outstanding work of its teachers
                                                                       through the Showcase Awards for Excellence in Schools, Teacher
who are going to Uni next year                                         Excellence Career Milestones and 25-year Service Medallions,
                                                                       presented each year on World Teachers’ Day.
By now you’ve put in your QTAC form (if not, you can still apply
– you’ll just need to pay a late fee. Visit for
details).                                                              Opportunity to support Schoolies
BUT, if you think financial hardship may affect you getting the OP      Week Chaplaincy
you need or make it difficult for you at uni, you should also fill out
the QUT Equity Scholarships Scheme and Q-Step Program                  If you would like to support Schoolies Week Chaplaincy,
application. On-time applications are due 6 November                   (affectionately known as the Red Frogs), you can send bottles of
2009.                                                                  pancake mix to the school office until Friday 6 November 2009.

It’s quick and easy AND you will be considered for an OP bonus         “The Red Frog Crew assist school-leavers by walking young people
of up to 3 points along with a guaranteed bursary of $1000             home, cooking pancakes, cleaning rooms, handing out Allen’s Red
(if you have QUT as a preference).                                     Frogs and most importantly, offering emotional support through
                                                                       what can often be a challenging week”.
The Federal Government is also making improvements to Youth
Allowance. This means more students will be eligible and have          More info can be found at
access to Commonwealth Scholarships. Talk to Centrelink on             hotelchaplaincy/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id
132490.                                                                =94&Itemid=59

For more information and a copy of the form call the QUT Equity
Scholarships Team on 07 3138 5582 or visit www.equity.qut.             Sports News
                                                                       Track & Field State Championships
Year 11 Exam Block – 20 November                                       Last week the Track & Field State Championships were held at
                                                                       Queensland Sports and Athletic Centre, and 9 students from The
to 27 November 2009                                                    Gap High competed as representatives of Met North School Sport.
                                                                       Two of our students qualified for the Queensland Track & Field
During the exam block, students are only required to be at school      team to compete at Nationals in Hobart in early December. Mitchell
when they have an exam. For their spare sessions, students are         Swetman qualified again for the 100m, after running a time of
required to stay at home either studying for exams or working on       11.47s, and Harrison Clarke will also return to the Queensland
assignments.                                                           team for high jump, after winning Gold at the meet with a jump
Students who have a morning and an afternoon session on the            of 2.01m.
same day are not permitted to leave the school grounds during          Well done to Mitch and Harrison, as well as all the other athletes
their break. Students are requested not to congregate at the           who competed. Individual results are listed below.
shops before or after their exam session.
                                                                       Kaela Armitage: 4th in heats of 400m, 4th in heats of 800m, and
Students are required to wear full school uniform when                 6th in the final of 1500m.
they are at school at any time, for all reasons during the             Laura Saunders: 6th in heats of 100m, Bronze in 4x100m relay.
exam period. Students not in school uniform are required to            Conor O’Neill: 9th in heats of 100m
report to the office on their arrival at school.                        Sophie O’Callaghan: 8th in heats of 400m, 8th in final of 1500m.
A copy of the exam timetable is attached.                              Dan Isserow: 14th in Triple Jump
                                                                       Harrison Clarke: Gold in High Jump
                                                                       Eamonn Cox: 10th in heats of 1500m, 17th in final of 3000m.
Leadership Training Centre News                                        Mitchell Swetman: 6th in Semi of 200m, 6th in final of 100m,
                                                                       Silver in 4x100m relay.
Each year the LTC is inspected by professional structural engineers
                                                                       Isaac Smith: 4th in final of Javelin
to ensure that all elements in the centre are safe to use. I am
pleased to report to all that this year’s inspect report confirms
that all elements in the LTC are safe to use.”
                                                                       Australian Volleyball Schools Cup
                                                                       We have now finalised our nominations for AVSC in Melbourne.
SHAPE Meeting                                                          This year The Gap High will be sending 3 teams to the competition:
                                                                       Open Boys Honours, 15 and under Girls Div 2, and 14 and
The last SHAPE Meeting is to be held at The Gap Tavern on Monday       under Boys Div 2. We are in the process of booking flights for
2 November at 7.00 pm. All welcome, please RSVP to Laurel on           the students, and further information will be sent home at the
3300 9182 or 0413 903 972.                                             beginning of next week with regards to payments.
                                                                       There are also a range of fundraising ventures happening to be
                                                                       on the look out for.

