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                                                                                    Executive Central Group Pty Ltd
                                                                                             Rob’s relentless encouragement of innovation to stimulate
                                                                                             change and improve performance has driven the success
                                                                                             of many individuals and teams. A broad background in
                                                                                             both Australian and International banking and finance,
                                                                                             together with significant corporate education sector
                                                 Rob Quinn                                                  
                                                                                             experience, provides him with a balanced perspective and
                                                             Principal                       a broad business expertise. Rob specialises in the
                                                          0416 178 956                       following areas:

                                                                                                         Strategic Planning & Risk Assessment
                                                                                                   • Inspirational Leadership Skills & Development
                                                                                                   • Performance Management
                                                        • Time & Energy Management
                                                                                                   • Change Management

                                                                                    Prior to joining Executive Central, Rob had an extensive
                                                                                    career in the financial services sector as Head of
                                                                                    Commercial Banking, Queensland for Macquarie Bank
                                                                                    Limited. During this time, Rob led a team that funded
                                                                                    growth, operations, and acquisitions of companies from
                                                                                    professional services and property related industries.

                                                                                    Rob has also executed the creation of two businesses
                                                                                    within the business education field, supporting senior
                                                                                    management and owners to apply greater strategic focus
                                                                                    to their operations and their people. Throughout his
                                                                                    consulting career, Rob has created and delivered result-
                                                                                    driven courses and training curriculums to a range of
                                                                                    clients in sectors as diverse as legal, accounting, mining,
                                                                                    commercial property and property advising, as well as
                                                                                    creating and Chairing Advisory Boards for companies from
                                                                                    several different industries.

                                                                                    Rob’s key strengths include his commitment to continuous
                                                                                    and relevant change within businesses, his ability to
                                                                                    conceive ideas and lead teams to achieve desired
                                                                                    outcomes, and his inspirational approach to driving

                                                                                    In 2002, Rob completed a Sloan Fellowship in Leadership,
                                                                                    graduating from the London Business School with a
                                                                                    Masters of Science in Management. He also received a
                                                                                    Bachelor of Commerce, graduating from the University of
                                                                                    Queensland. Rob is based in Brisbane and married with
                                                                                    two young children. He enjoys an active lifestyle,
                                                                                    frequently training for triathlons and spending weekends
                                                                                    camping and adventuring with his family.

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