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Patrik Huwiler takes off

JURA management scoops Solothurn business award
JURAworld of Coffee The perfect gift idea
Partners Life’s a box of chocolates

                                                         A targeted strategy
Contents                                                 for growth
                                                                                         Dear Colleagues, Partners
    3   NEWS                                                                             and Friends of JURA
        All the latest from around the world
                                                                                      In 2006, JURA remained on target for interna-
    5   MANAGEMENT                                                                    tional growth and can now look back on a suc-
        JURA takes Solothurn Entrepreneurship Award                                   cessful financial year. A number of important
                                                                                      factors contributed significantly to our success.
    6   JURA’S BRAND AMBASSADOR                                                       These included the addition of two fully auto-
        Roger Federer Down Under and in Asia                                          matic machines to our range (the IMPRESSA
                                                                                      C5 and the IMPRESSA J5, which has already
    8   JURAworld of Coffee                                                           won several awards), the global communica-
        Perfect gift ideas                            tions campaign with our brand ambassador Roger Federer, the opening of the
                                                      JURAworld of Coffee and the employee event, which was also a real hit.
    10 JURAworld of Coffee
       Classic car prologue                           This year has already seen two significant events for the company.

    11 INSIDER NEWS                                   On 10 January 2007 JURA received the Solothurn Entrepreneurship Award. This
       Clothes make the man – or woman                was the canton’s way of acknowledging the consistent focus demonstrated by
                                                      JURA since the mid-1990s and is a just reward for all those employees who be-
    12 MARKETS                                        lieved in JURAs strategy and who were involved in its implementation. The prize
       The future looks bright for Holland            money will be invested in a forward-looking project that looks to promote talent
                                                      among young designers.
       The taste of real chocolate                    Secondly, thanks to an increase in net current assets, JURA has managed to pay
                                                      off its remaining loan – along with a symbolic Swiss thaler coin given to the bank
    14 EDUCATION                                      in question – and thus for the first time in its history the company is totally free
       Successful Graduate’s Congress                 of bank loans.

    15 TRAINEES                                       Both of the above point clearly to the fact that JURA is by no means content to
       Spotlight on apprentices                       rest on its laurels, but looks forward to tackling new projects with the necessary
                                                      impetus and motivation. Amongst the plans for the future is an increase to the
    16 PORTRAIT                                       capacity of the product development department and the construction of at least
       Patrik Huwiler’s passion for paragliding       one more glass service factory on the international market.

    18 HISTORY                                        It is our firm intention to meet, and in a best-case scenario exceed, our business
       JURA’s first-ever apprentice                    goals once again in 2007, while of course keeping a constant eye on serving the
                                                      most enjoyable coffee from freshly ground beans.
    19 STAFF NEWS                                     Enjoy your journey through this latest edition of Coffee Break. I trust that the
       Fair dates and announcements                   glimpses into the local, national and international world of JURA will be an inspi-
                                                      ration to us all.
    20 BARISTA
       Airbrushed cappuccino

                                                      Emanuel Probst

2               COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007

                                                          company’s history as yet another record year.
Resounding                                                In order to step up the pace of innovation,

                                                          we will be expanding the capacity of our pro-
                                                          duct development department in the course
                                                                                                                       Charity gala
                                                          of 2007 and moving into new R&D premises
                                                          in the course of the year. Apart from launching
Last year, we remained firmly on course for               new products, we also have plans to build at
international growth and posted consolidated              least one more distinctive glass service centre
sales of 325 million francs, which represents an          in our international markets.
increase of 10.5% over the previous year. Sales           We intend to continue with our strategy of in-
in our international markets rose by 12.4% to             ternationalizing operations. Our target for the
277.9 million francs. During the same peri-               current business year is an increase in sales of
od, cash flow increased by 15.1% to 30.5 mil-             30 million francs to 355 million francs, which
lion francs. Overall, 2006 will go down in the            represents an increase of 9%.                  –
                                                                                                                  Several million rapt TV viewers recently fol-
                                                                                                                  lowed the Bambi Awards – Germany’s equiva-
  KEY FIGURES AT A GLANCE                                                                                         lent of the Oscars – in 17 different categories
                                                               2005           2006                   Change       live on television. The Tribute to Bambi charity
  JURA Group sales                                            294.0          325.0                    +10.5%      gala held since 2001 on the evening before
  Swiss sales                                                   46.8           47.1                    +0.6%      the awards put the spotlight on a number of
  Switzerland’s share of sales                                15.9%          14.5%                                major social projects in Germany. Encouraged
  International sales                                         247.2          277.9                    +12.4%      by presenter Frauke Ludowig, the approxi-
  International share of sales                                84.1%          85.5%                                mately 800 guests made donations to various
  Cash flow                                                      26.5           30.5                   +15.1%      schemes and projects designed to improve the
  Full-time jobs in Switzerland                                  255            265                    +3.9%      integration of children. As one of the partners
  Full-time jobs abroad                                          194            223                   +14.9%      in the venture, JURA was on the scene with an
                                                                              (All figures in CHF m except jobs)
                                                                                                                  exclusive coffee bar, which drew many well-
                                                                                                                  known faces after the event. After all, there’s
                                                                                                                  nothing like a good, strong espresso to give
                                                                                                                  you the energy you need for a long evening’s
                                                          son behind our decision to open China’s first            celebrations.                                  –

Expansion into                                            dedicated JURA store in this centre,” explained
                                                          JURA Area Manager Yoshiko Iwata. The outlet,
China                                                     measuring some 30 sq.m, is run by Shang-
                                                          hai HJ Coffee, our official distributor in China,
                                                          which has a total of five stores in China. The
                                                                                                                       Goodbye to
At the end of 2006, the German Centre in
Shanghai, located in the Pudong commercial
                                                          new store at the German Centre was opened
                                                          on 17 November and is part of our expansion
                                                                                                                       bank loans
and financial district, marked its first successful         strategy in the world’s most rapidly growing
year in business with two days of celebrations.           economy.                                      –         Thanks to its highly successful strategy, JURA
After just twelve months, the modern business                                                                     Elektroapparate AG’s liquid assets have develo-
centre is already operating at more than 80               Further information about the centre can be found on    ped very encouragingly and enabled us to pay
percent capacity. “These factors were the rea-            the website at:            off our last remaining mortgage. This mean JURA
                                                                                                                  no longer has loans with any bank. To mark re-
                                                                                                                  payment of our last mortgage, we transferred a
                                                                                                                  symbolic thaler to the bank in question.      –

Shanghai’s first dedicated JURA store is situated at the German Centre.                                            A symbolic thaler for the bank.