The Gap State High School Newsletter                                                                                                     3
As part of out preparation for the event, team trainings and practice   Community Notices
matches will be happening. Training times are as follows:
Open Boys: Monday 5.00 -7.00 pm, Thursday 5.00 -7.00 pm                 Free program supports families following
15 Girls: Thursday 3.00 -5.00 pm                                        divorce
14 Boys: Monday 3.00 -5.00 pm, Wednesday 7.00 - 8.30am,
Thursday Lunchtimes                                                     The University of Queensland in is offering a free 12-week
                                                                        parenting program designed to improve outcomes for children
Tuesday Night Volleyball will be starting up again next week and        following divorce. The program targets separated and divorced
continuing for the rest of the term. We will be running matches         parents who have children aged 2-14 years, who have separated
to assist the Melbourne teams in their preparation. They will be        or divorced within the past 24 months, and who are having
playing Mixed teams – which is Open to any student nor going to         difficulty managing conflict with their ex-partner, coping with
Melbourne to come along and play. The draw will be:                     feelings, or managing child behaviour problems. For details,
                                                                        contact Family Transitions Triple P on 07 3365 7303 or email
4.00pm: Melbourne Girls team vs Mixed Girls Duty: Melbourne
Junior Boys
5.00pm: Melbourne Junior Boys vs Mixed Boys Duty: Melbourne
Girls team
6.00pm: Open Boys vs Old Boys
We would also like to thank Ben Whitehouse, of b. b. Whitehouse
Group, who is sponsoring our trip by purchasing Hoodies for the
players. The students and staff appreciate this support. We also
appreciate the support of Steve Miller from The Gap Health &
Racquet for his support through our purchase of team shirts and

SHAPE Committee Break up
The final SHAPE meeting for the year will be the break up dinner
on 2 November (next Monday), and will be at The Gap Tavern
at 7.00 pm. All are welcome to attend, whether you’ve been
involved in SHAPE or would like to be. Please email Laurel Scott
to RSVP for reservations on
Sportsperson of the Year

POPARTS Committee News
Congratulations to Lauren Porter and Big Band and Chamber Choir
on their performance at the Payne Road Q150 event last Friday
night. POPARTS has received a letter from the Payne Road Music
Supporter Group thanking our High School.
The orchestra will be performing at Speech Night on 28 October
under the baton of Mr Dean. Performing students please come in
neat school uniform.

Coming Events
• Chamber Choir End of Year Performance Wednesday 4
November 2009
• Krispie Cremes Thursday 5 November 2009
• Indooroopilly Performance 6 November 2009 – Concert Band,
Stage Band, String Orchestra

World Challenge
In three weeks time on the 21 November the World Challenge
team consisting of 11 Year 10 and 6 Year 11 students, Ms Cash
(Teacher) and Guy (Chaplain) will be departing for their trip to
Laos and Vietnam.
The team have spent 18 months working, saving and fundraising
for this journey with tremendous support from their parents, of
The team will be contributing to the building of a school in Laos,
jungle hikes in Vietnam and a eye opening, world view widening
cultural experience over 28 days. The team will return on the 19
December 2009.

World Teachers Day
“A teacher affects eternity; they can never
tell where their influence stops”
Today, 30 October is the celebration of World Teachers’ Day.
To show the appreciation for their commitment to our school
community the teachers were treated to Breakfast, massages,
real coffee, chocolates and an assembly in their honour. Thank
you to all our wonderful teachers here at The Gap.

The Gap State High School Newsletter                                                                                               4

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