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									                                                                                               April 2010
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                                                                                        the parishes of Bunbury and Tilstone Fearnall

Blists Hill
is a hit
Pictured here are Bunbury School Year 5
pupils on their recent residential visit to
Ironbridge. Their teacher, Richard
Harley, writes: “The children's behaviour
was impeccable. They ate really well,
particularly the cooked breakfasts at the
Coalport YHA. The children loved
spending their Victorian money at the
sweet shop at Blists Hill and decorating
tiles at the Jackfield Tile Museum.
This year’s talent show was particularly
interesting with a group of singers and
dancers in outrageous costumes
dressed as superheroes.”

Young medics Laura and Katie head for India
Bunbury’s Katie Everton and Laura             for children with special needs, and a    to treatment. This is a cause that is
Mulcahy, currently in their fourth year       mobile clinic which provides care to      very close to our hearts, and we are
studying medicine, write:                     those living in slums and remote areas,   looking forward to learning from the
“This summer, as part of our                  that otherwise would not have access      inspirational doctors there. Before we
undergraduate medical training, we are                                                  depart we are trying to raise as much
travelling to one of the most deprived                                                  money as we can to help them with
areas in India to work with the Gwalior                                                 their cause. If you would like to help us
Children’s Hospital Charity. This charity                                               you can donate at:
works with poor, disadvantaged                                                          www.justgiving.com/katieandlaura
children, women and the elderly to                                                      The money goes directly to the charity
provide them with basic healthcare that                                                 and a small amount really does go such
we take for granted. The charity has set                                                a long way. Thank you so much.”
up a children’s hospital, an orphanage                                                  Katie and Laura

Scout hut crisis                                      Join us at church this Easter
Well after the 11th hour, further legal        Good Friday: St.Boniface is open for meditation
obstacles were put in the way of the go        between 12 noon and 3pm with prayers from 2pm to
-ahead for Bunbury’s new Scout Hut.            3pm.
Large grant offers were about to be
withdrawn as their deadline passed. In         Easter Sunday
a final effort to get this project off the     8.00am Holy Communion, St. Boniface
ground, Scout and Explorer leaders
worked late behind the scenes and              9.30am Holy Communion, St. Jude’s
delivered documents to London in               10 am Family Communion,St. Boniface
person. The project was saved, thanks
to their determination. Thankyou!
                                               6.30pm Holy Communion, Calveley               HAPPY EASTER!
         Community                         We are not supposed to put used
                                           batteries in our domestic waste now,
                                                                                       Do you have any greenhouse staging
                                                                                       or benches that you don’t need and
Congratulations to Pat Edgley on the       so you may be interested to know that       would be willing to donate to Bunbury
safe arrival of her latest grandchild.     Bunbury Co-op provides a disposal bin       School? (see p8). Please contact
                                           on the counter. There is also a bin at      Elaine Crotty 260648 if you can help.
Congratulations to Lisa Chivers and
                                           the waste disposal area at Nantwich         Cheshire Crimestoppers is an
Richard Harris who were married at
                                           Sainsburys, next to the bottle banks.       initiative where anyone who has
St.Boniface on 26th February. The
groom’s sister, Caroline Briggs Harris,    Cheshire Wildlife Trust welcomes            information on crimes being
sang “Panis Angelicus” during the          used mobile phones which it recycles        committed can report them on a
signing of the register.                   to raise funds for its work: please         dedicated number. Callers are
                                           contact 01948 820728 if you have            completely anonymous and the call is
                                           any unwanted phones.                        not traced. Ring Crimestoppers on
                                           Martina Phillips writes that Children's     0800 555 111 or visit the youth
                                           Society boxes will be opened in April.      website at www.shadowcs.co.uk
                                           They can be left in church.
                                           Laura Mulcahy and Katie Everton
                                           have asked us to thank all those who
                                           donated so generously in church on          The Link can be read online during the
                                           March 14th. Over £200 was raised.           week before your copies are available.
                                           (See front page)                            Look on our website
                                           The Nantwich Singers are organising         www.stbonifacebunbury.org.uk
                                           a Sing-a-long-a- Gilbert & Sullivan         If you don’t have a magazine delivered
                                           evening on 5th June. Ticket details         you are welcome to pick one up
                                           next month                                  from church.
Happy birthday to Bunbury’s Lynne          Many thanks to Rachel Thompson
Simpson, and to her near neighbour,                              who as an
Graham Griffiths, who achieved a                                 aspiring              This month please pray especially for
combined century in March.                                       journalist            John Mason, Paul Rathbone,
                                                                 offered to help       Claire Dickens, Brenda Miller and the
Best wishes to Jean Healey,                                                            families of Dorothy Rowland and
                                                                 with the Link
recovering from a knee operation.                                                      Bessie Pinnington. We pray for all
                                                                 this month. We
We are sorry to report the recent                                put her               those suffering in body, mind or spirit.
deaths of Bessie Pinnington and                                  straight to
Dorothy Rowland. (More about                                     work and you
Dorothy Rowland on page 7)                                                             Please note that the May Link will be
                                                                 can see the           available one week later than usual,
Not content with running the London                              results on            on Sunday 2nd May. Contributions by
Marathon in 2008, Bunbury resident                               pages 4 and 6.        Thursday 15th April please.
Chris Jones will be going back for
more on the 25th April 2010. Hoping             Our Vicar is Rick Gates. He is always available in times of sickness,
to cross the finish line in under four          bereavement or any distress. Contact him at The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane,
hours, he is raising money for Alder
                                                Bunbury, on 01829 260991, 07715 178750 or rick@prayer.fsnet.co.uk
Hey Children’s Hospital. “My daughter
Megan, now a healthy and ‘chatty’ Yr 1
                                               Other church contacts:
pupil at Bunbury School, was in
                                               Peter and Kath Collinge (pastoral support)                260077
intensive care there when she was a
baby and needed an emergency                   St.Boniface        Churchwardens: Barbara Croley          260344
operation. It's an amazing hospital                                              Walter Done             01244 332563
with wonderful staff, that badly needs                            Secretary      Neil Dewson-Smyth       261680
                                                                  Flowers        Margaret Bourne         260944
money to help save more children's
lives. If you would like to sponsor me I       St.Jude’s          Churchwardens: Brigid Sayce            260865
would be extremely grateful.”                                                    David Wright            260467
www.justgiving.com/                                               Secretary      Ann Posnett             261154
chrisjonesmarathon                                                Organist       Ann Badrock             260343
Tom Crotty writes “I have foolishly            Calveley           Churchwardens: Barbara Croley          260344
decided that I will run a 10k before I                                           Walter Done             01244 332563
                                                                  Organist       John Batchelor          261056
expire - albeit the one may lead to the
                                                                  Secretary      Sue Woodward            01270 522822
other! I've entered the Delamere
Forest 10k in July and should you care
to encourage me in this folly and help
Cancer Research, donations would be                                 www.stbonifacebunbury.org.uk
gratefully received at” http://                        The Link is edited by Lucy Munro 260487, and Jill Robey 260081.
www.runningsponsorme.org/tomcrotty                                      Email lucykmunro@hotmail.com

