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					                                        Tomas O. Hook                            Why Purdue? I have a background
                                        Assistant professor                      in chemistry departments.
                                        Forestry and Natural Resources           Moving here has placed me in
                                                       a setting with smart colleagues
                                        Degree: 2005, Univ. of Michigan          and a much stronger biological
                                        Previously at: Univ. of Michigan         focus.
                                        Teaching area: I emphasize holistic
                                        and synthetic teaching, with an          Torbert R. Rocheford
                                        emphasis on fish and aquatic             Professor of plant genetics
                                        ecology.                                 Agronomy
Agriculture                             Research interests: I am broadly
                                        interested in why fish populations       Degree: Ph.D., 1986, Univ. of
Aryn M. Dotterer                        vary over space and time.                Nebraska-Lincoln
Youth Development and Agricultural      I utilize a variety of methods           Previously at: Univ. of Illinois
Education                               to elucidate fish population             Teaching area: Teach a combined
See listing under CFS                   dynamics, including simulation           undergraduate and graduate
                                        modeling and field studies.              second course in genetics with
Jeffrey S. Dukes                        Why Purdue? Purdue’s mission and         emphasis on applications.
Assistant professor                     resources facilitate the exploration     Research interests: Research
Forestry and Natural Resources,         of ecological questions at               embraces interface of maize
and Biological Sciences                 the interface between basic and          breeding and molecular genetics.                      applied perspectives, and the            Traits include plant architecture,
Degree: Ph.D., Stanford Univ.           state of Indiana encompasses             grain yield and grain
Previously at: Univ. of Massachusetts   a range of interesting aquatic           composition; specifically grain
Boston                                  ecosystems.                              suitability for ethanol production,
Teaching area: How does nature                                                   and nutritional composition
work? How are we changing it?           T.J. (Joe) Kappock                       including provitamins A
What are the consequences?              Assistant professor                      and antioxidants.
Research interests: My lab studies      Biochemistry                             Why Purdue? I was impressed with
the responses of natural systems                       the people on campus, importantly
to global environmental                 Degree: Ph.D., 1996, Yale Univ.          the congenial, collegial
changes such as climate change.         Previously at: Washington Univ. in       and cooperative atmosphere
We conduct ecological research          St. Louis                                that permeates this place. That
at the community, ecosystem,            Teaching area: Biochemistry,             and a nice endowed chair made
and global scales.                      biological chemistry, and bioinorganic   it very attractive.
Why Purdue? Great colleagues.           chemistry.
Institutional focus on global           Research interests: Mechanistic
change research. Sense of community.    enzymology;
                                        resistance strategies
                                        in acidophilic bacteria

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Consumer and Family                     Univ. of North Carolina
Sciences                                Teaching area: Child and adolescent     Education
                                        development, families in
G. Jonathon Day                         a multicultural society, child          Rachael H. Kenney
Assistant professor                     development in the context of           Curriculum and Instruction
Hospitality and Tourism                 family relationships                    See listing under Science
Management                              Research interests: I am particularly                        interested in gender, race/             Jill A. Newton
Degree: Ph.D., 2006, James Cook         ethnicity, and socioeconomic            Assistant professor
Univ. (Australia); M.B.A., 1997,        variations in children’s and            Curriculum and Instruction
UCLA                                    adolescents’ school engagement
Previously at: Corporate                and academic achievement,               Degree: 2008, Michigan State Univ.
Teaching area: Sustainable tourism      with attention to the role that         Previously at:
and hospitality practices;              families play in parenting and          Teaching area: I am interested in
international management;               socialization.                          secondary mathematics teaching
marketing.                              Why Purdue? I am thrilled to be at      and learning.
Research interests: Destination         a world-class university and in         Research interests: My research
branding; sustainable tourism,          a department that is committed          interests include the enactment
sustainable hospitality; destination    to improving the lives of               of mathematics curriculum,
development.                            children and families through           curriculum policy, secondary
Why Purdue? I was attracted by the      research, practice and policy.          mathematics teacher education,
Purdue philosophy of world class                                                and equity in mathematics
research and real-world                 Li Miao                                 education.
problem solving. In transitioning       Assistant professor                     Why Purdue? I chose Purdue for its
from corporate to academia              Hospitality and Tourism                 strong reputation in mathematics
I wanted to join the premier            Management                              education research and to be
tourism and hospitality team                          close to my family.
and contribute to its continued         Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Penn State
success.                                Univ.
                                        Previously at:
                                        Teaching area: Hotel operations         Engineering
Aryn M. Dotterer                        Research interests: Consumer behavior
Assistant professor                     associated with service                 Kartik B. Ariyur
Child Development and Family            consumptions                            Assistant professor
Studies; Youth Development              Why Purdue? The HTM program             Mechanical Engineering
and Agricultural Education              at Purdue is one of the leading                     programs in the field. I am             Degree: Ph.D., 2002, Univ. of California,
Degree: Ph.D., 2006, The Pennsylvania   privileged to join a team with a        San Diego
State Univ.                             strong commitment to teaching           Previously at: Honeywell Labs,
Previously at: Postdoctoral fellow,     and research excellence.                Minneapolis