                                                                                                                              COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007        3
Quelle: BILANZ 1 / 2007

                                                                                    JURA: “A pearl in the brand
                                                                              “Bilanz”, Switzerland’s biggest business ma-              lent service, the brand is well equipped for a
                                                                              gazine, has just published its third list of the          very successful future.”
                                                                              top 50 most valuable brands in Switzerland                Even if position 42 may not seem much to
                                                                              and found that their total value has increased            shout about, JURA has still managed to in-
                                                                              by seven billion to almost 94 billion francs.             crease its brand value by 31% in the past two
                                                                              Once again JURA figures in this exclusive circle           years, while the average for all 50 companies
                                                                              of companies, and was described as a “pearl               listed is 16%.                               –
                                                                              in Switzerland’s brand landscape”. We came
                                                                              in just behind Bally but still ahead of Ricola in
                                                                              place 42 but, as “Bilanz” wrote, with fantastic
                                                                              potential for the future. “With its newly opened
                                                                              JURAworld of Coffee, its sponsorship deal with
                                                                              Roger Federer, outstanding design and excel-

                          More awards

                          The recently launched JURA IMPRESSA J5 bean-
                          to-cup espresso machine has won two world
                          renowned design awards – the iF and the red
                          dot award. Rolled out last October, the fully au-
                          tomatic coffee and espresso machine came out
                          on top in the highly competitive, international
                          “Household/ Living category.
                          The test’s design specialists were clearly taken
                          by the all-round consistency of the design, the
                          housing’s white mirror finish and the platinum-
                          look front.                                     –

                                                                              René Efler, Editor-in-Chief of “markt intern”, presents the much-coveted certificate to JURA’s General Manager Rolf
                                                                              Diehl (right) and Head of Distribution Stefan Scheurer (left) at “Ambiente”, the world’s biggest consumer goods
                                                                              fair, in Frankfurt.

                                                                                                                                        uncompromising and up-to-the-minute in-

                                                                                    Retail partner                                      formation about the home electronics busi-
                                                                                                                                        ness. This year, as usual, the magazine sent
                                                                                    No. 1                                               out a questionnaire to dealers with a view to
                                                                                                                                        obtaining an independent and meaningful
                                                                                                                                        assessment of service standards in the in-
                                                                              For the second time in succession, “markt                 dustry. The feedback left no doubt about the
                                                                              intern”, the trade newsletter published by                result: JURA left competitors way behind and
                                                                              Europe’s largest consumer information ser-                emerged in top position with an overall score
                                                                              vice organization, named JURA the retail                  of 2.33. JURA came out particularly well in
                                                                              trade’s number one partner for home elec-                 areas such as “trade loyalty” and “training
                                                                              tronics. The trade weekly provides critical,              schemes”.                                   –

                          4              COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007

JURA takes Solothurn
Entrepreneurship Award
                                                                                                        Franz Fischlin interviews Emanuel Probst.

The year opened on an upbeat note when JURA received the Solothurn Entrepre-                            machines and heads the premium and super-
neurship Award, worth 20,000 francs, from Prof. Edgar Fluri, Chairman                                   premium segments of the market.
of the Board of Directors of PricewaterhouseCoopers. This was the canton’s way of
recognizing the consistent operational focus JURA has demonstrated since                                ANOTHER RECORD YEAR
the mid-1990s.                                                                                          As CEO Emmanuel Probst explains: “This
                                                                                                        award is for all our employees who believed
                                                                              ment of Economic          in our strategy and have spared no effort to
                                                                              Affairs, the Solothurn    make sure it worked.” The company’s success
                                                                              Chamber of Trade and      is reflected not only in rocketing sales figures
                                                                              the Solothurn Trade       – 2006 was yet another record year – but also
                                                                              Association. JURA has     in the fact that “Bilanz” lists JURA among the
                                                                              remained loyal to the     50 most valuable Swiss brands (see page 3 for
                                                                              region since its foun-    further details). “This confirms we were right to
                                                                              ding 75 years ago         go our own way. And we never stop working
                                                                              and has admirably         to make JURA synonymous with the very finest
                                                                              demonstrated that a       bean-to-cup coffee, unique design and ultra
                                                                              medium-sized com-         simple operation,” continues Probst. The com-
                                                                              pany from Switzerland     pany plans to use the prize money to set up the
                                                                              with innovative ideas     JURA Design Award, the main aim of which will
                                                                              and the right strategy    be to encourage up-and-coming talent in the
                                                                              can make it all the way   product design field.                           –
Prof. Edgar Fluri congratulates Emanuel Probst on the Entrepreneurship Award. to the top internatio-
                                                                              nally. Today, JURA is
The 20,000-franc Solothurn Entrepreneurship widely regarded as the world’s leading-edge
Award is sponsored by the Solothurn Depart- developer of bean-to-cup espresso and coffee

                         Esther Gassler,            ficult times and has had to fight for everything      untiring efforts of its management and em-
                         Councillor und Head        it has achieved. The people at the helm have        ployees and a little luck in striking when the
                         of the Department          always had a vision, which they have resolutely     iron was hot, the brand – and the compa-
                         of Economic Affairs        pursued. They have done something that sets         ny behind it – has established itself as the
                         of the Canton of           the true entrepreneur apart: they have glimp-       second-largest producer of fully automatic
                         Solothurn:                 sed possibilities beyond the horizon.”              coffee machines within the short space of
                         “On behalf of the                                                              just ten years.
  Esther Gassler.        Committee, I con-                                                              The company has combined a consistent,
                         gratulate the winner                                Prof. Edgar Fluri,         no-frills marketing strategy that could have
  of this year’s Solothurn Entrepreneurship                                  Chairman of the Board      been taken straight out off the textbook
  Award: JURA, and its Chief Executive Officer,                               of Directors, Pricewa-     with state-of-the-art production and ser-
  Emanuel Probst. Every time I see a JURA cof-                               terhouseCoopers AG,        vice technologies to pull itself out of the red
  fee machine somewhere fills me with pride.                                  Basel:                     and turn itself into a profitable, tax-paying
  But success did not simply fall into the                                   “Thanks to a clearly       company, all within the space of just ten
  company’s lap: it has survived some very dif-     Prof. Dr. Edgar Fluri.   defined strategy, the       years.”

                                                                                                                   COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007          5

Australia loves our brand
In January the world’s best tennis players gathered in Melbourne for the kick-off                                machines Down Under is one of the fastest-
to the 2007 tour at the Australian Open. And around 50 JURA customers, partners                                  growing markets of them all. Espresso may
and buyers had the privilege of meeting Roger Federer in person.                                                 be something of a rarity down there but milk-
                                                                                                                 based coffee drinks are becoming increasingly
                                                                                                                 popular. Talking of which: Roger Federer made
                                                                                                                 himself even more popular by pulling off the
                                                                                                                 rare feat of winning his 10th Slam without drop-
                                                                                                                 ping a set. The last time that happened was
                                                                                                                 when Björn Borg did it way back in 1980.       –

