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					Recreational Skippers Ticket
On 12th February 2006, The Minister for Planning & Infrastructure announced the introduction of compulsory
recreational boating tickets into Western Australia. This is to be known as the Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Under the legislation, all persons in control of a vessel with greater than 6hp
motor, will be required to hold a Recreational Skippers Ticket.

The legislation allows for a phasing in period as detailed.
   •    Persons over the age of 16 and under the age of 26, will be required
        to obtain a Recreational Skippers Ticket before 30th April 2007.
   •    All other persons in command of a vessel with greater than 6hp motor
        (an RST vessel) will be required to have a Recreational Skippers
        Ticket by 30th April 2008 .
   •    Any person between 14 and 16 will be able to obtain a Recreational
        Skippers Ticket but will be restricted to operating in daylight hours
        and an 8 knot speed limit .
   •    Any person who has undergone a recognised training program such
        as TL3, or a BoatSmart course, or any person with commercial deck qualifications will be contacted by the
        Department of Planning and Infrastructure, and asked if they wish to have a Recreational Skippers Ticket
        issued to them . It will simply be a matter of ticking the box and returning the form.
   •    Any person who has had a boat registered to them continuously for the last 5 years will be required to
        undertake a written 30 question, multi choice theory test, and must attain at least an 80% pass rate.
   •    Any other person who requires a Recreational Skippers Ticket, will be required to undertake the written test
        as above, and also be assessed on the water in a practical test that will encompass emergency situations,
        vessel handling, nautical knowledge , use of safety equipment and overall watercraft skills.

Marine & Industrial Training Services in conjunction with Australian Skills Training Pty Ltd, have been appointed as
assessing agents on behalf of the Department for Planning & Infrastructure, for the Recreational Skippers Ticket.

To this end, we offer the following services:-

    •   Theory assessment only for those who have had an RST vessel licensed for the past 5 years.
    •   Two hour refresher of the rules of the road, with the theory assessment following , for those who have had an
        RST vessel licensed to themselves for the past 5 years .
    •   Written assessment, and after the necessary standard is attained, a practical assessment in our boat
    •   Written assessment, followed by a practical assessment in your insured boat .
    •   One day full training and assessing course. This course can also be taken over 2 evening sessions with the
        practical component of this course being held on a weekend or week day. This can be completed in your own
        vessel, or you can use our surveyed training vessel.
    •   Courses will be conducted at Australian Skills Training premises at 85 Mell Road in Spearwood, in premises in
        Osborne Park, and also in premises in Wanneroo. Courses will be run
        on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and on Tuesday and
        Wednesdays during the week.We will also offer a weekend course that
        will encompass the training and assessing.
If you can arrange sufficient numbers (minimum 8 people), we can run the
courses in your home or premises .Please ring us for further details.

We can offer courses to country areas where there is sufficient demand.
Travel and accommodation costs will be incurred, so the greater the number
of people, the cheaper the individual cost. Please also ring us on (08) 9434
500 and ask for further details.

Marine & Industrial Training & Services are still conducting the popular TL3 course, which incorporates the R S T. The
TL3 course offers expanded navigation, vessel handling, nautical knowledge and boating skills.

All our instructors have a wealth of knowledge, have worked in commercial marine areas, and have current
commercial qualifications. Our courses are conducted strictly in accordance with the Department of Planning and
Infrastructure guidelines and are costed accordingly.

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