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									                   TIPS ON RESUME WRITING

Words to avoid in your Resume

Abbreviations and Acronyms: APFCA, CHIGFET, FIPL, MRSRS, ZWE: Too many
abbreviations and acronyms in a resume make it unreadable. As a rule, avoid using
abbreviations and acronyms unless they are commomly recognized. If you work in an
acronym-heavy industry, such as technology, use acronyms sparingly.

Personal Pronouns: Since your resume is all about you, the addition of "I" or "me" is
redundant. Since a resume should contain no unnecessary words, there is no place for
the personal pronoun.

Negative words: These words speall death a resume. Words like "fired" or "hate" catch
the recruiter´s eye like a two-ton magnet catches a paper clip.

Keep these words to a minimum: There are other words that are sometimes
necessary in a resume, but that should nevertheless be kept to a minimum.

Among these:
1. Abused words: a, also, an, because, the, very
2. Any word you can´t define.
3. Words that can be embarrasing is spelled wrong: assess, etc.

Other tips:
- You must fit your resume onto 1-2 pages. Keep your message strong, succinct and
- References Section: It is not necessary to include the names of your references on
   your resume. There are better things to do with the precious space. If employers
   want them, they know they can ask you for them.
- Perfection is mandatory: Visual presentation and perfection are critical!. The quality
   of your resume presentations is almost as important as the content.
- No two resumes are identical: Your challenge is to develop a resume that will
   effectively market your qualifications and distinguish you from the crowd. There are
   no set rules for writing style, format, typing or printing.


Use action verbs and phrases: Use active rather than passive words and phrases
throughout your resume.

Administered, analyzed, controlled, coordinated, created, designed, developed,
diagnosed, directed, established a policy, establiches priorities, expanded,
implemented, improved, increased productiviy, increased profits, initiated, innovated,
instructed, modified, negotiated,

Extracted from 201 Winning cover Letters, Impact publications, 1998

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