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Teaching area: Control systems,            initiatives in electrical and         and tools that help analysts
systems analysis (linear, nonlinear,       computer engineering.                 manage and understand massive
adaptive), measurements,                   Why Purdue? I chose Purdue            datasets.
signal processing, dynamics,               because of the vast opportunities     Why Purdue? Purdue has an excellent
inventive problem solving.                 to combine my electrical              reputation with strong
Research interests: Theory: Nonlinear      engineering research interests        faculty working in my area,
filtering, prediction and                  with my engineering education         visualization. The campus is
control, adaptive control, and             research interests.                   great and I like the atmosphere
dynamic optimization.                                                            of university towns like West
Applications: Propulsion systems,          Jun Chen                              Lafayette!
sensor networks, cellular                  Assistant professor
telephony, inertial navigation,            School of Mechanical Engineering      Sivanandan S. Harilal
health monitoring, integrated                        Research assistant professor
surveillance systems, path                 Degree: Ph.D., 2005, Johns            Nuclear Engineering
planning.                                  Hopkins Univ.               
Why Purdue? It has an environment          Teaching area: Fluid mechanics,       Degree: Ph.D. (1998, Cochin Univ.
of open communication,                     experimental fluid mechanics          of Science and Technology)
cross collaboration and extensive          Research interests: Development       Previously at: Argonne National
connections to industry. A                 and application of experimental       Laboratory
location sufficiently far from             techniques in engineering             Teaching area: Laser technology,
major cities will help the students        and applied flow research             plasma physics, plasma diagnostics,
keep their focus.                                                                laser-matter interaction
                                           L. Niklas E. Elmqvist                 physics
Cordelia M. Brown                          Assistant professor                   Research interests: Laser-matter
Assistant professor                        School of Electrical and Computer     interaction, laser-produced
Electrical and Computer Engineering,       Engineering                           plasma applications, in-situ
and Engineering Education                                surface characterization techniques,                         Degree: Ph.D., 2006, Chalmers         plasma light sources,
Degree: Ph.D. in electrical engineering,   Univ. of Technology, Sweden           EUV lithography, high-energy
2005, Vanderbilt Univ.                     Previously at: INRIA, Paris, France   density physics, plasma diagnostics
Teaching area: My teaching interests       Teaching area: Visualization,         Why Purdue? Internationally renowned
are in digital system design,              human-computer interaction,           university
and professional development               computer graphics, and computer
skills for engineering students.           game development.                     Brent K. Jesiek
Research interests: My research            Research interests: My research       Assistant professor
interests are in the areas of fault        areas include information             School of Engineering Education;
tolerant systems, digital system           visualization, human-computer         School of Electrical and Computer
design, learning models, assessment        interaction, visual analytics,        Engineering
of instructional methods,                  and computer graphics. I am 
and recruitment and retention              interested in designing methods       Degree: 2006, Virginia Tech

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Previously at: Virginia Tech                  that direct specific cellular           and heating system; energy
Teaching area: Introduction to engineering;   responses. In particular, my            efficiency in building system;
engineering cultures;                         research focus will design artificial   indoor air quality; sustainable
engineering studies; engineering              proteins to direct bone and             and healthy built environments
epistemologies; history                       cartilage regeneration.                 Why Purdue? Purdue is an excellent
and philosophy of engineering                 Why Purdue? I am excited by the         engineering school.
education                                     strong engineering tradition
Research interests: Historical and            and look forward to working             Anand Raghunathan
social studies of electrical engineering,     with the bright and talented            Professor
computer engineering,                         students Purdue attracts!               Electrical and Computer
and engineering education;                                                            Engineering
global engineering education                  Timothée L. Pourpoint         
and global competency; open                   Research assistant professor            Degree: Ph.D., 1997, Princeton
source software and hardware;                 Aeronautics and Astronautics            Univ.
science and technology studies                           Previously at: NEC Research Labs,
(STS)                                         Degree: Ph.D., 2005, Purdue Univ.       Princeton, N.J.
Why Purdue? First, an impressive              Previously at: Purdue Univ.             Teaching area: VLSI processing
reputation and profile, both                  Teaching area: Rocket propulsion        architectures, embedded system
nationally and internationally.               (focus on liquid propellants            design, electronic design automation,
Second, opportunities for high impact         and ignition systems)                   low-power design.
teaching and research.                        Research interests: Rocket propulsion   Research interests: System-on-chip
And third, an environment                     (ignition), high pressure               (SoC) architecture and design
where students and faculty are                systems, propellant storage             methodologies, application specific
challenged to succeed and excel.              (specifically hydrogen storage)         and domain-specific
                                              Why Purdue? Excellent engineering       VLSI processing architectures,
Julie C. Liu                                  school and research facilities          embedded systems, low-power
Assistant professor                                                                   design, information security
School of Chemical Engineering                Ming Qu                                 and trust in embedded system                           Assistant professor                     and SoC design, electronic
Degree: Ph.D., 2006, California               Civil Engineering                       design automation.
Institute of Technology                                       Why Purdue? The opportunity to
Previously at: Postdoctoral fellowship        Degree: 2008, Carnegie Mellon           work with high-caliber faculty
at Univ. of Massachusetts                     Univ.                                   and students, and the breadth
Medical School                                Teaching area: Energy efficiency        of research expertise that makes
Teaching area: Tissue engineering             and sustainable building design,        Purdue an ideal breeding
class with an emphasis on                     building control system,                ground for interdisciplinary
protein engineering and other                 building energy supply system,          research.
biomolecular approaches.                      thermal analyses, building
Research interests: My goal is to             system modeling
engineer biomimetic materials                 Research interests: Solar cooling

