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Smart Rail Signalling


Smart Rail Signalling

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									Smart Rail Signalling
	      	       	       														Solutions by HIMA Australia

                                                                                      HIMATRIx fEATuRES

                                                                                      •   SIL4 certified safety

                                                                                      •   Response time ≤ 20 ms

                                                                                      •   Compact housings

                                                                                      •   Modular solutions

                                                                                      •   flexible CPu and I/O

                                                                                      •   Distributed solutions

                                                                                      •   Communications to
                                                                                          supervisory systems via
                                                                                          common industrial

                                                                                      •   Transmission of safety
                                                                                          related data between
                                                                                          controllers and remote
                                                                                          I/O using safeethernet
                                                                                          at speeds up to 100 Mbps

                                                                                      •   Can use legacy
                                                                                          Ethernet networks

                                                                                      •   Numerous certifications

The HIMatrix series controllers are TÜV certified up to SIL4 in accordance with
the European Railway Application Standards and are designed to provide                TÜV SÜD
solutions for applications which demand safe, high speed, and highly distributed
                                                                                      TÜV SÜD is an
                                                                                      internationally recognised
The modularity, small footprint, and fast response times of HIMatrix provides an
                                                                                      consulting, testing,
easy migration path to a state of the art safety interlocking or signalling system.
                                                                                      inspection, and certification
HIMatrix system architecture

Optimise cost and footprint by selecting from a range of four controllers, all with   HIMATRIx COMMuNICATIONS
on board I/O, and nine remote I/O modules. Add controllers and remote I/O
modules as required.                                                                  HIMatrix is open to
                                                                                      communication with
Compact PES        AI    AO     DI     DO     Notes                                   supervisory or peripheral
f35 01             8            24     8      Includes 2 off 100khz counter inputs    devices via the following
f31 02                          20     8      Only safeethernet communications        popular industrial
                                                                                      communications protocols:
f30 01                          20     8
f20 01                          8*   4+8*     *8 configurable as either input or      •   Profibus DP master and
                                              output channels                             slave
Remote I/O         AI    AO     DI     DO     Notes
                                                                                      •   MODBuS RTu master
f3 DIO 20/8 02                  20     8                                                  and slave
f3 DIO 16/8 01                  16     8
                                                                                      •   MODBuS TCP/IP master
f3 DIO 8/8 01                   8      8                                                  and slave
f3 AIO 8/4 01      8      4
f2 DO 16 02                            16     =<60V relay contact outputs             •   OPC DA

f2 DO 16 01                            16     8*2A outputs, 8*0.5A outputs            •   Interbus master
f2 DO 8 01                             8      =<230V relay contact outputs
f2 DO 4 01                             4      =<5A load                               •   Ethernet/IP
f1 DI 16 01                     16

Controllers and remote I/O communicate via built in Ethernet switches using
safeethernet, a proprietary HIMA TÜV certified protocol which fulfils all the
requirements of EN 50159. Safeethernet is designed to allow the creation of
safety related communication links using standard Ethernet components.

Safety related communication can be easily and transparently integrated into
an existing Ethernet network removing the need for the provision of a dedicated
Ethernet communication link.
    HIMatrix programming

    HIMatrix application programs are developed, downloaded, and monitored using
    “SILworx”, an application which employs a TÜV certified code compiler.
                                                                                         Lindaunis upgrade Project,
    Apart from standard logical functions, SILworx allows the creation and testing       Germany
    of complex custom function blocks for specific applications. Once functions have
    been developed and tested, they can be reused again and again without fear of
                                                                                         •   Kiel – flensburg line,
    coding errors occurring. A library of AS 61508 compliant function blocks for
                                                                                             control centre and
    common functions is also available off the shelf.
                                                                                             signalling equipment
    Offline simulation of application code and function blocks allows thorough testing
                                                                                         •   Multiple HIMatrix systems
    prior to integration with the hardware platform.
                                                                                         •   first groundbreaking
                                                                                             project using
    Programming and monitoring of all connected HIMatrix controllers can be
                                                                                             commercial safety PLCs
    achieved from any point on the safeethernet network or locally at the controllers
                                                                                         •   Replacing old
                                                                                             electromechanical and
                                                                                             relay interlocking
    HIMatrix certifications                                                              London underground , uK