The leap of faith
 ‘Jesus said to Thomas, “Put your           support him as he leapt into the             to be true! He’d seen Jesus do many
 finger here and see my hands. Reach        rainbow. It was the perfect illustration     things which seemed impossible -
 out your hand and put it in my side.       of ‘the leap of faith’.                      wasn’t it probable that Jesus would
 Do not doubt but believe.” ’               In any kind of relationship there has to     surprise them again? Yes, ‘probable’,
 (St. John 20, 27)                          be a leap of faith. When a couple fall in    thought Thomas, but not ‘certain’.
                                            love they inevitably discover a lot of       Thomas needed visible proof. Then for
A photographer was trying to                                                             a while he put his doubts on hold and
understand just what faith really           facts about each other. She’s beautiful;
                                            he has a good sense of humour; she’s         went to the upper room where he had
means. He’d taken the cable car to the                                                   last seen Jesus before his crucifixion.
top of one of the mountains in the          affectionate; he’s headstrong; she loves
                                            cooking; he can boil an egg in an            And there was Jesus, alive again, and
Bavarian Alps, and there he was trying                                                   inviting Thomas to touch the wounds.
to get a good photograph of the             emergency – and so on. None of those
                                            facts on their own are sufficient to         Instead Thomas made the leap of faith
paragliders, those people who soar like                                                  and claimed Jesus as ‘my Lord and my
a bird into space, supported by nothing     establish a permanent relationship.
                                            Before taking that decisive step you         God.’ He didn’t wait for absolute proof –
more than a narrow parachute. The                                                        instead he put his whole trust in his
weather seemed to be turning a bit          decide at some level deeper than
                                            reason alone that you trust the other        Lord and Saviour.
nasty as a huge, black cloud hung over
the edge of the valley. The                 person and choose to spend your lives        It’s the same for you and me. We study
photographer doubted whether it would       together. And so you step out in faith       the evidence and decide that it’s
be safe to jump in such conditions and      and, as it were, gamble your future on       probable that Jesus is alive – probable
then one of the sportsmen, in a yellow      your belief that everything is going to      but not certain. And at some point we
jumpsuit and with a bright yellow           work out. It’s not a kind of blind faith –   have to make the leap of faith. Like the
parachute took his run across the ridge     you have reasons to believe that you’re      paraglider who trusts his life to that this
of the mountain and launched himself        probably right. But those who cling to       strip of material, we have to leap into
into space.                                 any doubts they may have and refuse to       the rainbow and put our whole trust in
                                            make the leap of faith are unable to         Jesus. But when you’ve taken that leap
At that moment the sun came out and a       establish a deep relationship.               and found that the living Lord Jesus
beautiful rainbow stretched from                                                         does uphold you, you know that the
mountain to mountain in front of the        Poor doubting Thomas was one of
                                            those. He believed in Jesus but couldn’t     gamble really was entirely worth it!
black cloud. The camera clicked and
the photographer had captured the           quite bring himself to trust the reports     Happy Easter!
image of a lifetime: the paraglider         he’d heard that Jesus was alive once         Eric Wallington
trusting in his fragile parachute to        more – for Thomas it was just too good