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Mihailo Stojnic                             Research interests: Energy efficiency     Industrial Engineering
Assistant professor                         in buildings, solar energy,     
Industrial Engineering                      lighting, building automation,            Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Georgia Institute                         photovoltaics, windows and                of Technology
Degree: Ph.D., 2007, Caltech                glazings, reduction in greenhouse         Previously at: Georgia Institute of
Previously at: Caltech                      gas emissions                             Technology
Teaching area: Probability, optimization,   Why Purdue? An institution with           Teaching area: Human-computer
algorithms.                                 excellent history in research.            interaction, information visualization,
Research interests: My general              The position fits very well with          and decision science
research interests are in probability,      my interests and future plans             Research interests: Applying various
optimization and                            for interdisciplinary research in         human-centered computing
algorithms, and their engineering           the architectural engineering             (e.g., information visualization
applications. Particularly:                 area.                                     and decision science)
convex optimization, semidefinite                                                     technologies to the health care
programming, Markov                         Nelson A. Uhan                            industry
chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)                    Assistant professor                       Why Purdue? The School of Industrial
algorithms.                                 Industrial Engineering                    Engineering at Purdue has
Why Purdue? Purdue has a super élite                          one of the best human factor
engineering program,                        Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Massachusetts        groups, and the Regenstrief
certainly one of the best in the            Institute of Technology                   Center for Healthcare Engineering
country and the world. The                  Teaching area: Introductory               appears to provide me
reputation of the school is                 courses in operations research,           with great opportunities.
impressive and my belief is that            advanced courses in
it also offers a nice, quiet but            optimization.                             Liberal Arts
dynamic environment for great               Research interests: Operations
research and teaching work.                 research; in particular, combinatorial    Daniel P. Aldrich
                                            optimization, mathematical                Assistant professor
Thanos (Athanasios)                         programming and their                     Political Science
Tzempelikos                                 applications to scheduling,     
Assistant professor                         game theory, logistics, transportation,   Degree: 2005, Harvard Univ.
School of Civil Engineering                 and network design.                       Previously at: Tulane Univ.                         Why Purdue? Purdue’s strengths in         Teaching area: Comparative public
Degree: 2005, Concordia Univ.               engineering and management                policy, environmental politics,
(Montreal, Canada)                          make it a great environment               Japanese politics
Previously at: Concordia Univ.              to do research in an interdisciplinary    Research interests: Controversial
Teaching area: Building science,            field like operations                     facilities, “not in my back yard”
architectural                               research.                                 politics, disaster recovery
engineering, energy                                                                   Why Purdue? Purdue offers a first-class,
management, renewable and                   Ji Soo Yi                                 high-powered research
sustainable energy                          Assistant professor                       environment with excellent

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faculty and students along with       with visual artists, poets,                 use of metals in Alaska, the
an affordable housing market.         actors and musicians as well as             Yukon Territory, the Northwest
                                      solo works that combine text,               Territories, and British Columbia
Adam E. Barry                         technology and dance. My                    both before and after the
Assistant professor                   research includes investigations            arrival of Europeans.
Health and Kinesiology                in ensemble improvisation.                    Why Purdue? Purdue is active in             Michael R. Johnston
Degree: Ph.D., 2007, Texas A&M        research and creative endeavor              Assistant professor
Univ.                                 and at the forefront of interdisciplinary   English
Previously at: Texas A&M Univ.        connections.                      
Research interests: Examining the                                                 Degree: 2007, Ohio State Univ.
alcohol-related behaviors, beliefs,   Laura J. Claxton                            Previously at: Univ. of North Texas
perceptions and attitudes             Assistant professor                         Teaching area: Middle English literature,
of college students. Additionally,    Health and Kinesiology                      the history of the book,
examining how technology                            theories of textual editing.
can be utilized to enhance            Degree: 2007, Univ. of Massachusetts        Research interests: Medieval romance,
delivery of health education          Amherst                                     late medieval manuscript
content in the classroom              Teaching area: Motor development,           culture, the history of
setting.                              perceptual development, and                 the book, and Marxist literary
                                      cognitive development.                      theory.
Rebecca G. Bryant                     Research interests: My research             Why Purdue? Purdue has a strong,
Assistant professor                   explores motor and cognitive                nationally recognized program
Patti and Rusty Rueff Department      development in young children.              in Medieval and Renaissance
of Visual and Performing Arts         Current projects investigate                studies. Moreover, the faculty                   how motor behaviors can be                  have been nothing but welcoming
Degree: M.F.A. in dance, 2002,        influenced by cognitive factors.            to me. Who could ask for a
UCLA                                                                              better combination?
Previously at: Missouri State Univ.   H. Kory Cooper
Teaching area: I am a dance artist    Assistant professor                         Jennifer L. King
specializing in modern                Anthropology                                Assistant professor
dance technique, improvisation,                         Visual and Performing Arts
somatic methods and                   Degree: 2007, Univ. of Alberta    
interdisciplinary performance.        Previously at: Univ. of Calgary             Degree: Ph.D., 2007, Indiana Univ.
Currently I am investigating          Teaching area: Native North America,        Previously at: TCU
the applications of Alexander         hunter-gatherers, archaeology,              Teaching area: History of music in
Technique and Developmental           archaeometry                                the Western European “classical”
Movement in dance training            Research interests: My research             tradition from the Middle
and dance making.                     focuses on the technology of                Ages through the present day.
Research interests: My recent         native people in northwestern               Research interests: 16th-century
projects include collaborations       North America, especially the               Italian madrigal, dialogue,