                                                                                                                   APPEALING BRAND CAMPAIGN

                                                                                                                   The brand campaign launched in late
                                                                                                                   summer 2006 was the first one to feature
                                                                                                                   Roger Federer. It has not only attracted
                                                                                                                   an incredible amount of attention but
                                                                                                                   also had very positive influence on sales
                                                                                                                   figures. Of course, the spurt recorded in
                                                                                                                   the fourth quarter of last year cannot be
                                                                                                                   attributed entirely to the engaging cam-
Roger Federer is presented with a cheque for 5101 Australian dollars (approx. 5000 francs) for his Foundation.     paign but there can be no doubt that
                                                                                                                   working with our brand ambassador Roger
Roger Federer and JURA are a team that is al- eBay. Craig Driver, Marketing Manager, han-                          Federer has helped to boost awareness of
ways good for a surprise. And Australia was no ded over the cheque to Roger. The money will                        the JURA brand and establish it worldwi-
exception, when our of-                                                be going to the Roger                       de. Retailers have finally realized that we
ficial distributors, Global   “Australia is one of the world’s Federer Foundation and,                              are a genuine force to be reckoned with
Coffee Solutions, invited        fastest-growing markets               to tumultuous applause,                     and are prepared to invest money in the
their best customers,          for bean-to-cup machines.”              was presented to our                        brand’s future.
partners and buyers to                                                 brand ambassador duri-
a meet-and-greet session with the world’s ng the event. One of the Foundation’s main
number one tennis star. The event took place functions is to promote sport among young
shortly before the Australian Open in Melbour- people. At the same time, it helps to finance
ne (14-27 January 2007). Guests and their fami- projects in aid of children in need.
lies had a unique opportunity to chat to Roger
and have their photographs taken with him. It EXPANDING MARKET
was also an unforgettable experience for a cou- Global Coffee Solutions has represented JURA’s
ple who had managed to secure their invitation interests in Australia for over five years and
to the event, including flight, hotel and tickets can look back on considerable achievement                         Successful campaign with Roger Federer.
to one match, for 5101 Australian dollars on during this period. The market for bean-to-cup

6                COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007
                                                                                                                                JURA’S BRAND AMBASSADOR

Federer casts spell
on Seoul
The exhibition match between JURA ambassa-               was to raise awareness of the JURA brand and        – JURA advertising in the programme.
dor Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Seoul at           our cooperation with Roger Federer among TV         – Directly after the match, there was a lucky
the end of November 2006 provided an ideal               viewers in Korea (the match was broadcast live)       draw for an IMPRESSA C5 and Roger Federer
opportunity for us to advertise our bean-to-             and the spectators in the stadium. In next to         handed the larger-than-life voucher over to
cup machines in South Korea. The fact that               no time Yoshiko, who was liaising with Wunjea         the winner.
everything went off so smoothly on 21 Novem-             Lee of HLI, as well as SEMA, the organizers of      – HLI was given permission to put up an exhibi-
ber was largely thanks to the superhuman ef-             the event, the main sponsors Hyundai and the          tion marquee at the stadium entrance where
fort made by our Area Manager Yoshiko Iwata              two IMG offices in Hong Kong and Seoul, ma-            visitors could view a selection of JURA bean-
and the enthusiastic support of Wunjae Lee of            naged to put together an extremely attractive         to-cup machines and sample the coffee.
HLI, our distributor for South Korea. As we only         package for JURA:
found out shortly before the event, she hadn’t           – A selection of banners featuring Roger Fe-
had much time for organization. The first thing             derer and the IMPRESSA Z5 in the gallery and      As JURA’s representative, Yoshiko was allowed
on the agenda was to contact the IMG Ma-                   next to the scoreboard.                           to visit the tennis star in his dressing room be-
nagement office in Hong Kong (IMG’s Asian                 – More JURA displays along the baseline.            fore the match. Roger then went out onto the
headquarters) directly, which allowed us to ap-          – Ten free tickets for the game and a further       court and beat his closest rival, Rafael Nadal, in
proach the local IMG office in Seoul. Our aim               230 reduced-price tickets.                        a thrilling 2:1-set victory.                     –

The exhibition match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Seoul was also a total success for JURA.

                                                         and equips them with furniture and teaching

10,000 francs for                                        materials. In African countries south of the Sa-
                                                         hara, around 45 million boys and girls do not
UNICEF                                                   attend school. The scheme was set up by UNI-
                                                         CEF and the Nelson Mandela Foundation in the
                                                         belief that education plays a major role in the
The successful opening of our JURAworld of               struggle against poverty. The campaign’s tar-
Coffee will give children in Malawi a chance             get over the next three years is to enable two
to take their lives into their own hands: JURA           million children to go to school. Our donation
is donating the sum of 10,000 francs from the            will be used to help set up schools in Malawi. At
café and admission charges to the Swiss Com-             the same time, JURA brand ambassador Roger
mittee for UNICEF. According to UNICEF, the              Federer and Swiss TV presenter Kurt Aeschba-
money will be going into the Schools for Africa          cher will be acting as international and national
campaign, which renovates and builds schools,            UNICEF ambassadors, respectively.               –

                                                                                                                        COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007           7
JURAworld of Coffee

Because giving is a pleasure
Our JURAworld of Coffee isn’t just a unique interactive
exhibition: it’s also fabulous for shopping and has
some super eye-catching gifts. Here, we’d like to give
you ideas for gifts that you can purchase at reduced
rates using the vouchers at the centre of the maga-
zine: You also benefit from a five percent discount on                                 T-SHIRTS
purchases from 50 francs upward.*                                                    “Heissi Bohne” and “Muntermacher” –
                                                                                     our popular T-shirts come with more cool
* Cannot be used with other discounts and/or vouchers.                               slogans. Available in various sizes and colours
                                                                                     for him and her.
                                                                                     T-shirt with wording for CHF 35

                                              CHILDREN’S T-SHIRTS                                                     Whether you’re looking for espresso, coffee or cappuccino
                                              Our sweatshirts and T-shirt for girls and boys                          cups, you’ll find exactly the right cup and saucer for any taste
                                              come in various sizes and colours with a                                in our collection.
                                              choice of Cino motifs.                                                  Espresso cups: set of two CHF 33/set of six CHF 90
                                              T-shirts for CHF 27                                                     Coffee cups: set of two CHF 36/set of six CHF 95
                                              Sweatshirts for CHF 30                                                  Cappuccino cups: set of two CHF 40/set of six CHF 110

Give your latte macchiato its crowning
                                                                                                                                        CINO LAND
                                                                                                                                        You’ll find lots of gifts for the children in
glory with a drizzle of delicious syrup.
                                                                                                                                        the Cino range. A few examples:
Available in the following flavours: choco-
                                                                                                                                        Cino soft toy, 30 cm, CHF 27
late, caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, amaretto,
                                                                                                                                        Cino soft toy, 50 cm, CHF 45
cinnamon or Irish cream.
                                                                                                                                        Cino soft cushions, CHF 30
Bottle (250 ml), CHF 12.50
                                                                                                                                        Cino savings bank, CHF 18

                                                                                                                          Our coffee and mocha spoons are
                                                                                                                          forged from top-quality stainless steel
                                                                                                                          and mirror-finished.
                                                                                                                          Coffee spoon, CHF 5 each
                                                                      CHOCOLATES                                          Mocha spoon, CHF 4 each
                                                                      These three different types of chocolate,
                                                                      including the one especially designed for
                                                                      JURA, are irresistible.
                                                                      Box of 18, CHF 18
                                                                      Box of 4, CHF 5

8               COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007
Handmade in Switzerland from genuine
coffee sacks. Every bag unique.
Size 40 x 40 x 7 cm for CHF 85
Size 45 x 45 x 8 cm for CHF 105

                                                                                            BARISTA’S APRON
                                                                                            Wear one of these black aprons with an
                                                                                            embroidered white coffee shoot and you’ll
                                                                                            look and feel like a pro.
                                                                                            Barista’s apron for CHF 30
                                                                                            Cook’s apron for CHF 35