Catholic Mass at St. Boniface                                                                       Bunbury
                                                                                                Good Companions
Roman Catholics are invited to              Anglicans see this as a symbolic                         presents the farce
celebrate Mass in Bunbury’s ancient         celebration only,” he said. “And that
church this month. Rick Gates hopes         difference is very real.”
the occasion at St. Boniface Church will    Rick is hoping that Tom Crotty, who            Dying to Meet You
help to highlight the similarities          grew up as a Roman Catholic and is
between the two traditions, rather than     now an Anglican lay reader at
the differences.                            St Boniface, will deliver the sermon.                                Bunbury Village
“I find it heart-breaking that many                                                                                   Hall
                                            Father Joe said he hoped many                                          Thurs-Sat
Christians who believe in the same          Catholics from Bunbury would make a
Christ cannot worship together,” he         special effort to attend the 7pm                                      13th-15th
said, “so I am very pleased that Father
Joseph Carney Parish Priest at
                                            service. “There are a lot of Catholics in                               May
                                            the village,” he said.
St. Thomas à Becket in Tarporley has
                                            Sue Briggs-Harris                                                      Tickets £7 to
agreed to celebrate Mass with us.”
                                                                                                                  include nibbles
During the service on April 7th, Father
Carney will only be able to offer the                                                             Door and bar 7.30pm
elements of communion to Roman                                                                  Performance 8pm prompt.
Catholics as there is a fundamental
difference between the two Christian                                                         Tickets available from Monday
traditions. Catholics, he explained,                                                       April 12th (table reservations for 8
believe in the sacrifice of the Mass;                                                         also available) from Jo Perry
that they are actually drinking the blood                                                                260500.
and eating the body of Christ. “Many

News from St. Jude’s                                                                          April Diary
St Jude’s church hall has          progress and is becoming an          April
recently been decorated            expert in the art of crutches.         4                  Easter Day
both inside and out and it is      Please do remember them in                    8.00am      Holy Communion             St. Boniface
looking rather splendid. The       your prayers, and our other                   9.30am      Holy Communion             St. Jude’s
external work was done by          friends who are not too well                 10.00am      Family Communion           St. Boniface
                                                                                 6.30pm      Holy Communion             Calveley
John and Glynn Lloyd, a pair       at this time.
to keep in mind for any            The Service for the Women’s            7     10.00am      Holy Communion          St. Boniface
decorating requirements we         World Day of Prayer held in                   7.00pm      Catholic Mass (see p 3)
might have in the future. The      St Judes on the 4th of March
church hall is available for       was a great success. We                11     9.30am      Morning Service            St. Jude’s
hire to any member of the          have heard that the singing                  10.00am      Family Communion           St. Boniface
public : please ring 260555        was something special:                        6.00pm      Evensong                   St. Boniface
to book.                           congratulations to all the
                                                                          14 10.00am         Holy Communion             St. Boniface
A reminder that the                ladies.
St. Jude’s Vestry Meeting will     Congratulations are also due           18     8.00am      Holy Communion             St. Boniface
be held on the 12th of April at    to Margo and Don Elsden                       9.30am      Holy Communion             St. Jude’s
7pm. The meeting is open to        who celebrated their Golden                  10.00am      Family Worship             St. Boniface
all members of the parish, so      Wedding Anniversary on                       11.00am      Matins                     Calveley
do come along and who              March 14th. Our love and
knows – you could get a job        best wishes to you both from           21 10.00am         Holy Communion             St. Boniface
helping to run the show.           all at St. Judes.                      25     9.30am      Holy Communion          St. Jude’s
Newcomers to the sick bay          Easter will soon be upon us.                 10.00am      Short Communion         St. Boniface
this month include                 Our Easter Day service is on                              Followed by annual meetings
Wyn Lloyd, who has been            4th April when we will have
falling about but we are           the support of the Alpraham            May
pleased to say is now well on      Singers, who will help us to           2   8.00am         Holy Communion             St. Boniface
the way to recovery, and,                                                     9.30am         Holy Communion             St. Jude’s
                                   make it a great celebration
more recently, Michael                                                       11.00am         Holy Communion             Calveley
                                   of hope and expectation.                  10.00am         Family Worship             St. Boniface
Morgan-Wynne - we
understand is making               Bob Gardner
                                                                          5     10.00am      Holy Communion             St. Boniface

