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          By BRUCE NEWTON

 THIS is the new face of the Toyota
                                                 The new Corolla
 Corolla, Australia's biggest selling
 small car.
 Examples of the facelift will start
 flowing into Australia early in the
 second half of 2004, but it will take
 a couple of months for the whole
 range to be updated.
 The mainstream range of hatches
 and the wagon will arrive around
 July, but the sedan and Sportivo
 hot hatch will not get here until
 sometime between September and
 The staggered arrivals are due to
 production schedules at the dif-
 ferent plants where we source our
 Hatches come from South Africa
 and wagons and sedans from
 Japan.                                                                            little changed.
 Changes are not extensive, with exterior modifications limited                    There are no significant changes expected to the line-up in
 to a new grille, new bonnet, new fender and teardrop headlights                   terms of equipment, pricing or mechanical details.
 reminiscent of the updated Echo launched in the first quarter.                    The entire range – except for the 140kW Sportivo – is powered
 Sportivo will continue to be fitted with a bodykit.                               by a 100kW 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine.

Rescue mission
 There is also a slightly revised rear-end, while inside the car is                   The new Pulsar revealed? See page 2.

               By BRUCE NEWTON                                                                                – with the backing of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,
                                                          Tom Phillips                                        Mitsubishi Corporation and Bank of Tokyo-
MITSUBISHI Australia boss Tom Phillips expects                                                                Mitsubishi – by a 40-strong team under Mr
to jet to Japan within weeks to present the business
                                                          will pitch                                          Okazaki’s leadership will be announced at the end
case for continued local manufacturing by the
beleaguered Japanese company.
                                                          business                                            of May and is expected to commit around $US2.5
   It will be Mr Phillips’ first chance to meet with
new Mitsubishi Motors chairman, president and
                                                          case to new                                            Much of that money is expected to be directed
                                                                                                              toward the final development and production of a
CEO Yoichiro Okazaki, who was confirmed as the            boss within                                         new generation Triton light commercial, heavily
replacement for Rolf Eckrodt at an extraordinary                                                              revised Pajero and a new model that will replace
shareholders meeting on April 30.                         weeks                                               both Challenger and Outlander. All are due out in
   Mr Phillips will fly north with more confidence                                                            2006/07.
that Mitsubishi will continue its Australian operations   all-new Magna replacement for 2005 introduction,       Mr Phillips said he was not certain of exactly
now that controlling shareholder DaimlerChrysler          but also needs to secure a second model line to     when he would be in Japan, but intended to be
has pulled the pin on its massive investment, said to     guarantee long term viability.                      back before the media launch of the Grandis
be around $US6 billion or more.                              Japanese media reports indicate that the DCX     people-mover on May 24-25 in Sydney, which he
   “I’ll be doing whatever I can do, whatever it          plan would have included shutting down both         plans to intend.
takes,” Mr Phillips said. “We still have a good           Mitsubishi plants in Adelaide. But Mr Okazaki has      Mr Phillips’ trip will not coincide with a visit
business case and we will obviously have to present       already been reported as putting off any plans to   by Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and
that.                                                     close Adelaide or any other plants.                 South Australian Deputy Premier Kevin Foley to
   “The new people don’t know us and we don’t                “The DaimlerChrysler revival plan was really     Mitsubishi scheduled for May 10, but now tipped
know them. They will be relying on second and             going to town on most things and I think the        to be delayed.
third-hand explanations, so we want to present            Japanese are taking the right approach, so I am        Mitsubishi Motors has an accumulated debt of
who we are, what we are and what we think we              confident about building the new car in 2005,” Mr   about $US10 billion and this year is expected to
can do.”                                                  Phillips said.                                      report a loss of more than $US900 million, the
   Mitsubishi Australia is currently developing an           The new revitalisation plan being developed      result of disastrous ‘Triple 0’ loans in the US.

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  Back to Infiniti
New local Nissan boss
considers the return of
the Infiniti luxury brand
to Australia
                 By BRUCE NEWTON

