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                                               WOMEN’S HEALTH
                                               NETWORK NEWS
    APRIL 2009          ‘Aims to strengthen links between women by providing access to information and support’

                            WOMEN POVERTY&
                 Missing Out On The Essentials
                       Economic wellbeing has a significant impact on women’s health outcomes.
w           GEORGINA WARRINGTON of Welfare Rights Centre Inc looks at the effects of living below the poverty line.

.        A     n extraordinary number of
               people live in poverty in
q        Australia and with the econ-
         omic downturn, this number
w        looks set to increase. When
         calculated using the poverty
h        line applied by the OECD
         [which is set at 50% of the
n        median (i.e. middle) disposable
         income of all households], an
.        estimated 11.1% of Australians,
         (2,210,000 people) were living
a        in poverty in 2006.1 For a single

s        adult, this meant having to
         survive on $281 per week.
n        Living below the poverty line
         translates into not being able
.        to access all the ‘essentials of
         life’, such as a decent and
                                              sacrifice ‘lesser’ needs, such as
                                              medical or dental treatment,
                                                                                    treatment, coupled w ith
                                                                                    lengthy waiting lists for public
a        secure home, $500 in emer-
         gency savings, access to dental
                                              against ‘greater’ or more
                                              pressing needs, such as paying
                                                                                    dental treatment has resulted
                                                                                    in many people ‘fixing’ their

u        treatment when needed, a
         separate bedroom for each
                                              the rent.
                                              Take a basic health issue like
                                                                                    problem by accessing bulk-
                                                                                    billing General Practitioners
         child over 10 years and a week’s     dental treatment. There were          who prescribe antibiotics and
         holiday away from home.2 Life        at least 500,000 people on            painkillers.4 The ultimate loss
         is an on-going juggling act          waiting lists for public dental       of teeth leads to further
         where you continually have to        care in Australia in 2006.3 The       health, social and employment
         weigh up priorities and              lack of funds to pay for private      problems, a vicious cycle of
                                                                                                        (continued next page)

                               In This Edition :           WOMEN & POVERTY
    Missing Out On The Essentials ................. 1-3       ‘What’s On’ & ‘Health on the Net’................ 6
    How Much Pain Can a Woman Afford? .... 4-5                Australian Women’s Health Network .......... 7
    Research: Genital & Body Image ................. 5        ‘Reducing Stigma’ Multicultural Resource .. 8

                                                                Missing Out On
d epri va ti on causi ng heal t h     make healthy decisions.6                   There will be increasing numbers
problems and further deprivation.     The global financial crisis is             of people who find themselves
This scenario illustrates how,        already causing job losses in              suddenly without income but do
while poverty, socio-economic         Australia and unemployment is              not know what support is available
status and inequality affect a        expected to continue to rise.              or how to access it. The Welfare
person’s health, health status in     Along with this, we can expect to          Rights Centre has put together
turn affects a person’s socio-        see increasing numbers of people           the following information to assist
economic status.5 The detrimental     struggling as many people are              the newly unemployed seek income
effect of poverty on health is        really only one accident or bout of        support. Please copy and dist-
worsened by the reduced scope         unemployment away from poverty.            ribute as needed.
of disadvantaged individuals to