Bunbury’s got talent                                                       Rachel Thompson
Friday night’s excitement is still being       Jedward (plus friends). The act that          auction and raffle raised £480. The
talked about! Who could fail to enjoy          really made us all hoot with                  finale saw all the performers joined by
the enthusiasm and talent of these             enthusiasm, and even resulted in              leaders and audience for a lively
young entertainers? On Friday 19th             Amanda the Guest Judge being moved            performance of “This is it” to rapturous
March the Scouts put together their            to tears, was the tremendous novelty          applause. I left the Village Hall feeling
own talent show and if you weren’t             act involving 20-plus different songs         elated and singing along to the final hit.
there then you missed out! Boys and            and dances all performed by three              I think if the new Scout Hut even
girls aged 1 to 14 pulled out all the          extremely fit boys. With hardcore rock, a     vaguely represents the evening I
stops to make it an evening to be              bit of ‘Greased Lightning’, ‘Ice Ice baby’,   witnessed, then it’s going to be an
remembered.                                    ‘Thriller’ and even break dancing, this       architectural masterpiece!
Bunbury Scouts have been working               act left us open mouthed as Gus,
hard raising money for their new Scout         surely a star in the making, continued
Hut: with a £50,000 grant from WREN,           to jump
and £47,000 from the Borough Council,          around the
they were within £20,000 of their              stage! A
target. After much fundraising activity        definite 10
and now with the talent show under             out of 10 for
their belts, the target is within sight. The   effort.
show was the final fabulous finish!            The comical
The evening contained many wonders,            double act of
from rock bands to magic acts and pop          the hosts kept
groups. The quick wit Freddie Ashworth         the audience
had the crowd roaring with laughter.           entertained
The audience enjoyed performances              throughout
from Aqua, JLS, Grease, Jay-Z and              the show. The

Two minutes - Peter Jones
                                 Peter was born in                      disastrous consequences, but brought them all back alive.
                                 Birmingham and brought up              3. What would the title of your biography be?
                                 in a close family with two             ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’.
                                 older sisters and four male
                                 cousins. As a youngster he             4. What was your first job?
                                 was a drum-playing member              A Mr Kipling Cakes van salesman.
                                 of The Boys’ Brigade, and              5. Who would you make prime minister? Vince Cable
                                 aspired to be a journalist. He         6. Where did you meet your partner? Loughborough
                                 met and married Helen, then            University and celebrating 30 happy years this year!
                                 Rob was born in Suffolk and
                                 Claire in Yorkshire, before the        7. What is your biggest regret in life? Not seeing Queen live
                                 family moved to Bunbury, (via          in concert.
                                 Ashbourne!), where they have           8. If you could change something about Bunbury, what
                                 now lived for nearly 18 years.         would it be? Stopping the traffic chaos outside the Co-op.
                                 Peter has spent the whole of           9. What is one thing about you people may be surprised to
                                 his working life in the food           learn? That I am a member of the Institute of Advanced
                                 industry, latterly doing his bit       Motorists.
                                 to encourage obesity by
                                 making delicious muffins,              10. What would you most like to achieve in the next 12
                                 doughnuts and garlic bread.            months? Lose a stone in weight
                                 Peter is a keen golfer and is          11. If you were granted one wish what would it be? Peace
also proud to have been part of the successful lottery bid to           throughout the world
build the Bunbury Cricket Pavilion.                                     12. Where is your favourite place and why? The Lake
1. If you had a motto what would it be?                                 District, because the beautiful scenery always recharges my
‘Cheer up - there’s always somebody worse off than yourself.’           batteries.
2. It’s a celebrity beer call. Where is it, who do you invite           13. Where and how would you spend your ideal weekend
and why? In the Dysart because the Eastgate beer is                     In the Lake District with family and friends, walking in the hills
fabulous; Ernest Shackleton, as he was one of the greatest              with our dog Coco, with dinner at Lucy’s of Ambleside.
leaders. Failed to take his men to the South Pole, with