INFINITI, the Nissan luxury brand that was tried
and failed in Australia in the 1990s, could be mak-
ing a comeback here.
   New Nissan Australia managing director and
CEO Shinya Hannya confirmed the possibility
during a ‘meet the press’ lunch earlier this week.
   Mr Hannya took over the top jobs at Nissan
Australia from Leon Daphne on April 1.
   “That (Infiniti) is one of the things I would like
to study. If it makes good business sense and if
there is opportunity to have Infiniti here. Right
now we have a clean piece of paper, we have
nothing,” he said.
                                                           Tiida touch for Pulsar
                                                        THIS is the Tiida. Unveiled last week                 “I don’t think it is appropriate to talk
   Mr Hannya intends that the study be completed        by Nissan world boss Carlos Ghosn in                  about if we are getting Tiida or not, and if
and back with corporate headquarters in Japan by        Tokyo, it is the production version of the            it is going to be a Pulsar replacement or
the end of the current Nissan fiscal year, which        C-Note concept car shown by Nissan at                 not” Mr Hannya said.
concludes on March 31, 2005.                            the 2003 Tokyo motor show.                            “The fact is we continue to sell the
   “If we make a business case to have Infiniti         As C-Note at that time was presented as               Pulsar for the foreseeable future.”
here then we can tell our headquarters we are           representing the next Australian Pulsar,              That future stretches well into 2005,
interested and then it’s up to them to decide if        logically this car is the new Pulsar.                 which makes Mr Hannya’s desire to keep
they want to bring Infiniti into Australia or not,”     Or is it? New Nissan Australia MD Shinya              speculation on Pulsar’s future to a mini-
Mr Hannya said.                                         Hannya simply would not discuss the                   mum understandable.
   Infiniti currently sells only in North America       possibility that Tiida is the new Pulsar              With Mazda3 selling fast and plenty more
but Nissan announced last week its intention to         this week, in the process raising                     new generation small cars on the way,
turn it into a global brand with the initial focus on   questions over the future of Nissan                   Nissan will be under big pressure to
entry into Japan, South Korea, Russia, China and        Australia’s small car.                                maintain sales.
eventually Europe. But Australia has not been des-
ignated as a priority expansion market for Infiniti        Pitched against the likes of the BMW 7 Series,     cross-over and off-roader variants – it has proved
because of the market size and potential.               Mercedes-Benz S-class and fellow Japanese new-        a sales success.
   Nissan Australia marketed the Infiniti Q45           comer Lexus LS400, the Q45 failed to inspire             “Infiniti to me is not a high priority at this
model in Australia between September 1993 and           buyer interest.                                       point,” cautioned Mr Hannya. “Growing the
January 1997. Very much a toe-in-the-water exer-           Infiniti also struggled in its early days in the   Nissan brand is a higher priority for me.”
cise sold through just four dealers, the 4.5-litre V8   US, where it was introduced in 1989. But nowa-           He said re-badging specific Inifiniti models for
was introduced at a retail price of $140,610 and        days, with a full line-up that has been regenerated   Australia as Nissans would be possible: “It would
was $147,700 by the time it departed the market.        alongside Nissan’s range – including sedan, coupe,    take a lot of discussion”.

Ready to serve it up during model pause
 NISSAN Australia’s new boss Shinya Hannya will use a pause in                     ers service on internal and external consumer data, including
 new model launches in 2004 to develop a long term growth strategy.                ARMS data.
 Among the areas Mr Hannya wants to address are future prod-                       Mr Hannya, speaking very cautiously, said there was a possi-
 uct line-up for Nissan and improving customers satisfaction.                      bility that Nissan would expand into niche products and other
 Nissan will launch updates to several models this year includ-                    segments of the market it did not currently contest
 ing Pulsar, Navara and Patrol, but will have to wait until 2005                   “I think there are many opportunities and I have asked my peo-
 for the next generation Pulsar and Pathfinder to flow though, as                  ple to start planning for the next few years. I will be waiting for
 well as the all-new Murano cross-over.                                            them to see what opportunities are in this market,” he said.
 “Customer satisfaction is something I believe we can enhance                      Globally, Nissan concludes the Nissan-180 plan this financial
 and improve,” Mr Hannya said. “We are very proud of our prod-                     year, and commences ‘Nissan Value-Up’ the following year for
 ucts, but without having very good service the value of our                       three years. That includes a global sales goal of 4.2 million
 product would be diminished.”                                                     units by the end of financial year 2007, a climb of 820,000 units
 Mr Hannya has based his concerns about Nissan’s custom-                           over financial year 2004.

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                GoAuto   -news   M AY 5, 2004 Page 3
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Santa Fe, Terracan tried and failed, so now ...

It's Tucson's turn
        in South Korea
                                                                                                                                        that’s probably the first thing,
                                                                                                                                        and the other two things is it
                                                                                                                                        will be a little less costly to
HYUNDAI is about to land its                                                                                                            buy and a bit more competi-
third four-wheel drive wagon                                                                                                            tive as an overall package in its
onto Terra Australis, another                                                                                                           market segment,” he said.
built with America in mind more                                                                                                             With Santa Fe and Terracan
so than other continents and                                                                                                            winning less than three per cent
which is sure to create dilemmas                                                                                                        market share in their respective
for Australians when it arrives                                                                                                         small/medium SUV segments
from South Korea in August.                                                                                                             in 2003, Hyundai Australia
    Just as the Santa Fe and                                                                                                            officials seem to realise the
Terracan have tried, with little                                                                                                        monumental task the five-
success, to divert attention from                                                                                                       seater Tucson has ahead of it
the all-conquering Japanese with                                                                                                        and are forecasting a modest
excellent value and ever-increas-                                                                                                       200 sales per month – about a
ing standards, the small-sized                                                                                                          fifth the number of rival vehi-
Tucson will force Antipodeans                                                                                                           cles such as RAV4 and X-Trail
to reconcile its merits with its                                                                                                        achieve.
maker’s renown as a budget                                                                                                                  But Tucson won’t be irrel-
brand.                                                                                                                                  evant.
    It will also be another vehicle                                                                                                         It has conventional looks,
with a difficult name – pro-                                                                                                            excellent interior room for this
nounced “Toohsohn” rather than                                                                                                          class and, at the summit of the
“Tucksun” – derived, like Santa                                                                                                         range, a 2.7-litre V6 under its
Fe, from a southwest American                                                                                                           bonnet.
desert locale with little relevance                      pronounce things in lots of different ways – even                                  Furthermore, Tucson is
outside the US.                                          the name Hyundai is a case in point – but it’s not a     almost certain to start below $30,000 when it
    “It doesn’t really matter what (Australians) call    critical issue. The car speaks for itself.”              reaches Australian soil, with standard features set
it, so long as they recognise it as a new Hyundai           He is also convinced Tucson will be better placed     to include dual airbags, air-conditioning, electric
model,” said Hyundai Motor Co. Australia spokes-         to succeed than the larger Santa Fe.                     windows, central locking, a six-speaker CD stereo,
man Richard Power.                                          “I think Tucson has a couple of advantages. It        60/40 split-fold rear seat and 16-inch wheels.
    “I don’t think it’s a huge problem. Australians      will be … less polarising in styling and design,                        Continued next page

