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                     Volume 25
               February / Février 2002


I    Faculty/Corps Professoral
       a) New Appointments, Departures/Récentes
            Nominations, Départs
       b) Visiting Appointments/Professeur(e)s Inviteé(e)s
       c) Awards & Other News/Distinctions & Autre Nouvelles

II    Short-Term Visitors/Futurs Visiteurs

III Miscellaneous Information/Divers
      a) Conferences/Conférences
      b) Other/Autres

IV Doctoral Theses/Thèses de Doctorat

V     Recent Working Papers/Récents Cahiers de Recherche

VI Forthcoming Papers in the C.J.E./Articles à Paraître dans
   la Revue

VII Forthcoming Papers in C.P.P./Articles à Paraître dans
    Analyse de Politiques

Supplement to C.J.E./R.C.E.     Publications Mail Registration No. 4190
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I Faculty/Corps Professoral

a) New Appointments, Departures/Récentes
     Nominations, Départs

University of Alberta
Dept. Marketing, Business Economics & Law, School of Business
Rasmus Fatum, formerly Ph.D. candidate at University of California,
    Santa Cruz, effective July 2001
Department of Rural Economy
Desmond Ng, formerly graduate student at University of Illinois,
    effective October 2000
Ellen Goddard, formerly Associate Dean, Institute of Land Food
    Resources, Univ. of Melbourne, Australia, effective January 2001

University of British Columbia
Wojciech Kopczuk, effective July 2001
Kevin Milligan, effective July 2001
Samuel Ho, retired effective July 2001
Andrei Sarychev, resigned effective July 2001

University of Calgary
W. David Walls, formerly Univ. of Hong Kong, effective July 2001
Cameron R. Donaldson, accepted PPP Foundation Chair in Health
   Economics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, effective
   August 2002

Carleton University
Bogdan Buduru, Lecturer, effective September 2001
Larry Schembri moved to the Bank of Canada as Research Adviser,
   International Department
Edwin G. West, Professor Emeritus, passed away on Thanksgiving
   weekend. He taught Economics at Carleton from 1970 to 1993

University of Guelph
Yiguo Sun, formerly Ph.D. candidate at University of Toronto, effective
   September 2001

University of Guelph
Department of Agricultural Economics & Business
Elliot Currie, University of Guelph, effective August 2001
Eldon Brown, University of Guelph, effective August 2001

Lakehead University
Amarnrat Apinunmahakul, formerly Ph.D. candidate at the University
    of Ottawa, effective September 2001
F.J. Anderson, retired effective December 31, 2000
W. Jankowski, resigned effective July 1, 2001

Université de Montréal
Rodrigue Tremblay, retired effective 1 novembre 2001
Jacques Robert, resigned effective 15 juin 2001

University of New Brunswick – Saint John
Kazi Islam, Ph.D. candidate, University of Manitoba, effective
   September 2001
Muhammed Selim, formerly Mt. Allison University, effective
   September 2001
Paul-Émile David, formerly at Université de Moncton, effective
   September 2001
Fidel Ezeafa-Harrison, resigned effective September 2001
Muhammed Kabis, appointed Associate Vice-President,
   UNB – St. John

University of Ottawa
Quentin R. Grafton, resigned effective October 2002
Maurice Saint Germain, retired effective July 2001

Queen’s University
Susanna Esteban, resigned (at Penn State University) effective
   December 2001
Nezih Guner, resigned (at Penn State Univ, effective December 2001

University of Regina
Stuart Wilson, effective July 2000

Ryerson University
Sonia Laszlo, formerly Ph.D. candidate at University of Toronto,
   effective August 2001
Eric Kam, formerly Univ. of Western Ontario, effective August 2001
Gregory Gagnon, formerly Ph.D. candidate at University of Toronto,
   effective August 2001
Stephen Law, resigned to take position at Mount Allison, effective
   August 2001
Tom Tushingham, retired effective September 2001

St. Francis Xavier University
Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira, formerly graduate student, University of
    York, England, effective September 2001
Sean Rogers, formerly Wilfrid Laurier Univ, effective September 2001
Cyril Grant, retired effective September 2001

Trent University
Mak Arvin, promotion to full professor, effective 2001

University of Waterloo
Edward Nosal, resigned to accept position at the Federal Reserve Bank,
   Cleveland, effective August 2001
David Andolfatto, resigned to accept position at Simon Fraser, effective
   June 2001

Wilfrid Laurier University
Marie Racine, resigned effective July 2001

University of Windsor
Xiaopeng Yin, formerly Ph.D. candidate at McGill University, effective
   July 2001
Ralph Kolinski, appointed as Head, Department of Economics,
   effective July 2001
Jamal Hejazi, re-appointed as Lecturer, effective September 2001
Solomon Aklilu, appointed as Lecturer, effective September 2001
Yanqin Fan, resigned for new position, effective June 30, 2001
Quan Wen, resigned for new position, effective June 30, 2001
Benjamin Meyer, retired effective August 2001
John Strick, retired effective August 2001
Leon Sydor, retired effective June 2000
William Gillen, retired effective June 2000