Bunbury - a wonderful place to live?
Of course it’s a wonderful place to live,     tunnel and I really do consider myself to        Most of the time my house looks like a
otherwise we wouldn’t be here, but            be one of the lucky ones. My next                florist’s shop or a cake shop, which
what makes it so wonderful? That’s my         course is not supposed to be as                  cheers us all up. The gifts that have so
question.                                     aggressive, so fingers crossed!                  thoughtfully been sent make it feel
We are lucky to have a village that is so     I am constantly overwhelmed by the               more like it’s my birthday.
pretty, a beautiful welcoming church          support of our family and friends. The           Friends who have taken time to text
with a picturesque pub opposite. The          cards I received included so many kind           and chat on Facebook have been a
Dysart holds so many fond memories            words – most of which made me cry                lifeline when I have been indoors and
for me, especially as it’s where I met        (I admit I’m emotional even at the best          not felt like venturing out. I look forward
Chris (the rest as they say is history!),     of times) - and offers of help with Poppi        to my ‘good week’ when no doubt you
not to mention our excellent medical          or Alfie, with the housework or just a           will see me out and about picking Poppi
centre which I use more by the week!          listening ear for when I needed it. You          and Alfie up from school and just
We have Burrows Butchers and the              may also be surprised to know that               enjoying the fresh air and seeing
Co-op which means we don’t have to            there actually is a local laundry fairy, or      everybody for a chat. I feel so good on
venture too far for our daily essentials      several, (though they may not like being         this week it’s easy to forget.
(and a bit of a social along the way) -       called fairies!)                                 So, for me it is most definitely the
and of course all the pampering you           Friends have brought scrummy meals               people who make Bunbury a ‘Wonderful
need at the local salons.                     for us when I have been having                   Place to Live’. I feel truly blessed to
Do these make the village ‘wonderful’?        treatment and when I am neither use              have so many wonderful friends here
Yes – but it’s not the reason for my little   nor ornament in the days afterwards.             and to all of those people I would like to
article.                                      Although they say, ‘Oh, it’s nothing’, I         say a very truly heartfelt thank you for
                                              know it is quite something when                  everything you have done for me, Chris,
As I write this I have just finished my       everybody leads such busy lives. Poppi           Poppi and Alfie.
first course of chemotherapy for breast       and Alfie get very excited, asking “Who
cancer. As many of you know, this has                                                          With sunshine smiles to you all,
                                              is bringing our tea tonight?” and if this
been a particularly tough time for me.        is the only thing on their minds at that         Claire Dickens
Despite the considerable journey ahead        moment then I’m happy.
there is always light at the end of the
The rollercoaster of fashion                                                        Rachel Thompson
You can pull out your old leggings and          anything Vivienne Westwood sells.            Cone-shaped heels are the new shoe
bright floral tops. You can hunt out your       Remember the ‘60s with the floral t-         trend: mid height and sporty - finally, a
biking boots and don your baggy                 shirts and chunky military boots? Well       comfortable alternative to those fierce
jumpers: the retro ‘80s and ‘60s are            they are back and the latest trend on        mega heels! Give your feet a welcome
back in style.                                  the high streets. The need to buy new        breather, while looking fabulous!
Though many women thought they’d                things is no longer upon us, the older it    This spring is also bringing back leather
seen the last of their tight leggings and       is, the better it looks!                     shorts, tailored blazers, tropical and
jeans, they were wrong. The new                 I wouldn’t recommend wearing your old        African prints, body-con fittings, denim
fashion is floral and tight fitting             maternity jumpers and cleaning               shirts and maxi dresses How many of
trousers. So Bunbury ladies, there’s no         leggings, though they really were comfy.     you can say that you have all these
need to go out and spend all your               The new ‘frumpy’ jumpers are more            items in drawers gathering dust? So the
money on new clothes, just look in the          about looking oversized, while fitting       next time your daughters tell you that
back of your wardrobe, put on the               like a glove. And for those of you who       you don’t have the first idea about
nearest top, and call it vintage!               used to dress in your stocks and             fashion, you can reply that you’ve been
Fashion has always been a rollercoaster         jackets, for an evening out, but feel it’s   there, done that and actually have the t-
of what’s in and what’s definitely out,         out of fashion now - well, you couldn’t      shirt!
but we also have our old favourites that        be more wrong! Young women are               The fashion of the ’50s, ‘60s and ‘80s
can just be worn again and again.               heading the new fashion craze for            is back for good, so grab your lacy tops
These special items can be                      hunting gear. - jodhpurs and checked         and striped leggings, and step straight
accessorized to make them as hip as             shirts are flying off the shelves.           onto the catwalk!

Caroline’s 26.2 mile walk                                                                       Xmas Quiz Answers
Cancer Research chose an ideal time to          I am walking in honour of our very own          1. Epiphany           15. Frosty the
ping a round-robin email into my inbox.         vicar, Rick, and my fundraising is              2. St. Stephen        Snowman
‘Caroline, what are you doing on 17th           specifically aimed towards earlier              3. Nevada             16.
April?’ it asked in its subject heading. I      detection of bowel cancer. Please do            4. Osprey             a) Inn
was a little bored at work, trying to           visit my webpage
                                                                                                5. Mahon              b) Angels
motivate myself, and rather than do             www.sponsormetoshine.org/
some work, chose to enter a 26.2 mile                                                           6, Onion              c) Santa
overnight sponsored walk in                                                                     7. Bells              d) St. Mary’s
Manchester. This was back in October.           and be as generous as you can be. I             8. Shoes              e) Express
As I write this with just over 4 weeks to       intend to print off the page and its
                                                                                                9. Yellowstone        f) Life
go, reality dawns.                              messages of support to help get me
                                                round when the going gets tough. And            10. Christmas         g) Nightmare
It is a jolly long way. Still, I am fortunate   as we all know, when that happens, the                  Rose,         before
enough to enjoy the good health to be           tough get going. Yes, that is one of the        11. Iona,             Christmas
able (in theory) to complete the                many tracks on my iPod for the night.           12 Rick’s Café        h) Martians
challenge. Training has been a little,          Along with the Vengaboys, but we don’t
erm, irregular to say the least. And                                                            13. Eleven            17. Sesame
                                                talk about that. Many thanks.
walking is rather time-consuming. The                                                           14. Alexandre         18. (Sir) Cliff
training schedule provided says I am            Caroline Briggs-Harris                          Dumas                         Richard
supposed to be doing about 20 hours a
week at the moment. Ah well...

 As I write, our family awaits a new arrival. The waiting               Lord, without your resurrection
 seems endless and agonising, yet we look forward with faith            our faith would be empty
 to a time of pure joy and fulfilment.                                  and without hope.
 So must it have been with Jesus, waiting and agonising in              But you are alive,
 the dark garden before his arrest, so alone, abandoned by              and we rejoice and dance and wonder
 his sleeping disciples, knowing he was to be tortured and to           in the mystery of your presence among us.
 die, before he would conquer death once for all, and rise in           Jesus has risen from the dead! Alleluia!
 glory.                                                                 By his cross he has defeated the power of evil,
                                                                        and through his resurrection we are set free. Alleluia!