                                                                                                                  Driving supply chain

      21-23 June 2004, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne
     Auto Logistics and SCM World Australia 2004 on 21-23 June in Melbourne is the country’s
     only logistics conference exclusively dedicated to the automotive market. Network and hear from
     Tetsuji Okada, newly appointed President and CEO of Toyota Australia who will provide his point of
     view on China, challenges and opportunities for suppliers and his view on strong OEM/supplier relationships.
     Gain business critical information, cost cutting strategies and benchmark with the likes of Ford, Holden, MG Rover, Volkswagen,
     FAPM, AAAA, Delphi, Air International and Michelin among others.

     Platinum sponsor:       Gold sponsor:   Silver sponsors:             Officially endorsed by:                                                      Organised by:

     Response Coupon                Please Fax back to (02) 9281 3950                                      Privacy Disclosure Statement Any information provided by you in
                                                                                                           relation to this conference is being collected by Terrapinn (Australia) Pty Ltd
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     Company:____________________________________________________________________________                  information about future Terrapinn events and services. ■ Please indicate
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     Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________       5517. We may also share information from our database with other
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Tucson's turn
          Continued from previous page
   Pricing and specification are still being negoti-
ated but two engines – a 2.0-litre four-cylinder is
the other – with one trim level each will be offered
along with the usual collection of options.
   Higher-spec features on the 2.7 V6 are expect-
ed to be curbed to cruise control, tinted rear win-
dows, foglights and twin exhaust outlets, keeping
pricing in the low-$30,000s to create a strong
case in the segment and maintain some distance         should achieve a five-star crash-test rating – the    uses a Borg-Warner electronic torque-on-demand
from Santa Fe, which at the moment starts from         highest possible – from the US National Highway       InterActive Torque Management 4WD system
$32,990. Terracan is not far off, either.              Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), and        that sends 99 per cent of the available torque to
   Based on the XD Elantra platform, Tucson has        a four-star rating from the European New Car          the front wheels and can divert up to 50 per cent
a monocoque chassis and uses all-independent           Assessment Programme (ENCAP).                         of the available power rearward as needed via an
suspension comprising MacPherson struts and a              Not the all-new aluminium ‘Theta’ engine now      electro-magnetic clutch.
21mm stabiliser bar at the front and, at the rear, a   in production for the forthcoming NF Sonata,             Unrelated to the constant-4WD Santa Fe,
multi-link suspension with 14mm stabiliser bar.        Tucson’s 2.0-litre 16-valve CVVT inline-four is       which has a 60:40 front/rear torque split and a
   It has power-assisted rack and pinion steering      a derivative of the ‘Beta’ series used in Elantra     limited-slip rear differential, four-wheel drive on
that needs 3.1 turns lock-to-lock. The turning         and Tiburon.                                          Tucson is engaged in driving situations such as
circle is 10.8m.                                           It will be available with a five-speed manual     hard acceleration, cornering slip and wheel spin.
   The brakes comprise 280mm ventilated discs          transmission and optional four-speed automatic           A dashboard-mounted 4WD lock button also
(with floating twin-piston callipers) at the front     with Shiftronic sequential manual shift mode.         allows the driver to ‘lock’ the driveline into 4WD
and 284mm solid discs at the rear. Four-channel            It produces 104kW at 6000rpm and 184Nm            in low-traction, low-speed (35km/h or below)
anti-lock brakes and electronic traction control       at 4500rpm.                                           conditions for a 50/50 torque split. There is no
should also be available, although these and               Seen in the Tiburon, Santa Fe and others, the     low-range gearing or electronic crawling device.
side-impact and curtain airbags are still to be        2.7-litre 24-valve ‘Delta’ V6 develops 129kW at          Interior volume measures 2905 litres, with the
confirmed.                                             6000rpm and 241Nm at 4000rpm, and is restrict-        cargo area offering 325 litres with the rear seat in
   It is known that Australian models will have        ed to a four-speed auto with pseudo-manual            place or 805 litres when folded.
head restraints and three-point seatbelts in all       mode. An 83kW/245Nm 2.0-litre common-rail                Kia Automotive Australia expects to get its
seating positions and, for front occupants, belt       turbo-diesel could also arrive at a later date.       different skinned version, the new generation
pretensioners and load-limiting devices.                   Kerb weight ranges from 1542-1648kg on 2.0-       Sportage, in the fourth quarter.
   Hyundai Motor Co. senior research engineer          litre variants and 1593-1678kg on the V6.             For Tucson drive impressions, go to
Wook Jin also told GoAuto that the Tucson                  As for its four-wheel drive credentials, Tucson from this afternoon

