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									                                                                         Officers and Directors:                                                                 Volume 5, Issue 12
                                                                         • Chair - Madu Bishnu
                                                                         •   Immediate Past Chair - Mark Zober                                                   May 2009
                                                                         •   Editor - Janie Carlisle
                                                                         •   Directors - Robert Sommerville, Sanjay Agarwal
                                                                         •   Secretary & Chair-Elect - Jesse Tanchanco
                                                                                                                                                            Rotary International
                                                                         •   Treasurer - Robert Somerville
                                                                         •   Database Maintenance - Robin Chapple
                                                                                                                                                            President: DK Lee
                                                                         •   Website Developer—Robert Somerville

                                                                                                                 Chair’s Corner from Madhumita Bishnu

                                                                                                                 And the Winner is . . .

                                                                                                      Hello Friends,
                                                                                                      I now have the verdict. I am pleased to announce the good news that
                                                                                                      RC Langley Park has won the contest. Any representative of RC
                                                                              Langley Park attending the Convention should attend our Annual General meeting on
                                                                              Tuesday 23rd June between 1pm-3pm to receive the award. You can also drop by our booth
                                                                              no. 851.
                                                                                  Congratulations to RC Langley Park and thank you to all who participated in the
                                                                              International Bulletin Competition.

                                                                                   Madu Bishnu
                                                                                   Chair - Editors & Publishers Fellowship

                                                                             From the Editor—
                                                                                 This month’s newsletter focuses on Public Image. How fitting
                                                                             that we announce the winner of our International Bulletin in this
                                                                             same edition—excerpts from which can be found on page 3.
                                                                                 I am sure many of you serve on your Club’s or District’s Pub-
                                                                             lic Image/Relations committee. Are you aware of the presiden-
                                                            Rotary PEN

                                                                             tial citations requirements of your committee? They are.
                                                                                 Advance the recognition and public image of Rotary:
                                                                                 To attract new members and cooperation from other organi-
                                                                             zations, we should promote our local and global service activi-
                                                                             ties to the media and to our communities.
                                                                                 Undertake a significant public relations campaign in your
                                                                             community to share the story of what Rotary is and does.            Inside this issue:
                                                                                 Place at least one Humanity in Motion public service an-
                                                                             nouncement in a print publication, on a radio or television pro-    Letter from President DK Lee         2
                                                                             gram, or on a billboard.                                            Sample from Winning Bulletin         3
                                                                                 Gain media coverage of a club event or project in your com-
                                                                                                                                                 Focus on Public Image                4
                                                                                 Don’t forget to visit our website— Next          Tools You Can Use                    8
                                                                             month’s focus is Rotary Foundation. Submit articles to me by
                                                                             June 5.
Page 2                                                                                                       ROTARY PEN

Message from President DK Lee
                       May 2009                       success. And as we all work        Because the children there are
                                                      together to eliminate polio, we    exposed to so many different
                        In this issue of The Rotarian know that we are saving lives      viruses and carry so many
                    and in all regional Rotary        for generations to come.           different bacteria, all of which
                    magazines this month, you will                                       “compete” with the oral polio
                    find a new edition of Global         In the months since Rotary’s    vaccine.
                    Outlook. It takes a close look at US$200 Million Challenge was
                    the problem of child survival,    announced, I have had many             To wipe out polio in these
                    and what Rotarians are doing opportunities to explain to             final four countries will take a
“Our club and       about it. I hope that you will be Rotarians just why it is vital     coordinated effort of intensity
district projects   inspired by the accounts of       that we work to bring so much      and strength, requiring the
are saving lives,   what your fellow Rotarians are new funding to the polio              support and participation of
                    accomplishing – and motivated eradication effort in so short a       many individuals and
one at a time,
                    to expand your own club’s work time. The answer, put simply, is      organizations. We in Rotary
                    against child mortality.          that we are at a critical, and I   have been part of the polio
                                                      believe final, stage in the        eradication effort from the
and with
                        When I first chose Make       campaign. Only four polio-         beginning, and we are
                    Dreams Real as my theme and endemic countries remain:                committed to seeing it through
                    asked Rotarians to focus on       Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and   to the end. In this way, we
                    reducing the rate of child        Pakistan. All present obstacles    know that we will Make
                    mortality, I was                                                               Dreams Real – not
                    confident that we                                                              only in this Rotary
                    would be able to make                                                          year but for
                    a real difference. I                                                           generations to come.
                    knew that the same
                    areas that are critical                                                       Dong Kurn (D.K.) Lee
                    for saving children’s                                                         President, Rotary
                    lives – water, health                                                         International
                    and hunger, and
                    literacy – are the areas
                    in which Rotary service
                    excels. And I knew that
                    Rotarians are overwhelmingly to the eradication effort, such
                    the kind of people who would      as war, unreliable
                    be inspired to work toward this infrastructure, difficult terrain,
                    goal.                             poor sanitation, and high
                                                      birthrates. In India’s Uttar
                        Still, the way that Rotarians Pradesh alone, 500,000
                    have responded has exceeded children are born every month.
                    even my own hopes. Our club       And in this region, the usual
                    and district projects are saving number of vaccine doses
                    lives, one at a time, with        required to confer immunity –
                    determination and with            six – must be doubled. Why?
 Page 3                                                                                                        ROTARY PEN