York University – Atkinson
Gervan Fearon, formerly University of Toronto (Scarborough),
   effective July 2001

b) Visiting Appointments/Professeur(e)s Invité(e)s

University of British Columbia
Fabrice Collard, GREMAQ, Université des Sciences Sociales,
   January 1, 2002

University of Calgary
David W. Gillen, Wilfrid Laurier University, January - April 2002

Carleton University
Samuel Hollander (Ph.D. Princeton 1963), Professor Emeritus
   (Toronto, 1998), Fellow of the Royal society of Canada 1976 and
   an officer of the Order of Canada will join our Department from
   Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel

(Université de Montréal) École des Hautes Études Commerciales
Bruno Versaevel, EM Lyon, September 2001 to June 2002

Queen’s University
Bagala Biswal, Memorial Univ. of Nfld. Jan. 2002 to Apr. 30, 2002
Lawrence McDonough, RMC, Kingston, Jan. 2002 to Apr. 30, 2002

University of Waterloo
Fred Aswani, Adjunct Assistant Professor September 2001
Angela Trimarchi, Lecturer, September 2001

University of Western Ontario
Peter Morgan, University at Buffalo, January 2002

c) Awards & Other News/Distinctions & Autre

University of Alberta
Department of Rural Economy
W.L. Adamawicz, Canada Research Chair effective June 2001

University of British Columbia
Robert Allen: Visiting Fellow, All Souls College, Trinity, Oxford
Paul Beaudry: Recipient of the Canadian Research Chair
Michael Devereux: Visiting Research Scholar, Hong Kong Institute for
   Monetary Research
Robert Evans: Elected Fellow, Royal Society of Canada; Senior
   Investigator Award, Canadian Institute of Health Research; Baxter
   International Foundation Prize for Health Services Research
John Helliwell: Christensen Visiting Fellow, St. Catherine’s College,
   Oxford; Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of New Brunswick,
   May 2001
Angela Redish: Special Advisory, Bank of Canada
Slade: Honorary doctorate, Helsinki School of Economics
Okan Yilankaya: Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies Early
   Career UBC Scholar for 2000/02
Paul Beaudry and David Green won the Harry Johnson Prize for the
   best paper published in the CJE, June 2001
Thomas Lemieux has been invited to give the Innis Lecture at the
   Canadian Economics Association Annual Meetings, May 2002

University of Calgary
Curtis Eaton, awarded a University Professorship
Rob Oxoby, awarded a grant from the Canadian Foundation for
   Innovation under its New Opportunities Fund

Carleton University
F. Woolley, with Carole Vincent (of the Social Research and
   Demonstration Corporation) won the Douglas Purvis Award in
   Canadian Economics for their article “Taxing Canadian Families:
   What’s Fair and What’s Not.”
Stanley L. Winer was appointed to the Canada Research Chair in Public
   Policy, Department of Economics and School of Public
   Administration, in July 2001
Stanley L. Winer served as Chairman of the Scientific Community if the
   57th Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, Linz,
   Austria, August 2001

University of Guelph
Agricultural Economics
George L. Brinkman was the recipient of the Ontario Agricultural
   College Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Award
Glenn C. Fox was the recipient of the Ontario Agricultural College
   Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award

Université de Montréal
Marc Gaudry, Chargé de recherche invite, C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto
Jennifer Hunt, DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German

University of Ottawa
Michel Chossudovsky, named Professor of the Year at the Faculty of
   Social Sciences for the 2001-2002 academic year
John Vanderkamp Prize was awarded to Vicky Barham, Rose Anne
   Devlin and Chantale LaCasse for the paper entitled “Are the New
   Child-Support Guidelines ‘Adequate” or ‘Reasonable’?” (for the
   best article in Canadian Public Policy for the year 2000)

Queen’s University
Robin Boadway, Peacock Professor of Economics has been renewed for
    a five-year term (2001-2006)
Russell Davidson received one of only two Queen’s prizes awarded
    throughout the University for Excellence in Research
Ian Keay: The Cliometrics Society, a world-wide association of
    economic historians, profiles the research and accomplishments of
    young academics. The fifth researcher to be honoured in this way is
    Ian Keay
James MacKinnon, Peacock Professor of Econometrics has been
    renewed for a five-year term (2001-2006)

University of Saskatchewan
Department of Agricultural Economics
W. Hartley Furtan, Fellow, Canadian Agricultural Economics
   Association, 2001
S. Malla, Honorable Mention, Best Ph.D. Dissertation, American
   Agricultural Economics Association, 2001