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humor in music                          psychophysics, amplification,
Why Purdue? I have the opportunity      and cochlear implants.                   Sean C. Newcomer
to pursue my research                   Research interests: Enhancing            Assistant professor
in Renaissance music and the            speech perception of cochlear            Health and Kinesiology
pedagogy of music history.              implant users in challenging   
And I get to teach some of the          listening conditions, especially         Degree: 2004, The Pennsylvania
brightest students in the world.        their recognition of suprasegmental      State Univ.
                                        speech information,                      Previously at: Univ. of Missouri
Seungyoon Lee                           such as lexical tones and vocal          Teaching area: Exercise physiology,
Assistant professor                     emotions.                                cardiovascular physiology
Communication                           Why Purdue? Because of the               Research interests: Mechanisms                    strong, multidisciplinary research       underlying the heterogeneous
Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Univ. of           and clinical background                  distribution of atherosclerosis
Southern California                     of the department.                       throughout the peripheral
Teaching area: Organizational                                                    vasculatures.
communication, social network           Robyn Malo                               Why Purdue? Tremendous resources
theories and methodologies,             Assistant professor                      and an excellent collaborative
communication technologies              English                                  environment.
Research interests: Organizational
and social networks, organizational     Degree: Ph.D., 2007, The Ohio            Derek Pacheco
ecology, knowledge                      State Univ.                              Assistant professor
sharing, network dynamics,              Previously at: Austin College, Texas     English
information and communication           Teaching area: Chaucer, Gower, 
technologies and social                 Hoccleve, Lydgate, medieval devotional   Degree: 2006, UCLA
development                             literature and culture,                  Previously at: California State
Why Purdue? Excellent research          reformation studies.                     Univ., Fullerton
university, opportunities for           Research interests: Published on         Teaching area: Please see research
interdisciplinary/international         Chaucer and on later medieval            category below.
collaboration                           devotional literature. Current           Research interests: My research
                                        research includes a monograph            and teaching interests include
Xin Luo                                 about literary depictions of             gender and American Transcendentalism;
Assistant professor                     saints’ relics, as well as articles      gender and
Speech, Language, and Hearing           on Lollardy and books of                 print culture; history of the
Sciences                                hours.                                   book studies; popular culture;                         Why Purdue? Purdue has a very            race, class, and gender in 18th
Degree: Ph.D., 2005, Univ. of Science   rare combination: collegiality           and 19th century American
and Technology of China                 and scholarly rigor. The Department      literature; American women’s
Previously at: House Ear Institute      of English combines                      writing; and the American
Teaching area: Speech processing,       these (crucial) qualities                novel.
speech perception, auditory             effortlessly!                            Why Purdue? I admire the way