                                                                                         •   Multi million pound
•      EN 50126:1999 SIL4 “Railway applications. The specification and                       project, 190 new trains
       demonstration of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS)”    •   Track to Train systems
                                                                                             using HIMatrix
•      EN 50128:2001 SIL4 “Railway applications. Communications, signalling and          •   Selective Door Opening
       processing systems. Software for railway control and protection systems”              System
                                                                                         •   Correct Side Door
•      EN 50129:2003 SIL4 “Railway applications. Communication, signalling and
                                                                                             Enabling System
       processing systems. Safety related electronic systems for signalling”
                                                                                         •   Rated to -25 degrees,
                                                                                             shock and vibration
•      AS 61508 SIL3 “functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable
       electronic safety-related systems”

•      IEC 61131 “Programmable Logic Controllers”
•      EN 50156 “Electrical equipment for furnaces and ancillary equipment”

•      EN 954 “Safety of machinery – Safety-related parts of control systems”            SILworx is HIMA’s new,
                                                                                         easy-to-use, fully integrated
•      EN 50159-1 ”Railway applications. Communication, signalling and processing        configuration, programming
       systems. Safety related communication in closed transmission systems”             and diagnostic environment.
                                                                                         Its state of the art interface
                                                                                         helps users avoid mistakes
                                                                                         and speeds up the
                                                                                         engineering process.

    The ServicePDA is a portable, battery-powered device for servicing HIMatrix                       SERVICEPDA fuNCTIONS
    controllers. All service measures on HIMatrix controllers can be carried out with
    the ServicePDA. This eliminates the need for a PC or laptop.                                      •     Start/stop the controller

    The configuration and programs of controllers can be stored on the supplied                       •     Saving controller
    memory card. using the memory card, programs created in SILworx can be easily                           configurations and user
    downloaded into the controller.                                                                         programs

                                                                                                      •     Loading saved user
    ServicePDA technical features                                                                           programs

                                                                                                      •     Displaying operating
                                                                                                            system information and
                           •   Menu-assisted replacement of HIMatrix components                             system status

                           •   Displaying controller state:                                           •     Displaying/changing
                                     - Status of central processing units and                               Ethernet settings and
                                       communication modules, input and output                              security parameters
                                     - Program name, program status, operating
                                       system versions
                                                                                                      CONTACT DETAILS
                           •   Displaying and changing the following settings:
                                     - Network IP address, subnet mask, routing
                                     - Controller time and date                                                    Perth | Head Office
                                     - Security parameters                                                   unit 2, 21 frederick Street
                                                                                                                      Belmont wA 6104
                                                                                                              Tel: +61 (0) 8 9323 2100
                                                                                                              fax: +61 (0) 8 9323 2192

    ServicePDA benefits                                                                                                      Melbourne
                                                                                                                 unit 13, 21 Sabre Drive
                                                                                                              Port Melbourne VIC 3207
                                                                                                              Tel: +61 (0) 3 8645 3600
•      Data stored on the ServicePDA can be transferred easily to controllers                                 fax: +61 (0) 3 9645 3295

•      No computer or programming skills required                                                                              Brisbane
                                                                                                          Building 6, 2404 Logan Road
                                                                                                             Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113
•      Compact, portable and robust service tool                                                               Tel: +61 (0) 7 3340 5150
                                                                                                               fax: +61 (0) 7 3340 5119
•      Efficient system diagnostic without a PC
                                                                                                              Email: info@hima.com.au
•      Reduced downtimes thanks to the menu-assisted replacement of HIMatrix                              for a full list of our services,
       controllers and remote inputs/outputs                                                                                         visit:


                                                                      HIMA AuStrAlIA Pty ltD (PertH) IS certIfIeD By
                                                                                BureAu verItAS In AccOrDAnce wItH
                                                                    AS/nzS ISO 9001:2008 AnD tHe functIOnAl SAfety
                                                                        MAnAgeMent PrIncIPleS Of AS Iec 61511.1:2004

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