40th EARTH DAY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION_ Join us for a 40th birthday by goodbaby


									                       40th EARTH DAY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!
                 Join us for a 40th birthday celebration lunch on April 22nd!

Lakeshore Dining Hall: Serving sustainable/responsibly produced options.
                       Enjoy the cosmic Pixar movie Wall - E while you dine!!

Simpson Dining Hall: Serving organic meats and enjoy a beautiful 40th Birthday cake!

Rambler Room: Enjoy a FRESH Earth Day Birthday Wrap for only $3.99! available all week at Giga-Bite Deli

Terry Food Court & Nina’s Place: Featuring delectable mud pie cookies all week!

                                      GET IT HOT!
                         Don’t miss out on our coffee specials at
       Rambler Room, Damen Express, Terry Food Court, Connections Cafe & Nina’s Place!

                           CUT DOWN ON PLASTIC AND REUSE!
          Get 10% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE through the end of the semester!
  Simply purchase or use an already purchased Market 820 or SEA cotton tote and stuff it full!
            Participating locations: Southside Market, Market 820 & Union Station

                               SPECIALS! SPECIALS! SPECIALS!
       Find great savings all week on Sustainable Products & Organic food & beverages at:
                     Southside Market . Market 820 . Damen Express
                       Union Station . Rambler Room . Nina’s Place

                                                    embrace sustainability
            buy recycled products . turn off lights . use less energy . recycle . use less water . eat sustainably
                                       use less plastic products . compost . go green

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