Simon Fraser University
Lawrence Boland – honoured as Royal Society of Canada

University of Victoria
David Giles received a “Best Paper” award for his presentation of
   “Output Convergence and International Trade: Time-Series and
   Fuzzy Clustering Evidence for New Zealand and Her Trading
   Partners, 1950-1992” at the International Business & Economics
   conference, Reno NV, October 2001

II Short-Term Visitors/Futurs Visiteurs
University of Alberta
Department of Rural Economy
Wenmin Zhong, Tanim Basin Project Management, Office of the
   Xingjiang Provincial Financial Bureau, Aug. ‘01 to Aug. ‘02

Bank of Canada
Nicholas Rowe, Carleton University, February – June 2002
Christian Zimmerman, UQAM, June 1, 2001 – May 31, 2002

University of British Columbia
Luci Ellis, Reserve Bank of Australia, January 14 – February 28, 2002
Jae Jong Shim, Sangmyung University, January 1 – February 28, 2002

University of Calgary
Tommy Lundgren, Swedish University of Forest Economics, February
   – April 2002
Jong-Kil An, Myong Ji University, Korea, January – December 2002
Zhao Xuelian, Foreign Languages College of Xinjiang University,
   China, May 2002 – May 2003

Université de Montréal
Federico Bandi, University of Chicago, Avril 2002
Gian Luca Clementi, Carengie Mellon University, 24-30 avril 2002
Bettina Klaus, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 17-24 mars 2002
Jan Magnus, Tilburg University, 01-22 avril 2002
François Maniquet, Facultés Univ. Notre-Dame de la Paix, Mai 2002
Hervé Moulin, Rice University, 14-20 avril 2002

University of Ottawa
Jianfeng Ma, Financial Science Research Institute of Shanxi Province,
    Taiyuan, Shanxi, People’s Republic of China, October 2001 –
    September 2002

Queen’s University
Dale Mortensen, Northwestern University (Mackintosh Lecturer),
   March 20-22, 2002

Simon Fraser University
Jongmin Lee, Kangwon National Univ., Chunchon, Korea, 2002

University of Western Ontario
Chongung Kim, Kyungsan University, August 2001 to August 2002
Diego Restuccia, University of Toronto, January – June 2002

III Miscellaneous Information/Divers
a) Conferences

4 mai 2002: “Macroeconomics and Financial Frictions:. To be held
at Université de Montréal, Montréal (Québec). Sponsored by Centre de
recherche et développement en economique.
Contact: Rui Castro, Département de sciences économiques,
Université de Montréal. Phone (514) 343-7099.

May 17-19, 2002: “Exchange Rates, Economic Integration and the
International Economy”. To be held at Ryerson University, Toronto.
Sponsored by the Department of Economics, Ryerson University.
Contact: Tom Burbiero. Email:

May 31 – June 2, 2002: “CEA Meetings” to be held at the
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. Sponsored by the CEA.
Contact: Jean-Marie Dufour, Dépt. De sciences économiques,
Univsersité de Montréal, CP 6128, Succ Centre-ville, Montréal,
Québec H3C 3P8. Phone (514) 343-2400. Fax (514) 343-5831
Email: Website:

June 1-2, 2002: Canadian Public Economics Study Group. To be
held in Calgary, Alberta. Sponsored by the University of Calgary.
Contact: Jean-Francois Wen, Dept. of Econ. University of Calgary,
phone (403) 220-2478, email:
Ken McKenzie, Dept. of Economics, University of Calgary,
Phone (403) 220-4605, email:

June 5, 2002: Co-operative Program in Agricultural Marketing and
Business Symposium 2002 – Structural Change in the Agribusiness
Sector. To be held in Edmonton, Alberta. Sponsored by Co-operative
Chair in Agricultural Marketing and Business Department of Rural
Economy, University of Alberta.
Contact:,, Department of Rural Economy,
University of Alberta, phone (780) 492-4596, fax (780) 492-0268

August 16-18, 2002: “International Conference on the Global
Economy: Financial, Legal, and Technological Asymmetries”. To be
held at Loyola Univ, Chicago, IL. Sponsored by Athenian Policy Forum.
Contact: C. Paraskevopoulos. Email:

b) Other/Autres

University of Alberta
School of Business
Roger Smith returned to the Department of Marketing, Business
   Economics & Law after serving since 1997 as the University of
   Alberta’s Vice-President (Research).

Simon Fraser University
John Chant is on leave as special Adviser at the Bank of Canada
   (Ottawa) for 2001/2002.

