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Spit BBQ Buffet


Spit BBQ Buffet

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									                                                                                         Spit BBQ Buffet

                                                                               Hot and Cold Horsdoeuvres and Canape, often in
 SPIT BBQ BUFFET                                                               the courtyard, on the lawns overlooking the river
                                                                                      or on our long Garrison verandah
     This is a fabulous and popular package for                                Assorted Canape on toasted fesh breads including
     parties, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions,
                                                                                  avocado and cream cheese, duck liver pate,
      engagements, christenings and more……
                       history                                                           stuffed olives and antpasto
                       gardens                                                       Tempura Fish pieces with tartare sauce
               great food and service                                           Vegetable Baby Spring Rolls with chili plum sauc
                                                                                    Golden Button Mushrooms with a lemon,
Greet and meet your guests on the lawns or in the
 courtyard of Old Government House. Dine in the                                              chilli and coriander dip
garden marquee with up to 240 guests or for up to                                        A variety of bouchee including
   30 guests in your own private Garrison room                                          seafood, chicken and asparagus,
                   INCLUDING                                                              bacon and cheese, kumera
 Linen cloths and napkins, flowers, music system,                                 Tomato and Herb, Pesto and Olive Foccacia
 breads, all food and staff, fresh brewed teas and
        coffees with biscotti or chocolates.                                                   Fresh Bread Rolls
            No room hire or staff costs.
Menu : This package is a two course package.
Your choice of entree and main or main and                                           Roast Spit Beef carved by our Chef’s
dessert.... Birthdays and celebrations work well                                         Peanut Satay Chicken (hot)
with entree and main and then having your cake                                  Mixed Green Salad made with a variety of lettuce
as a sweet with teas and coffees...                                                       and homemade vinaigrette
Drinks : Just add drinks to this buffet. Choose a                                Pasta Salad with sun dried tomato and olives
set price drinks package or an on consumption                                          Tomato Salad with Spanish onion
package from our drinks information sheet.
                                                                                        Hot whole potato with herb butter
This package works best with 30 guests or more.

                                                                                             Fresh Fruit Compote
                                                                                            Lemon and Vodka Tart
            Parramatta Park                                                            Rich Chocolate Mud Cake Terrine
                                                                                         Mango and Galliano Bavarois
         telephone 9687 2662                                                     Fresh Brewed Tea and Coffee with after dinner
                                                                                              biscotti or chocolate
On Saturday nights use our Premium Event Package except in Winter. This
Spit BBQ Buffet Package is available any other day or night. On Public Holi-
 days there is a 10%surcharge. This Spit BBQ Package is a 4 hour event.                    $54.00 per guest
          FINE DINING IN SYDNEY 2009                                                    entrée main or main and dessert

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