ECE Introduction to Intelligent Systems Machine Vision Fall Tentative Project

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					       ECE 172A: Introduction to Intelligent Systems: Machine Vision, Fall 2008
                           Tentative Project Assignment

1.     Face based Human Computer Interfaces

     1.1   Detection of Faces and Face orientation Estimation - Justin Li, Josh Li, Benny Wong
     1.2   Face Symmetry Analysis - Jason Mak
     1.3   Facial Landmark (Eyes, Lips) detection - Ryland Fallon(eye), Yeluo Chen
     1.4   Blink rate estimation – Teresa Mao
     1.5   Lip contour tracking and movement analysis – Brage Ellingsaeter

2.     Hand based Human Computer Interfaces

     2.1 Hand detection and tracking - Greg Mills
     2.2 Hand Pointing estimation - Jeremy McKeehen
     2.3 Hand gesture (wave, stop, move) analysis - Justin Honsinger(Music Director), Thomas

3.     Visual Search Engine

     3.1   Search for Faces – Joseph Sabet, Jeff Jou
     3.2   Search for Vehicles, planes – Leonard Yoon
     3.3   Search for Buildings, rivers, roads, sky – Isaac Caldwell
     3.4   Search for People, animals – Patric Ng

4.     Missing Object/person/vehicle detector

     4.1 in a room – Hugo Groening
     4.2 on a table top, store window,
     4.3 on a road – Mathew Carter, Alex Ming-Yang Tang
5.     Crowd size estimator and person counter

     5.1 Static images - Daniel Sugimura, Luis Huang
     5.2 Dynamic images

6.     Vehicle counter and parking lot analysis

     6.1 static images - Julio Flores
     6.2 dynamic images - Edward Tran

7.     Individual preferences

     7.1 Finger print analysis – Tommy Truong, Joshua Ramos
     7.2 Velodyne lidar integration – Jacoby Larson
     7.3 Lane Detection – Kashif Chowdhry

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