                  R E G IONA L MA N AG E R
                   ●   AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY
                   ●   RECREATIONAL & LIFESTYLE BRAND
                   ●   BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
                    Our client is the factory owned importer and distributor of a high profile range of vehicles with strong market
                   penetration. This position will make a significant contribution to future NSW sales growth by providing
                   leadership to their Dealer network. The current model line is on the verge of a sequenced new product
                   introduction and the appointee to this challenging role must have the ability to manage issues related to this
                   type of push.
                   To be considered as a potential candidate for this exciting role you will require skills gained directly in the

                   automotive industry (wholesale or retail) or a closely related product area. As example, experience gained in
                   aftermarket product areas where sales targets are achieved through a franchised distribution network would
                   be well regarded.
                   Key responsibilities will include achievement of wholesale and retail targets, implementing programs to lift
                   Dealer profitability, building parts and accessories sales and monitoring individual Dealer and overall CSI. A
                   prime factor in the final consideration will be individual’s ability to demonstrate a ‘Can-do’ approach to their
                   position responsibilities.
                   Salary and benefits will be in keeping with the responsibilities of the role. To discuss this role further phone
                   either Paul Moloney or Peter Doig during business hours on (03) 8645 3700 or forward a brief resume to
                   their attention at:
                                                      1c/4 Rocklea Drive, Port Melbourne 3207
                                                        Ph: (03) 8645 3700 Fax: (03) 9646 9019
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                GoAuto e     -news                                                                         M AY 5, 2004 Page 6

         contender v champion

     HYUNDAI TUCSON 2.0                                                TOYOTA RAV4 CV 5-dr
     Price: $28,990 (est.)                                              Price: $31,290
     Engine: 104kW/184Nm 1975cc inline-4                                Engine: 120kW/224Nm 2362cc inline-4
     Kerb weight: 1542-1648kg                                           Kerb weight: 1310-1410kg
     Wheelbase: 2630mm                                                  Wheelbase: 2490mm
     Length: 4325mm                                                     Length: 4255mm
     Width: 1795mm                                                      Width: 1735mm
     Height: 1680mm                                                     Height: 1680mm
     Track front/rear: 1540mm/1540mm                                    Track front/rear: 1505mm/1495mm
     Ground clearance: 195mm                                            Ground clearance: 190mm
     Approach/departure angle: 28 degrees/32 degrees                    Approach/departure angle: 31 degrees/31 degrees
     Breakover angle: 19 degrees                                        Breakover angle: 25 degrees

                                               MANAGER - MAJOR ACCOUNTS
                                                                              ● Auto Service Industry
                                                                              ● Six Figure package
                                                                              ● Melbourne CBD Location

                               Due to significant growth, we currently have an exciting opportunity for a suitably
                               experienced Senior Manager to join our Sales and Marketing team.
                               As market leader in our motoring services sector we require a reputable Major
                               Accounts Specialist to oversee several major accounts and to continue the impressive
                               expansion and business development activities currently underway.
      Reporting directly to the General Manager this role will combine your proven negotiating, interpersonal
      and selling skills to achieve profitable and sustainable sales in accordance with our business plan. You
      will deliver professional account management to existing and prospective major accounts and provide
      strategic input to the General Manager in the overall business direction.
      Your depth of experience and commercial maturity will enable you to deal effectively with senior managers
      in large organisations and respond effectively to complex business issues.
      A track record of securing significant business within the automotive sector will be highly regarded, as will
      post-graduate qualifications.
      Sound written and verbal communication skills are essential, combined with computer literacy and the
      ability to consistently exceed customer expectations.
                             Interested candidates should forward their resumes by Tuesday 11 May, 2004:
                                     Attention: Leanne Marran - Human Resources Manager
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                 GoAuto           e   -news

Big cat among the
                                                                                                                                              M AY 5, 2004 Page 7