Excerpts from the International Bulletin Competition Winner—RC Langley Park
                      Tonight was our Club             a Bank Holiday we might have        Membership is a matter we will
                    Assembly and our special           seen him then, so Hadyn David       have to discuss and what
                    guest was our Assistant District   told us.                            better chap than David
                    Governor Lynn Mitchell... Our         Jerry Cope gave us a brief       Stoneham to help us with this
                    top picture shows Lynn Mitchell    run down on the way the voting      task.
                    on the right, Andrew Mearon in     went at the RIBI Conference at         Of course, we were all at the
                    the middle and David Masters       Edinburgh.                          District Assembly on Saturday
                    on the right. Seated is our Hon.      As this is now a matter of       morning so we have all had
                    Sec.Jerry Cope.                    record I shall not go through       rather a crash course in the
    This is           Our congratulations to Lynn      the motions here in case I          way things are in RI. If you
merely an           on being elected District          might fall between two stools.      could see the statistics with
excerpt of          Governor Nominee recently             Hadyn David updated us on        regard to our ageing population
content from        thus making her the first          Grahame Norris and how he           in Rotary and you would see
the winning         woman DG in District 1120          had fared over the past three       that Rotary International will
bulletin. The                                                                              collapse for lack of support by
                    when the time comes.               weeks and it is clear that the
bulletin, itself,
                      The meal this evening            news is much brighter now and       the year 2030.
does not
download well       seemed to go down quite well,      Grahame has found his                  David Stoneham finds it hard
enough to be        the bits that had been cooked      appetite again and got rid of       to take when others say that
duplicated here.    that is. The chicken was           his syringe driver. Well done       we Rotarians are fuddy-duddy.
You may,            cooked but those potatoes          sir!                                   But we are - and that's that.
however, visit      were definitely = 'al dente' as       Tonight was our Club             The world has changed in the
the club            were some, but not all, of the     Assembly as I have said and I       last 35 years. The Round Table
website to see      green beans.                       shall not be quoting chapter        is in severe decline now and
the actual            A big thank you to Stanley       and verse on who said what          shows that the era of the
bulletin.           Cummings for furnishing us all     about where and when, nor will      service club is waning and
                    with wine this evening.            I be mentioning the money           frankly, folks, it seem that our
                      He had hoped to do it at an      situation and the means             days may be numbered.
                    earlier time but the 70th          whereby we shall be trying to          There is not a lot to be done
                    birthday of another pipped him     raise it. But one topic was         when the 60-70 age group and
                    at the post. Stanley has had       raised openly by David              the 70-80's too form the bulk
                    another grand daughter and is      Stoneham, the question of our       of the membership. The same
                    very happy about it.               Membership and what we are          will be so in ten years time. I
                      Than you, Stanley. The           going to do about it in the         have to say this: "Am I
                    Merlot was very smooth. Smile.     years ahead.                        bothered?"
                      There were no birthdays this        DGN & ADG Lynn Mitchell is          Are you bothered? Well, this
                    week but in the near miss          pictured with our President and     year I think we'll have to try and
                    department Henry Phillips          I think it looks alright to me. I   address this. I cannot appear
                    reported that he had been          guess, sooner or later, we are      to be young when I am gently
                    talking with Jurgen Kohler on      going to have to address this       declining and the sight of a
                    the phone that very morning        issue of allowing women to join     faint but perspiring Peter Pan
                    and he sent us all his best        our club and as the years go by     is a pitiful one indeed.
                    wishes.                            I find my arguments against it
                      If last Monday had not been      becoming weaker. But Our
Page 4                                                                                                        ROTARY PEN