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that Purdue combines the goals             Sciences
of liberal arts college with the                     Shannon M. Van Hyfte
resources and responsibilities             Degree: Ph.D., 2001, Univ. of          Clinical assistant professor
of a public research university            Illinois                               Speech, Language, and Hearing
dedicated to serving the needs             Previously at: Clinical position in    Sciences
of its diverse student and faculty         Massachusetts                
bodies.                                    Teaching area: Preschool stuttering,   Degree: Au.D. (Clinical Doctorate
                                           early intervention (birth to 3),       of Audiology), 2003, Ball State
Matthias Steup                             speech and language development        Univ.
Professor and department head              Research interests: Evidence-based     Previously at: Ear, nose, throat
Philosophy                                 practice, preschool stuttering,        physician practice                           early intervention (intervention       Teaching area: I provide clinical
Degree: 1985, Brown Univ.                  methods, efficacy)                     supervision
Previously at: St. Cloud State Univ.       Why Purdue? Very friendly faculty      of audiology graduate
Teaching area: Epistemology: the           at the department; hope to be          students.
analysis of knowledge, skepticism,         able to combine clinical and           Why Purdue? Purdue offers a great
perception. Metaphysics:                   research worlds; opportunities         opportunity for me to work
Particularly free will and                 to grow!                               with students as well as see a
determinism.                                                                      large variety of clinic patients.
Research interests: The nature of          Emily E. Tyson                         My weekly schedule has variety
knowledge and reasonable                   Clinical assistant professor           and opportunity to stay current
belief, refuting skepticism,               Speech, Language, and Hearing          in my field.
perception as a source of justification,   Sciences
coherence vs. foundational                             Sigrid Zahner
theories of justification,                 Degree: M.S., 1997, Univ. of North     Assistant professor
the question of whether belief             Carolina at Chapel Hill                Art and Design
is subject to voluntary control.           Previously at: Kennedy Krieger
Why Purdue? Purdue’s Philosophy            Institute in Baltimore                 Degree: M.F.A., 2007, Vermont
Department has an excellent                Teaching area: My primary interest     College of Fine Art
doctoral program, a flourishing            is autism spectrum disorders,          Previously at: Purdue
major, and an outstanding                  including preparing students           Teaching area: Mastering materials,
faculty of devoted scholars and            clinically for working with children   understanding and transcending
teachers. Being the head of                diagnosed with ASD.                    their physical properties is a
Philosophy will be a fascinating           Why Purdue? The position at            metaphor for everything in life.
and rewarding challenge                    Purdue was an excellent opportunity    I aim to develop creative thinkers
for me.                                    for me to grow and                     no matter what their major.
                                           develop as a professional, work        Research interests: Ceramics is my
Anu Subramanian                            with students, and join a well known   discipline, not just my medium.
Clinical assistant professor               department and great                   It is the perfect springboard for
Speech, Language, and Hearing              university.                            any form of sculpture, video

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work and new media. I am interested                                             development activities,
in using such a humble                   Management                             including international joint
material to address age-old                                                     ventures and acquisitions.
questions such as war, religion          Yong Bao                               Why Purdue? In my field, Purdue
and human judgment in a nondidactic      Associate professor                    has an great reputation internationally,
way, to allow for the                    Economics                              both for its research
poetics of ambiguity.                                  tradition over the years and for
Why Purdue? Purdue’s international       Degree: 2004, Univ. of California,     its current group of scholars.
reputation as a research                 Riverside                              My wife and I met at Purdue
institution enables me, as a faculty     Previously at: Temple Univ. (2007-     15 years ago and are excited to
member, to keep one foot                 2008), Univ. of Texas at San           come back to the university and
strongly rooted in the exploration       Antonio (2004-2007)                    area.
of my field while providing              Teaching area: Econometrics, time
the opportunity to share my experience   series.                                Sangwoo Shin
with the next generation                 Research interests: Econometric        Assistant professor of management
of creative thinkers.                    theory, finite sample econometrics,    Krannert School of Management
                                         time series, empirical       
Libraries                                finance.                               Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Univ. of
                                         Why Purdue? Great colleagues,          Rochester
Elizabeth M. Wilkinson                   good research environment,             Previously at:
Processing and public services           and a nice town for the family.        Teaching area: Marketing management,
archivist / visiting assistant                                                  marketing research,
professor of library science             Jeffrey J. Reuer                       database marketing and pricing
Libraries                                Professor of management                Research interests: Quantitative                      Krannert School of Management          marketing models, Bayesian
Degree: M.L.S., M.A. in history                      statistics and consumer
(2001, Indiana Univ.)                    Degree: Ph.D. in management,           learning
Previously at: Indiana State Library     1997, Purdue Univ.                     Why Purdue? The Krannert School
Teaching area: Special collection,       Previously at: Univ. of North          of Management is one of the
rare books, preservation                 Carolina.                              top research schools!
Research interests: Access and           Teaching area: I teach M.B.A. core
accessibility                            courses on competitive strategy        Justin L. Tobias
to primary sources                       and corporate strategy, as well        Professor
Why Purdue? The opportunity to           as electives on strategic investment   Economics
work with the primary sources            decisions and strategic      
in Archives and Special Collections,     alliances.                             Degree: 1999, Univ. of Chicago
as well as the prospect of               Research interests: I am interested    Previously at: Univ. of California,
working collaboratively with             in organizational governance           Irvine; Iowa State Univ.
the Libraries faculty and staff.         and how firms design and               Teaching area: Econometrics,
                                         manage their external corporate        Bayesian econometrics