                                                                              petite pigeons

                                                                                                   Audi A6 4.2                                BMW 545i

                                                                                          Jaguar tempts
                                                                                          with the latest XJ6
                                                                                                                                          Mercedes E500
           By BYRON MATHIOUDAKIS                                                                                    adaptive damping computer controlled air-suspen-
                                                                    JAGUAR PRICING                                  sion, which uses advanced electronics to help opti-
JAGUAR is tempting mid-sized luxury car buyers                  XJ6 3.0 (a)                        $149,900         mise handling, cornering and ride characteristics.
with a full-sized sedan.                                                                                                Anti-lock brakes with emergency brake assist
   Released on May 2, the new XJ6 is the V6                     XJ8 3.5 (a)                        $169,000
                                                                                                                    and a stability control system are also standard.
version of the seventh generation X350 XJ series                XJ8 4.2 (a)                        $189,000             Jaguar says that the XJ6’s specification mirrors
launched in the middle of last year.                            XJR 4.2 Supercharged (a)           $219,000         its 3.5 and 4.2 XJ8 V8 siblings, which are $19,100
   Priced from $149,900, Jaguar is placing its                                                                      and $39,100 extra respectively.
                                                                XJ8 4.2 Supercharged (a)           $229,000
largest cat firmly among more petite pigeons                                                                            Included in the price is an electronic park
like the BMW 545i ($149,000), Mercedes E500                    previous generation 179kW XJ8 3.2 V8 discon-         brake, leather and wood upholstery, DVD satellite
($155,900) and the Audi A6 4.2 ($143,000).                     tinued last year.                                    navigation, a television, telephone, reverse park-
   However, while the rear-wheel drive XJ6 offers                 Meanwhile, its least expensive full-sized         ing radar, cruise control, leather trim, 18-inch alloy
more space and possibly grace, it is not quite on              German rivals are the $174,100 BMW 735i              wheels and electrically adjustable front seats.
the pace with only six-cylinders versus the oth-               (200kW 3.6-litre V8), $177,900 Mercedes S-class          A sunroof, adaptive cruise control, Xenon head-
ers’ V8s.                                                      (180kW 3.7-litre V6) and $173,900 Audi A8            lights, heated seats and firmer suspension settings
   Power comes courtesy of a heavily reworked                  (206kW 3.7-litre V8).                                are optional.
version of Ford’s 60-degree 3.0-litre Duratec V6                  Jaguar says the AJ-V6 unit can be utilised            The XJ6 aims to add around 70 sale units to the
engine also found in the smaller S and X-Type                  because of the weight savings of today’s XJ’s alu-   150-odd XJ total earmarked for 2004. It should
Jaguars.                                                       minium body, which comes in at 1545kg, which         also help stoke more interest in Jaguars, resulting
   Dubbed AJ-V6, in this application it produces               is more than 300kg less than the aforementioned      in better showroom traffic, especially since year-
179kW of power at 6800rpm and 300Nm of torque                  big BMW and also beats the Benz S350 (1810kg)        on-year sales in Australia have fallen by 22.5 per
at 4100rpm, hits 100km/h from standstill in 8.1                and even the aluminium-pioneering (but all-wheel     cent from 400 to 310 units to March.
seconds and has a top speed of 233km/h.                        drive) A8 (1770kg).                                      The last time Australians could be in a six-cyl-
   It can use as little as 7.7 litres per 100km of fuel           Employing aluminium instead of steel sees a       inder full-sized Jaguar was in October 1997, when
in the city and 15.3 on the highway, for an average            body-in-white weight drop of 40 per cent com-        the 161kW 3.2 and 183kW 4.0-litre straight-six
of 10.5 litres per 100km.                                      pared to the old XJ, while overall rigidity rises    cylinder X300 models made way for the com-
   Married to this engine is the ZF six-speed                  60 per cent – an upshot of the riveted and bonded    pany’s all-new V8 engines of similar capacity.
automatic transmission that also services several              building technique.                                      Known as the AJ6 unit and dating back to the
BMW, Benz and Audi models, among others, and                      Other benefits include improved noise, vibra-     1983 XJ6 Series III, it was the last all-Jaguar
features Jaguar’s trademark “J-gate” gear lever                tion and harshness quelling, more precise steer-     designed six-cylinder motor and replaced the
first seen in the 1986 XJ40 XJ6.                               ing and less body flexing for improved dynamic       famous XK twin cam unit that first appeared in
   Speaking of old XJs, Jaguar claims the XJ6’s                attributes.                                          Jaguar’s epochal 1948 XK120 sports car.
performance is comparable to or better than the                   The latter is also augmented by Jaguar’s CATS          DRIVE IMPRESSIONS: CLICK HERE

           Dealer Network Trade Clearance!
            Auctions EVERY Monday at 11.30am (sharp)
     ◆ Fresh Trades
     ◆ Dedicated dealer parking Now Available                                                                                         Automotive
     ◆ Over 200 Vehicles To Be Auctioned Every Week                                                                                    Auctions
     A $500 buyers fee applies to non-Dealers DL 17827 R16072                                                               

   SPENCER ST, FIVE DOCK (BEHIND JUBILEE FORD)                                                                                          5
                                                                                                                                     971 4028
                        D     E   A     L   E    R    S    ,         S   T    A   R   T      Y    O    U   R        T   R   A    D    I   N    G    !
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                 GoAuto       e    -news                                                                                                M AY 5, 2004 Page 8

Jaguar boss shows candour on stumbling blocks
JAGUAR Australia’s new boss David                                   visual similarity in today’s Jaguars to    shot in the arm with the European launch last month
Blackhall is surprisingly candid about                              its models of old, and buyers are now      of the X-Type Estate, its first ever wagon.
the company's 2004 sales fall in a                                  getting bored with it.                        With all-new bodywork rear of the B-pillars, the
bullish market and rivals’ record sales,                               To this end, Mr Blackhall is very       wagon has been welcomed to critical acclaim.
citing a myriad of stumbling blocks the                             keen to display the R-D6 Concept at           An X-Type Estate in 3.0-litre all-wheel drive
Australian arm has yet to truly traverse.                           this year’s Sydney motor show, al-         guise may also make it to the Sydney motor show,
    Tackling poor Sydney dealership sales                           though this is by no means a certainty.    along with an S-Type fitted with Jaguar’s new
performances was high on the agenda,                                   Featuring fastback styling and          (and again first-ever) 2.7-litre twin-turbocharged
Mr Blackhall assured the media throng                               Mazda RX-8-like flipside doors, the        diesel.
in Melbourne for the XJ6 launch.                                    only thing mildly retro about it is its       Both are litmus tests for a possible future local
    Advertising and marketing campaigns David Blackhall Jaguar D-Type racer-like nose – and                    release.
with more impact are needed and Jaguar                              that’s just a whiff of yesteryear any-        But it is not all gloom for the Ford-owned British
is already employing focus groups to achieve this. way. With its fresh styling direction draped in a           marque.
One idea floated was a “Cool Britannia” theme, slinky sexiness not seen in Jaguar 'saloons' since the             In the latest survey of 50,000 car owners of
which marries that essential Englishness with a 1979 XJ Series III, it caused quite a stir at last year’s      their experiences in the first 90 days of ownership
modern, youthful vibe.                                Frankfurt motor show.                                    conducted by JD Power and Associates in the US,
    Rock bands like Blur and Oasis helped define this    The R-D6 is a complete Ian Callum design – and        Jaguars have experienced 98 problems per 100
in the 1990s and even UK PM Tony Blair plugged it definitely points to the look of future Jaguars.             vehicles in an industry average of 119 per 100
into Cool Britannia during his winning New Labour        It may even morph into the 2007 replacement for       vehicles.
campaign in 1997. Jaguar is clearly aware then that the fine but under-performing Ford Mondeo-based               Lexus and Cadillac lead with 87 and 93 problems
its cars don’t have enough youth appeal.              X-Type.                                                  respectively. Jaguar has rated consistently high in
    Not helping matters here is that there’s too much    In the interim Jaguar’s smallest sedan is set for a   such surveys over the past few years.

