specialising in custom publishing projects, superior design and by lindash


specialising in custom publishing projects, superior design and ...

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									Complete Graphic Design       Tony Gordon Printcounsel:
& Print Production Services   specialising in custom publishing projects, superior design and printing expertise
• Books
                              With over 25 years experience, Tony Gordon Printcounsel is exceptionally
• Magazines
                              well qualified in all areas of the graphics and publishing industries; from
• annual RepoRts              design and artwork preparation to project and print management.
• newsletteRs
• adveRtising                 An important requirement to achieving print quality lies in the pre press,
• CoRpoRate identities        ie; image manipulation, file preparation and proofing; and then hands-on
• pRe pRess                   supervision on the printing press itself.
• iMage Manipulation
                              Quality = Attention to detail.
• CaRtogRaphy
• photogRaphy
                              Tony Gordon Printcounsel designed and managed the production
• pRint pRoduCtion            of The Ghan: Australia’s Grand Rail Journey for Golden Gecko Press.
• pRint ManageMent            The project entailed: design; photo editing; prepress; production;
• pRint Buying                print management; press checking; shipping & customs clearance.

                             After art directing the magazines Simply Living and Blackmore’s Nature & Health Journal, Tony
                             Gordon was commissioned, in 1985, to design and produce a new publication for Dick Smith
ConTaCT DeTailS:             - the Australian Geographic Journal. The success of this title was unprecedented and it launched
                             a retail and publishing empire of which Tony became Creative Director. He was responsible
tony gordon printcounsel     for producing all Australian Geographic (AG) book titles, calendars, diaries, catalogues and
42 Chisholm ave              brochures, up until 2002. He was part of the management consortium that bought the company
                             in 2000 and was appointed Publishing Director for a new bi-monthly title that he initiated,
Clareville nsw 2107          Newton Graphic Science Magazine. During the 17 years he worked at AG Tony presided over
p: 02 9918 7707              many new publishing and printing initiatives. In addition to his many achievements at AG he:

M: 0416 058 051                  • developed new prepress techniques to enhance the photographic reproduction quality in
                             the Journal. The magazine and books subsequently won many Gold Medals at the National Print
e: tonygordon@iinet.net.au
                             Awards and other industry Awards for Excellence. The print quality of the magazine, calendars and
                             diaries, became the industry benchmark.
                                  • was the first to embrace Desktop Publishing by introducing Apple computers to the AG
                             design studio in 1989, and the first in Australia to produce a magazine entirely by electronic means.
                                  • pioneered the use of stochastic printing in Australia, working closely with printer (Offset
                             Alpine) and graphics supplier (Agfa) to develop this technology – which is now used by many of
                             Australia’s top printers.

                             After leaving Australian Geographic in 2002, Tony redesigned and packaged the bi-monthly
                             magazine Mortgage Brief for the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia – increasing
                             circulation from 6,000 to 11,000 copies in the first twelve months and more than doubling the
                             advertising content.

                             Currently, Tony Gordon Printcounsel designs and produces various travel publications, press
                             advertisements, corporate IDs, annual reports and newsletters, and is engaged to oversee the
                             print quality of large corporate annual reports.

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