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Research interests: Bayesian                  Degree: Ph.D., 2003, Univ. of             great environment for research.
econometrics,                                 Glasgow, Scotland
simulation-based                              Previously at: Univ. of Chicago,          Fabrice Baudoin
inference.                                    postdoctoral fellow                       Associate professor
Why Purdue? Department and                    Teaching area: Organic, biomolecular      Mathematics
university quality                            and bioanalytical chemistry.    
                                              I especially enjoy working with           Degree: Ph.D., 2002, Univ. Paris 7
Pharmacy, Nursing                             non-chemistry majors.                     Teaching area: I like teaching mathematics
and Health Sciences                           Research interests: Creating and          to students.
                                              using chemical tools to better            Research interests: I do research
Azza H. Ahmed                                 understand and reveal patterns            in mathematics and more precisely
Assistant professor                           in biological signaling, particularly     in probability theory.
Nursing                                       in cancer.                                Why Purdue? Purdue is a great                            Why Purdue? There is an amazing           university that gives students
Degree: Doctoral degree in Nursing            amount of truly interdisciplinary,        chances to learn and to develop
Science (DNS), 1997, Univ. of                 collaborative work going                  their minds.
Cairo, Egypt                                  on with high-quality faculty
Previously at: Univ. of Cairo                 investigators and students.               Guang Cheng
Teaching area: Teaching life-span             Open-minded people moving                 Assistant professor
growth and development,                       science forward!                          Statistics
pediatric nursing clinical and                                                
theoretical for graduate and                  Science                                   Degree: 2006, Univ. of Wisconsin
undergraduate students. Also                                                            Previously at: Visiting assistant
interested in teaching sociocultural          Saugata Basu                              professor at Duke, postdoctoral
classes.                                      Professor                                 fellow at Statistical and Applied
Research interests: Effect of breastfeeding   Mathematics and Computer                  Mathematical Sciences Institute
education on breastfeeding                    Science                                   Teaching area: Statistical inference
practices and premature                                  and data analysis, mathematical
infants’ health. Factors that                 Degree: 1996, Courant Institute of        statistics, asymptotic statistics,
affect mothers’ breastfeeding                 Mathematical Sciences, New                empirical processes and semiparametric
self-efficacy.                                York Univ.                                inference
Why Purdue? Excellent environment             Previously at: Georgia Institute of       Research interests: Asymptotic
for teaching, learning,                       Technology                                statistics, empirical processes,
and research.                                 Teaching area: Real algebraic geometry,   semiparametric inference,
                                              algebra, computational                    model selection
Laurie L. Parker                              algebra and geometry.                     Why Purdue? The department at
Assistant professor                           Research interests: Real algebraic        Purdue is recognized as one of
Medicinal Chemistry and                       geometry, discrete and computational      the top statistics programs in
Molecular Pharmacology                        geometry.                                 the country (ranked top 10).                           Why Purdue? Excellent faculty,            Moreover, my research interest

                                                                                                                          Page | 10
perfectly matches this program.                       Teaching area: Machine learning,
                                            Degree: Ph.D., 2005, Michigan            optimization, data structures
Jeffrey S. Dukes                            State Univ.                              and algorithms
Biological Sciences                         Previously at: Univ. of Michigan         Research interests: Machine learning,
See listing under Agriculture               Teaching area: I would enjoy teaching    data mining, algorithmics,
                                            lower-division courses                   exponential families, graphical
Rachael H. Kenney                           on engineering mathematics,              models, optimization.
Assistant professor                         linear algebra, calculus, differential   Why Purdue? Strong focus on
Mathematics / Curriculum and                equations, and numerical                 interdisciplinary research,
Instruction (joint)                         methods. Also courses in partial         exciting new hires, and overall                         differential equations, numerical        great direction in which the
Degree: Ph.D in mathematics education,      analysis, and scientific computation,    university is approaching large-scale
2008, North Carolina                        at both the graduate                     data analysis.
State Univ.                                 and undergraduate level.
                                            Research interests: My research area     Yulia Pushkar
Charles E. Killian                          is applied and computational             Assistant professor
Assistant professor                         mathematics with an emphasis             Physics
Computer Science                            on modeling, analysis, and                              computation for direct and               Degree: Ph.D., 2003, Free Univ.
Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Univ. of California,   inverse scattering problems in           Berlin
San Diego                                   electromagnetic and optics, as           Previously at: Lawrence Berkeley
Previously at: Duke Univ.                   well as on numerical solutions           National Laboratory
Teaching area: Teaching students to         of inverse problems in partial           Teaching area: In my biophysics
reason critically and evaluate              differential equations. I am also        course, students will be introduced
research, using fundamentals of             interested in the development            to physical descriptions
computer science and math.                  of fast treecode algorithms              of a wide range of phenomena,
Research interests: The design              for biomolecular electrostatic           from molecular and cell
and implementation of useful,               interactions including simulations       mechanisms to the function of
dependable, high-performance,               of molecular dynamics                    the human brain.
large-scale distributed computer            and moleculesolvent                      Research interests: My research
systems.                                    interactions.                            interests are in biophysics and
Why Purdue? Purdue is a top-quality                                                  energy research. I apply X-ray
computer science                            Vishwanathan Swaminathan                 spectroscopy and electron
university in a desirable geographic        Venkata Narayana                         paramagnetic resonance to
location.                                   Assistant professor                      study biological and catalytic
                                            Statistics and Computer Science          systems capable of converting
                                                      sunlight into chemically
Peijun Li                                   Degree: Ph.D., 2002, Indian Institute    stored energy. My other area
Assistant professor                         of Science                               of interest is neuroscience. I
Mathematics                                 Previously at: NICTA, Australia          apply X-ray imaging and X-ray