             Spoil yourself and your guests with
             these two coffee liqueurs: Borghetti and
             Kahlúa. Fabulous recipes for life’s special
             Borghetti (25%, 70 ml) for CHF 35
             Kahlúa (20%, 70 ml) for CHF 35

                   We stock a wide range of books with
                   loads of fascinating information on
                   the seemingly inexhaustible subject                                               BREAKFAST BOARDS
                   of coffee.                                                                        This attractive place mat is a real eye-
                   Prices from CHF 18.50 to CHF 98                                                   catcher at breakfast time.
                                                                                                     Size 23.5 x 14.5 cm for CHF 9

    Visitors can also stock up on freshly roasted          Yauco Selecto: This Puerto Rican coffee is          ristretto, espresso, coffee, cappuccino and
    coffee blends. The following roasts are made           naturally mild and fruity with a full-bodied        latte macchiato. 250 g CHF 6
    on the spot and offered for sale to visitors.          flavour, a captivating aroma and not a trace of
                                                           bitterness.                     250 g CHF 14.50     World of Coffee Blend: This 100% pure ara-
    Malabar Monsooned: An Indian cof-                                                                          bica blend is made from four of the very best
    fee, known mainly because of the special               Barista Blend: This is a strong espresso blend      single-bean coffees. For the World of Coffee
    “monsooning” process that yellows the bean             made using top arabicas from Brazil, Africa,        Blend we use top-quality coffees from Brazil,
    and reduces acidity. Ideal for the coffee con-         Guatemala and Colombia with the world’s             Hawaii, Puerto Rico and India.
    noisseur.                           250 g CHF 6        best robusta from Java. Suitable for fans of        Suitable for fans of ristretto, espresso, cof-
                                                                                                               fee, cappuccino and latte macchiato. At the
                                                                                                               Barista Championships in 2006 and 2007,
                                                                                                               incidentally, this blend was voted best espres-
                                                                                                               so.                              250 g CHF 9.50

                                                                                                               Galapagos San Cristóbal: The Galapagos
                                                                                                               archipelago lies about 1000 kilometres to the
                                                                                                               west of Ecuador. Coffee from San Cristóbal
                                                                                                               has an intensive aroma, is full-bodied, and
                                                                                                               has a slightly acidic touch with a very fine,
                                                                                                               velvety flavour.                 250 g CHF 13.50

                                                                                                                            COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007        9
JURAworld of Coffee

Oldies but goldies –
be there on 22 August!
                                                                                   Something to look forward to: book the date – 22 August – in your diary now.

Not to be missed: on 22 August, some of Switzerland’s best-preserved                                            with a classic car registered in 1975 or earlier at
classic cars will be lining up for a Concours d’Elégance in front of the JURAworld                              home, this event is a must.
of Coffee in Niederbuchsiten for the 2007 RAID before embarking on a                                            The first item on the agenda for participants is
prologue to Basel.                                                                                              the JURAworld of Coffee – an inspiring journey
                                                                                                                through the fascinating world of coffee. After
The RAID is one of the most popular classic car event manager with the RAID organization.                       this, the vehicles will be taking part in the big
rallies and provides a much-anticipated specta- The fact that classic car drivers will be meeting               JURA Concours d’Elégance and then setting off
cle on Switzerland’s roads each year. For the first up in central Switzerland at the JURAworld of                on the new prologue to Basel after lunch. “The
time in its 17-year history, and parallel to events Coffee is no coincidence: JURA CEO Emanuel                  meet is ideal for anyone with a classic car who
in Zurich and French-speaking Switzerland, the Probst – a big car fan himself – took part in                    would like to take part in a professionally orga-
run-up to the Suisse-Par-                                                last year’s prologue from              nized rally,” adds the manager. The organizers
is RAID will now include a      “The route to Basel promises Zurich to Basel and de-                            are expecting a turnout of around 30 vehicles
Concours d’Elégance and              to be unforgettable.”               cided to bring the event               lining up outside the JURAworld of Coffee on
a prologue to Basel star-                                                to Niederbuchsiten. “The               22 August.                                        –
ting in central Switzerland. “Our aim is to give location at the centre of the catchment area for
participants attractive routes and all the exci- Luzern, Olten, Solothurn and Bern is ideal, and
tement of a rally, and to involve new regions the route through the Jura to Basel promises to                   If you have a classic car, be sure to register now. Further
in the programme,” explains Gaby Anaheim, be unforgettable,” adds Anaheim. For anyone                           information at or on + 41 (0) 61 301 38 95.


  9.30 – 10 am             Participants arrive at JURA factory complex
                                        for visit to JURAworld of Coffee.
  from 10 am                                              Vehicles line up
  11 am – 12 noon                             JURA Concours d’Elégance
  12 – 1.15 pm                            Lunch at JURAworld of Coffee
  1.30 pm                                                     Prizegiving
  2 pm                                      Start of the JURA prologue –
                           via attractive side roads to the Basel Messe
  7 pm            Prizegiving for JURA prologue and other prologues,
            as well as the Concours d’Elégance, Coupe Marx AG Basel

                                             Terms: CHF 300 fee per vehi-
                                             cle with two persons (CHF 70
                                             for each additional person).
                                             Included: lunch for two, inclu-
                                             ding mineral water, road book,
                                             badges, side numbers, docu-
                                             ments, technical assistance, ape-
                                             ritif and gifts, together with free
  Gaby Anaheim is looking forward to a       entry to the Premium Car Show
  fabulous parade of classic cars.           at the Basel Messe, Hall 2.
                                                                                   This is one rally where it’s not about getting your foot down but enjoying the ride.

10               COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007
                                                                                                                                                             INSIDE NEWS

Clothes make
the man – or woman
                                                                                     The standardized clothing was developed mainly for the JURAworld of Coffee.

For the first time in the company’s history, JURA employees now have standard-                                        the outside world. “We first had the idea when
ized clothing. The clothes were designed and produced by Joseph Alain Scherrer,                                      we were planning the JURAworld of Coffee,”
who has so far delivered around 50 sets.                                                                             explains Carriero. At the moment, the new
                                                                                                                     models have been distributed to around 50
                                                                                                                     members of staff. “The feedback has been en-
                                                                                                                     tirely positive; employees are happy that they
                                                                                                                     no longer need to worry about deciding what
                                                                                                                     to wear in the morning.”
                                                                                                                     The new clothing is easy to wear and the design
                                                                                                                     timeless – a combination that was essential
                                                                                                                     from the start. “The colour, of course, played
                                                                                                                     a major role,” continues Carriero, because it
                                                                                                                     had to create a recognizable link to coffee.” At
                                                                                                                     the same time, the slowly dwindling stock will
                                                                                                                     possibly be replenished with pieces in lighter
                                                                                                                     materials – there is talk of a summer collection.
                                                                                                                     We look forward to further developments.

