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Rail Services


Rail Services

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									                                                                             Rail Services

Delkor Rail Services
Track Solutions
Design and installation of Turnouts, Special Trackwork and
plain track on Delkor Eggs and Alt 1 resilient baseplates to
reduce noise and vibration created by the passage of
rolling stock. This has particular application for ballast-less
track structures on:
• Transom top bridges
• Track slabs in tunnels or under/adjacent to buildings
• Replacement of timber sleepers on/in concrete
  track beds
Key features of Delkor Rail resilient baseplates include:
• Proven performance (extensive reports available)
• Very low static and dynamic stiffness (dual stiffness)
• Bonded one-piece units with no wearing parts
• Proven fatigue life and fail-safe design
Delkor’s extensive range of accessories include screwspikes,
screwspike dowels, double helical spring washers, screwspike
sockets, SGI rail clips and rail & turnout pads.

A Vossloh Group company
Delkor Rail Pty Limited, Unit R4, 391 Park Road,
PO Box 63 Regents Park NSW 2143
Tel: +61 2 8717 9200. Fax: +61 2 9644 9222.                       www.delkorrail.com
                                                                                                Rail Services

Delkor Rail Services                                              Services available include:
                                                                  • Technical advice in all areas of Turnouts and Special Trackwork
Turnouts &                                                        • Solutions to Turnout reliability issues
                                                                  • Investigation of new technology through associations with
Special Trackwork                                                   overseas companies
                                                                  • Compliance with failure mode/risk analysis and type approval
                                                                    processes required for the introduction of new technology
Delkor Rail personnel have vast experience in all facets of       • Inspection/assessment of component performance under
Turnouts and Special Trackwork, through the “whole of life          operating conditions
cycle”, including inspection, design, procurement, assembly,      • Innovative and cost effective solutions in the development
installation and maintenance.                                       of project options
                                                                  • Preparation of concept design documentation and reports
Delkor Rail’s unrivalled combination of rail industry knowledge
                                                                    for client sign off
and experience together with our strong network of specialist
                                                                  • Field surveys and services searches
subcontractors enables us to provide a “one stop shop”
                                                                  • Geotechnical investigation
approach to the management of Turnouts and Special
                                                                  • Final design documentation including track, electrical, civil
Trackwork.                                                          and signal disciplines
Projects covered include component renewals, provision of         • Procuring components including manufacturing and delivery
new infrastructure, reliability assessment of component           • Inspection of manufactured components for both conformance
performance, and investigation of new technology to meet            to design and quality control systems
client requirements                                               • Trial assemblies and match marking of components prior to
Delkor Rail’s Turnouts and Special Trackwork expertise              delivery to site
                                                                  • Field assembly in preparation for installation
covers all Turnout types, Diamonds, Slips, Catchpoints and
                                                                  • Installation of track components
Expansion Switches.
                                                                  • Alterations to electrical, civil and signal infrastructure
                                                                  • Project commissioning

A Vossloh Group company
Delkor Rail Pty Limited, Unit R4, 391 Park Road,
PO Box 63 Regents Park NSW 2143
Tel: +61 2 8717 9200. Fax: +61 2 9644 9222.                           www.delkorrail.com

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