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       Resume Writer recognized as one of the “Best of the Best” in International Competition

       By Angela Jones
       Dated: Oct 26, 2008

       San Diego, CA Oct. 24, 2008 — Angela Jones - Owner of Resume Rescue in San Diego, CA has been
       awarded the coveted TORI award. The TORI Award is a prestigious international competition recognizing
       the "best of the best" by industry peers.

       The official winners of this year’s TORI Awards (Toast of the Resume Industry) were announced last week
       at the Career Directors International (CDI) annual conference in Seattle, WA. Angela Jones of Resume
       Rescue received 2nd place for Best Military Conversion. Angela, a Certified Professional Resume Writer
       (CPRW) has also had samples of her work accepted for inclusion in recently published books such as
       "Military-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters: How to Best Communicate Your Strengths to Civilian

        CDI’s President Laura DeCarlo, proudly stated, “Winning a TORI Award represents the pinnacle of
       résumé writing expertise within the industry.” “Career Directors International is continually raising the bar
       and setting new standards for resume writers and career coaches worldwide. With a huge leap in quality,
       the Awards Committee found the selection of winners to be an incredibly difficult endeavor. It was an
       extremely close competition with some very talented entries from around the world!”

        Angela stated “I am truly honored to have been recognized by many of the most distinguished resume
       writers in our industry. There are few documents as important to my client’s financial future as their
       resume. In a highly-competitive job market, creating a high-impact resume that captures the attention of
       potential employer is critical to my clients’ success. I’ve found that in many cases a great resume not only
       generates invitations to interview but also substantially better job offers.


       At Resume Rescue we offer high-impact resume and cover letter writing, interview coaching and job search
       training. We strive to help our clients get the job they want and the pay they deserve.

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