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					                                      SOUTH EASTERN PIRANHAS FOOTBALL CLUB
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SOUTH EASTERN PIRANHAS                                   River Plate Oceania Inc


                                                       18th July 2009

   Re: Reply to your letter dated 13th January 2009
   Attn: Mr. Marco D’ Amico and Lynette White

   Dear Marco and Lynette

   Firstly, I am writing to apologize for the unauthorized use of the ground by our
   club, at Lois Twohig Res on the 10th January 2009.
   As I explained over the phone it was a misunderstanding between the tennis
   club management and our management regarding times the court were hired by
   our club on that day, which forced one of our groups to warm up on the ground
   while they were waiting for the key to arrive.
   We are very well aware of the local laws regarding ground preservation and
   maintenance and we have been very strict in following the rules and making
   sure all other groups that used the ground without permission were reported.
   For your information The River Plate football Academy Australia is using the
   tennis courts for our schedule trainings.
   The South Eastern Piranhas FC is schedule to start training in March as per
   previous years on that ground.
   There is no reason for any of our members to play on the ground, as we want
   them to regenerate and be in playing condition, as much us you do.
   This was an unfortunate episode that hopefully will not happen again.
   Please find enclosed an information package regarding our activities in your
   We are very proud of the achievements with our junior players, the level of
   our professional coaches and the parental support our club has.
   We have researched the activities of many junior football (soccer) clubs in
   the area, the level of commitment of their members, the level of
   professionalism of their coaches, activities, goals and future outlook, and we
   are confident to say that The City of Greater Dandenong should be very happy
and proud to have a junior club and young players of the caliber and quality
of our boys and girl, who are willing to train on full time basis all year round
to achieve their personal goals and dreams.
After all, they are not roaming around the shopping center as part of the
Dandy Gang or dealing drugs late at night in the same Reserve.
They are training to become better citizens, to hopefully represent the State,
Australia or launch themselves into a career in football within our country or
in overseas.
We are only the facilitators in their quest. We all like to see the Australian
team qualify for the world cup and at the same time claim to have
contributed on their development, but everything starts at the grass roots
I can tell the council without shame that two of the current International
superstars who are currently playing in Europe and grew up within the City of
Greater Dandenong, and who are also current members of the Australian
National team that qualify for the next world cup in South Africa, trained
with me and the academy during the 1990’s, in reserves within the City of
Greater Dandenong during off season. What it is now considered illegal!
The local laws were not enforced so strictly then.
But, there were other two other players, who played for the under 17’s of
Australia recently and later on had scholarships with The Victorian Institute
of Sport and the Australian Institute of Sport, who also trained with the
Piranhas on regular basis at the Lois Twohig Reserve.
We knew all along that we could have been kicked out at anytime of the
reserve if we were found training, It wasn’t nice that the poor kids, felt like
young criminals while they were trying to improve their skills and build a
career in football.
Look at them now!! One is in the AIS and the other one is about to start a
trial with Blackpool FC in England on the 27th July after having spent 5 years
with the Piranhas, 3 years at the VIS, Melbourne Victory and River Plate.
The point I am trying to make is that it is our responsibility to give
opportunities to all the children within the community. Nobody Knows where
the next Vince Grella (keys borough), Scott McDonald (Doveton) will come
from. It is not the player’s fault that there aren’t council facilities available
for Soccer/football for summer use.
In most parts of the world, Football is an all year round sport is not a winter
sport. It’s like swimming or athletics, they compete 9 month of the year and
train all year round to achieve excellence.
Australian players have to compete against overseas players who have been
training full time since 13 years of age.
Local Sports don’t have to measure or face this level of competition.
Please don’t take me the wrong way, I am very much aware of the challenges
the councils are facing regarding the provision of facilities for everyone in the
I am writing this letter to document our testimony and to make some
suggestions that may help everyone to move forward on this issue.
We believe that with the contribution of both council, local businesses and
benefactors, we can give our future generation of players the facilities and
the permission they need to fulfill their dreams.
   1- Finalize the flood lights that have been delayed since 2005 and add
      another set of flood light to our second ground.
   2- Place a football (synthetic) surface on the reserve to accommodate
      both our club, academy and community activities, with or without the
      council financial contribution.
   3- To have a third ground added to accommodate our growth. We
      anticipate, It will be 13 elite teams by 2012, which it will also include
      women football.
   4- To initiate a community football program to accommodate the number
      of disadvantage children in the community that don’t have the
      financial resources to be involved in organized sports at the moment
      and in this way reduce the incidence of future crime in the area.
   5- Build or extend our club pavilion with or without the council’s financial
   6- To clarify our ground allocation situation between the two clubs The
      Dandenong Warriors FC and The South Eastern Piranhas FC, as at the
      moment the juniors don’t appear in any of the council’s documents.
   7- If this is not possible, Please find another reserve within the City of
      Greater Dandenong to re-allocate our growing junior club.

By the way our Piranhas beat Bulleen FC 2-1 in the under 13’s Super-league
and Bentleigh Greens FC 1-0 in the 12’SA and 12-0 in the under 10’s a few
weeks ago. Our players are currently training with portable lights powered by
a generator that have to be carried in and out of the training ground every
training night by a bunch of very motivated parents.
I would like to invite any members of the council to have a look for
themselves the new flood lights and synthetic facilities at the Veneto club
where Bulleen FC trains and at Bentleigh Greens FC that just announced a $2
million dollars upgrade to their facilities which include synthetic grounds,
more lights and more grounds and we are sick and tired of beating them
every single time we come across them in the league.
I don’t know of any club that has 8 teams playing in the FFV league and train
with lights bought at bunnings and powered by a petrol generator.
It breaks my heart, and I know how our players and parents feel about it. Our
boys and girl deserve more of our support, and we are willing to bring all our
business people, sponsors, benefactors, banks and members on board to solve
our situation if the council is willing to help.
Please, we would like to hear the council’s opinion regarding our proposal,
highlighting the procedures to complete a correct official submission to the
relevant authorities within the municipality.

Yours sincerely

Daniel Santomil

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