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Hi Rod,

What can I say!

Your "Attraction Marketing System" manuals hit home many useful key points.
What's more its very easy to read and implement. As you know I work with over 20
websites and many newsletters these days.

Without your direct and forthright encourgagment I wouldnt have pushed myself to
now have the leads database I now hold. At last count its over 1,423 leads and
growing bigger by the day!

Thanks again Rod. I especially like your story in the manual about creating 'a leads dam'. Again this
helps me to create a steady flow of sales from the leads I'm building. What's more its my security
buffer when things slow now and then. I simply didn't have that back up before - and now it earns
me income being there! In fact I figure your system has added another 73% increase to my income
as a direct result of using your easy to understand and apply systems. Thanks for all your help and

I look forward to implementing enthusiastcially your tips and ideas within my sales systems even

from David Newton
Club President - Entrepreneurs Sydney

“Throw away your list of cold prospects!
Rod Moore will show you how to work smarter, faster and more effectively with
your sales and marketing development efforts. I use and recommend Rod’s
Attraction Marketing System with all my client engagements”
Joe Corrigan
#Australia’s No.1 referral marketing specialist
"When it comes to growing a business, mastering the art of sales and
marketing is imperative to your business success. I've had the pleasure of
working with Rod Moore and he really knows his stuff when it comes to sales
and marketing. Rod's Attraction Marketing System is an excellent product
and as a business profit strategist, I highly recommend it to ATTRACT more
clients to your business."

Aaron Parsons

"Rod has distilled a wealth of marketing wisdom into one, easy-to-read manual.
Take the short cut to Marketing Mastery using the advice contained in Rod's
Attraction Marketing System and experience the results you deserve for your

Angela den Hollander from communic8 design,
the design agency that helps business owners charge more.

"Rod's Attraction Marketing System contains everything I have learnt from all
the seminars and books I've attended and read, plus all the marketing wisdon all
compiled into a very valuable resource. A must for every business owner to teach
you how to ATTRACT more clients and sell more of your product or service".
Lorraine Pirihi
Australia's No. 1 Productivity Coach
Helping small business owners reclaim their business and reclaim their life.
“I just finished reading Rod Moore’s Attraction Marketing System
from cover to cover. I couldn’t stop until I finished. Rod has provided
so much information in this book and it’s all pertinent and usable for
any small business. I have read several other books on the same subject
from other authors and this book contains more information and covers
more topics than all the others put together.

The information is spot on for small business owners that love doing
what they do IN their business but are lacking the training about how to
work ON their business. The information is presented in distinct
sections so you can take it in and study it one piece at a time.

Every business owner could make a plan using this information and definitely learn and master the
new strategies they need to have eager prospects beating a path to their door or website. The process
applies to brick and mortar as well as ecommerce sites.

How do I know this is true? Rod Moore has been my personal coach in the business where I help
single moms find ways to pay for college. My business http://MomPaysforCollege.com
uses the strategies that Rod teaches. The system Rod has helped me put in place is generating
prospects for my business, without me having to cold call! Yes. It’s all working on autopilot, with
my efforts behind the scenes.

Rod knows his stuff, has done the research and has personal success to prove it. If you need to
transform your business into the viable environment you dreamed of, Rod Moore can help you.”

Lana Hawkins

“The Attraction Marketing System is a powerful marketing
resource for every Small Business Owner. As a well known
business coach and trainer for service professionals and service
businesses I know the importance of really understanding and
implementing successful marketing strategies.
Rod Moore has crammed his Attraction Marketing System
full of loads of useful marketing material that’s explained in
down to earth language perfect for experienced and new
business owners.
Rod’s marketing system stands head and shoulders above other
marketing material I have used and is the marketing system for my clients. If you want to grow your
market share and earn more income, talk to Rod today!!”

Martin Urban
Urban Trainings
'Hi Rod ...

I want to, actually I need to thank you mate.

Your system, your Attraction Marketing System
has helped me finally attract the clients I want to
work with and create the successful business I have
been trying to build for over 2 years now.

You know that when we started working together I
had it all. I had a great website, fantastic content,
unique products and powerful workshops ready to
go. The only problem was that I couldn't attract
enough clients to purchase.

So, thank you for helping me multiply my income by 6 times in just 3 weeks.