                     Monthly Focus—Public Image
                         Appointed by the RI presi-  media, and general public.            ceeds can go to one of your
                     dent, the Public Image Re-      Here are 50 of the 100 ways.          club’s service project.
                     source Group provides infor-        1. Create a giant birthday           12. Invite a Paul Harris im-
                     mation and support to Rotary    cake in the shape of a Rotary         personator to visit local
                     clubs and districts to help     wheel, indicating how many            schools to tell children the
                     them promote projects, share    years Rotary has been an or-          story of Rotary and its 100+
                     success stories, and explain    ganization and invite the com-        years of service.
                     what Rotary is and does         munity/media to share it.                13. Interview and record
                     through the media. It also          2. Work with your local           long-time Rotary members
                     works to improve the organiza-  Chamber of Commerce to de-            about their understanding of
                     tion’s overall public image, a  clare a Rotary Day in your            Rotary and Rotary’s contribu-
                     priority outlined in the RI Stra-                                     tion to volunteerism at home
                     tegic Plan 2007-10.                 3. Utilize Rotary’s newspa-       and around the world. .
                         Group members, many of      per supplement on Humanity               14. Host a benefit concert
                     whom are public relations and   in Motion III, IV, and V highlight-   in honor of Rotary Day. Bring
                     marketing professionals, par-   ing local and international Ro-       together professional or stu-
                     ticularly focus on assisting Ro-tary stories.                         dent musicians or exchange
                     tarians, clubs, and districts in    4. Conduct a billboard cam-       students with musical talents.
                     developing plans and initiating paign highlighting Rotary’s con-         15. Conduct a silent auction
                     activities that will enhance thetinued service locally and glob-      highlighting Rotary Day. Funds
Advance the
                     organization’s local visibility ally to show the good Rotary          can benefit a local Rotary pro-
recognition and      and help implement Rotary’s     has accomplished.                     ject.
public image of RI   global public image campaign.       5. Create a Rotary Day pod-          16. Coordinate an interna-
• Conduct public         Contact your Public Image   cast with a panel of Rotarians        tional festival night with cur-
information          Resource Group coordinator—     discussing service projects.          rent and past Rotary ambassa-
                     listed on page 6 - to learn how Send it to your local media.          dorial scholars, GSE partici-
campaigns to
                     your club or district can get       6. Organize a Rotary Day          pants, youth exchange stu-
deepen awareness     involved.                       party and invite at-risk youth as     dents and others who have
• Tell the world                                     the key guests.                       traveled abroad through Ro-
about Rotary            Celebrate a Rotary day           7. Initiate a local poster or     tary.
commitments             Rotary clubs and districts   essay contest promoting volun-           17. Create Rotary gift cards,
and outcomes         are encouraged to select a day teerism in conjunction with            greeting cards and or playing
                     to highlight Rotary’s involve-  Rotary Day.                           cards with key Rotary events,
                     ment in the local and global        8. Collect pennies or equiva-     projects and people on them
                     community. Any day can be a     lent currency in your country         and give them as gifts.
                     Rotary day in your community. over the course of the year                18. Host a service project
                     The key is planning a high-     with the proceeds going to a          marathon.
                     visibility service project or   local project on Rotary Day.             19. Coordinate with sister
                     event that helps communicate        9. Encourage Rotary Ambas-        clubs around the world a Ro-
                     what Rotary is and does.        sadorial or Peace Scholars to         tary Day of international ser-
                        Three resources can help     research and speak on Rotary          vice.
                     clubs and districts organize    history at the university he/she         20. Hold a special obser-
                     and promote a celebration:      is attending.                         vance or service project on
                                                         10. Create a Rotary history       Rotary Day in conjunction with
                        100 Ways to Celebrate a      speakers bureau where Rotary          a district assembly or confer-
                     Rotary Day                      members in the community              ence and open the event to the
                        Select one or many ideas     speak at the library, Chamber         public.
                     for celebrating, or come up     of Commerce, and schools on              21. Create a volunteerism
                     with your own creative activi-  the value of volunteerism and         display at your local library,
                     ties. Remember, the idea is to use project examples from Ro-          historical society or museum
                     share the Rotary story with     tary’s century of service.            featuring local and interna-
                     people who may not be familiar      11. Coordinate a run/walk         tional Rotary projects as exam-
                     with it, so your efforts should in correlation with your town’s       ples of community service.
                     be directed to the community, Rotary Day. Registration pro-                             (Continued on page 5)
  VOLUME 5, ISSUE 12                                                                                                    Page 5