University of Western Ontario
Jim Melvin appointed Honorary Professor, effective July 2001
Chris Robinson appointed CIBC Chair in Human Capital and
   Productivity, July 2001 – June 2005
Audra Bowlus appointed CIBC Faculty Fellow in Human Capital and
   Productivity, July 2000 to June 2005
Todd Stinebrickner appointed CIBC Faculty Fellow in Human Capital
   and Productivity, July 2000 to June 2005
Paul Gecelovsky appointed Royal Bank Post-Doctoral Fellow in
   Political Economy, September 2001 to April 2002

IV Doctoral Theses/Théses de Doctorat
University of Alberta
Department of Rural Economy
Kwamena Quagrainie (May 2000) “The Impact of Post-Farmgate
   Value-Added Activities on Western Canadian Agriculture”
Donna Dosman (October 2000) “Explorations of Marital Power in
   Household Decisions About Shared Household Goods. Are these
   Bargained Decisions?”
Godfrey Kundhlande (October 2000) “Economic Behaviors of
   Developing Country Farm-households: Measures of Rates of Time
   Preference, the Use of Cattle as Buffer Stock, and the Endogenous
   Evolution of Land Rights”
Oliver Zhao (October 2000) “Economic Implications of Interregional
   Trade Liberalization in the Canadian Diary Industry”
Rene Kim (October 2001) “Quality Preferences for Wheat and Wheat
   Flour: Noodle Wheat Markets in Japan and south Korea”

University of British Columbia
Naota Jinji (April 2001) “Essays on Product Quality and Strategic
   Policies in Open Economies”
Ivan Alves (July 2001) “Two Faces of Privatization”
Heather Eckert (October 2001) “Essays on the Implementation of
   Environmental Regulation in Canada”
Lynda G. Gagne (December 2001) “Parental Work and Child Care in
   Canadian Families”

Carleton University
Ambrose Leung (Summer 2001) “Delinquency, Capital, and Social
Shamika Sirimanne (Fall 2001) “Endogenous Growth and Learning-By-
    Doing Spillovers”
Jorge Landa Uriarte (Summer 2001) “Efficiency and the Impact of
    Competition Policy”
Robert Tetlow (spring 2000) “Essays on the Design of Monetary Policy
    with Incomplete Information”
Jafar Khondaker (Fall 2000) “Modeling Open Economy with Imperfect
    Capital Flows”
Cemile Sancak (Fall 2000) “Investment Under Borrowing Constraints:
    Theory and Evidence from Turkey”

University of Guelph
Dept. of Agricultural Economics
Deepananda Herath (December 2001) “An Economic Analysis of
   Structural Changes in Sri Lankan Tea Industry”

University of Manitoba
Benjamin Kusi-Sekyere (October 2001) “Macroeconomic Effects of
   Low-Inflation Targets Under Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity”
Attah Boame (February 2002) “The Sources of Efficiency Change in
   the Canadian Urban Transit Systems: A Data Envelopment
   Analysis (DEA) Approach”

Université de Montréal
Richard Luger (July 2001) “Asymmetries in Economic and Financial
Stéphanie Lluis (November 2001) “Analyse empirique des
   caractéristiques de l’entreprise dans la formation des salaries”
Mohamed Taamouti (November 2001 “Techniques d’inférence exacte
   dans les modèles structurels avec applications macreoéconomiques”

University of Ottawa
Amornrat Apinunmahakul (October 2001) “Three Essays on the Private
   Provision of Pure Public Goods”
Mohammad Hadi Zahedi Vafa (October 2001) “Endogenous Growth:
   A Search Model for New Technology With Applications to
   International Trade”

Queen’s University
Thitima Songsakul (October 2001) “Problems in Contracting for
   Biodiversity Use and Conservation”
Ryan Davies (October 2001) “Topics in Financial Market
Joseph Fong (October 2001) “Market Manipulation in Seasoned Equity

University of Saskatchewan
Department of Agricultural Economics
Stavroula Malla (May 2001) “Searching for Genes: Public and Private
   Spillovers in Agricultural Research

University of Western Ontario
Cesaire Meh (June 2001) “Essays in Entrepreneurship and Taxation”
Sung-chul Lee (August 2001) “Essays on Industrial Structure, Trade
    Policy and Political Economy”
Elton Fairfield (September 2001) “Canada-US Border Effects: An
Konstantin Loukine (September 2001) “The Transition to a Market
    Economy and some Features of Industrial Organization in Russia”

V Recent Working Papers/Récents Cahiers de
To order individual copies of the working papers contact the institution

