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					Technical Data Sheet                                                          Sheet No: LW-117.1
                                                                                              March 07
Split Poly Ripple

Split Poly Ripples are a relatively new screencloth with very unique features.
They are constructed by splitting the normal apertures with straight wires to form a
triangular screening envelope.


Normal Ripples and Poly Ripples use the smaller wire diameters to form the smaller
apertures. However with this screen, the resultant ratio of wire diameters to apertures
can be greatly increased.

For example, a normal Ripple or Poly Ripple with a 2.5 mm aperture would use a
1.25mm wire to form that aperture. However, with the Split Poly Ripple we can
supply a screencloth that is 2.5mm aperture in 3.15mm wire. This is done by crimping
3.15 mm wire with 5mm wheels. Then, by inserting in a straight 3.15 wire, we ‘split’
the aperture, which results in a 2.5mm screening envelope x 3.15mm diameter wire.

These photos show the comparison of screening envelopes of the Poly Ripple and the Split Poly Ripple

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Title of Tech Data Sheet                                    Sheet No: LP-100.1
Benefits of the Split Poly Ripple                           Capabilities

Wear problems caused by using the finer aperture screens    APT         DIA
due to the T.P.H or the lump size can now be solved using   2.5         2.5
the Split Poly Ripple. For example, at a plant that         2.5         3.15
previously used 2.5mm aperture Poly Ripples has now          3          2.5
installed 2.5mm Split Poly Ripples, which has resulted in    3          3.15
extra wear-life of at least 600%.                           3.5         2.5
                                                            3.5         3.15
                                                             4          2.5
For alternative variations refer to LW116.1 Poly Ripple
                                                             4          3.15
                                                             4           4
                                                            4.5         3.15
                                                            4.5          4
                                                             5           4
                                                             6           4
                                                             7           4
                                                            7.5          4
                                                             9           5
                                                             10          5
                                                             11         6.3
                                                            12.5        6.3
                                                             14         6.3

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