Olive Lowe - Unconditional love
Olive Lowe’s daughter Suzanne recalls       simple way of life, never craving          hope that I have given you enough in
happy times with her mother:                expensive holidays or beautiful            return. You have always been the one I
“My childhood was nothing short of          possessions, never needing to stray far    have turned to for advice and
idyllic, you and my Dad were very           from Bunbury. The one thing that gave      reassurance in good times and in
settled together and we spent many          you the most joy was being in the          darker moments, and you have never
wonderful hours at home at Woodworth        company of your friends and family,        failed me.
Green. You had lived there since you        surrounded by laughter. It concerned       God bless, Mum,
were nine and that’s where I picture you    you deeply if someone was sad.
most. That is where you were happiest.      I was so lucky to have a mum who loved
It was evident to me from an early age      me as totally and unconditionally as
that you were contented with a very         you. I have always felt that love, and

Dorothy Rowland a kind and loving lady
Dorothy was born in Bunbury and lived       from the hedgerow ready to be made         In her spare time Dorothy went to bingo
in the same house on Queen Street for       into pies and jam. Dorothy enjoyed         and whist and was a member of the
the whole of her life. She was very close   working for Mrs Combs in her café          Mother’s Union.
to her mother, Alice, whom she looked       where she was able to meet many            When her children grew up Dorothy
after in her later life. Dorothy and her    people. She met her future husband,        became grandmother to six
sister Nancy attended Bunbury Girls         Cecil (Cis), at Cholmondeley and they      grandchildren - Paul, John, Hannah,
School. The family was very involved in     were married in 1947. They had three       Grace, Luke and Alex, and recently a
church activities and one of the            children - Diane, Graham and Philip -      great nana to Mya and Joseph. Dorothy
highlights of Dorothy’s childhood was       and Dorothy stayed at home to look         really enjoyed treating her grand-
being Rose Queen. Her cousin Eric was       after the family. She was a good cook      children to Easter eggs, meals out and
one of the page boys.                       and was often complimented on her          outings by train.
When Dorothy left school she went to        delicious home cooking. Beef stew was
                                            her speciality. Cis worked on the          Her family remember especially the
work in Cholmondeley Woods and later,                                                  eightieth Birthday Dorothy had at the
when war broke out, became a member         railways and one of the perks of the job
                                            was subsidised rail travel. Dorothy        Nags Head in Haughton. She is
of the Land Army. Dorothy loved                                                        remembered as a kind and loving lady
working outdoors and was often seen         enjoyed many happy family holidays
                                            travelling by rail to various resorts      who will be sadly missed.
around the village on her bicycle. In
summer she would pick wild berries          around the country, including              Graham Rowland
                                            Llandudno, Skegness and Morecambe.

                                                                                         young artists
                                                                                           The Bunbury Young Artists
                                                                                         Competition 2010 will take place
                                                                                          on Thursday 22nd April at the
                                                                                                Bunbury Pavilion.
                                                                                             The competition is open to
                                                                                          anyone 16 years or under from
                                                                                            Bunbury or the neighbouring
                                                                                          villages. Prizes will be awarded
                                                                                          for the winners and runners up
                                                                                           of each age group. All entries
                                                                                          are exhibited on the evening of
                                                                                           22nd April from 6.30 to 8pm.
                                                                                           Entry forms can be collected
                                                                                                from 12th April from
                                                                                          Mrs Blanche Wilgose, Lisadel,
                                                                                          School Lane, Bunbury. Entries
                                                                                           must be returned to the same
   The YCs pictured after the service they led at St. Boniface on 21st March                    address by 21st April.

Thirty years                               The school’s gardening and eco club
                                           will soon be cultivating soft fruits and   The Gathering
of school
                                           potatoes, as well as looking after
                                           several hundred spring bedding plants      2010
                                           they are planning to sell to parents

dinners                                    later in the spring.                       St. Boniface youth worker Laura
                                                                                      Warrington writes: Last month some of
                                                                                      our young people went to a national
Between them, two members                                                             youth event with over 1,600 young
of Bunbury School dinner                                                              people present. The music was great
team have cooked up around                                                            and all who went were challenged and
thirty years of school dinners.                                                       encouraged. At a loss as to where to
(We reckon that’s well over                                                           go for our meagre Sunday lunch, we
half a million meals!) Sadly,                                                         opted to eat in the car! We had a lot of
catering assistant Anne                                                               fun and are looking forward to next
Bostock, who has been at the                                                          year!"
school for 23 years, and Kath
Roden (pictured), who has
clocked up six years as catering
supervisor, are both retiring at the end   Curry night and quiz.
of April. They have seen lots of           Thanks to everyone who turned out for
changes in their time at the school,       the school curry night and quiz. was a
most recently the Jamie Oliver             great success. Spices of Nantwich
campaign against turkey twizzlers, but     provided an indian feast for
everyone who eats them agrees that         over 100 guests and the night raised
Bunbury School meals today are             £750 for school funds. Thanks to
delicious change from the braised liver    Andy Lawrence for the fiendish quiz!
and sago that the parents of today’s
pupils. had to endure.
                                                                                        Remember the Bigger Picture
Children and staff would like to thank                                                 film night for 11-18 year olds
Anne and Kath for all their hard work                                                     on alternate Thursdays at
and care over the years and wish them                                                     Bunbury Methodist Chapel.
both a very long and happy retirement.                                                      Entry is free. 7-9pm.
As Kath says, ‘I will really miss the                                                 Contact Laura Warrington 07763
children but it’s time to do something                                                       408609 for details.

