The Australian Conference on Artificial Life 6-7 December, 2003

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					  The Australian Conference on
          Artificial Life
      6-7 December, 2003

              Held at
 School of Info. Tech. & Elec. Eng.
Australian Defence Force Academy
  University of New South Wales
       Canberra, ACT 2600,


       Air Force Office of Scientific Research
            ARC Centre for Bioinformatics
          ARC Centre for Complex Systems
           Army Research Office - Far East
  Asian Office of Aerospace Research Development
  School of Info. Tech. & Elec. Eng. UNSW@ADFA
       School of Info. Tech. & Elec. Eng. UQ
                   Saturday December, 6th, 2003

Welcome: Hussein Abbass and Janet Wiles                                         8:45
Opening: Prof. Robert King, Rector, ADFA                                        9:00
Plenary Talk: Prof. Stefano Nolfi                                               9:00
Evolutionary robotics: exploiting the power of self-organization                10:00
Session Chair: Hussein Abbass

                                  Morning Tea                                   10:30

                               Session 1: Robotics                              10:30
                          Session Chair: Stefano Nolfi                          11:30

Oliver J. Coleman and Stephan K. Chalup                                         10:30
Towards matching perception in simulated and real world robot navigation        10:50

Robert L. Stewart and R. Andrew Russell                                         10:50
Emergent structures built by a minimalist autonomous robot using a swarm-       11:10
inspired template mechanism

Jason Teo and Hussein A. Abbass                                                 11:10
Neuro-Morpho evolution: what will happen if animals’ body is not symmetric?     11:30

               Session 2: Cell division and regulatory networks                 11:30
                          Session Chair: Mark Ragan                             12:30

Sanjeev Kumar and Peter J. Bentley                                              11:30
Mechanisms of oriented cell division in computational development               11:50

Joanne Penner, Ricardo Hoar and Christian Jacob                                 11:50
Bacterial chemotaxis in silico                                                  12:10

Nicholas Geard and Janet Wiles                                                  12:10
A gene regulatory network for cell differentiation in carnorhabditis elegants   12:30

                                      Lunch                                     1:30

Plenary Talk: Prof. Mark Ragan                                                  1:30
Computing the tree of life: automating phylogenetic inference over all          2:30
prokaryotic genomes
Session Chair: Janet Wiles

                                 Afternoon Tea                                  3:00
                        Session 3: PhD consortium                               3:00
              Session Chairs: Janet Wiles and Hussein Abbass                    4:00

                         Session 4: Biological models                           4:00
                       Session Chair: Jennifer Hallinan                         5:00

Hideaki Suzuki and Naoaki Ono                                                   4:00
Segregational instability under cell selection pressure - many chromosome       4:20

Ramona Behravan, Peter J. Bentley and Robin Carlisle                            4:20
Exploring reaction-diffusion and pattern formation                              4:40

James Watson, Janet Wiles and Jim Hanan                                          4:40
Towards more relevant evolutionary models: integrating an artificial genome with 5:00
a developmental phenotype

                           Conference Dinner                                    9:00
                      Sunday December, 7th, 2003

Plenary Talk: Dr. David Fogel                                                       9:00
Challenges and successes with evolutionary agent-based models                       10:00
Session Chair: David Green

                                   Morning Tea

                      Session 5: Cellular automata models                           10:30
                           Session Chair: David Fogel                               11:30

Shih Ching Fu and George Milne                                                      10:30
Epidemic modelling using cellular automata                                          10:50

Timothy J. Lightfoot and George J. Milne                                            10:50
Modelling emergent crowd behaviour                                                  11:10

Daryl Essam and Hussein A. Abbass                                                   11:10
Artificial life models for security and safety                                      11:30

                    Session 6: Optimization and applications                        11:30
                       Session Chair: Masanori Sugisaka                             12:30

James Montgomery, Marcus Randall and Tim Hendtlass                                  11:30
Automated selection of appropriate pheromone representations in ant colony          11:50

Marcus Randall                                                                      11:50
A systematic strategy to incorporate intensification and diversification into ant   12:10
colony optimisation

Nicolas Guionnet and Guy Gouardères                                                 12:10
Adaptive artificial coagulation for query flow control in a grid application        12:30


Plenary Talk: Prof. David Green                                                     1:30
From genomes to geography: a challenge for artificial life                          2:30
Session Chair: Peter Lindsay

                                  Afternoon Tea
                          Session 7: Art and visualization                       3:00
                           Session Chair: Peter Bentley                          4:00

Luke Harrald                                                                    3:00
Artificial life: a model for musical innovation?                                3:20

Ian Burleigh, Garret Suen and Christian Jacob                                   3:20
DNA in action! A 3D swarm-based model of a gene regulatory system               3:40
Michael Barlow                                                                  3:40
JBOTS, CROCADILE & TDSS: 3 conflict driven multi-Agent systems for              4:00
education, experimentation, & decision support

                         Session 8: Fundamental questions                        4:00
                          Session Chair: Christian Jacob                         4:40

Russell K. Standish                                                             4:00
The case of the missing neutrality                                              4:20

Inari Thiel, Neil Bergmann and William Grey                                     4:20
A case for investigating the ethics of artificial life                          4:40
Yoshikazu Suemitsu and Shigetoshi Nara                                          4:40
Self control of moving in 2-D space utilizing chaotic dynamics in a recurrent   5:00
neural network model

    Conference Closing: Hussein Abbass and Janet Wiles                          5:10

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