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This tutorial will assist you in
preparing a resume for your
job search.
A resume is a marketing tool
It should be a professional and concise
document that summarizes information about
your background, education, and experience
that is most relevant for the career field you
want to pursue.

It is your first contact with a prospective
employer and it must “stand out” and provide a
positive impression.
A resume is a flexible tool unique to
     your experience and goals

There is not a universal format, only

Remember, the purpose of a resume is to
get an interview, not the job!
Know what career field you plan to

A “general” resume won’t get you very
far. Target your resume to the career
field that you are pursuing – and be sure
to showcase the accomplishments, skills,
courses, and experiences that relate to
the kinds of things that employers in your
field of interest are looking for.
Figure out what you have to “sell” to

First, write down information about ALL your
college experiences – paid and unpaid –
internships, volunteer work, courses, study
abroad, college activities, independent
research, honors, awards, summer and part-
time jobs, skills you gained along the way.

You will need dates, duties, titles, leadership
roles, accomplishments, promotions, etc.
Select your strongest selling points: most
        relevant to your job target

Now, go back and highlight the parts of your
experience MOST relevant to the field that you
want to enter. NOTE which ones are your
strongest examples.

Remember, to do this you must have some clue
about what employers in your field want.
 Organize your information
Now you can begin to put the information
into a generally accepted resume format.
     Parts of a Resume
Contact Information
Experience / Work History
Technical Skills
Optional Categories
        Contact Information
                STREET ADDRESS
                CITY, STATE, ZIP
                 PHONE NUMBER
                E-MAIL ADDRESS

This information comes first at the top of the page.
Name and location of institutions you’ve received degrees or
certificates from

Type of degree (no abbreviations)

Major(s) / Minor(s) / Concentration(s)

Date of graduation (month and year)

GPA (if 3.5 or above)

Relevant coursework (optional)

Academic honors (optional)
McDaniel College                              Maryland
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice
May 2007                                      3.8 GPA

McDaniel College                             Westminster, Maryland
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts             May 2007

Carroll Community College                    Westminster, Maryland
Associate of Arts in General Studies         May 2005
Relevant Coursework Sample
   Social Psychology
   Group Dynamics
   Family Counseling
   Aging: The Individual and Society

*These courses should be related to the position for which you are seeking
      Can include:
        paid / non-paid jobs
        volunteer work
        community service
        part-time / full-time work
        temporary positions
  Name of Organization
  Organization’s Location (city and/or state)
  Position Title
  Dates of Employment
  Duties performed / Skills used /
  Responsibilities / Accomplishments / Results
                  Action Verbs
For a more powerful resume, use action
verbs when describing specific job duties
and accomplishments

For jobs you are currently in, use the
present tense of the verb

For past jobs, use the past tense of the
  * see Resume Writing Made Easy guide for a complete list of Action Verbs
        Technical Skills
List all computer hardware and software
skills and knowledge you have

MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, E-Mail,
People Soft, and the Internet
Optional Categories
For a list of optional
  categories, please
  refer to our Resume
  Writing Made Easy
  guide. Copies can be
  picked up at Career
  Services located in
  Smith House.
      Do not indicate:
      “References Available
        Upon Request”

      Experts say this only takes
        up space.

       List your references on a
         separate sheet
      Sample References
Mr. Sam Jones
Assistant Director of Marketing
D & J Marketing, Inc.
4405 Parkway Drive
Annapolis, MD 21061
Pick a style that showcases your best
             selling points



  Career Track
Chronological Resume
             Emphasizes specific
             highlights of each position

             List jobs in order from most
             recent to past

             Best used when job target
             matches your work
           Functional Resume
Emphasizes relevant skills and

Best used when:
   ~person has varied work

   ~specific experience is
   required for the job

   ~education or current
   position is not relevant to
   the job target
        Career Track Resume
Emphasizes the fast track
promotion and notable

Best used when a person has
worked for the same company,
but has held different positions
within that company
Common Resume Mistakes
Too long               Irrelevancies
Disorganized           Misspellings, Typos
Poorly Typed           Doesn’t match
Too sparse             career objective
Not results oriented   Written in paragraph
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