                                                                                                                     STANDARDIZED CLOTHING WITH
                                                                                                                     A NON-UNIFORM FEEL
                                                                                                                     The clothing is manufactured by jas ag in Aar-
                                                                                                                     burg, near Olten. Owner Joseph Alain Scherrer
                                                                                                                     has lots of experience with professional wear.
                                                                                                                     “The clothes don’t look or feel like a uniform
                                                                                                                     but they help the company project a fresher,
                                                                                                                     more uniform image to the outside world.”
                                                                                                                     Scherrer founded his company in 1980 and to-
                                                                                                                     day has around 50 employees who specialize
                                                                                                                     mainly in the development and production of
                                                                                                                     clothing concepts for big corporations, public
                                                                                                                     authorities and other companies.
Chic and elegant, with lots of attention to detail – the new standardized clothing from JURA.                        For the JURA project, he chose a combination of
                                                                                                                     dark brown, light brown and lighter shades: a
JURA’s new uniforms arrived in Niederbuch-                 members of staff who work in the JURAworld of             harmonious reflection of all the colour nuances
siten last year, just in time for the opening of           Coffee or otherwise represent the company to              in the world of coffee. “We use high-quality,
the JURAworld of Coffee.                                                                                             hard-wearing materials that are easy to look
“The new standardized clothing gives us a                                                                            after. The suits are pleasant to wear and equal-
homogeneous corporate identity, which re-                                                                            ly suitable for employees who represent the
flects the brand’s premium thinking,” explains                                                                        company or have labour-intensive jobs,” adds
Claudio Carriero, Management Assistant in                                                                            the expert. After a nine-month design, devel-
the JURAworld of Coffee who is responsible                                                                           opment and production phase, JURA was able
for issuing and inventorying the clothing. As                                                                        to assure itself that the concept would work
to be expected, only the very best materials                                                                         with the help of several hundred items of clo-
have been used. The new clothing is worn by all                                                                      thing.                                        –

                                                                                                                                 COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007           11

The evolution of coffee
in the Netherlands
                                                                                 Flying Dutchmen – the sales team with Director Marco Mooijman (2nd from left).

In recent years, JURA Nederland BV                soon controlled the Dutch market. By 1990, the built up a new sales team headed by Marco
has almost doubled its sales to EUR 7.5           country had some ten million consumers of fil- Mooijman. “JURA now accounts for about 25
million and can be proud of a 25                  ter coffee. Then, the market was turned upside percent of the market, which runs to some-
percent market share. But things have             down in the space of a decade. First, capsule- where between 30 000 and 35 000 units,” says
not always been so rosy. A retrospec-             based systems from abroad flooded the mar- Mooijman. The company is also perceived as
tive.                                             ket. As a reaction, Douwe Egberts teamed up being very innovative and since introducing its
                                                  with Philips to make Senseo pads and, finally, distributor loyalty programme in 2005 has had
In the 17th century a Dutch entrepreneur hit      a number of bean-to-cup                                                  immense backing from
on the idea of importing coffee beans from        brands began to make            “I’m very positive about the             the trade. “I’m very posi-
Indonesia – then a Dutch colony – to his home     tentative steps into the      future because we hold a very tive about the future,”
country. His name was Egbert Douwes and,          market. JURA, which ex-                  strong hand.”                   says the Managing Di-
together with his wife Akke Thysses, he ran a     ported its first machines                                                 rector and adds, “More
small tea and coffee shop in Joure. The enor-     to Holland in 1996, has been there from the and more consumers want to make espresso
mous success of the internationally known         start. “The market was still very much focused or other kinds of coffee using freshly ground
brand only came in about 1780, when his son       on filter coffee. Which is why we chose outlets beans.” On this score, we hold a very strong
Douwe Egberts entered the business. While         for our products that had specialized in the hand.” Making sure that nothing gets in the
his father sold almost exclusively to the in-     sale of coffee and tea or high-quality kitchen way of JURA Nederland BV’s plans are more
habitants of the village, the son first extended   utensils,” explains Marco Mooijman, Managing than 20 employees on the helpdesk, in the
operations to the region and then to the entire   Director of JURA Nederland BV.                   office, in logistics and the sales and distribution
country. Douwe Egberts not only roasted the                                                        departments. There are also plans for a new
beans but also ground them and then packed        BRIGHT FUTURE                                    building, which will probably be opened in the
the freshly ground powder in small bags. And      After a promising start, JURA Nederland BV suf- course of the coming year.                        –
that is how coffee began to take Netherlands      fered a sharp drop in sales during the economic
by storm.                                         crisis of 2001 to 2004. But when the economy
                                                  recovered, things looked up again for JURA.
A MONOPOLY                                        Since then, sales have doubled to EUR 7.5 mil-
Over the next two hundred years, the family       lion. Not least because JURA has taken over the
continuously extended its coffee empire and       service department from the ex-importer and

Egbert Douwes store.                              Reception at JURA Nederland.                            JURA Nederland is geared for the future.

12             COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007

Life’s a box of chocolates
                                                                                                      Quality is a top priority at Läderach.

Läderach confectioners are well known for exquisite chocolates and petits                              from that, Läderach is one of the best praline
fours, which are still largely handmade with lots of attention to detail to this day.                  manufacturers in Switzerland. When we set out
These qualities too are reflected in the pralines created especially for JURA.                          to create JURA pralines, our requirements were
                                                                                                       clear: the shape and appearance had to differ
                                                                                                       from other candies but be clearly associated
Back in 1962, an enthusiastic young confection-     the UK and the Middle East look after the          with JURA, and our logotype was a must. “Apart
er and his wife rented an old bakery to set up      company’s interests in all these regions.          from that, we wanted only the very best choco-
their own business making high-quality choco-                                                          late with a delicious coffee filling and the kind
lates and candies. Shortly after that, founder      FINEST-QUALITY CHOCOLATE                           of packaging you would expect of a premium
Rudolf Läderach had a stroke of genius: he          What goes better with a good cup of                brand,” adds Mühlethaler. Reto Huser, Head
invented the hollow truffle shell. As a result,      coffee than a delicious praline? “Be-              of Sales in Switzerland, explains how Läderach
he and subsequently thousands of his fellow         cause Läderach shares our com-                      tackled this tall order.                      –
confectioners have achieved an enormous             mitment to premium quality
improvement in the quality of truffles and sig-      in flavour, innovation and
nificantly simplified their production. Today,        professionalism, it was
the company has state-of-the-art premises           clear that only one                                                 The chocolates are available exclusively
in Ennenda (Glarus) backing an international        company could be                                                    at the JURAworld of Coffee boutique.
operation.                                          entrusted to make
The German market is served by a produc-            JURA pralines,” explains
tion facility in Dilleburg, the Bucharest factory   Simon Mühlethaler, Head
produces top-quality chocolates and candies,        of Organization at the
while distributors in the USA, Japan, Korea,        JURAworld of Coffee. Apart


                         How long did it take       and involved extremely high costs. These ideas     How would you describe the chocolate in
                         you to develop the         would simply have been too expensive.”             a few words?
                         JURA chocolates?                                                              “It has a smooth, simple form, is classical-
                         “The whole pro-            Who was involved in the development pro-           ly elegant, and the high-quality filling will
                         cess lasted about          cess?                                              appeal to chocolate lovers everywhere.”
                         six months. We first        “Läderach’s development and prototype de-
                         looked into various        partment is always involved in the creation of     As a specialist, what would you say makes
  Reto Huser.            concepts and shapes.       new products.                                      a genuinely good chocolate?
                         Then we tested them                                                           “Top-quality ingredients. That’s why we use
  for feasibility and reworked them after pre-      What special factors did you have to take          only almonds from California, hazelnuts
  senting them to JURA. That way we were able       into account with the JURA praline?                from Piedmont and walnuts from Grenoble.
  to slowly reduce the number of options.”          “The shape and flavour had to conform to            Whether the chocolates are handmade can
                                                    the concrete requirements of JURA’s people.        also make a difference, although this is often
  Were some proposals rejected?                     And there had to clearly recognizable link with    not possible these days for cost reasons.”
  “Oh, yes. Several shapes suggested by JURA        coffee. The special flavour is provided by our
  or their designer Wolfgang Jönsson would          coffee-based butter mousse, which is made
  have posed an enormous technical challenge        using top-quality coffee.”