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spectroscopy to study involvement      Previously at: Harvard Univ.               interest is within the architectural
of the heavier metals in               Teaching area: Help students               field. My current specific
the development of neurodegenerative   develop their potential to (1)             research is with BIM (building
diseases.                              understand chemistry (and love             information modeling), discovering
Why Purdue? It is a large research     it!), and (2) be independent               how to generate and
university with variety of modern      thinkers.                                  manage building data through
research facilities and high           Research interests: Advance the            complex software.
quality of graduate students.          frontiers of theoretical chemistry
                                       by: (1) Developing new                     Jay B. Hedden
Lyudmila V. Slipchenko                 theoretical tools to understand            Visiting assistant professor
Assistant professor                    the attosecond behavior of                 Aviation Technology
Chemistry                              electrons in molecules, and                       (2) Extending the range of                 Degree: B.S., 1997, Purdue Univ.
Degree: 2005, Univ. of Southern        applicability of density functional        Previously at: United Airlines
California                             methods to the realm of                    Teaching area: Help develop new
Previously at: Iowa State Univ.        resonances.                                sophisticated teaching methods
Teaching area: Graduate courses:       Why Purdue? Because of the collegiality    employing computer-interfaced
computational quantum                  I sensed during my visits                  education modules to promote
chemistry, quantum chemistry;          to the Chemistry Department. I             quality education off campus as
undergraduate courses:                 think Purdue provides everything           well as on campus.
physical chemistry and general         that is needed to develop                  Research interests: To utilize the
chemistry                              a successful research program              wealth of knowledge here at
Research interests: My research        in a wonderful academic environment.       Purdue to promote and develop
interest is to develop and                                                        alternate fuel(s) and fuel
subsequently apply robust              Technology                                 systems for modern jet engines
computational tools that will                                                     to reduce our dependence on
facilitate accurate and revealing      Sarah J. George                            foreign oil
investigations of chemical             Continuing lecturer                        Why Purdue? Purdue has been educating
and biological processes in an         Computer Graphics Technology at            people since 1869 and
environment.                           Richmond                                   its reputation precedes itself.
Why Purdue? Chemistry at Purdue                        The aviation and aeronautical
is a friendly and collaborative        Degree: M.A. in architecture, 2003,        programs are unrivaled in the
department with good facilities        Miami Univ.                                United States, and I’m proud to
and resources.                         Previously at: Indiana Univ.               be part of that legacy.
                                       Teaching area: To promote positive
Adam Wasserman                         learning and motivation. To                Bryan J. Hubbard
Assistant professor                    recognize different learning approaches.   Assistant professor
Chemistry                              To share my knowledge                      Building Construction                     and experience.                            Management
Degree: 2005, Rutgers Univ.            Research interests: My research  

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Degree: Ph.D., 1994, Texas A&M         university that seeks to remain                management.
Previously at: Purdue Univ.            competitive in a global society.               Research interests: Aviation policy,
Teaching area: All aspects of                                                         risk analysis and safety management
construction including safety,         Eric P. Kukula                                 model, and airline
labor relations, and mechanical        Visiting assistant professor and               safety rating.
systems.                               senior biometric researcher                    Why Purdue? This is a great
Research interests: Workforce issues   Industrial Technology                          research-oriented university
including safety and education,                              with international reputation.
recruitment and retention,             Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Purdue Univ.              Boilermakers rock!
and technical issues related to        Previously at: Purdue Univ.
mechanical systems and energy          Teaching area: Biometric technology,           Brandeis H. Marshall
usage.                                 automatic identification and                   Assistant professor
Why Purdue? As a Purdue alumnus,       data capture (aidc), industrial                Computer and Information
I’m proud to be here                   technology and distribution                    Technology
teaching. Purdue is a great            Research interests: Biometrics, specifically
university with a well-respected       the human-biometric                            Degree: 2007, Rensselaer Polytechnic
program in construction.               sensor interaction, or HBSI,                   Institute
                                       which involves how humans,                     Previously at: Purdue Univ., Cyber
Todd R. Kelley                         sensors, and environmental                     Center
Assistant professor                    conditions impact the design                   Teaching area: Database management
Industrial Technology                  and underlying performance of                  systems                    biometric devices and systems.                 Research interests: Knowledge
Degree: 2008, Univ. of Georgia         Why Purdue? The opportunities                  management, information/image
Previously at: Ball State Univ.        here are endless due to the                    retrieval and algorithms
Teaching area: Pre-engineering,        students, research facilities, and             Why Purdue? I chose Purdue for
design, K-12 STEM education,           the reputation that Purdue has                 two reasons: talented fellow
technology education                   due to the great faculty and                   colleagues with a collaborative
Research interests: Cognition in       alumni.                                        mindset and expectation
design and problem solving.                                                           caliber of students.
Design as a method of teaching         Chien-tsung Lu
and learning. STEM education           Associate professor                            Eric T. Matson
and the global economy.                Aviation Technology                            Assistant professor
Why Purdue? During the interview                                Computer and Information
season, I had five interviews          Degree: Ph.D., 2003, Univ. of                  Technology
and I had five job offers. I           Nebraska                             
selected Purdue because it             Previously at: Univ. of Central                Degree: Ph.D., 2008, Univ. of
appeared to be an atmosphere           Missouri                                       Cincinnati
that fosters cross collaboration       Teaching area: Aviation law, aviation          Previously at: Wright State Univ.
from various disciplines.              safety, air transportation,                    Teaching area: Software development,
This is critical for a research        systems safety and risk                        intelligent systems, applied