Bank of Canada
Ying Liu, “Modelling Mortgage Rate Changes with a Smooth
   Transition Error-Correction Model”
Maral Kichian and Richard Luger, “On Inflation and the Persistence of
   Shocks to Output”
Fuchun Li and Greg Tkacz, “A Consistent Bootstrap Test for
   Conditional Density Functions with Time-Dependent Data”
Andy Haldane and Mark Kruger, “The Resolution of International
   Financial Crises: Private Finance and Public Funds”
Paul Fenton, Irene Ip, and Geoff Wright, “Employment Effects of
   Restructuring in the Public Sector in North America”
Marc-André Gosselin and Greg Tkacz, “Evaluating Factor Models: An
   Application to Forecasting Inflation in Canada”
Gabriel Srour, “Why do Central Banks Smooth Interest Rates?”
Gerald Stuber, “Implications of Uncertainty about Long-Run Inflation
   and the Price Level”
David Jamieson Bolder, “Affine Term-Structure Models: Theory and
Yanick Desnoyers, “L’effet de la richesse sur la consommation aux
Michael B. Devereux and James Yetman, “Predetermined Prices and
   the Persistent Effects of Money on Output”
Fuchun Li and Greg Tkacz, “Evaluating Linear and Non-Linear Time-
   Varying Forecast-Combination Methods”
James Yetman, “Gaining Credibility for Inflation Targets”
Charles Gaa, Stephen Lumpkin, Robert Ogrodnik, and Peter Thurlow,
   “The Future Prospects for National Financial markets and Trading
Alexandre Debs, “Testing for a Structural Break in the Volatility of
   Real GDP Growth in Canada”

University of British Columbia
Erwin Diewert, “The Quadratic Approximation Lemma and
   Decompositions of Superlative Indexes”
Erwin Diewert and Bert Balk, “A Characterization of the Törnqvist
   Price Index”
Charles Blackorby and Craig Brett, “Production Efficiency and the
   Direct-Indirect Tax Mix”
Charles Blackorby, David Donaldson and Philippe Mongin, “Social
   Aggregation Without the Expected Utility Hypothesis”

Marshall Reinsdorf, Erwin Diewert and Christian Ehemann, “Additive
   Decompositions for Fisher, Törnqvist and Geometric Mean Indexes”
Erwin Diewert, “The Consumer Price Index and Index Number Theory:
   A Survey”
Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert and David Donaldson, “The
   Axiomatic Approach to Population Ethics”
Margaret Slade, “Assessing Market Power in UK Brewing”
David Green and Craig Riddell, “Literacy, Numeracy and Labour
   Market Outcomes in Canada”
Yoram Halevy, “A Note on the Neutrality of Money: A ‘No-
   Speculation’ Formulation”
Yoram Halevy, “The Possibility of Speculative Trade Between
   Dynamically Consistent Agents”
Yoram Halevy and Vincent Feltkamp, “A Bayesian Approach to
   Uncertainty Aversion”
Denis Lawrence, Erwin Diewert and Kevin Fox, “Who Benefits From
   Economic Reform: The Contribution of Productivity, Price
   Changes and Firm Size to Profitability”
Fobert Feenstra and Erwin Diewert, “Imputation and Price Indexes:
   Theory and Evidence from the International Price Program”
Erwin Diewert, “Research in Price Measurement for the Next Twenty
Erwin Diewert, “Hedonic Regressions: A Consumer Theory Approach”
Erwin Diewert, “Productivity Growth and the Role of Government”
Erwin Diewert, “The Gains from Trade and Policy Reform Revisited”
Erwin Diewert, “Productivity Trends and Determinants in Canada”
Ana Ferrer and W. Craig Riddell, “The Role of Credentials in the
   Canadian Labour Market”
Donald Paterson and Ronald Shearer, “Wheat, Railways and Cycles:
   The 1840s Reassessed”
Donald Paterson and Ronald Shearer, “Price Levels in Canada and the
   North Atlantic Economy of the Mid-19th Century: A New Canadian
   Wholesale Price Index”
Donald Paterson and Ronald Shearer, “Another Tale of Another Two
   Cities: Liverpool and London Markets in the Mid-19th Century”
Kevin Milligan, “Tax Preferred Savings Accounts and Marginal Tax
   Rates: Evidence on RRSP Participation”
Kevin Milligan, “Subsidizing the Stork: New Evidence on Tax
   Incentives and Fertility”
Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert and David Donaldson, “A
   Representation Theorem for Domains with Discrete and Continuous
Chris Riddell and JW. Craig Riddell, “Changing Patterns of
   Unionization: The North American Experience, 1984-1998”

W. Erwin Diewert, “Research in Price Measurement for the Next
   Twenty Years”
Yoram Halevy, “The Structure of Intertemporal Preferences Under
   Uncertain Lifetime”
W. Craig Riddell, “Education and Skills: An Assessment of Recent
   Canadian Experience”