                                                                                                                     COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007             13

Connect successfully
On 14 December 2006, around 90 well-                     Minarik, who served guests with delicious cof-
                                                                                                          “AN OPPORTUNITY SEIZED”
known companies seeking junior staff                     fee specialities from JURA.
for internships, trainee programmes                                                                                         One of the visitors to
and direct entry were present at                PODIUM POSITIONING                                                          the JURA stand at the
Zurich’s annual Graduate’s Congress.            In addition to the stands, the Congress of-                                 Graduate’s Conference
JURA had a stand at the fair for the first       fered the numerous visitors a comprehensive                                 was Sonja Kunz. She
time.                                           supporting program. Three forums featuring                                  seized the opportuni-
                                                experts and HR personnel provided informa-                                  ty that presented itself
The Graduate’s Congress in Zurich is an im- tion about career entry and jobs. Representing                Sonja Kunz.       and successfully ap-
portant forum for dialogue between com- JURA in one of the panel discussions was Tho-                                       plied for an internship
panies, students and graduates. During the mas Meyer, who made use of the opportunity                     in human resources.
conference, potential employees make initial to raise the company’s profile. Successfully, it
contacts with employers and can apply direct- seems, because all JURA’s expectations were                 What are you studying?
ly to the companies present. In personal dis- exceeded. While we made lots of new contacts,               “Business administration in Olten.”
cussions HR staff and department specialists students and representatives of other compa-
provide information about available positions nies who visited our stand found out why we                 Why did you want to do an internship
and the desired applicant profile. JURA was also have established ourselves as the professionals           at JURA?
represented for the first                                             when it comes to coffee.             “Because JURA has a good reputation and
time at the recruitment     During the forums, experts and Another gratifying dis-                        is an outstanding reference. The company
fair that took place dur- HR staff informed visitors about covery was that fact that                      also has an international focus. Additional
ing the conference on 14           jobs and career entry.            so many young people                 factors are its attractive image and close-
December last year. At                                               are familiar with JURA               ness to where I live.”
the JURA stand, Thomas Meyer, Michael Weg- and would be keen to start a career with a
müller, Guido Grolimund and Philipp Zwahlen medium-sized, fast-growing company like                       What expectations did you have when
answered questions on career opportunities ours. JURA fully intends to be present at the                  you began the internship?
with the company. Also present was Marion Graduate’s Congress in 2007.                       –            “School had only given me a grounding in
                                                                                                          the theoretical side of business processes.
                                                                                                          I wanted more insight into day-to-day

                                                                                                          Were your expectations fulfilled?
                                                                                                          “Yes. I was put to work from day one and
                                                                                                          able to work independently.”

                                                                                                          What did you like the most?
                                                                                                          “The congenial atmosphere and of course
                                                                                                          the independence I already mentioned.”

                                                                                                          Would you like to work for JURA later?
                                                                                                          “If there were an opportunity, I could well
                                                                                                          imagine doing so.”

A discussion with consequences: Sonja Kunz (right) completed an internship at JURA.

14              COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007

Apprentice project week
on the Rigi
From 1 to 7 October 2006, our apprentices            worked together. As in previous years, the               from the gutters next to the tracks, but Rigi
gathered on the Rigi in the central Swiss Alps       participants were divided up into teams work-            smallholders also benefited from the apprenti-
for their annual community service camp. The         ing on various projects for the UAK Arth, Rigi           ces’ efforts, as they erected fencing for the com-
camp, attended by first- and fourth-year ap-          mountain railways and the Rigi Tourist Office.            ing winter and removed stones from pasture-
prentices, is designed to give them an oppor-        The youngsters repaired an iron railing for the          land. Our sincere thanks go to all the trainees
tunity to get to know one another away from          Tourist Office and felled trees in the Rigi area          for their hard work and efforts throughout the
work. For a full week, 43 apprentices training       for the forestry department. Other no less in-           week.                                            –
to be automation technicians, mechanics, IT          teresting tasks involved maintenance work on
specialists, fitters and commercial staff at JURA     roads and hiking trails as well as woodcutting           Pictured from left to right are JURA apprentices Marco von
Elektroapparate AG, Borregaard and the Thal-         in the Kulm area.                                        Arx, Ramona Ryser, Cyrill Ackermann, Isabelle Füeg, Michi
Gäu-Bipperamt vocational training association        Work for the railway involved clearing debris            Minder, Claudio Kessler and Simon Wirz.

                                                     prenticeship for a mechanical technician from
  New apprentice-                                    summer 2007. This apprenticeship has been
                                                     awarded to Tiago Morais Ferreirinha. Tiago is
                                                                                                                Snow as far as
  ships                                              currently in the second year of his apprentice-            the eye can see
                                                     ship as a fitter with JURA. The new three-year
                                                     apprenticeship for mechanical technicians fo-
“As a responsible employer, we are continu-          cuses on turning, milling and drilling and takes         Snow conditions in the Blatten-Belalp skiing
ously trying to create places for apprentices        place mainly in our service department. There,           region of the Upper Valais at the beginning
and new types of apprentices,” explains Roland       17-year-old Tiago will be helping to make de-            of March were still like deepest winter. Much
Eggenschwiler, our training manager. Apart           scaling systems, lifting systems, special-pur-           to the delight of our apprentices, who got to-
from apprenticeships for automation techni-          pose tools, service aids and machine parts.              gether with trainees from Borregaard Schweiz
cians and fitters, we will also be offering one ap-   Another new form of training is that of the              AG and the Thal-Gäu-Bipperamt vocational
                                                     industrial media specialist. Individuals with            training association for a week’s skiing from
                                                     this qualification specialize in economics, ad-           24 February to 3 March 2007. The 47 trainees,
                                                     ministration, information and communication              together with eight supervisors and cooks
                                                     technologies, analyzing customer and market              Dora Furrer and Elisabeth Bohner, enjoyed
                                                     needs, and developing product documenta-                 an eventful week with plenty of snow, culmi-
                                                     tion and service offerings. They provide first-           nating in a visit of technical interest to the
                                                     resort IT assistance and also help out with sales        Belalp Mountain Railways.                    –
                                                     promotion and PR work. Training for industrial
                                                     media specialists takes four years. It involves a
                                                     double basic year’s training in information and
                                                     communication technologies at BiCT (a centre
                                                     specializing in these subjects) and two years’
                                                     practical training with the company in the
                                                     Spice & Advertising, E-business and financial
                                                     departments. The first course begins in August
                                                     2007.                                           –

                                                     More information about apprenticeships can be found at
Tiago Morais Ferreirinha.                  