                                           On the same night Key Stage 1
                                           teachers organized the infant                  Tarporley High School

                                           sleepover providing babysitting for
                                           parents attending the curry night.
                                           Contributions totaled almost £1200

                                           which will go to provide extra
                                           equipment in Key Stage 1. Year 1
                                           teacher Susi Waddington was
                                           impressed at how well the children
                                           settled down and the first ones did not
                                           wake up until nearly 7 next morning.
                                                                                              22nd May
                                                                                           7.30 for 8.00pm
Gardening thanks                                      Groan!                              Community Centre
Many thanks to the parents who gave        “She was engaged to a
                                                                                        Tickets £10 from the school,
up a couple of hours (on an                boyfriend with a wooden
international rugby weekend) to help       leg but broke it off.”                                 includes
with the heavy digging needed to                                                         3-course Indian Buffet and
                                           “The man who fell into an                          Pimms on arrival.
prepare our new plots for planting (see    upholstery machine is fully
picture). Special thanks to the ever-      recovered.”
willing Nigel Overy for the initial                                                             Raffle
rotovation, It was particularly good to    Thanks to Peter Collinge for
see some new faces turning up to           these howlers.                               Bring your own drink

                                                                     J&M Cars
                                                                        (based at Wettenhall)
                                                                       Private Hire/Taxi Service
                                                                             4-16 seaters

                                                                 Airport/Station, Business, Weddings,
        Finest Quality                                           Restaurants and all social occasions
     Goat, Pork and Lamb                                               Lady drivers available
      Home cured Bacon
                                                        Tel: 01270 528006 or 629788 Mobile 07951 590 756
     Pancetta and Salamis
      Gammons to order                                                  www.jandmcars.co.uk
   Why not book us for your hog roast?
             Come and visit us on
        Open Farm Sunday, June 13th
            Radmore Green Farm
   1 mile past the Nags Head at Haughton

  Open Tues-Friday or order online         RS Developments                            Howard Anderson
        Free local delivery                                                           For all your painting and
 Tim & Marnie Dobson 01829 260437          All aspects of building work               decorating needs
                                           undertaken:                                01829 260450
                                                Extensions                          07968 901167
Winner Best Speciality Meat ‘09
                                                New builds
Johnson                                         Stonework
Building                                   Call Richard Spibey for a free estimate        Nicola Roberts, expert in
                                           07766 525184 or 01270 528559
Contractors                                Parkside Farmhouse, Calveley Hall
                                                                                         curtains and soft furnishings
                                                                                          Tel: 01829 262464 or 07903 825837
                                           Lane, Calveley CW6 9LB.                       Yew Tree House, Long Lane, Haughton, CW6 9RN

General builders,
maintenance and
property                                                                              Fancy Dress Hire
                                                                                      Over 400 costumes
repairs.                                                                              Medieval, 1970s, 1920s, film stars
Free                                                                                  & many more
                                                                                      Wigs, hats & party products.
                                                                                      Charlie Vegas: 262470

    R.F. Burrows
       & Sons
   Family butchers est.1924
    Finest quality, locally-sourced,
    additive-free meat and poultry
    Gold award-winning sausages
       Good selection of cheeses
        Bacon and cured meats

           01829 260342

                                       Service Centre                                Cheshire’s only direct
                                       Car services and repairs                        supplier of DELL
                                       MOT testing
                                       Tyres, exhaust and                            Specialists in upgrades
                                       batteries                                       and repairs
                                                                                     Broadband provision
                                       Trading standards
                                       approved                                      Internet & E-mail service providers

                                       Fast, efficient, friendly service             Full networking and cabling
                                       Birch Heath Road, Tarporley                   Virus removal & reconfiguration
                                       01829 732253 or 733737                        Comprehensive web design
                                                                                       & E-commerce solutions
                                       Excellence comes as standard                  Efficient personal service

                                                                                           Kevin Thompson
                                                                                            01829 261685
  Jacqui French                                     Aura                                   M 07773 321779
Hairdresser                                     Holistic Beauty Spa

 Tel: 01829 261818                             Exotic facial & body treatments
Mobile: 07809 110862                              Waxing, eyelash tinting,
                                                    Manicure & pedicure               Digital information technology ltd
                                                 Sports & remedial massage
                                                    Indian head massage

  Andrew Dean
                                                   Reiki, Hopi ear candles
                                                 Bridal & evening make-up                The Salon
   (Dip. N.T.C., C.G.L.I., A.V.C.M.)
                                                                                        Bunbury Lane
                                                       Wyvern House
                                                   Bunbury Lane, Bunbury         (above the old Huckleberry's)
                                                 Tel: 01829 260330
                                                                                         Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
                                                                                         Thurs-Fri 9am-7pm

                                                                                 25% discount for over-50sand
   Piano tuning, repairs                                                                  students on
      And restoration                                                              Mondays and Tuesdays
     Tel: 01829 261222
                                                                                 We look forward to seeing you!
 andrew@pianodean.co.uk                                                                  07921 853590