The University of Calgary
Mingshan Lu, Lasheng Yuan and Alberta Ma, “Risk Selection and
   Matching in Performance-Based Contracting”
Eugene Beaulieu, Michael Benarroch and James D. Gaisford, “Trade
   Barriers and Wage Inequality in a North-South Model with
   Technology-Driven Intra-Industry Trade”
James D. Gaisford, Jill E. Hobbs, and W.A. Kerr, “Biotechnology
   Piracy: Rethinking the International Protection of Intellectual
James D. Gaisford and W.A. Kerr, “Deadlock in Geneva: The Battle
   Over Agricultural Export Subsidies”
B. Curtis Eaton and David Krause, “Coordination Cascades: Sequential
   Choice in the Presence of a Network Externality”
B. Curtis Eaton and Mukesh Eswaran, “Grades and Student Incentives:
   A Human Capital Approach”
John R. Boyce and Aidan Hollis, “Governance of Electricity
   Transmission Systems”
Aidan Hollis and B. Curtis Eaton, “Private Information and Teamwork”
Aidan Hollis, “The Effect of Brand-Controlled ‘Pseudo-Generics’ on
   the Canadian Pharmaceutical Market”
Aidan Hollis, “Competition Policy in Open Economies”
Aidan Hollis and Arthur Sweetman, “Higher Tier Agency Problems in
   Financial Intermediation: Theory and Evidence from the Irish Loan
Aidan Hollis, “Industrial Concentration, Output, and Trade: An
   Empirical Exploration”

Carleton University
Keith Acheson, “The Proprietary Rights Initiatives in Canadian Film
    Distribution Policy”
Zhiqi Chen, Richard A. Brecher and Ehsan U. Choudhri, “Absolute and
    Comparative Advantage, Reconsidered: The Pattern of
    International Trade with Optimal Savings”
Miles Corak, Bjorn Gustafsson and Torun Osterberg, “Integenerational
    Influences on the Receipt of Unemployment Insurance in Canada
    and Sweden”
J. Stephen Ferris and Edwin G. West, “Education Vouchers, Dropouts,
    and the Peer Group Problem”

J. Stephen Ferris and J.A. Galbraith, “Indirect Convertibility, Inflation
    Targeting and Monetary Policy Rules”
Donald G. McFetridge and Lin Bian, “Efficiencies Defences for
    Mergers within a Dominant Group”
Stanley L. Winer and Walter Hettich, “Rules, Politics and the
    Normative Analysis of Taxation”
Stanley L. Winer and Louis Hotte, “Political Influence, Economic
    Interests and Endogenous Tax Structure in a Computable
    Equilibrium Framework: With Application to the United States,
    1973 and 1983”
Stanley L. Winer and Lawrence W. Kenny, “Tax Systems in the World:
    An Empirical Investigation into the Importance of Tax Bases,
    Collection Costs, and Political Regime”
Stanley L. Winer, “Wage Structure, Turnover and working Conditions:
    A Public Finance Perspective”
James Ted McDonald and Christopher Worswick, “Earnings and
    Employment Probabilities of Men by Education and Birth Cohort,
    1982-96: Evidence for the United states, Canada and Australia”
Archibald R.M. Ritter and Nicolas Rowe, “Cuba: From ‘Dollarization’
    to ‘Euro-ization’ for ‘Peso Re-Consolidation’?”
T.K. Rymes, “On the Cambridge Correction to the Measurement of
    Productivity in Manufacturing”
Huntley Schaller and Bartholemew Moore, “Persistent Transitory
    Shocks, Learning, and Investment Dynamics”
Edwin G. West, “Property Rights in the History of Economic Thought:
    From Locke to J.S. Mill”

University of Guelph
Kenneth Carlaw and Stephen Kosempel, “Accounting for Canada’s
   Economic Growth: A GE Approach”
Ross McKitrick, “The Influence of Economic Activity on the
   Measurement of Global Warming”
C. Bram Cadsby and Violet Torbey, “Does the Timing of Cash
   Dividend and Interest Payments on Securities Explain the Presence
   of Turn-of-Month Effects on Stock Markets Internationally?”
C. Bram Cadsby and Violet Torbey, “The Vanishing Pre-Holiday and
   Fickle Day-of-the-Week Effects: An International Update”
Stephen Kosempel, “A Theory of Development and Long Run Growth”

Université de Montréal
Cahieers de recherche, Département de sciences économiques
Walter Bossert, Yves Sprumont et Kotaro Suzumura, “Rationalizability
   of choice functions on general domains without full transitivity”
Walter Bossert, Jean Derks et Hans Peters, “Efficiency in uncertain
   cooperative games”

