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					                                                                                           n c f v                                                    n c f v
                   This handy guide                                                                  3 Cheeses & a Noodle (SUMC, Main Level)                    Cactus Grill (Continued)
                       will help you                                                                 Chicken caesar salad or side caesar salad                  (request no bun or extra lettuce)
                   identify healthy                                                                  Low-fat, low-carb, vegetarian special                      Bagel
                                                                                                     Meatless sauce                                             Garden veggie burger
                        options that
                                                                                                     Pasta w/marinara sauce (no bread)                          IQ juice, skim milk
                    are available on                                                                 Veggie panini without cheese                               Low-carb wrap
                   campus. Eateries                                                                                                                             Make your own wrap
                         are listed in                                                               Bookend Café (Main Library)                                Omelet bar (made w/fresh egg, can make
                 alphabetical order                                                                  Bagel or sandwich                                          w/egg whites, ask for light on the oil)
                                                                                                     Fresh fruit                                                Soup (non-cream based)
                  and display menu                                                                                                                              Sushi
                      items that fall                                                                Protein bar                                                Vegetarian wrap
                under the following                                                                  Sushi                                                      WOX stir-fry noodles & veggies
                          categories:                                                                V-8, milk, IQ juice, bottled water                         Yogurt

                                                                                                     Bruegger’s Bagels (PSU)                                    Café Sonora (SUMC, Main Level)
                                                                                                     Bagel sandwich                                             Build your own salad (no shell)
                                                                                                     Egg and cheese bagel                                       Chicken soft taco
                                                                                                     Fresh salad                                                Fresh sauteéd veggies
                                                                                                     Low-carb wrap                                              Bean & cheese burrito
                                                                                                                                                                Chicken burrito
                                                                                                     Burger King (SUMC, Food Court)                             Spanish rice, refried beans, empanadas
                                                                                                     BK Chicken fries (6 pc., no sauce)                         Vegan tacos
                                                                                                     Garden salad
                vegan: ( ) n                                                                         Hamburger                                                  Canyon Café (SUMC, Main Level)
                fruit, grains, vegetables                                                            Juice                                                      (omit sugar & flavor syrups)
                & nuts (does not contain                                                             Tendergill chicken sandwich                                Black coffee
                milk products, eggs)                                                                                                                            Café au lait (w/low fat or skim milk)
                                                                                                     Tendergrill chicken salad
                                                                                                     Veggie burger                                              IQ juice
                lo-carb: ( ) c                                                                       Whopper Jr. (w/o mayo)                                     Latte or cappuccino (low fat or skim milk)
                less than 20 grams                                                                                                                              Soy based latte, soy chai tea, pastries
                of carbohydrates                                                                                                                                Teas
                                                                                                     Cactus Grill (SUMC, 3rd Level)
                                                                                                     Baked potato bar w/veggies & salsa
                lo-fat: ( ) f                                                                        Betty’s Buffet (select protein & steamed                   Cellar (SUMC, Lower Level)
                less than 15                                                                         vegetables)                                                (request no bun or extra lettuce)
                grams of fat                                                                         Eggs & meat (breakfast)                                    Black bean burgers
                                                                                                     Egg sandwich                                               Chicken pita
                vegetarian: ( ) v                                                                    Hard boiled egg (at salad bar)                             Chicken sandwich
                fruit, grains, vegetables                                                            IQ smoothie bar (make your own)                            Egg and cheese breakfast burrito
                & nuts (may contain                                                                  Salad bar and fruit bar                                    Veggie pita
                milk products, eggs)
                                                                                                                                                                Chick-fil-A (SUMC, Food Court)
                                                                                                     Location key:                                              Chargrilled chicken salad
                                                                                                     SUMC: Student Union Memorial Center                        Chargrilled chicken sandwich
                                                                                                            (located on the mall, center of campus)             (hold the mayo, no fries)
All foods listed in this guide               The Arizona Student Unions strive to offer                PSU: Park Student Union
                                                                                                            (located on University Blvd. & 4th)                 Fresh squeezed lemonade
are part of a balanced diet.                healthy food options and 100% trans fat free
                                                 foods at all of its dining locations.