Monthly Focus—Public Image
(Continued from page 4)               Rotary Day.                               45. Invite past and current
                                          33. Develop a Rotary Day ex-      Rotary program participants and
    22. Conduct or help sponsor a     hibit at the local post office. Use   alumni to a Rotary Day celebra-
hot air balloon race, antique car     samples of Rotary stamps and          tion.
show, airplane air show, etc. and     highlight local and global Rotary         46. Create a “Guinness Book
incorporate Rotary Day as the         projects.                             of Records” of local Rotary clubs
race/show’s theme.                        34. Coordinate with a local       in the area. In it, include facts
    23. On Rotary Day, host a lo-     television station (a morning talk    about clubs including the oldest,
cal peace symposium to promote        show or evening news weather          largest, first to admit women,
Rotary’s Peace Center program.        segment) to have local Rotarians      most Paul Harris Fellows, largest
    24. Write an article or utilize   “on air” in honor of Rotary Day.      service project, greatest amount
print ads from Humanity in Mo-            35. Organize a clip-a-thon on     contributed to the Rotary Foun-
tion and place them in commu-         Rotary Day and have club mem-         dation, greatest numbers of Ro-
nity or university school newspa-     bers’ hair cut or shaved to bene-     tary scholars sent and received,
pers highlighting what Rotary has     fit cancer survivors. Alert the me-   etc.                                 To get the
accomplished locally and globally     dia to the event.                         47. Highlight recognition of
                                                                                                                 other 50
in the past and why Rotary re-            36. Help Interactors develop      Rotary Day by having Rotarian
mains relevant today.                 volunteerism exhibits at their        shop/business owners display a       ways of
    25. In honor of Rotary Day,       schools. Highlight Rotary’s his-      Rotary poster or Rotary logo in      celebrating
conduct a poetry or fiction-writing   tory of community service and         their place of business.             Rotary Day,
contest with volunteerism or civic    how students can participate              48. Coordinate a Rotary Day
service as the theme. Offer schol-    with their local club’s efforts.      “scavenger hunt” with Rotarac-
arships as prizes.                        37. Conduct a volunteer fair at   tors and Interactors where par-      www.rotary.
    26. Hold a candlelight cere-      a local school.                       ticipants must go to Rotarians’      org. The full
mony on Rotary Day where each             38. Collect items for distribu-   places of business for clues to a    link is
candle represents a need in the       tion to those in need, such as        riddle or pick up certain items
                                                                                                                 provided on
community or abroad and invite        pairs of shoes, school supplies,      related to Rotary or local Rotary
the media to attend.                  coats, gloves, eyeglasses, etc.       project.                             the last page
    27. In honor of Rotary Day,       and distribute them during a Ro-          49. Promote Rotary’s voca-       of this
highlight a family that has gen-      tary Day event.                       tional service and the               newsletter.
erations of Rotarians, Rotarac-           39. Create a list of top Rotary   “recognition of the worthiness of
tors, Interactors, or Youth Ex-       projects and share it with your       all useful occupations” by compil-
change students. .                    local newspaper or magazine.          ing the ways Rotarians have
    28. Host a Rotary film/video      Mention both local and interna-       served their local and global
festival featuring documentaries      tional examples.                      community through their profes-
shot by Rotarians conducting              40. In honor of Rotary Day,       sion.
community service at home and         organize and execute a service            50. Distribute Rotary logo
abroad. Ask the local library or      project that helps a local school.    bumper stickers to honor Rotary
historical society to host the            41. Invite members of other       Day.
event.                                service organizations or commu-
    29. Coordinate a plastic duck     nity groups to a Rotary Day meet-        Rotary Day Proclamation
race with each duck representing      ing, lunch, dinner or other event        A proclamation is an official
a Rotary year.                        that honors partnerships in the       recognition of a particular event
    30. Write an article on the       community.                            or day. Often issued by a govern-
history of Rotary in your commu-          42. Organize a parade that        ment authority, the day is re-
nity. Submit it to your local news-   highlights Rotary’s international-    corded in the public record and
paper for possible publication.       ity and service projects from         may be announced in forums
    31. Conduct a telethon. Utilize   around the globe.                     such as a city council, provincial
local radio, public access televi-        43. Enter a float highlighting    government, or national parlia-
sion or other means to communi-       Rotary in an existing annual pa-      ment. This formal recognition
cate with the public. Funds           rade.                                 also provides a good news hook
raised can go to a club project.          44. Create a Rotary wheel         for the media.
    32. Ask prominent figures in      piñata and have children break it
your community to help promote        open at a Rotary Day event.
 Page 6                                                                                                                       ROTARY PEN