                                                                                                                           COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007               15

Paragliding – flying free as a bird
Even as a child, Patrik Huwiler was fascinated by flying: he was constantly                              thanks to the flight manoeuvres I had learnt,
making paper and model aeroplanes and hoisted his kite into the air at every                            I was fortunately soon able to escape the suc-
opportunity. Since then he’s the one who’s taken off: for three years now,                              tion and lose enough altitude to be safe.”
our co-worker in the Swiss distribution department has been enjoying man’s
greatest dream: flying with his paraglider.                                                              When we watch you paragliders up in the
                                                                                                        sky, it sometimes seems that you get very
Piloting a paraglider is not exactly an every- the training slope practising little ‘jumps’, my         close to one another.
day hobby. How did you become involved?            instructor sent me to the mountainside to make       “If you find a strong thermal then it’s rare to
“It might sound silly but flying was always my my first high-level flight. It was indescribable to         be left alone for long. In cases like that, a large
childhood dream. Since then, I’ve been able glide through the calm air all alone 800 metres             number of pilots can end up flying in a very
to transform this long-lived dream into reality above the ground and feel the wind in my                restricted space. It’s therefore very important
with my paraglider. The                                                    face. The instructions my    always to keep the others in your sight and
first step was to take            “There are also clear rules of            flight trainer sent me by     make sure there’s enough distance between
part in a trial day which           behaviour up in the sky.”              radio gave me the neces-     you. To avoid accidents there are also clear
I attended with two of                                                     sary security and I landed   rules of behaviour up in the sky. For example,
my friends. From that day on, I knew that safe-and-sound and overjoyed in Emmetten                      the person who flies highest in a thermal deter-
I had been infected by the flying bug and that just a few minutes later.”                                mines the direction of circulation. All the other
I would never lose that feeling.”                                                                       pilots follow him to avoid collisions.”
                                                   How many flights have you made since then?
What feeling?                                      “I’ve taken off more than 130 times since that       Alongside the dangers, there must also be
“Every time there’s the anticipation and the first flight, and I’ve always landed safely.”                many wonderful experiences. Has there
tingling feeling you get when you look for a                                                            been any particularly special moment for
suitable take-off location, unfurl the glider and Always trouble-free?                                  you?
kick off from the mountainside like a bird. It’s “There’s only really been one dangerous situa-         “One of them was my first real flight in a ther-
a real high. Whenever I take off, I enjoy the tion. That was in Crete where I was sucked                mal. It was on the Haldigrat in the Engelberg
unlimited freedom of the air.”                     into a cloud. The hillside was dangerously close     valley. The Haldigrat is a ridge which captures
                                                   but I could no longer see it through the fog.        the sun perfectly and offers ideal conditions
Can you remember your first flight?                  The turbulence shook me around with a lot of         for the formation of thermals, especially in the
“You bet – I’ll never forget it. After two days on force and I lost all sense of direction. However,    spring. I rose about 500 metres from the start-

16            COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007
                                                                                                                     1   2

                                 1. Total concentration at take-off.
                                 2. Paragliding – unlimited freedom!
                                 3. The glider opens up after a few steps.
                                 4. Carefully laying out the glider before
                                    take-off is one of the most important
                                    steps in the preparations.

                            3                                                    4

ing point and ‘climbed’ to the peak of nearby          How often do you fly?                               Do you get complacent with time?
Brisen. After more than two hours in the air,          “I’d like to go every weekend. However, this       “With practice, you get more experienced and
I crossed the valley to land safely again in fa-       type of flying is extremely dependent on wind       flying becomes more routine. However, if you
miliar territory. It was wonderful!”                   and weather conditions and unfortunately you       practise the sport with discipline and the nec-
                                                       sometimes have to wait a long time between         essary respect then that’s not a problem.”
When you make flights like that, you’re re-             flights. The nice thing, though, is that you can
liant on yourself alone. Is it a sport for indi-       go flying at any time of the year. Since I start-   If I wanted to take up paragliding, what
vidualists?                                            ed to fly, I’ve experienced the four seasons        would be the best way to start?
“No. Of course, there are pilots who enjoy being       much more intensively. Paragliding is also a       “First of all, I’d recommend a trial day at a
completely alone. However, radios and walkie-          nature experience which I wouldn’t want to         flying school where you can make your first
talkies make it possible for pilots to communi-        be without.”                                       small flight. The next thing to do is to make a
cate with one another. I also enjoy using this                                                            tandem or passenger flight so that you can get
technology to talk to my colleagues in the air.                                                           the feeling of flying free.”
And it gets convivial after the landing.                  PATRIK HUWILER
We often sit over a cold beer to chat about                                                               What sort of physical shape do you have to
our experiences and learn from one another.                                                               be in?
What I really like is the friendly, open relation-                                                        “Good health and average fitness are enough.
ship between the pilots. People who know the                                                              All the same, the rucksack with the equipment
territory are always happy to give you valuable                                                           weighs about 20 kilograms and you often have
advice when you start to fly in an unfamiliar                                                              to climb a fair way by foot in steep countryside.
area.”                                                                                                    Apart from that, anyone can take to the air
                                                                                                          – and that’s something I’d warmly recommend
Are there a lot of places to fly, then?                                                                    all readers to do!”                            –
“Switzerland with all its mountains is the per-           Age:                                      38
fect place to practise this sport and offers a            Marital status:                        single
huge choice of locations. I always look forward           With JURA:           since 1 December 2006
to discovering new places to fly. In particular,           Responsible for:                distribution
I’m intending to discover the Jura region – right                            management Switzerland
at JURA’s front door– from on high this year.”

                                                                                                                    COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007         17

From earlier times
                                                                                   Despite the fire, Alexander Jäggi started his new job with JURA in 1953.

In 1937, Hans Niklaus was the first apprentice       into 8.5 hours per day and an extra 4.5 hours on           decided the mustard was stimulating and so,
to be taken on by JURA (see article in the last     Saturday. Everyone got 14 days’ holiday.” But              from then on and to everyone’s amusement,
issue of Coffee Break 2/2006). Even today, 70       despite the workload and the hard times, the               used to put lashings of it on his chocolate.
years later, he can still very well remember a      workforce’s sense of humour was virtually in-              Alexander Jäggi remembers another some-
time when everything was so different. “Back        defatigable. Niklaus has vivid memories of one             what more tragic episode from JURA’s history.
then, the entire workforce consisted of 30 em-      particular episode. The seven men in the tool-             “After completing my training as a technical
ployees. An apprentice’s wage in the first year’s    making department used to eat sausages for                 draughtsman and working at the same job for
training was 25 Rappen an hour, going up to         their morning break and bought the mustard                 four years, I left JURA on 31 January 1952 to
45 in the fourth and final year. At that time, all   to go with them by the bucketful from Thomy.               get experience elsewhere. But only a year lat-
the wages of the workforce were under a franc       One of them, Paul Studer, also used to polish              er, Leo Probst approached me and asked me
an hour, with a 48-hour working week divided        off a bar of chocolate for his break. One day, he          to join his R&D department. It was an offer I
                                                                                                               couldn’t refuse and so I signed a contract to
                                                                                                               start work on 1 May 1953. Then, on the night
                                                                                                               of 6/7 February, the company’s main building
                                                                                                               was virtually razed to its foundations by fire.
                                                                                                               Worried about my future, I went to look at the
                                                                                                               smouldering remains of what had once been
                                                                                                               the factory and by chance bumped into Leo
                                                                                                               Henzirohs and Leo Probst.
                                                                                                               When I asked what would happen now, without
                                                                                                               a moment’s hesitation Leo Henzirohs answered
                                                                                                               that it would go on. “Just think of all the peo-
                                                                                                               ple it affects,” he said. Alexander Jäggi started
                                                                                                               working for the company again on 1 April 1953
                                                                                                               – a month earlier than planned – and remained
Leo Henzirohs (left) and Hans Niklaus in 1954.      Hans Niklaus (left) and director Leo Probst in 1972.       there until he retired in 31 May 1994.          –

