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					                        Mackay City Central Scout Group

                                                           Tent Peg

MCC Venturers “Capture the Flag”                                                                                                    August 2009
Four fearless Venturers
                                                                                                                                       Coming Up
from Mackay City Central
                                                                                                                                      September 5
marched into Rowallan
Park and wrested the                                                                                                               Working Bee @ Den
"Capture the Flag" title                                                                                                             9am to 4.30pm
from the Banksia                                                                                                                      September 8
Venturer Unit on the                                                                                                             Fundraising meeting 7pm
weekend of the 8th/9th                                                                                                              September 12/13
August.                                                                                                                             Scouts Bike Hike
Alexander S, Craig S,                                                                                                                September 12
Christopher M and
                                                                                                                                    Region 10 year old
Mikaela S fought bravely
                                                                                                                                       activity day
in the face of relentless
They ranged the entirety Alexander S, Craig S, Christopher M and Mikaela S were victorious over the Banksia Venturers in the   Working Bee—helpers
of the park in search of Capture the Flag competition at Rowallan Park.
the enemy flag and whilst they did not actually "capture" the flag they took enough
points over the course of the night to become the winners on points.
Bravo to the MCC Venturers!                                                                                                    Do you have a few hours on
                                                                                                                               Saturday September 5 to help
Fees, funds and you                                                          Fundraising meeting                               us give the Den a good clean up?
                                                                                                                               The more parents/scouts we
At a meeting on August 18 convened to                                         Not everyone’s favourite topic                   have the faster we can get it
discuss the fees and finances of the group it                                 but a necessary evil.                            done.
was decided to raise the term fees from$80                                    We MUST fundraise to con-
                                                                              tinue to run the group. Without                  So please if you have the time
per tem to $110 per term.
                                                                              this money the group will not                    throw on some work clothes and
Whilst this is not an ideal situation it was
                                                                              function and parents will have                   help us to make YOUR group just
felt by those who attended that it was the
                                                                              to pay more and more in group                    that little bit better.
only course of action readily available to                                    fees per term.
address the shortfall in funds currently                                      And if we raise a lot of money                   If you have trade abilities
being experienced by the group.                                               then term fees can decrease!                     (electrical, building, plumbing
                                                                                                                               etc) we’d love to have you.
Scout groups are run by volunteers. All the                                   We need to form a fundraising
                                                                                                                               Bring tools, gloves, buckets,
leaders and the committee members                                             committee with a Fundraising Co
                                                                                                                               rags, cleaning equipment etc
volunteer their time to run the program and                                   -ordinator.
                                                                                    Fundraising meeting
the group. Currently the Mackay City                                                                                           See you on there!
                                                                                 Tuesday September 8th
Central Scout group costs about $10,000                                                                                        9am to 4.30pm
                                                                                      7pm at the Den
per year to run. That is just the running                                                                                      Nikki McWhinney - Group Leader
costs, this does not included maintenance.                                                                                     (Sausage Sizzle after the work
Continued page 2                                                                                                               is done! BYO soft drinks)

                              Want to see this in colour? Visit Mackay City Central Scouts on
April 2008                                                                                                                                                  Page 1
Fees, funds and you
So what do you get for your money?
Currently fees are $80 per child per term. This breaks down to:
$50 Group fee (Rates, electricity, insurance, land tax, Leader training, administration costs, water, trailer rego etc)
$25 Subs (to cover the section activities eg what they do at the Den each week, badges etc)
$5 Region affiliation fee (paid to the Central & Coastal Region to assist in the running costs of the Region)
(Membership Fees are paid to Scouts Australia Qld Branch—we do not receive any of that money.)
From Term 4 2009 these fees will rise to $110 with the $30 increase being applied to the Group Fee portion of the fees.
These fees are quite high and we would love to lower them—but this requires your help. Each child currently pays about
$200 per year (rising to $320) in group fees. These fees are needed to run the group. The Executive Committee would
love nothing more than to charge you all a $30 per year per family administration charge. To do this we need to raise
funds—more than $13,000 per year.
The ideal situation would be if we could manage to raise money with just a few well planned activities each year.
But to begin with we may to have to do a sausage sizzle, pie drive or raffle each month to keep the money coming in. And
just remember the more money we raise the less we can charge in group fees!
How can you help?
1. Come to the meeting on Tuesday September 8th at 7pm armed with some fundraising ideas and/or become the
fundraising co-ordinator or fundraising committee member.
2. Pay your fees on time. This is our only means of income at present so if you don’t pay the fees we cannot pay the bills.
3. Do you work for a company that might be able to assist us with a donation of goods or money? (Tax deductable!)
4. Do you have equipment at your place of work that is going to be thrown out eg chairs, tables, computing gear? Why not
ask if it can be donated to Mackay City Central Scout Group?
If you have any ideas about fundraising or any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Nikki McWhinney Group Leader
on 4959 3717 or 0409 632 191