Public Image Resource Group Coordinators
     This resource group shall work to en-     (public relations consult.) (spouse: Chris),    Tel. Bus. & Res.: 61-7-38705675, Fax: 61-
hance Rotary’s public image by assisting       6 Seneca Ct., Howick, Manukau City, Auck-       7-38704843,
districts and clubs to tell Rotary’s success   land, New Zealand 2013. Tel. Bus.: 64-9-        (Member, Rotary Club of Brisbane Plane-
stories to all media, local government offi-   2732065, Mobile: 64 274 974 310; Res.:          tarium.)
cials, communities, civic leaders and simi-    64-9-5354035, Fax: 64-9-2732068,                ZONE 8: Felicity Anderson (media)
lar entities. The group shall consider and                                (spouse: Stephen Cooper), 1/24 Jellicoe
promote the RI Strategic Plan priorities of    Zone Coordinators:                              Road, Rothesay Bay, North Shore City,
advancing the internal and external recog-     ZONE 1: Ayako Taguchi (music) (spouse:          New Zealand. Tel. Bus. & Fax: 64-9-
nition and public image of RI.                 Ryoichi), 1-1-26 Shimoyonai, Morioka,           3072213, Res.: 64-9-4762051, felic-
General Coordinator: Robert J. Aitken          Iwate, Japan 020-0003. Tel. Bus. & Res.:        ity@triocommunications. (Member,
(magazine publishing) (spouse: Ann), , P.O.    81-19-6246990, Fax: 81-19-6541398,              Rotary Club of Takapuna.)
Box 779, 43 Hunter St., Parramatta,   (Member, Ro-          ZONE 9: Hyo-Soon Yim (manufacturing)
N.S.W., Australia 2773. Tel. Bus.: 61-2-       tary Club of Morioka North.)                    (spouse: Byung-Im Hu), 476-18 Seogyo-
96334888, Res.: 61-2-47395164, Fax:            ZONE 2: Yoko Tsukasa (acting) (spouse:          dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea 121-842.
61-2-98915984, bobaitken@rotarydown            Hideyuki), 7-10-3 Seijo, Setagaya-Ku, To-       Tel. Bus.: 82-2-3327611, Res.: 82-2- (Member, Rotary Club of           kyo, Japan 157-0066. Tel. Bus.: 81-3-           3363870, Fax: 82-2-3321266,
Lower Blue Mountains.)                         34841234, Fax: 81-3-34830017, of-      (Member, Rotary Club
Assistant General Coordinator: Pauline P. (Member,           of Goyang.)
Leung (public relations consult.) (spouse:     Rotary Club of Tokyo Ebisu.)                    ZONE 10: Henrique O. Gomes Almeida
Albert), 10F, 167. Tun Hwa N. Rd., Taipei,     ZONE 3: Yuzuru Hashimoto (oral surgery)         (civil eng.) (spouse: Marcia), Casas da
Taiwan 105. Tel. Bus.: 886-2-25466086          (Spouse: Tamaki), 403 Ojima, Kurashiki,         Gandarinha A61, PT-2750-641 Cascais,
x15, Res.: 886-2-25320277, Fax: 886-2-         Okayama, Japan 710-0047. Tel.: Bus. 81-         Portugal. Tel. Bus.: 351-214-820753,
25466085, pauline.leung@compass                86-4220465; Res. 81-86-4231358; Fax:            Res.: 351-214-841260, Fax: 351-214- (Member, Rotary Club of Taipei      81-864232358 Email: nobuhara                    820746,
PeiAn.)                                                                  (Member, Rotary Club of Cascais Estoril.)
Area Coordinators:                             ZONE4: Jason C. H. Yeung (pediatrics)           Nahed R.A. Hamza (newspaper editing)
AFRICA: J. Christopher Skinner                 (spouse: Rebecca), Ste. 1010, 301-309           (spouse: Mostafa Rizk), 26a Montazah St.,
(development aid) (spouse: Jane), 706          Nathan Rd., Hong Kong. Tel. Bus.: 852-          EG-2112 Cario, Egypt. Tel. Bus.: 202-
Kingsway, ZA-4126 Athlone Park, Kwazulu-       2710-8812, Res.: 852-2761-1183, Fax:            25807313, Res.: 202-27361222, Fax:
Natal, South Africa. Tel. Bus. & Res.: 27-     852-2384-0096,             202-25782520, nahedhamza@ hot-
