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					             What Salt & Fire Is All About
For those that do not know what we are about and what you can be apart
of, we ask that you take a moment to get to know why YAH ( God ) has
called us, raised us and sent us for such a time as this.

Apostles Henry and Tonita Patterson are the Trainers. They are training
leaders within this group to train those that are coming as well. There are
opportunities to lead in this Ministry as you participate.

 •    We are here to PRODUCE MINISTRY. If you know GOD has
      given you an idea but do not yet understand how it fits into the
      Body of Christ we are here to help you organize and become the
      ministry God has for you to walk in.
 •    We exist because of the need of the Father to reach, train, and
      mentor those with in the five-fold ministry. We as a ministry has a
      mission to unite, gather, train, and mobilize the knitted Body of
 •    We are here to encourage and strengthen you in to ministry.
 •    We are here to define ministry and tear down those altars of Baal
      that came out against what Ministry truly was meant to be.

     How Salt & Fire Helps Produce Ministries

Luke 14:23 Then the master said to the servant, Go out into
the highways and hedges and urge {and} constrain [them] to
yield {and} come in, so that my house may be filled.

There are so many opportunities to reach people that we missed because
the strategies of the church have gone untapped. That is why the
Apostolic is being sent out with such empowering strategies that will
mobilize the Body to the four corners of this earth.

The only way we can help you walk in the Ministry Yah has designed for
you to carry it is that we actually know about the visions of Yah. That
means we need to have a counsel of understanding. We have strategies
that can help you organize that which you felt could not be.

To accomplish this you have full access to the Staff of Salt & Fire and
access to the conference calls that will inform you on all updates and
materials. We have a staff of directors that have wide ranges of ministry
that are available to you.

If you need to incorporate your ministry we are here and available to
make that happen.

     How Does Salt & Fire Operate For You

       Uniting, Equipping, and Establishing
The preliminary aspect of our mission is to unite and mobilize local
apostolic/prophetic ministries. Salt & Fire is designed to provide a
community and safe haven for local five-fold ministries. We provide
training, accountability, fellowship and ministry opportunities. When a
prophetic minister joins a local Salt & Fire network chapter, he or she is
not forfeiting their current ministerial identity, but is simply joining a
regional alliance of prophetic ministers.

We like to say we are a tool to the Pastors and the back of the Body.
Why is This Network One Should Prayerfully
             Consider Joining

The Mission of this Network is to gather, unite, and strengthen the
VOICE of the five-fold offices to reach as far as God wants. That means
you have an actual team with you. This team will work with you and
support you and the call of God upon your life. You will be mentored
passed sitting in church hearing a word but actual coming to know true
ministry with a team. Many are not being mentored; they are just being
preached to. Many do not have a prophetic mantel passed down but
possess a stolen mantle. This Ministry is here to mentor the prophetic in
realms that churches typically do not take time out to do.

We are here for those that are hiding in the cave waiting on a David to
unite, encourage, and transform them into warriors.

     What is Salt and Fire Called to Do for the

 •    Unite Ministers from city to state and keep them connected which
      will greatly expand the focus of God through out the world. Direct
      others to your ministry as need.
 •    Help organize and set your ministry into establishment
 •    Host seminars, workshops, conferences and retreats focusing on
      impartation of the five-fold, through training, education, and
 •    Conduct strategic prophetic meetings and conferences that address
      regional spiritual issues, e.g., prayer walks and establishing
      watchmen strategies for the region.
 •   Support, help build and promote the five-fold. We will have your
     back in prayer. We will also help you promote your ministry and
     events and, when possible, even attend your events.
 •   Provide apostolic and prophetic counsel.
 •   Offer certified and Diploma programs

How Is This Accomplished and How Will
This Benefit You as a Network Member

Our Directors and Staff will work close with each Region and make sure
the support is needed and prayer daily on how to meet the PRO of the
VISION. As our mailing list grows your connections grow. We do not
just want to be members of a Network of people we do not know. We
will present to you plenty of opportunities of networking among the
other Members.

We will promote accountability by having each member submit a
monthly ministry accountability form which will keep us in tune with
MINISTRY among the BODY. We also request that Members of this
network be utilized with in services by other members. This
accountability will teach us itinerary planning which is a MUST in

We offer Bible School classes with Certification and Diplomas. We will
keep your transcript that will show your complete accomplishments and
           How Do We Train and Equip
               Cooperation Instead of Competition!!

•   We utilize this Yahoo group to post teachings and prophetic words
    of instruction, correction, and direction. We focus on a seasonal
    word as Yah ( God ) bring it forth through us. We encourage
    questions and input that will bring each of us to a place of greater
    understanding of not just the will of Yah but also the ways of Yah.

•   We have teleconferences. This is when we set a time and date and
    gather for telephonic training. We teach revelations concerning the
    five-fold which is available. Training manuals accompany most
    training sessions. We want to provide each Salt & Fire member
    tools to equip them in the five-fold as Yah has called you into. We
    already have CDs and manuals for the Prophetic Seer and many
    more are in the works. As we present these teleconferences you
    will be provide the opportunity to ask questions. You will have
    opportunity to obtain a copy of the training CDs and manuals.

•   Additional weekly telephonic sessions are presented:
    Monday -- Prayer call
    Tuesday -- Scripture teachings
    Thursday -- Leadership Training

•   We also host seminars and conferences which you are invited to
         attend. As a member of Salt & Fire you will not be charged a
         registration fee. There may be a nominal fee to cover the cost
         of seminar or conference material but, as a member in good
         standing, these will be offered to you at a discounted rate.

•   We train and equip those that are starting their ministry and need
         mentoring by provide you tools and training and will visit
         you and strategies prayer walks with in your city.
Our Mission of Unity is not just talk. We are on assignment. This
assignment is a strategy of Yah to the Apostolic to restore the church. We
must unite the Body passed just a STRUCTURAL building that we all
call CHURCH. We must bring alive the organism YAHSHUA died for
that which He CALLS Church with is the Living Body of Christ which
is US.

For some reason the church Body has accomplished a spreading of
failure. There is no PERFECT anything. We think it arrogant and get
upset with someone when they claim perfection in anything. A woman
said her family is perfect and another woman said “she will see.”
Something is going to happen to show her that is lie. This is horrible. We
have became a carrier of FAILURE.

That is why this MINISTRY is such a threat to the kingdom of hell. It is
a threat to the system of man. It is a threat to ideology of who YAH is.
We are here to gather the warriors of Yah and organize the march.

Our enemy will do his utmost to try to keep us distanced from one
another (primarily through lies, confusion and accusation) and to
keep us focused on many trivial things so that Christ's work of building
in and through us ceases and this genuine love and unity does not

When you have genuine unity brought about by the Spirit, you have
strength; it is powerful and the enemy KNOWS this and does not want it
to happen! He tries to keep our love as merely head knowledge, not a
genuine, experiential heart love so that we are not joined together.

The gates of unity will GUARD truth, protect against untruth, and
THAT is wisdom!
Zech 8:3 Thus says the Lord: I shall return to Zion and will dwell in the
midst of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem shall be called the [faithful] City of
Truth, and the mountain of the Lord of hosts, the Holy Mountain.