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									08 rust stopper
       latest technology
  electronic rust control
rust stopper
         latest technology
   electronic corrosion inhibitor
            ruststopper is 100% environmentally friendly and chemical free!

            rustopper is the most advanced electronic anti rust treatment in the world, protecting
            your vehicle in areas other rust proofing can’t reach. the module employs state of the art
            embedded computer controls to generate high speed pulsed current action to reduce iron
            loss or corrosion, safeguarding against rust developing in the vehicle.

            • Absolutely no toxic chemicals are used which can be harmful to delicate water tables.
            • Helps prevent scratch and stone chip corrosion from spreading.
            • Laboratory tests demonstrate a reduction in the corrosion process by as much as 80%,
              effectively doubling your vehicle’s life span against rust and corrosion.
            • A unique voltage regulator shuts off the unit if the vehicle battery voltage drops below
              11.5 volts. the unit draws 11 milliamps (about the same as a digital dashboard clock)
            • Complements underbody rust applications by treating ‘above the window sills’
            • the ruststopper system can be transferred to another vehicle upon sale of your car.
            • the ruststopper system carries a Lifetime Warranty on new vehicles against corrosion.
            • some conditions apply, refer warranty conditions for full details.


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