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					Happy Easter
                                         Safe & Confident
                                         Living Program
                                       March 2005 Newsletter
Logan Central Community
    9 Jacaranda Ave
     Logan Central

  Shirley Mulcahy J.P

                                             Happy Easter holidays to you all!

                                   Seniors Week in Logan             Protect your Home &
    Ph: 3808 7233                                                          Property
    Fax: 3290 0948

  Individual Highlights:
    Seniors week
                                     Will be celebrated on            Many homes are broken into
    Protect your property        Wednesday 24th August 2005      because doors and windows were
                                              At:                    left unlocked. Remember to:
    Disability Equipment        The Logan Entertainment Centre
                                             From:                    Lock your doors and
    Grandparents                     9.30am until 2.30pm              windows, even if you are
                                                                      just working in your garden
    Garden Maintenance              Bookings are essential            or stepping out for a short
                                    Please call 3290 0088             time.
    Merry Melodies                            or                      Identify your valuables by
                                         3290 4450                    engraving them.
                                    For more information
   News for Seniors                                                   Photograph your jewellery                                            Store valuables in a safe
rnet/internet.nsf/publication                                         place out of sight from
s/apn.htm                                                             doorways and windows.
                                                                      Let trusted neighbours
                                                                      know when you are away.
                                                                  Remember: Unlocked doors and
                                                                 windows are an open invitation to
Page 2 of 2                                                   Safe & Confident Living News

                                 Disability Equipment                       Garden Maintenance

                                  The Logan Area Committee on
                                         the Ageing Inc.
                                 Is proud to announce this new
                                  hire service to the seniors of
                                                                          This is another new project that has
                                 Logan. Thanks to the Kingston
                                                                             been funded by the Kingston
                                 Community Renewal Program.
                                                                           Community Renewal Program and
                                 The Community Centre will be
                                                                                 will commence in 2005.
                                  able to offer for hire various
                                                                            Seniors of Logan will be able to
                                 disability equipment, including:
                                                                          access the services of this project if
               Day lily                 Wheelchairs                         they meet the required criteria.
                                        Walking frames                       This service will incur a fee to
                                                                                 recover on-going costs.
                                        Wheelie walkers
                                        Shower chairs                     Volunteers are required for this
                                                                              new project. If you are
                                        Toilet seat raisers               interested in applying for work
                                       A minimal fee applies              in this area we look forward to
       Storm bird (male)              Call 3290 0088 or 3290 4450                hearing from you.

                                                                           Please call the Community Centre
                                      The Importance of
                                                                              On 3290 0088 or 3290 4450
                                                                              For any further information
                                 We want to keep our grandchildren
                                  safe and sound. We want to share
                                  with our own children the lessons
                                   we learned-and learn a few new          Merry Melodies at Logan
                                             tips ourselves.
The Safe & Confident Living is      The contributions grandparents
                                                                            “Slouch Hats & Boogie Woogie”
  a program which is fully             make to their families are
funded by the Department of         extraordinary. Some, like baby
                                                                                Anzac Day Celebration
                                 sitting, Others, like providing a role
                                    model for grandchildren. We do                        At
                                  know that virtually every study of          Logan Entertainment Centre
                                     child development shows that                         On
We’re on the Web!                  youngsters lucky enough to have              Tuesday 12th April 2005
Visit us at
                                 loving grandparents are destined to                 At 11.00am                 be winners. All research on single
                                   parents shows that the future of       Book early to avoid disappointment
                                     the children is correlated with
                                      support from grandparents.
                                                                                     Ph: 3826 4770
                                   We also know that grandparents
                                    can make their children's job of
                                          parenting a lot easier

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