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					                 Amtrak Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 2009
                           State of Massachusetts

Amtrak Service & Ridership
Amtrak operates approximately 56 trains daily in Massachusetts, including Acela Express and Regional
trains on the Northeast Corridor.

Amtrak also operates the following shorter-distance trains through Massachusetts:

    •   The Downeaster (5 daily round trips Boston-Portland)
    •   The Vermonter (daily Washington, D.C.-St. Albans, Vt.)
    •   The Lake Shore Limited (daily Boston-Springfield-Albany, with direct connection at Albany to
        Cleveland and Chicago).

During FY09 Amtrak served the following Massachusetts locations:

        City                                                        Boardings + Alightings
        Amherst                                                            13,581
        Boston-Back Bay                                                   398,240
        Boston-North Station                                              403,203
        Boston-South Station*                                           1,287,615
        Framingham                                                          1,778
        Haverhill                                                          36,159
        Pittsfield                                                          6,700
        Route 128 (Boston)                                                366,649
        Springfield                                                       111,215
        Woburn                                                             14,620
        Worcester                                                           6,701
        Total Massachusetts Station Usage:                                2,646,461
        *Boston South Station is the 6th busiest station in the national Amtrak System.

Amtrak expended $21,705,983 for goods and services in Massachusetts in FY09. Much of this money
was spent in the following locations:

        City                                                           Amount
        Chelmsford                                                 $    2,837,899
        Milford                                                    $    5,170,629
        Norwell                                                    $    1,327,361
                                                                       Amtrak Government Affairs: November 2009
        South Harwich                                   $     1,149,250
        Stockbridge                                     $     1,008,887


At the end of FY09, Amtrak employed 779 Massachusetts residents. Total wages of Amtrak employees
living in Massachusetts were $56,569,732 during FY09.

Other State Features

Amtrak operates and maintains the 37.9-mile Attleboro High Speed Line, between Boston and the Rhode
Island state line for Amtrak and commuter service. It is owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation
Authority (MBTA).

Major Facilities

About 300 weekday trains operate at Boston South Station, which is shared by Amtrak and MBTA.
Amtrak maintains equipment at Southampton Yard in Boston, which is also the location of one of three of
Amtrak’s high-speed rail maintenance facilities dedicated to Amtrak’s Acela Express high-speed train

About the Downeaster

December 14, 2001 marked the inaugural run of the Downeaster, which restored passenger rail service
between Boston and Portland after an absence of more than 35 years. The service features five daily
roundtrip trains between Portland and Boston’s North Station, with eight intermediate stops—Woburn,
Haverhill, Exeter, Durham-UNH, Dover, Wells, Saco, and in season, Old Orchard Beach. Ridership on
the Downeaster service in Fiscal 2009 was over 460,000 passengers.

Stimulus Funding, Fiscal 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provided Amtrak with $1.3 billion for
capital investments, including $446 million for security and life safety improvements and $842 million
for rebuilding and modernizing infrastructure and equipment. Included in the latter category is a Mobility
First program, designed as an immediate-action program to reduce as many accessibility barriers as
possible prior to Amtrak’s deadline of July 26, 2010, to bring stations into compliance with the
Americans with Disabilities Act. Mobility First investments can include wheelchair lifts, connecting
walkways, and designated parking spaces. Investments planned for Massachusetts include:

          Amherst              Mobility First                                $        9,000
          Amherst              new 550-foot platform                         $      500,000
          Boston               control center security upgrades              $      325,000
          Boston               maintenance base security upgrades            $      500,000
          Boston               maintenance facility automated doors          $    1,500,000
          Boston               maintenance facility drop table building      $   18,000,000
          Boston               maintenance facility fire alarm upgrades      $      500,000
          Boston               maintenance facility security upgrades        $    1,130,000

Boston              Maintenance facility supply machines         $       75,000
Boston              maintenance facility upgrades                $    1,739,000
Boston              new canine unit facility                     $      115,000
Boston              South Station security and life safety       $    2,875,000
Boston, Springfield wireless access, field operations            $      315,696
Westwood            Route 128 station security and life safety   $    2,415,000
Total Massachusetts ARRA funds:                                  $   29,998,696