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artificial intelligence                   me choose Purdue.                        Teaching area: Disaster restoration
Research interests: My area of research                                            and reconstruction management,
encompasses multiagent                    John H. Mott                             especially; construction
systems, sensor networks and              Continuing lecturer                      management, generally.
software engineering and the              Aviation Technology                      Research interests: I’d like to develop
applications of these areas.                            cross-discipline initiatives
Why Purdue? Purdue is an excellent        Degree: M.S.E.E., 1988, Univ. of         to better teach students and the
land-grant university with                Alabama                                  construction industry how to
unlimited opportunity for                 Previously at: Purdue Univ. (visiting    react to large natural or manmade
research collaboration across             assistant professor of aviation          disasters. This would
many disciplines, outreach                technology)                              include security concerns. I
and service to the public and             Teaching area: Aviation management       believe the COT is moving
teaching.                                 and operations courses                   along these research lines to
                                          from introductory to graduate            some extent.
Shimon K. Modi                            levels.                                  Why Purdue? An opportunity to
Director of Research, Biometric           Research interests: Aviation safety,     grow, to take on additional
Standards, Performance and                statistical modeling of the              challenges that a good, but
Assurance Laboratory / postdoctoral       National Airspace System, and            small, university cannot offer.
research associate                        application of developing technologies
Industrial Technology                     to distance education.                   Mark Shaurette                         Why Purdue? Purdue has a world class     Assistant professor
Degree: Ph.D. in technology, 2008,        reputation and tradition                 Building Construction
Purdue Univ.                              in the field of aviation                 Management
Previously at: Purdue Univ.               technology, and it is clear that
Teaching area: Biometrics, information    the people in all areas of the           Degree: Ph.D., 2007, Purdue Univ.
security, applied                         program are the reason.                  Previously at: Purdue Univ.
research                                                                           Teaching area: Management of
Research interests: Application           Randy R. Rapp                            demolition and reconstruction
of biometric technologies,                Associate professor                      activity, emerging communication
statistical analysis of biometric         Building Construction                    technologies for education,
systems, information security,            Management                               learning styles.
standards development                                    Research interests: Energy conservation,
Why Purdue? Purdue offers the             Degree: Dr. Mgmt., 2002, Webster         sustainable construction
ability to work with researchers          Univ.                                    practices, material reuse and
from various fields and                   Previously at: Assn. for Advancement     recycling, as well as emerging
transfer research to industry.            of Cost Engrg. Intl.;                    communication technologies
The biometrics lab at Purdue is           Halliburton-KBR; Milwaukee               for education and construction
widely respected, and the opportunity     School of Engineering; Southern          practice. Why Purdue? Superior Building
to be associated with                     Illinois Univ. Edwardsville;             Construction Management
its cutting-edge research made            U.S. Army Engineers                      program

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                                        patients with similar diseases.
Jeffrey C. Sprankle                     Response of normal tissues
Clinical assistant professor            to radiation therapy. Tumor
Computer and Information                physiology and imaging.
Technology                              Why Purdue? The opportunity to                   be involved in the cutting-edge
Degree: Master’s, 2001, Purdue          cancer discovery programs on
Univ.                                   campus, as well as the top-flight
Previously at: Purdue Univ.             teaching and clinical programs.
Teaching area: Networking and
routing technologies, computing         Tracy H. Vemulapalli
technology, network                     Clinical assistant professor /
management and security                 director, BSL3 Laboratory
Research interests: Previous research   Comparative Pathobiology
in cable modem security,      
networking, advanced routing            Degree: 1998, VA-MD Regional
and network security.                   College of Veterinary Medicine
Why Purdue? Two degrees from            Previously at: Purdue Univ.
Purdue, a love of the campus, a         (residency, laboratory animal
love of the College of Technology       medicine)
and family across the river.            Teaching area: Veterinary microbiology,
Veterinary Medicine                     animal medicine
                                        Research interests: Infectious
Jean M. Poulson                         disease and zoonoses (e.g., leptospirosis,
Radiation oncologist / associate        brucellosis); animal
professor                               models of disease
Veterinary Clinical Sciences            Why Purdue? High level of scholarship                     and outreach in a family friendly
Degree: D.V.M., 1992,; Ph.D., 2001,     environment.
Colorado State Univ.
Previously at: Duke Univ., Tufts
Teaching area: Radiobiology and
radiation oncology, communication,
Research interests: Comparative
oncology studies in pets with
spontaneous tumors to benefit
both the pets and human

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