31-9043045, Fax: 27-86-6101342,                (Member, Rotary Club of Kowloon West.) (Member, Rotary Club of Al- (Member,            ZONE 5: A. C. Peter (intl. trade) (spouse:      Mansouria.)
Rotary Club of Amanzimtoti.)                   Celin Molly), 13-B Dhawalgiri Apts., Sector     Laurence Kouassi (pharmaceuticals), 08
ASIA: Hisao Taoka (education) (spouse:         11, Noida, Utt. Pr., 201301 India. Tel.         BP 282, CI-08 Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Tel.
Hiroko), 51 Mino, Momoyama-Cho -               Bus.: 91-98111-11833, Res. & Fax: 91-           Bus.: 225-20-228544, Res. & Fax: 225-
Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan 612-           120-4230733, peter.arackal@rediffmail.          20-335223, (Member,
8023. Tel. Bus. & Res.: 81-75-6215577,         com (Member, Rotary Club of Delhi East          Rotary Club of Abidjan-Golf.)
Fax: 81-75-6010483,                            End.)                                           Raynold Mawerera (public relations) (Member, Rotary         ZONE 6: Akhtar K. Alavi (ins.-general)          (spouse: Caroline), P.O. Box BE430, 22
Club of Kyoto-Fushimi.)                        (spouse: Maria), 5-A West St., Phase I,         Pollett Ave., Belvedere, ZW Harare, Zim-
EUROPE: Robert K. Tomlinson (journalism)       Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Sind,       babwe. Tel. Bus.: 263-4-775574, Res.:
(spouse: Maggie), 16 Spruce Dr., Lenzie,       Pakistan 75500. Tel. Bus.: 92-21-               263-4-740941,Fax: 263-4-751887,
Glasgow, G66 4DJ Scotland. Tel. Res. 44-       2310914, Res.: 92-21-5887130, Fax: 92- (Member,
141-7764315,                  21-2314784,                 Rotary Club of Hunyani.)
(Member, Rotary Club of Kirkintilloch.)        Dar-Ching Wu (cardiothoracic surg.)             ZONE 11: Christian Michaud (scientific
LATIN AMERICA: Fernando A. Quintella           (spouse: Lorna), 3 Mount Elizabeth #17-         research) (spouse: Alice), 2 allée des
Ribeiro (journalism) (spouse: Daysy), R. do    17/18, Mount Elizabeth Medical Ctr, Sin-        Genévriers, FR-77500 Chelles, France.
Açaizeiro, 304, 69307-530 Boa Vista, Rr.,      gapore, Singapore 228510. Tel. Bus.: 65-        Tel. Res.: 33-1-64211181, michaud4@
Brazil. Tel. Bus.: 55-95-21214211, Res.:       6734-6393, Fax: 65-6733-0728,          (Member, Rotary Club of Le
55-95-36234924, Fax: 55-95-36232158,           wudc.rotary@ (Member, Rotary          Raincy Villemomble.) (Member, Rotary          Club of Garden City.)                           ZONE 12: Gianni Jandolo (mgmt consult.)
Club of Boa Vista-Caçari.)                     ZONE 7: Lyne A. Abanilla (newspaper ad-         (spouse: Mariarosa), Piazza Morbegno 5,
NORTH AMERICA: William F. Tubbs                vertising), Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp.,   IT-20127 Milano, Italy. Tel. Bus.: 39-329-
(newspaper publishing) (spouse: Linda),        Muralla St. Intramuros Manila, Manila,          2231812, Res.: 39-02-26144397, Fax:
P.O. Box 223, 214 N. Second St., Eldridge,     Philippines. 1002. Tel. Bus.: 632-              39-02-26146858,
IA 52748, USA. Tel. Bus.: 1-563-2858111,       5277530, Res.: 632-8024451, Fax: 632-           (Member, Rotary Club of San Donato Mil-
Res.: 1-563-2859320, Fax: 1-563-               5271627,                 anese.)
2858114, btubbs@northscott           (Member, Rotary Club of Intramuros.)            ZONE 13: Oliver P. Schaffner, (corp. com-
(Member, Rotary Club of North Scott.)          Judy M. Magub (health adm.), 203/180            munication) (spouse: Karin) Richterack-
SOUTH PACIFIC: Robert K. Crabtree              Swann Rd., Taringa, Qld., Australia 4068.                                  (Continued on page 7)
 VOLUME 5, ISSUE 12                                                                                                                Page 7