   Fleet Leasing Opportunities
   ● Dynamic Environment
   ● Attractive Package

   Toyota Financial Services is a member of the Toyota Group and is a leading provider of motor vehicle finance and related
   financial services. We have offices throughout Australia and are seeking two fleet leasing specialists to join our Team.
   Business Development Manager - Sydney
   We are looking to build on past successes and to develop fleet within Toyota as a flagship product. This position, based
   at Woolooware Bay, will be responsible for business acquisition and maximising profitable business opportunities. You
   will enjoy the high credibility, which comes with being a part of the Toyota family and be supported by industry leading
   systems and products.
   To be successful for this position, you will be passionate about the fleet or automotive industry and have a strong
   desire to challenge the status quo and continuously improve and develop both yourself and your business
   relationships. You will have a solid record of achievement in B2B sales and possess a strong consultative selling style.
   Your first class presentation skills combined with your ability to work under pressure and deliver on challenging targets
   will ensure your success.
   Account Manager - Melbourne
   You will be energetic and passionate about delivering service to Toyota Financial Service’s blue chip clients and
   dealerships. You will manage and strengthen existing relationships and up-sell fleet products and services to your client
   base to ensure continued growth of our portfolio.
   We need your experience and proven track record in fleet leasing and account management. You will also demonstrate
   a working knowledge of commercial lending and preferably hold tertiary qualifications in business/commerce. In return
   you will receive a competitive salary.

   To succeed you must enjoy winning and adding value to each client relationship. If you thrive in a “Customer First”
   environment and seek a career with a leading player in the fleet sales industry, then please send your application, stating
   desired position to:
   Human Resources
   Phone: 02 9934 1329 or Email:
   Applications close: Tuesday, 11 May 2004
 John Mellor's

                 GoAuto          e    -news                                                                                            M AY 5, 2004 Page 9


 Koreans get a grip on quality
SOUTH Korean car quality has caught up with European,
American and Japanese car-makers, according to the latest
J.D. Power survey of 51,000 US new car owners on the first
                                                                             J.D. Power and Associates
90 days of driving.
In the survey Hyundai overtook Toyota, topping a six-year
                                                                           2004 Initial Quality Study (IQS)                                SM

program of relentless increase in improved quality. The key to
the survey however is that Korean car quality, as perceived by
owners in the first 90 days, is now better than American and
                                                                                      2004 Nameplate IQS Ranking
European car-makers and closing on the Japanese car makers.                                       Problems Per 100 Vehicles
There is also good news for Jaguar and very encouraging                                           0                     50           100              150
news for Holden if it plans to bring Cadillac into Australia.
For a full report, go to GoAuto Professional. CLICK HERE                     Lexus                                                 87
                                                                           Cadillac                                                  93
Doak set for                                                                Jaguar                                                    98
                                                                            Honda                                                      99
a good red                                                                   Buick                                                      100
                                                                           Mercury                                                      100
THE public affairs manager of
                                                                           Hyundai                                                      102
Mazda Australia, Alastair Doak,
has won the third of six bottles of                                          Infiniti                                                    104
Penfolds Grange courtesy of The                                             Toyota                                                       104
Red Book following his                                               Mercedes-Benz                                                        106
signing up as a subscriber of                                                  Audi                                                        109
GoAuto Professional. Mr Doak                                                 BMW                                                           109
                                             Alastair Doak
(right), was editor of the automotive                                   Oldsmobile                                                         110
section of The Australian during the 1990s and the                           Volvo                                                          113
motoring editor of The Age in Melbourne before taking on                     Acura                                                            117
the public affairs role at Mazda.
                                                                          Chevrolet                                                            119
Subscribers have been eligible to win up to six bottles of the
premium wine over a 12-week period. Each fortnight a name
                                                                 NDUSTRY AVERAGE                                                               119
is selected from the total list of subscribers.                            Chrysler                                                            120
There are now three bottles available for subscribers to win.               Dodge                                                               121


                                                 STREET LEGAL
                                                            Commodore VX + Falcon AU
                                                                                              R RIM Polyurethane Body Kits

    CONCEPT TO REALITY                                                                                                     WWW.C2R.COM.AU

    Australian Design Application 155/2003 (Commodore)    Australian Design Registration 145706, 146977, 146978, 146979 (Falcon)
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                 GoAuto      e   -news                                                                                       M AY 5, 2004 Page 10

 Interleasing takes GoAuto Online
INTERLEASING, a global leader in
vehicle fleet leasing and management,
began hosting GoAuto Online content on
its corporate website last week.
The inclusion of GoAuto Online motoring
editorial on the company website ( helps Interleasing’s
customers decide which vehicles to use in
their fleet.
This makes the process of quotations,
ordering and delivery much swifter.
Over the next six weeks Interleasing will                                     providing an enhancement to our strong customer service model. Fleet
implement the second stage of its internet strategy – online customer         managers and drivers can work with us in an online environment if
functionality.                                                                they choose.”
The new online functionality will allow fleet managers to view quotes,        Interleasing owns or manages more than 150,000 vehicles worldwide.
update details (like drivers and cost centres) of vehicles, update odometer   With operations throughout Europe and Australasia, it purchases more than
readings and view contract information. Drivers will have similar             50,000 vehicles annually.
functionality but only in relation to their vehicle.                          GoAuto Online currently averages more than 120,000 story requests
Interleasing director of sales and customer service Guy Sanders said:         per month to car buyers seeking independent new model news and
“When we introduce the second part of our offering we will be                 reviews.

