; Sierra Rectangular Bath
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Sierra Rectangular Bath


Sierra Rectangular Bath

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									          PLAIN BATHS

               Sierra Rectangular Bath

          With a central waste outlet & integral back & armrests at both ends of the bath the Sierra rectangular bath is ideally flexible. Adjustable
          steel base & removable bath pillows are available as optional extras.

                                                                                Colour/Finish                White

                                                                                Size Options                 1850 x 950 x 435                     11197A

                                                                                Material                     Acrylic

                                                                                Complementary                Bath pillow - Type A                 11205A
                                                                                                             Valencia Bath Screen 760mm           A2090

                                                                                                             Valencia Bath Screen 900mm           A2091

                                                                                                             Valencia Bath Screen 1000mm          A2092

                                                                                                             Sapphire Bath Screen 800mm           C0655
                              Waste as illustrated not included.
                                                                                Associated Furniture Sapphire Vanities

                                     Top View

                                     Side View

                                                                                                                 All measurements shown are in millimetres.
                                                                                                                                   Sizes are approximate.

                                                 Australia                                    New Zealand
                                                 Unit 10, 77-79 St Hillers Road               133 Diana Drive, Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
                                                 Auburn, NSW 2144, Australia                  PO Box 100-146 NSMC, Auckland
                                                 PO Box 257 Regents Park 2143 NSW             Ph: 0800 100 382 Fax: 0800 66 44 88
                                                 Ph: 1300 362 264 Fax: 1300 652 284           www.englefield.co.nz

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