n c f v                                          n c f v                                                 n c f v
          Core (SUMC, Main Level)                          On Deck Deli (SUMC & PSU)                               PSU Food Court (Contnued)
          White rice                                       Chicken or tuna salad                                   Route 66 Grill: black bean burger
          Custom salads                                    Citrus chicken salad                                      or Santa Ana sandwich
          Fresh juices                                     Fresh fruit or yogurt                                   Sunset Strips: teriyaki & lo-carb/lo-fat wraps
          Steamed vegetables                               Green salad/Build your own salad
          Sweet potatoes                                   Hard-boiled egg                                         Rec. Center Food Stop
                                                           Lettuce wraps                                           (Highland & 6th)
                                                           Low-carb wraps                                          Fruit
          Eller Deli (McClelland Hall)
          Fresh fruit cup                                  Whole-wheat sandwich (choice of lean                    Juice and bottled water
          Low-carb wraps                                   protein, lettuce, tomato, mustard, avocado,             Protein bar
          Pre-made salads                                  egg, plus many other veggies)                           Sandwiches
          Sandwiches (see menu)                                                                                    Smoothies and protein shakes
          Yogurt                                           Oy Vey Café (2nd Street & Mountain)                     Yogurt
                                                           Bagel or low-fat muffin
                                                           Hummus & pita or eggplant salad & pita                  Redington Restaurant (SUMC 3rd Level)
          Food Stops/Coffee Carts                          Israeli plate                                           (all you can eat – choose moderate portions)
          Vending Machines                                 Juice and V-8
          Granola bars                                                                                             Salad bar
                                                           Salads                                                  Salad, lean protein entrée, & veggies
          Hard or soft pretzels
                                                           Side of tuna                                            Soup
          Milk, juice, V-8, bottled water
                                                           Veggie burger
                                                           Wrap, sandwich, or fresh fruit                          U-Mart (SUMC Main Level)
          Slim Fast
          Turkey hot dogs                                                                                          V-8, bottled water
                                                           Panda Express (SUMC & PSU)                              Beef jerky, sliced turkey
                                                           Beef broccoli                                           Canned tuna or chicken w/crackers
          Highland Market (Highland & 6th St.)             Black pepper chicken
          Highland rotisserie chicken                                                                              Frozen yogurt
                                                           Mandarin chicken bowl                                   Fruit cup or fresh fruit
          Salad bar/veggie sandwich on wheat
                                                           Mixed vegetables                                        Granola bars and high fiber cereal
          Smoked turkey sandwich on 9-grain
                                                           Spicy chicken with peanuts                              Hard or soft pretzels
          Vegetarian groceries
                                                           Stir fry & steamed rice                                 IQ smoothie & juice
          IQ Fresh (SUMC Food Court)                                                                               Lean Cuisine
          Caesar wrap                                      Papa John’s Pizza (SUMC, Food Court)                    Nuts & peanut butter
                                                           Bread sticks                                            Protein bar
          Chinese grilled chicken salad
                                                           Buffalo wings                                           Slim Fast
          Couscous salad
                                                           Cheese sticks                                           String cheese
          Greek salad wrap
                                                           One slice of cheese pizza                               Sushi
          Grilled chicken greek wrap
                                                           One slice of Garden Fresh pizza                         Tuna or chicken salad
          Grilled veggie wrap
          Oriental noodle wrap                                                                                     Turkey hot dog
          Portobello mushroom wrap                         Park Avenue Market (PSU)                                Turkey or tuna sandwich
                                                           Protein bar                                             Vegetarian sandwich
          Side salad
                                                           V-8, milk, juice, IQ juice, bottled water
          Smoothies (vegan w/no yogurt)
                                                           Vegetarian groceries
          Southwest grilled chicken salad                                                                      This is a diet guideline. If you have special
          Tequila lime shrimp wrap                                                                            nutritional needs, please consult a physician.
          Thai chicken lettuce wrap                        PSU Food Court (PSU)
                                                           IQ smoothie bar: bottled smoothies
          Tropical salad
          Waldorf chicken salad
                                                           On-Deck Deli (make your own sandwich)
          Wraps (see menu)
                                                           Salad bar, fruit bar, or pasta bar