Jean-Marie Dufour, “Logique et tests d’hypothèses : réflexions sur les
    problèmes mal poses en économétrie”
Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert et David Donaldson, “A
    representation theorem for domains with discrete and continuous
Walter Bossert, Prasanta K. Pattanaik et Yongsheng Xu, “The
    measurement of diversity”
Stéphanie Liuis, “Wage policy of firms : an empirical investigation”
Silvia Gonçalves et Halbert White, “The bootstrap of the mean for
    dependent heterogeneous arrays”
André Martens, “La finance islamique “ fondements, théorie et réalité”
Rui Castro et Daniele Coen-Pirani, “On the political economy of
    sequential reforms”
Francisco Ruge-Murcia, “The inflation bias when the central bank
    targets the natural rate of unemployment”
Jean-Marie Dufour et Abdeljelil Farhat, “Exact nonparametric two-
    sample homogeneity tests for possible discrete distributions”
Lars Ehlers, “On fixed-path raioning methods”
Lars Ehlers, “Multiple public goods and lexicographic preferences :
    replacement principle”
Lars Ehlers et John Weymark, “Candidate stability and nonbinary social
Lars Ehlers et Bettina Klaus, “Probabilistic assignments of identical
    indivisible objects and uniform probabilistic rules”
Gérard Gaudet et R. Kanouni, “Trade liberalization and the profitability
    of domestic mergers”

(Université de Montréal) École des Hautes Études Commerciales
Institut d’ économie appliquée
Maurice N. Marchon, “Perspectives économiques canadiennes dans un
    contexte international”
Bernard Gautheir, Alain Lapointe at Frédéric Laurin, “Les determinants
    de la croissance régionale et l’intégration européenne : 1986- 1995”
Paul Lanoie, Michel Patry et Richard Lajeunesse, “Environmental
    Regulation and Productivity: New Findings on the Porter
Robert Gagné, Paul Lanoie, Pierre-Carl Michaud et Michel Patry, “Les
    coûts de la réglementation : une revue de la littérature”

University of New Brunswick
R. Audas and D. Murrell, “Did the 1994/96 Employment Insurance
   Reforms Improve Labour Market Outcomes for Young People?”
M. Fougere and JG.C. Ruggeri, “Federal Income Tax Cuts and Regional

M. Fougere and G.C. Ruggeri, “Regional Dimensions of Federal Income
    Tax Cuts”
L. Levine, “The Significance of Visceral Phenomena and Emotions in
    Decision-Making in Economic Analysis”
G.C. Ruggeri and F. Yang, “Convergence in a Small Open Economy”
G.C. Ruggeri and H. Huang, “Human Capital and Convergence in

University of Ottawa
N.V. Quyen and M.H. Zahedi Vafa, “Endogenous Growth: A
    Sequential Stochastic Search Model for New Technology”
S. Coulombe, “Human Capital, Urbanization, and Canadian Provincial
M. Beine and S. Coulombe, “Should Canadian Regions Adopt the U.S.
F. Demers and G. Rodriguez, “Estimation of the Taylor Rule for
    Canada Under Multiple Structural Changes”
G. Rodriguez and Y. Samy, “Analyzing the Effects of Labor Standards
    on U.S. Export Performance: A Time Series Approach With
    Structural Change”

Queen’s University
Available electronically: (
Oana Secrieru (Machidon), “Tax Competition and Tax Harmonisation
   in an Urban Context”
Russell Davidson and Emmanuel Flachaire, “The Wild Bootstrap,
    Tamed at Last”
Dan Usher, “Mysterious Bargaining”
Ian Keay, “An Empty Promise: Average Cost Savings and Scale
    Economies Among Canadian and American Manufacturers, 1910-

University of Regina
See Website: (

Ryerson University
Ali A. Bolbol and Paul de Simone, “Convergence and Economic
    Growth in the Middle East and North Africa: Some Theoretical and
    Empirical Results”
Gregory Gagnon, “Random Perturbutions of Deterministic Equilibria”

St. Francis Xavier University
Salah El-Sheikh, “Egypt’s Gross Domestic Product: Quarterly
    Estimates and a Money-Demand Test”
Salah El-Sheikh, “Egypt’s Liquid Assets and their Quarterly Structure:
    An Econometric Study of a Less Developed Country”
Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira, “Estimating Waster Demand under
    Increasing Block Tariffs Using Aggregate Data and Proportions of
    Users per Block”
Marilyn Gerriets, “Fruits of the Sea: Estimation of Incomes from the
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Salah El-Sheikh, “Hicks’ Rules of Derived Demand as a Special Case
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Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira and Céline Nauges, “Identifying Fixed and
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    Stone-Geary Utility Function”
Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira, Fernando Arbués-Gracia and María
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Marilyn Gerriets, “Maritimers as Fishers, as Farmers or as Jacks of all
Salah El-Sheikh, “Marshall’s Laws of Derived Demand vs. Hicks’
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Marilyn Gerriets, “The Origin of a Hinterland: Agricultural Resources
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Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira, “Residential Water Demand in the
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Marilyn Gerriets, “Settlement, Agriculture and Manufacturing in Nova
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Sean Rogers, “The ‘Success’ of Canadian Munitions Contracting during
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Sean Rogers, “Wartime Investment in the Canadian Iron and Steel
    Industry: What Really Happened?”
Salah El-Sheikh, “Will the Marshall Laws of Derived Demand Stand
    Up? An Interpretation and Correction of Hicks’ Elasticity Rules”