                                      The 9th Annual International Conference on
                                         Doing Automotive Business in China
                                                2004 President’s Forum

                                         Official Seminar of

          * Two-day seminar program to discuss the long-term prospective of China’s automotive market
                                * VIP Tour of Auto China 2004 (June 9-16, 2004)
                   * Plus a third-day Executive Tour of local OE and supplier manufacturers
                                        Time: June 7-8, 2004
                            Venue: The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, Beijing
             Register by May 12, 2004, and save $100 on the registration fee! and also get 50% off
              our Directory of Chinese Vehicle, Motorcycle, Component and Parts Manufacturers,
                                            2003 Edition, with CD.
                    Organiser:           Co-organiser:                        Supported by:

                                     Platinum Sponsors:

                                              Silver Sponsors:

   ASIMCO, Audi, BAIC Holding, Beiqi-Futian, BMW, BYD, Chang’an Auto, DaimlerChrysler,
   Delphi, Dongfeng Nissan, Ford, Fuyao Glass, Geely, General Motors, Peugeot Citroën, Qin-
     gling, Southeast (Fujian), Valeo, Visteon, Volkswagen, Volvo Truck, Zhongda Industry.
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                GoAuto     e   -news                                                                                           M AY 5, 2004 Page 11

                 MMAL MOVES
                   MITSUBISHI Motors Australia Limited (MMAL)
                   has announced three management appointments at
                   its Adelaide head office.
                   Paul Stevenson, formerly vice-president strategic
                   programs management, has been appointed to the
                   board of MMAL to take on the role of senior
                   vice-president, corporate and business strategy.

                   Tony Principe has been appointed vice-president
                   product and market planning, reporting to Mr
  Stevenson Stevenson. Mr Principe has had a long involvement
                                                                              Extra value to keep
in market and product planning with the company and joined
Mitsubishi in 1985.
John Everett has been appointed vice-president aftersales. Mr Everett
                                                                              the Falcons flying
joined MMAL in May 2003, having previously worked for Ford in           FORD hopes to close the sales gap between its BA Falcon and
both Australia and New Zealand, and Unipart Group in the United         Holden’s top-selling VY II Commodore with a number of value-added
Kingdom.                                                                options.
Mr Everett will be responsible for parts/service sales and marketing,   At the bottom end of the Falcon range two XT-derived limited editions
as well as service technical support and warranty functions.            are aiming at different demographics.
                                                                        The “family driving” orientated Classic includes a DVD/CD/MP3-com-
                                                                        patible entertainment system and 16-inch five-spoke alloy wheels.
TAYLOR MADE                                                             The sportier SR is specified with the BA sports series suspension
JESSE Taylor has been appointed editor of ACP’s monthly                 package, a body kit, big rear spoiler, 17-inch seven-spoke alloy
performance-oriented car magazine, Motor.                               wheels and leather steering wheel.
He replaces Michael Taylor, who moves to the position of editor at      FULL REPORT: CLICK HERE
Jesse Taylor was previously deputy editor of Motor and before that      BERNHARD OUSTED
editor of Hot 4s magazine.                                              RISING star Wolfgang Bernhard appears to
                                                                        have paid the price at board level for DCX
                                                                        chief executive Juergen Schrempp’s apparently
GREEN HERB                                                              failed plan to inject more funding into
HERBERT Ampferer has been appointed Porsche AG’s new                    Mitsubishi Motors.
environmental officer.                                                  At a supervisory board meeting of the company last Thursday, his appointment to
Mr Ampferer, 54, replaces Professor Dusan Gruden, 65, who has           take over from Juergen Hubbert at Mercedes-Benz was rescinded. Mr Bernhard,
headed the main environment and energy unit at the Weissach             who was chief operating officer at Chrysler Group, is now widely expected to
Development Centre (WDC) since 1997, and is now retiring.               leave DCX.
Mr Ampferer joined Porsche AG in 1970 as a detail design engineer       Before the meeting, Mr Schrempp had been tipped to be sacked or resign in the
in the engine development/construction department.                      wake of the Mitsubishi fracas. But he was reconfirmed in his position.
Hartmut Kristen, 49, responsible for customer sport and special and     Some media speculate that Mr Schrempp agreed to sacrifice the aggressive Mr
racecar projects, is also assuming provisional management of the        Bernhard to more conservative board elements to save his own job.
Motor Sport division.                                                   Mr Bernhard had voted against Mr Schrempp’s revitalisation plan.
Mr Kristen joined Porsche in 1983 in the marketing department.
                                                                        HF V6 PLANT BOOST
GOLFER RECONNECTS                                                       HOLDEN has announced plans to increase capacity at its HF V6 engine plant in
PAUL Moloney has joined Melbourne-based automotive consulting           Port Melbourne to its designed maximum of 240,000 engines a year.
group Reconnections, taking on responsibility for recruitment,          This means the plant will be capable of producing up to 960 all-aluminium HF V6
including dealerships, and training program autoLink.                   engines each day. Holden recently sought and received approval from parent
Before entering executive recruitment two years ago, Mr Moloney         company General Motors for the second phase expansion.
was involved in various consulting positions in the golf industry,      The $35 million expansion, involving installation of extra machinery on the block,
using his business and sports background.                               crankshaft and cylinder head line, is in addition to the $400 million investment to
As a world ranked tournament professional, Mr Moloney played the        create the plant. The upgrade will be completed by the third quarter of 2005.
European, Asian and Australasian tours for many years before settling   The announcement follows confirmation that Holden would increase line production
down with his family in Melbourne.                                      at its Elizabeth vehicle manufacturing facility from 780 to 820 vehicles a day from
                                                                        August 2004 2004.

