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Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming - Complaint Form


Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming - Complaint Form

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									                                                                                                          Do you have a
3. Make a Written Complaint                                      CONTACT DETAILS
                                                                                                          - about the conduct of wagering?
You may make a written complaint (using the           Liquor & Gaming Branch
back of this form) to the Liquor and Gaming
                                                      Department of Treasury and Finance
Branch at the address listed in the contact
section.                                              GPO Box 1374, Hobart TASMANIA 7001
The Branch, will if necessary, refer the matter to
the Tasmanian Gaming Commission.
                                                      Southern Tasmania
4. About the Gaming Commission                        2nd floor, 80 Elizabeth Street, Hobart 7000
The Tasmanian Gaming Commission is an
                                                      Phone: (03) 6233 2475
independent body. Its functions include:
                                                      Fax: (03) 6233 2886
•   the regulation of wagering to ensure that it is
                                                      North/North Western Tasmania
                                                      3rd Floor, Henty House, Civic Square
•   ensuring the integrity of people working in the
                                                      Launceston 7250
    wagering industry; and
                                                      Email Wagering:
•   the review of complaints that are unable to be
    resolved by other means.

                                                         August 2009
                                                                                                     Department of Treasury and Finance
               YOUR DETAILS                      Sports Betting
Your Name:______________________________         Sport:_________________________________                  YOUR RIGHTS - WAGERING
Your Address:____________________________                                                             If you have a wagering complaint (this includes
                                                 Name of competition:_____________________
                                                                                                      totalizator (pool or pari-mutuel) betting and
                                                 Event:_________________________________              sports betting), there are several steps that you
Postcode:_______         Your contact number:                                                         may take to have a decision reviewed.
                                                 Date of Event:___________________________
(         )    ____________________________
                                                 Date Bet Placed:_________________________            1. Talk to the Totalizator Agent
          COMPLAINT DETAILS                                                                           The first thing to do is to talk to the Totalizator
Name of Outlet:___________________________       Bet                                                  Agent. This can be a quick and easy way of
                                                 Type:__________________________________              resolving complaints.
Date of Incident:__________________________      Bet                                                  Most wagering disputes can be resolved
                                                 Amount:_______________________________               through talking to the Totalizator Agent.
Details of staff who dealt with the incident:
(if applicable)                                  Please provide as many details as you can,           The Totalizator Agent will explain the reason for
                                                 including the problem encountered, an                a decision. You:
Name/s:                                          explanation of the complaint and if available, a     • can give any new information; and
1.______________________________________         copy of the betting ticket. (e.g. is the complaint   • any mistakes can be cleared up.
                                                 about how a bet was settled or an interpretation
                                                 of a wagering rule).                                 2. Talk to Liquor & Gaming Branch
                                                 ______________________________________               You can ask to have a matter investigated by
Race Betting                                                                                          the Branch. The Branch’s role is to ensure that
Country:_________________________________        ______________________________________               Approved Outlets deal fairly with wagering
Race Type: circle one                            ______________________________________
                                                                                                      You can contact the Branch during business
Thoroughbreds           Harness     Greyhounds   ______________________________________               hours on one of the numbers listed in the
Track Name:_____________________________                                                              contact section of this form.
Race Number:____________________________                                                              The Branch will consider the evidence and
                                                 ______________________________________               relevant rules and make a decision. If you are
                                                                                                      still not satisfied with the decision, you can
Date Bet Placed:__________________________       ______________________________________               make a written complaint.
Bet Type:________________________________        ______________________________________
Bet Amount: _____________________________

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