Simon Fraser University
R.G. Donaldson and M. Kamstra, “Volatility Forecasts, Trading
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A. Mansour, N. Marceau and S. Mongrain, “Gangs and Crime
J.A. Amegashie and J. Amoako-Tuffour, “Price Bargaining & Quantity
   Bonus in Developing Economies”
J.A. Amegashie and Toru Kikuchi, “Trade Liberalization and Union
S. Mongrain, R. Martin and S. Parkinson, “Severance Payments &
   Unemployment Insurance: A Commitment Issue”

University of Toronto
To download copies visit website:…

Trent University
Byron Lew, “European Immigration to North American During the
   1920s: The Impact of U.S. Quotas and Canadian Restrictions”
D.C.A. Curtis and K.S.R. Murthy, “Restructuring and Productivity
   Growth: Further Evidence from the Economic Growth in Nineteen
   OECD Countries, 1970 – 1996”
D.C.A. Curtis, “Output Fluctuations, Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy
   in Canada, 1961-2000”

University of Victoria
David E.A. Giles, “Output Convergence and International Trade:
   Time-Series and Fuzzy Clustering Evidence for New Zealand and
   Her Trading Partners, 1950-1992”

University of Western Ontario
To download copies of most papers visit web site:
http: //
David Laidler, “Skidelsky’s Keynes: A Review Essay”
Kul B. Bhatia, “Intra-Sector Mobility and Specific Inputs in Tax-
    Incidence Theory”

Wilfrid Laurier University
David Johnson, “The Effect of Inflation Targeting on the Behavior of
   Expected Inflation: Evidence from an 11 Country Panel”
Tracy Snoddon, “Fiscal Institutions, Regional Adjustment and
   Covergence in Canada’s Currency Union: Lessons for the EMU”
David Johnson, “What is Taught in First Year Macroeconomics:
   Changes over the Last Twenty Years”

VI Forthcoming Papers in the C.J.E./
   Articles à Paraître dans la Revue
Hyeon-seung Huh and Hyun-Hoon Lee, “Asymmetric Output Cost of
   Lowering Inflation: Empirical Evidence for Canada”
Joydeep Bhattacharya and Noritake Kudoh, “Tight Money Policies and
   Inflation Revisited”
Jim Malley and Thomas Moutos, “Vertical Product Differentiation and
   the Import Demand Function: Theory and Evidence”
Nicholas Rowe and James Yetman, “Identifying Policymakers’ Targets:
   An Application to the Bank of Canada”
Jane Friesen, “The Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Weekly
   Hours of Work in Canada”
Arthur Lewbel, “Rank, Separability, and Conditional Demands”
Okan Yilankaya, “A Model of Evidence Production and Optimal
   Standar of Proof and Penalty in Criminal Trials”
Helene Erkel-Rousse and Daniel Mirza, “Import Price-Elasticities:
   Reconsidering the Evidence”
Ehsan Choudri and Lawrence Schembri, “Productivity Performance and
   International Competitiveness: An Old Test Reconsidered”

VII Forthcoming Papers in Canadian Public
    Policy/Articles à Paraître dans Analyse
    De Politiques
Linda A. White, “Child Care, Women’s Labour Market Participation
    and Labour Market Policy Effectiveness in Canada”
Rhonda Kornberger, Janet E. Fast and Deanna L. Williamson, “Welfare
    or Work: Which is Better for Canadian Children?”
Shelley Phipps, Martha MacDonald and Fiona MacPhail, “Gender
    Equity within Families versus Better Targeting: An Assessment of
    the Family Income Supplement ot Employment Insurance Benefits”
Michael Shannon and Michael P. Kidd, “Projecting the Trend in the
    Canadian Gender Wage Gap 2000-2031: Will an Increase in
    Female Education Acquisition and Commitment be Enough?”
Frank T. Denton, Amiram Gafni and Byron G. Spencer, “Population
    Change and the Requirements for Physicians: The Case of Ontario”
Michael J. Prince, “Tax Policy as Social Policy: Canadian Tax
    Assistance for People with Disabilities”
David W. Peters and Douglas D. Peters, “Reforming Canada’s
    Financial Services Sector – What Needs to Follow from Bill C8”
Marie Drolet, “New Evidence on Gender Pay Differentials: Does
    Measurement Matter?”
Joel Fried, “High Closing”
Herb J. Schuetze, “Profiles of Tax Noncompliance Among the Self-
    Employed in Canada: 1969-1992”
Thomas R. Klassen and Steffen Schneider, “Similar Challenges,
    Different Solutions: Reforming Labour Market Policies in Germany
    and Canada during the 1990s”
John B. Burbidge, L. Magee and A.R. Robb, “The Education Premium
    in Canada and the United States”

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