PIRG Coordinators
erstr. 17, CH-8610 Uster, Switzerland. Tel.      Campiña # 30, Lomas Bellavista, 52994          Moreauville, LA 71355, USA. Tel. Bus. &
Bus.:41-44-9941661, Res.: 41-44-                 Atizapán, Mexico. Tel. Bus. & Fax: 52-55-      Res.: 1-318-985-2095, Marguerite. Con-
9411810, Fax: 41-44-9941665, schaff-             55621926, Res.: 52-55-55624632, parra- (Member, Rotary Club (Member, Rotary Club of  (Member, Rotary Club          of Avoyelles.)
Am Greifensee.)                                  of Bellavista-Atizapán.)                       ZONE 30: Townes L. Osborn (advertising),
ZONE 14: Diethart Goos (press) (spouse:          ZONE 22: Betty Alexander (public rela-         6700 Baum Dr., Ste 25, Knoxville, TN
Helga), Bi de Windmoel 3C, DE-22869              tions), 2084 Nipigon Dr., Oakville, ON, Can-   37919, USA. Tel. Bus.: 1-865-5846121,
Schenefeld, Schleswig-Holst, Germany. Tel.       ada L6H 4G2. Tel. Bus.: 1-905-3392209          Fax: 1-865-5846756, towneso@lavidge
Bus.: 49-40-1712239830, Res. 49-40-              x246, Res.: 1-905-4667222, bralexan- 
8308060, Fax: 49-40-8308666,            (Member, Rotary Club of          ZONE 31: Donald W. Alhart (broad casting)                              Toronto.)                                      (spouse: Mary), 103 Fiddlers Hollow, Pen-
ZONE 15: Stephanie S. Tsomakaeva                 Roderick W. Thomson (media) (spouse:           field, NY 14526-1156, USA. Tel. Bus.: 1-
(tourism) (Spouse: Suleyman Tsomakaev),          Cathy), 34150 Palace Ct., Abbotsford, BC,      585-3212261, Res.: 1-585-3773641, Fax:
Nevsky Prospekt 105, RU-191036 Saint             Canada V2S 6P7. Tel. Bus.: 1-604-              1-877-4080161,
Petersburg, Russia, Western. Tel.: Bus. +7-      8545244, Res.: 1-604-8551180, Fax: 1-          (Member, Rotary Club of Rochester.)
812-3273416; Res. +7-812-9393920;                604-8545541, rthomson@abbotsford               ZONE 32: James W. Arnold (public rela-
Fax: +7- 812-3273417,                                                       tions), P.O. Box 75206, Washington, DC (Member, Ro-             ZONE 23: Steven A. Snyder (motor vehi-         20013,USA. Tel. Bus. & Res.: 1-202-
tary Club of Saint Petersburg International.)    cles) (spouse: Sharron), 2055 Ladera Dr.,      5281275, Fax: 1-954-5656015,
ZONE 16: Grethe R. Christiansen (business        Lincoln, CA 95648, USA. Tel. Bus.: 1-530-
college) (spouse: Ib), Kikhanebakken 30,         8850471, Res.: 1-916-5439720, Fax: 1-          ZONE 33: Joseph W. Ferguson
DK-2840 Holte, Denmark. Tel. Res.: 45-45-        530-8873657, sas@goldrush            (horticulture) (spouse: Maryann), 3014
803393, (Member, Ro-            (Member, Rotary Club of Auburn.)               Golf Colony Dr., Salem, VA 24153, USA.
tary Club of Ballerup Sct. Jakob.)               ZONE 24: P. Martin Peters (investment          Tel. Bus.: 1-540-3873075, Fax: 1-540-
ZONE 17: Isobel Fleming, Check the official      advising) (spouse: Mary Alice), 120 10th       3874123,
directory for contact details.                   St., Del Mar, CA 92014, USA. Tel. Bus.: 1-     ZONE 34: Kenneth R. Peach (healthcare
ZONE 18: Jeremy J. Voizey (banking)              858-7550201, Res.: 1-858-7557700, Fax:         mktg.) (spouse: Anne), 7146 Shady Wood
(spouse: Amanda), 5, The Oaks, Broad-            1-858-7550203, plan-           Ln., Orlando, FL 32835, USA. Tel. Bus.: 1-
stairs, Kent, CT10 3BT England. Tel. Res. &                                407-4517330, Res.: 1-407-5786173, Fax:
Fax: 44-1843-862225, jeremyjvo-                  ZONE 25: Virgil K. Howe (higher educ.)         1-407-2959762, (Member, Rotary Club         (spouse: Ginny), 1110 Country Club Dr.,        (Member, Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips.)
of Margate.)                                     Hays, KS 67601, USA. Tel. Bus.: 1-785-
ZONE 19: Alicia A. J. Padilla N. (public rela-   2591334, Res.: 1-785-6258359,
tions), Padilla & Zurueta, Asociados y Con-
sultores, El Salvador 5652 - suite 39 -          ZONE 26: M. Sue Whinnery (business com-
(1414), Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina       munication) (spouse: Doug), 96 Black Jack
El Salvador 56752, 1414 Bs.As., Argen-           Alley, Kerrville, TX 78028, USA. Tel. Bus. &
tina. Tel. Bus. & Fax: 54-11-47732423            Res.: 1-830-2574123, Fax: 1-830-
Res.: 54-11-47716348,                            8964532,; skype             ZONE 27: David H. Buck (commercial print-
aliciapn (Member, Rotary Club of                 ing) (spouse: Ruth), 240 Berkshire Rd.,
Libertador Recoleta.)                            Waterloo, IA 50701, USA. Tel.: Bus. 1-319-
ZONE 20: José D. V. Rabello (commercial          2344621; Res. 1-319-2344813,
law) (spouse: Ana Maria), R. Paulo Antonio
do Nascimento, 131, 18047-400 Soro-              ZONE 28: Ruby T. Iwamasa (public broad-
caba, S.P., Brazil. Tel. Bus. & Fax: 55-15-      casting) (spouse: Bob), 5201 Campau Dr.,
32322734, Res. 55-15-32327411, jra-              Midland, MI 48640, USA. Tel. Res.: 1-989- (Member,           6312877,
Rotary Club of Sorocaba-Leste.)                  ZONE 29: Marguerite D. Constantine (farm
ZONE 21: Leticia Parra Toledo (journalism),      mgmt.) (spouse: West), 851 Couvillion St.,