Your Attraction Marketing System really works and I can't wait to keep working with you to help
even more people live with passion and build the successful business I dream of.”

Emmanuel Tsesmelis
My Passion Coach

“As a business coach, I believe it’s important to have effective
systems and strategies in place to grow your business and to have the
support you need to implement them. So for the past few months I
have been working closely with Rod Moore from Profit Minute and
the changes and growth that have occurred in my business have been
outstanding. Rod has helped me to pin down exactly who my target
market is, what they need and how to attract them.

His ‘Attraction Marketing System’ does just that. Along with the 7
keys process, I now have a very clear picture of what my business is
and where it is heading. His step by step system makes it easy to
gain the clarity you need to truly define your niche and how to attract

One of the most valuable tools I have received through the 7 keys is the creation of my marketing
funnel, the systemisation of my marketing tactics and the ability to say no to anything that doesn’t
fit within that. In short, I’ve stopped chasing those ‘shiny red apples’ or the distractions that get you
off target. No more wasted time on things that don’t get me results!

If you are looking for more clients, better marketing strategies and a larger income stream, then this
system will do it for you.

Well done Rod Moore and thank you for your support and guidance.”

Ludwina Dautovic
Director and Founder
The Red Tent Woman
“Before I started working with Rod I came to a point in my Life
Coaching & Spiritual Guidance business that I realised it was time I
beginning of my 3rd year in business and since starting, my business
was growing but I came to a point where I found it just wasn’t where I
needed it to be and I really wanted to turn it from doing quite well into
a jam packed and full client base business week after week after week!

The thing was I knew I was good at what I was doing, I believe that
helping others via my Coaching & Guidance Services is my true
calling in life and my current clients were and are proof of that as they
are seriously raving clients who provide referrals to anyone who will
listen! However this marketing tactic just wasn’t enough and I needed
more and a whole lot more clients to keep me going financially!!

Immediately from working with Rod I felt it was so great to have someone to set me some tasks for
a change and instead of looking at my current long list of seemingly difficult, overwhelming and
never ending marketing tactics to try out without confidence or any success to date I was instead
taken through the very specific step by step process of Rod’s Attraction Marketing System and
was getting results straight away! I also gained the confidence that I knew I was finally on the right
track implementing an excellent Attraction Marketing System for my coaching business.

I am still progressing through the system and it has been and still is a very exciting journey!
Already I have been able to turn my one off sessions into fantastic package offerings, created my
first focused ‘Reducing Executive Stress’ coaching niche with corresponding web site and list of
relevant material for my auto responder emails that are now set up and happily being sent out on
their own as I’m busy coaching my clients! From Rod’s web site critique I updated my
JinaLife.com business web site which now has content that doesn’t just tell people what we do but
quickly gets people into my database and contacting me!

I also have my own Blog Talk Radio Show, Interview Audio’s, Video’s, I have used a Virtual
Assistant and I’m attending ToastMasters to improve my public speaking. With Rod’s idea’s I have
repositioned myself to perfectly align with other businesses particularly Financial Planners to help
them achieve their goals with their clients and most importantly I have learnt the right language to
use in both the way I speak and the material I create that isn’t selling to people but instead attracts
those who are my perfect clients.

Rod’s Attraction Marketing System and on-going coaching support is so valuable that I wish I
had of started working with him from the beginning! And what is so great is that I know I have all
the information when ever I want or may need it in the future to go back and review the written
material and listen to the quality CD’s.

If you’re a small business owner struggling to get the clients you need I highly recommend you start
working with Rod and stepping through his Attraction Marketing System right away!

Jacqueline Pigdon
Jina Life
"Rod is without a doubt the most knowledgeable person I know when it
comes to marketing for small business owners.
If you have been doing what most small business owners do and spending
your hard earned marketing budget on traditional marketing strategies with
limited success what Rod has to say will blow you away.
His Attraction Marketing System is worth its weight in gold – clear,
practical and easy to implement. PLUS the direct access to Rod is invaluable.
Every time we talk I come away with a new, practical and affordable idea for
marketing my business. (And I thought I was creative!)
If you love selling then keep doing what you’re doing, but if you love your business and you want
to attract a steady stream of clients then you owe it to yourself to invest in the Attraction Marketing
System. Implementing just one of the strategies you will learn will dramatically change your

Brenda Thompson
Networking World

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