Committee News
The Mackay City Central Executive committee would like to thank the outgoing Chairman, Phil Giles and
outgoing Treasurer, Teresa Giles for their work over the past 18 months. Whilst their boys are both still
attending in the Scout section, Phil and Teresa decided it was time for a break and resigned from their
positions on August 18.
Stepping into their shoes are new committee members -Gary Minter who has agreed to take on the role of
Chairman and Paulette Sorensen who is now in the role of Treasurer. They join Melinda Wright as Secretary
and former Group Leader Paul Becker as Resource Officer. The Fundraising Co-ordinator position is still
Unlike other organisations where there are elections for these positions, Group Leaders select and appoint
the committee. This is to allow the Group Leader to select the people most suited to the job. Of course if you
have a special skill that may be of some use to the committee (eg Grant submissions) then I would love to hear
from you!
Meetings of the executive committee are held monthly and if you wish to have an item added to the agenda or
wish to contact a member of the committee please leave a note in the “Group Committee” or “Group Leader”
pigeon holes near the door of the Den.

Our Website
Have you visited our website recently?
Just go to http://www.mackaycitycentral.scoutsqld.com.au and have a good look around.
You’ll find a copy of this newsletter in colour! In the section info you’ll find a calendar that will show you what is on each
week at the Den. (No more sitting at the Den when the section is at the Fire Station!)
Plus you’ll find photos of the MCC members doing some great Scouting stuff.
Please check back on the site frequently as we plan to make it your information hub—THE place to go to when you need
to know what’s going on.
If you have suggestions about what could go on the site please email these to mackaycitycentral.gl@gmail.com or just
click on the webmaster link that is on the bottom of every page on the website.

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Did you know?
Donations over $2.00 to Mackay City Central Scout group are tax deductable?
It’s true! If you own a business or know someone who does and they are looking to donate money, please ask
them to consider donating to us.
They can make cheques payable to Mackay City Central Scout Group and post them to PO Box 5361 Mackay
Mail Centre Qld 4740. We will issue them with a receipt that they can use to claim on their tax!

Notices and signing your child in and out
Starting next week all notices, receipts etc will be given out via a “communications box”. The box will sit in
the Den and it will be your responsibility to check your file to see if there are any notices or other material
in it. Leaders will place the camp notices and other information in your file. All invoices and receipts will be
placed in your file. Please ensure you check it every time you come to the Den.
At the start of Term 4 ALL children from Joeys, Cubs and Scouts will need to be signed in and out at each
Den activity night. Parents will have to come into the Den to sign the attendance sheet. No child will be
released from the Den until they are signed out.
This is a safety measure and is not in response to any incident. We just wish to extend our duty of care to
encompass the arrival and departure of our younger youth members.
If your child is arriving or leaving with another parent then that parent is required to sign them in and out.
Thanks for your understanding in this matter.
Nikki McWhinney (Jabiru) Group Leader

All about us — The Committee
The Group Committee is a small group of dedicated and hardworking parents and friends of the Mackay City Central Scout Group.
Their job is to look after the den and grounds, to make sure all the bills are paid and that the Leaders have everything that they need,
(including enough Leaders) to operate the best possible programme.

To be more precise, the committee's functions include:                            Positions Vacant:
• Finding leaders.                                                                • Fundraising Co-ordinator
• Maintenance/replacement of the camping gear. (Your fees pay for this)
                                                                                  • Assistant Fundraising co-ordinator
• Maintenance of the hall, inside and out. (Your fees pay for this)
• Maintenance of the grounds. (Your fees pay for this)
                                                                                  Please call Group Leader Nikki McWhinney
• Maintenance/replacement of the boats and gear. (Your fees pay for this)
• Fundraising for new gear,                                                       if you are interested. 4959 3717
• leader training fees (Your fees pay for this)
• Payment of bills. (Your fees pay for this)
• Public Relations for the Group.
and whatever else may benefit the group. (Your fees pay for this)

So exactly who is on the Committee?
YOU. Yes, that’s right—you.
The Scout Association of Queensland charters the Mackay City Central Scout Group. This means that ALL PARENTS are members of the
committee whether they attend meetings or not. So why not come along and contribute to your Group.

Parents attending Group Committee meetings will not be pressured into undertaking positions.
Only parents who have been approached by the Group Leader fill these positions. There are no nominations and elections—all
Executive committee roles are appointed by the Group Leader.

Executive Committee Positions
Chairperson                Treasurer
Secretary                  Resource officer
Fundraising coordinator

LEADERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO FUNDRAISE but they are, more often than not, in there and helping out. A Leader's job is to de-
liver the best programme that they are capable of and this takes a great deal of time and effort in planning and delivery.

A volunteer is worth a hundred conscripts, so why not volunteer to help us on the committee, before you are asked, the workload is not
onerous as long as we all uphold our end of the bargain and share the load.
Anyone who has ever felt that an aspect of his or her group could have been done better has some valuable input that should be contrib-
uted. Many times opportunities are lost because the available resources are not able to manage or do not have the skill. The more parent
involvement we have, the more successful we become, and that means we're having fun!
                  Do you have a photo of Mackay City Central Scout Group members doing something exciting?
                  Please email photos to Nikki McWhinney mackaycitycentral.gl@gmail.com for inclusion in the Tent
                  Peg newsletter.

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