PURPOSE of this Fellowship:
1.> provide easy method to contribute, distribute, and search for ideas and information for
bulletin editors.
2.> encourage more club members to accept the opportunity to be bulletin editor.
3.> improve retention of current bulletin editors.
4.> improve club member's knowledge of Rotary.
 International Fellowship of
 Rotary Editors and

                                                 PEN Publication Schedule
                                                 Published Date Deadline for Submissions      Focus
                                                 November 7             November 5            Membership
                                                 December 8             December 4            Family
                                                 January 9              January 7             Rotary Awareness
                                                 February 6             February 4            World Understanding
             ur new w nd join
      Visit o a
                                                 March 6                March 4               Literacy
           ifre        in—on
     www. tary Bullet                            April 8                April 6               Rotary Magazine
      us—Ro o Groups.                            May 8                  May 6                 Public Image
                                                 June 8                 June 4                Rotary Foundation

Tools you can Use . . . PR Grants Available for 2009-10
   The Rotary International Board of      mum of one-third of the total grant        tact a member of RI’s Public Image
Directors has approved the continua-      amount requested.                          Resource Group or e-mail
tion of Public Relations (PR) Grants         Funds are awarded on a competi-
in 2009-10. PR Grants are designed        tive basis based on the quality of the       For FAQ’s regarding the PR grants,
to assist districts to reach the gen-     application and to ensure an equita-       visit the PRGrants link provided be-
eral public by promoting Rotary and       ble spread of Rotary promotion             low.
improving Rotary’s public image.          worldwide.
Grants are awarded to districts              Districts may organize their PR            Links on Rotary International’s
worldwide on a competitive basis.         Grant project in a variety of ways,        website for this month’s articles:
                                          including:                                    100 Ways to Celebrate Rotary
  PR Grants enable districts to place        A project developed at the district     Day:
television and radio public service       level in which every club participates
announcements (PSAs), billboards,            A project developed by the District     s/en_pdf/rotary_awareness100_en.
banners, ads and newspaper supple-        PR Committee in which several clubs        pdf
ments in their communities. Districts     participate                                   President’s Commitment to Pub-
are strongly encouraged to utilize           A project developed by an individ-      lic Image:
pre-produced Humanity in motion           ual club which is selected by the Dis-
materials to help promote a consis-       trict Governor to become the dis-          /RotaryLeadership/RIPresident/Pag
tent message.                             trict’s application                        es/PublicImage.aspx
                                             PR Grant applications must be              Contacting the PIRG:
  Please note the following details       signed and approved by the District 
about 2009-10 PR Grants:                  Governor.                                  s/en_pdf/pirg_contact_information.
  Only districts are eligible to apply.                                              pdf
One application will be considered          Complete PR Grant applications              Applying for a PR Grant:
per district.                             are due to RI Headquarters by 15    
  Grants of up to US$10,000 per           July 2009. (Please note new date           s/RunningAClub/InformingTheComm
district will be available until funds    for application.)                          unity/Pages/PRGrants.aspx
are depleted.                               For further information regarding
  Districts must contribute a mini-       the PR Grants program, please con-

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