 Your local independent garage
                                       SOVEREIGN WINDOWS
Servicing all makes and models.
                                        Established 1984
     M.O.T. Testing Station
        Bodywork repairs
  Free collection and delivery          Quality Windows
      within 10 mile radius
    Courtesy cars available             High Security Internally Glazed
                                        Fully Guaranteed for 10 Years

        Wardle Service Station
    Calveley, Tarporley, Cheshire
    Tel: 01829 260230/260811             Tel: Philip Stubbs 01829 260166
         Fax: 01829 261100

CAB Rural
Advice Service
This is now based at the
doctors surgery in Bunbury
every Wednesday from
10-12 and the van is at Bickley
Hall every Thursday from 10-12.

St. Jude’s Church Hall
       Available for hire
 New kitchen and ample parking
    Telephone 01829 260555

                                                Mercer & Co                                     Geoff and Nigel Burrows
                                                                                                            Dip. F.D.

                                                     Nantwich and Market Drayton              Funeral Directors
                                                A wide range of services in all aspects of
                                                     accounting and bookkeeping
                                                                                              Complete funeral
                                                   New Business Start Ups                    arrangements
              For all your                                                                    Personal day and night service
                                                   Company formations
              electrical and                       Limited Companies                       Tel: 01270 524243
              building                             Self Assessment
              requirements                         Payroll and bookkeeping
                                                                                             A.W.Burrows & Son
                                                   VAT
                                                                                             Snowdrop Villa,
                                                   Accounts, tax and financial planning    Swanley, Nantwich
                                                                                             CW5 8QB

                                                        Free initial consultation
                                                Free bookkeeping package and lesson,
                                                Saturday and out of hours appointments.
       Tel: 01829 730738                                   Personal service
   burrows.ecpd@googlemail.com                        Friendly and approachable

                                                   01270 619955.

                                                                                                  Small animal, farm animal and
               Tarporley Dental Practice                                                                   equine vets.
                                  established 1978
                                                                                                 24 hour veterinary cover from our
                    Dental care for all the family                                                   fully-equipped hospital.
          Ozone therapy - painless restorations without injection
          Preventive dentistry                                                                 No answering machines, phones
          Cosmetic dentistry - crowns, bridges, veneers                                         always answered and service
          White fillings (mercury free)                                                             provided by our own
                                                                                                        dedicated staff.
          Tooth whitening
                                                                                                      01270 610322 (pets)
                          New patients welcome                                                     01270 610349 (farm animals)
                                                                                                     01270 628888 (equine)
                                                                                                      Equine Centre, Hurleston,
  Denelea, Nantwich Road, Tarporley Telephone:01829 732213 (24 Hours)                                   Nantwich CW5 6BU

    Sienna Decking                              Bunbury Property Maintenance                        Caravan site
                                                                                          for CC members and self catering holiday
    Decking,design and installation             Paul Griffiths                                      cottage, sleeps two
                                                                                              Non-smoking and warm welcome
Hard or soft wood
                                                01829 260975
Pergolas, arbours,                                                                               Gwen and Geoff Burdett
garden carpentry.          261508               07814 403479
                                                                                           Rookery Cottage, Long Lane Haughton
Free estimates                                  paulgriff15@msn.com                                     01829 260069

         Downdale Cattery
                       Morreys Lane, Kelsall
                        New purpose-built
                            luxury cattery
                                                 Early morning milk and newspapers
          Joanne & Alan Downes and family
                                                    7 days a week in Bunbury area
                        01829 759133
                                                        01270 841480 anytime
                                                  Full dairy and newsagency service

                                               Party Tent              10 x 4 metres
                                               available                                        Health & Fitness Consultant
                                               for hire for                                           Stress Counselling
                                               private events.                                     Relationship Counselling
                                               Contact Nick                                       Complementary Therapies
                                               on 262494 or                                            Sports Therapy
                                               nick@castleandcanal.co.uk                                 Acupuncture
                                                                                                 Back Care & Rehabilitation
                                                                                                   Specialist Therapy Care
PK Plumbing                                                                                    Equine Pilates & Biomechanics
                                                                                                       We are a Team of
kitchens and bathrooms                                                                       Health Practitioners with expertise you
                                                                                                             can trust
All domestic plumbing, heating, 
                                                                                                       01829 732775
radiators, valves, sinks and taps.                                                                     07779272353
No job too small                                                                                 jen@jfrancis1.freeserve.co
Complete kitchen and bathroom 
renovating  service. 
Fully project managed                          Tattenhall Plastering Services
from start to finish.                             Domestic & Commercial                   
                                                                                         We offer the full range of Bookkeeping; 
Contact Paul                                        Tiling, Wall & Floors
                                                                                         Management or Year End Accounts; Payroll; VAT; 
262474/07894 877207                                                                      Self Assessment and Corporation Tax.
                                                       Tel:01829 770458
email pkplumbing@btconnect.com                         Mob:07962 260022
                                                                                         For a free initial consultation please call  
                                                                                         0845 056 9775 or e‐mail us at  
bpec and WRAS certification                                                              mail@bartlett‐platt.co.uk


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