                                                    long table in the Restaurant Sonne to enjoy a              these is on 12 April when they will be paying a

Light-hearted                                       light-hearted lunch together. Needless to say,
                                                    there was no shortage of stories from days long
                                                                                                               visit to a major Migros distribution in Neuen-
                                                                                                               dorf. The trip promises to be interesting and
get-together                                        past and the afternoon will be long remembe-
                                                    red by everyone who attended.
                                                                                                               informative.                                  –

Traditions, it’s said, should not be broken, par-   TELLING TALES
ticularly when all the people involved have so      Just a few weeks later, JURA’s ex-employees
much fun. On 14 November 2006, all former           rounded off activities with their end-of-year
JURA employees with more than ten years’ ser-       get-together on 8 December. Over 30 atten-
vice as well as those celebrating a big birthday    dees spent a pleasant afternoon reminiscing
got together for their traditional gathering in     about the good old days, and playing cards and
Niederbuchsiten.                                    skittles. The day was rounded off with a hearty
Thirteen hale and hearty pensioners – two of        dinner. Ever in search of exciting things to do,
them already 85 – together with several mem-        our pensioners have a number of interesting
ber of JURA’s management sat down at the            activities planned for this year, too. The first of         A congenial get-together at the Restaurant Sonne.

18               COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007
                                                                                                                                        STAFF NEWS

                                                                                                  FAIRS TIMETABLE

                                                                                                  We will be presenting JURA products at the
                                                                                                  following shows:

                                                                                                  BEA BERN, 27.04. – 06.05.07

                                                  JURAworld of Coffee Events
10 YEARS                25 YEARS
Colette Aeberli         Beatrice Buser            COFFEE LOVERS NIGHT
Consultant              KUDI                      JURAworld of Coffee – 08.06.07, evening         LUGA LUCERNE, 27.04. – 06.05.07
Jacqueline Hadorn       Erich Ullmann
Factory shop            Production depart-        RAID PROLOGUE CONCOURS                          SIGA SARGANS, 28.04. – 06.05.07
Sandra Bee              ment technician           D’ELEGANCE, 22.08.07, 11 am
Logistics services      Manee Studer                                                              HIGA CHUR, 11. – 20.05.07
                        Service: irons
15 YEARS                                                                                          AGROBALT Lithuania, 23.05. – 26.05. 07
Doris Emmenegger        30 JAHRE
Coffee service          Nelly Inauen                                                              37. ST. GALLEN SYMPOSIUM,
Elsbeth Diriwächter     Service: irons                                                            St. Gallen, 31.05. – 02.06.07
Consultant              Heinz Kuhn
Reinhard Studer         Processing                                                                TEA & COFFEE WORLD CUP,
Technician laboratory   Esther Ramseier                                                           Geneva, 03.06. – 05.06.07
                        Coffee service
20 JAHRE                                                                                          GIFT&INTERIOR TRADE FAIR AUTUMN,
Andrea Tiemann                                                                                    Lillestrom, Norway 23.08. – 26.08.07
Human resources


  JURA’s Gourmet Coffee Catering will be pres-   24.06.07 Ironman 2007, Zürich                   05. – 08.07.07 Maienzug, Aarau
  ent at the following events:                   In contrast to Rapperswil-Jona’s Ironman in
                                                 June (70.3 km), the athletes at this event go   13. – 15.07.07 Open Air, Frauenfeld
  05.05.07 Schürzenjäger, Huttwil                the full Ironman distance of 226 km. Excite-    One of Switzerland’s best-known and most
                                                 ment guaranteed along the entire route.         popular open-air festivals. Once again at
  31.05 – 03.06.07 Ironman 70.3 Switzerland,                                                     lower Auenfeld.
  Rapperswil-Jona, party and top athletic per-   29.06. – 01.07.07 Open Air, St. Gallen
  formance on the Lake of Zurich. The pro-                                                       19. – 22.07.07 Gurtenfestival 07, Bern
  gram included 1.9 km swimming and 90 km
  cycling followed by 21.1 km run.                                                               28. – 31.07.07 HALT-Festival, Lengnau

  08. – 10.06.07 Open Air, Hoch-Ybrig                                                            08. – 12.08.07 Heitere Open Air, Zofingen
  Event for Swiss dialect rock fans.
                                                                                                 09. – 11.08.07 Guinness Irish Festival, Sion
  15. – 16.06.07 Argovia Fest, Brugg                                                             The twelfth event, and for the second time
                                                                                                 in the idyllic little town of Sion. A very
  16. – 17.06.07 Vanessa Grand Open Air,                                                         special event in every respect. Celtic music
   Leuk-Stadt                                                                                    at its best.

                                                                                                            COFFEE BREAK NR. 1 / 2007         19
                 The fine art of coffee
   1. The creamy milk froth
   in poured onto the espresso
   from a small jug.

                                                                                                                                                        2. A film of rose syrup is
                                                                                                                                                  applied to the milk froth using
                                                                                                                                                               an airbrush pistol.

   3. A dab of milk froth is                                                                  4. Two circles are drawn
   placed in the middle of the                                                                with chocolate sauce.
   rose syrup.

                                                           5. The chocolate and milk
                                                            froth are mixed together
                                                        with a small skewer to create
                                                                           an image.

                                                                                              6. Hey presto! And that’s how a latte with syrup looks when
                                                                                              made by a Swiss champion.


  After the success of last year’s World of Coffee barista world cham-                      the barista world championships in Antwerp in May. Apart from this,
  pionship, the Swiss barista championship took place on 21 and 22                          our own World of Coffee blend was voted best espresso for the second
  January. The competition took place as part of the FBK, Switzerland’s                     time in succession.
  bakery and confectionery fair held at the BEA exhibition complex in
  Bern. Fourteen baristas took part, with JURA’s own coffee specialists
  playing a prominent role. First, Daniel Heininger took the title of Swiss
                                                                                                                           DANIEL HEINIGER
  champion in the “ Latte Art Championship”, impressing the jury with
  his exquisitely executed Cappuccino und Espresso Macchiato. As an                                                        Age:                                             37
  absolutely revolutionary touch, he decorated his own creation with                                                       Marital status:                 married, 2 children
  rose syrup using an airbrush. The spectators were awe-struck, as no                                                      With JURA:                   since 17 January 2000
  other competitor has ever dared to do such a thing. We are of course                                                     Responsible for:              JURAworld of Coffee
  delighted for Daniel, who will be representing Switzerland and us at                                                                                     Academy Seminar

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