                                             Australia’s No1 Motor Industry Recruitment Specialists
                                                 ... with the largest selection of automotive vacancies & applicants
                                               Sydney • Melbourne • Brisbane • Adelaide • Perth • Auckland

                                               Is your organisation looking for qualified, experienced staff...
                                            or are you looking for the opportunity to advance your own career?
                                                         motor dealers • manufacturers • importers • distributors
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         1300 666 562                                                                           
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                  GoAuto          e -news                                                                                        M AY 5, 2004 Page 12

 GoAuto latest road test
                                                             Holden Crewman Cross8 utility
                                                                 HOLDEN’S incredible ability to spin derivative off derivative surely reaches a tempo-
                                                                   rary peak with the Crewman Cross8, a car that combines Commodore car and util-
                                                                         ity with the company’s new Cross Trac all-wheel drive system and the One
                                                                            Tonner’s leaf-sprung live axle rear-end. We say temporary because Holden
                                                                             is close to launching a highly flexible new architecture called Zeta which
                                                                              will produce even more variants than the current V-car platform. Anyway,
                                                                              back to the current day and this car, which for all the hype is simply a
                                                                             4x4 crew-cab in the style of Japanese vehicles like Hi-Lux, Navara and
                                                                            Triton. The difference in this case is V8 power, which means more grunt
                                                                           but also massive fuel consumption. ROAD TEST: CLICK HERE
                                                                                                          Oldsmobile was the oldest automotive brand
                                                                LAUNCH PAD                                in the US.
                                                         MAY:                                             The last vehicle was the 500th of the ‘Final
                                                          Audi S4 Avant                                   500 Special Edition” Alero sedans.
                                                          BMW 6 Series coupe and convertible              In metallic cherry red, it bears signatures of the
                                                          HSV GTS                                         4500 workers at the Lansing plant inside the
                                                          Jaguar XJ6                                      bonnet and boot.
                                                                                                          The Alero is destined to spend its life as a
CHRYSLER PROFIT SURGE                                     Renault Clio range facelift
                                                                                                          display at the RE Olds Transportation Museum
WHILE head office has been copping a                      SsangYong Korando
                                                                                                          in Lansing.
beating over Mitsubishi, DaimlerChrysler’s               New model diary: CLICK HERE
Chrysler Group has announced a jump in net                                                                                            Mazda Tribute
income in the first quarter of 2004, despite            raise money for an anti-drink driving
having to pay out significant numbers of                campaign, The Sun in London reports.
departing workers.                                      Joel, 54, who is battling alcoholism, escaped
Although DCX reported lower profits, operating          from his third car crash in two years with just
profit for the Chrysler Group surged $US366             cuts and bruises. The star, whose hits include
million on revenues of $14.8 billion, despite a         Uptown Girl, ploughed through a garden and
$US91 million restructuring charge. In the first        smashed into a house on Long Island last week
quarter of 2003 the Chrysler Group reported an          after losing control of his Citroen.
                            operating profit of         Police said the accident was caused by bad
                            $US166 million on           weather and was not alcohol-related.
                            revenues of $US13.8                                                           MOVING FOURWARD
                            billion.                                                                      MAZDA is expected to replace Nissan as the
                            With plenty of new          OLDSMOBILE PAST IT                                number four vehicle seller in Australia when
                            product flowing             THE last Oldsmobile rolled off the line at        figures for the month of April are announced
                            through this year,          General Motors’ Lansing (Michigan) car            by VFACTS this week.
                            Chrysler Group is           assembly plant last week, ending a 107-year       Mazda sold 4547 vehicles in April while
                            now forecasting             history for the brand.                            Nissan sold around 4100.
                            “considerable positive      GM announced in 2000 that it would retire the     Mitsubishi is tipped to go back past Nissan
                            earnings”.                  nameplate that was born in 1897, blaming          with 4300 sales.
            Billy                                       slowing sales.                                    The all-new Mazda3 again topped 2000 sales
            Joel                                                                                          (2057) in April and was Mazda’s bestseller.
                                                                                                          Other strong results came from the Mazda6
                              PIANO MAN                                                                   (894), B Series (486), Tribute (411) and
                              OFF KEY                                                                     Mazda2 (358).
                              A US radio station                                                          Mazda has also announced a price reduction
                              is auctioning wreck-                                                        and driveaway offer on the Tribute soft-roader.
                              age from singer                                                             The 2.3-litre four-cylinder and the 3.0-litre V6
                              Billy Joel’s latest car                                                     Limited Sport are priced from $33,990 and
                              smash to fans — to               The last Oldsmobile rolls out              $35,990 – both $1000 off.

                                                              …. Look no further ….
                                          Kumari International specialises in temporary staff at Automotive Events such as
                                           Motor Shows, Dealer Launches & National Road Shows with an elite team
                                                               of intelligent male and female staff.
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