    Our Next Newsletter
                                      I’VE JUST LOST MY JOB, WHAT DO I DO NOW?
      will examine aspects of:        There are so many things to think about and to do if you lose your job. Finding
                                       an income is likely your main concern. These notes will help you get started.
    WOMEN&OBESITY                     CONTACT CENTRELINK AS SOON AS               You are legally obliged to tell Centrelink
    Does your organisation have                                                   all relevant details about your financial
                                      POSSIBLE — TIME LIMITS APPLY.               affairs.
        expertise in this area?
      Or are you a woman with
                                       After receiving your notice of            If you have dependant children but were
      knowledge / experience            termination, test your eligibility        not previously eligible for Family Tax
            on this topic?                                                        Benefit (FTB), you may now find that
                                        for a Centrelink payment by               you are eligible.
      Share your insights with
       over 400 organisations,          making a claim. You can do this
                                                                                 WAITING PERIODS AND
            professionals,              over the phone and you should
          and other women                                                        PRECLUSION PERIODS:
    in Queensland and beyond...         do it immediately.
                                                                                 Periods of non-payment
                                       Time limits will apply. This
                                                                                 Depending on your circumstances,
   We welcome your articles,            means that if you do not take
                                                                                 you may have to wait before a
news items, or other submissions.       action, payments may be
       If you have an idea,                                                      Centrelink payment is payable.
                                        forfeited or delayed.
 or would like more information                                                  Non-payment due to perceived
please get in touch with us today!     Australia has a complex and
                                        targeted social security system          non-compliance
      Deadline: 1 June                                                           See Employment Separation
                                        that has undergone significant
                                        change since 2006. People                Certificate below.
                                        should not simply assume they
    QWHNEWS                             are eligible for one of the many
                                                                                 HOW MUCH WILL YOU RECEIVE?
                                                                                 The rate at which you can be paid
As a Queensland                         payments. Advice should only be          a Centrelink payment can be
Representative for                      sought from Centrelink or other
the Australian Wom-                                                              affected by:
en’s Health Network                     qualified personnel.                      Any income you receive
(AWHN), I’d like to                    There are many payment and                Any assets you possess
draw your attention to the 6TH          supplementary benefit types, so
AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S HEALTH                                                         Your partner’s / spouse’s income
                                        make sure you tell Centrelink
CONFERENCE ‘The New National                                                     RESIDENCY
Agenda’ to be held in Hobart in         everything about your circum-
2010, which is now calling for          stances as you may be eligible
                                                                                  To be eligible for a social
                                                                                   security payment, you must be
abstracts. The deadline is 1 June       for a payment or supplementary
(see pages 6 & 7). And look for                                                    an “Australian resident”.
                                        benefit you were unaware of,
your free Conference Bookmark
                                        such as Rent Assistance.                  Residency issues are very
which is being distributed with all
                                                                                   complex and qualified advice
mailed copies of this edition of       If you are concerned about privacy, you
QWHN News!                             can ask to use an interview room.           should be sought.
                   Maree Hawken
                                       If some of the issues are difficult to     New Zealand citizens should
                                       discuss, ask to talk to a social worker
                       Coordinator     in private.
                                                                                   check their residency status
                                                                                   with Centrelink.

2                                                                                           QWHN News, APRIL 2009
The Essentials (cont)
  Permanent Visa holders may be         but you disagree, tell Centrelink           For further information, contact:
  eligible for Special Benefit           you want to appeal, (see below).            Centrelink Employment Services
  where they are not eligible for       NOT HAPPY WITH A CENTRELINK                  on 132 850
  another social security payment.      DECISION? RIGHTS OF APPEAL                   Welfare Rights Centre on
 ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTS TO TAKE             You have the right to be told in           07 3421 2510 or 1800 358 511
 TO CENTRELINK                            writing about why Centrelink               www.wrcqld.org.au
  Empl oyment Sepa ration                made any decision about your               PLEASE NOTE: The above contains general
   Certificate (ESC) — see below.         payment and you have the right             information only. It does not constitute legal
                                                                                     advice. If you need legal advice about your Social
  Original Proof of Identity             to appeal any Centrelink decision
                                                                                     Security entitlement, please contact your local
   documents.                             you believe to be wrong.                   Welfare Rights Centre/Advocate.

 COMPLIANCE                              You can download the Factsheet             The above information was updated in February
                                          “Appeals – how to appeal against           2009.
  Unemployed people need to be                                                      The Welfare Rights Centre Inc is a community
   looking for work to be eligible        a Centrelink Decision” from                legal centre, specialising in Social Security law,
   for payment.                           here: http://www.welfarerights             administration and policy. It is entirely
                                          .org.au You can also contact the           independent of Centrelink. All assistance is free.
  Some people may be eligible for
                                          Welfare Rights Centre on 1800              1 Australia Fair, 2007, Update on those missing
   exemption from compliance
                                          358 5111 or contact Centrelink             out, The numbers and stories of those missing
   requirements. We encourage you                                                    out, ACOSS, Strawberry Hills, Australia.
                                          on 13 28 50.                               2 ACOSS, 2008, Who is missing out? Hardship
   to check this if looking for work
   is going to be problematic.
                                         If you are appealing against a             among low income Australians, Strawberry Hills,
                                          Centrelink decision not to grant           3 Australia Fair, 2007, A Fair Go for all
 IMMEDIATE HELP REQUIRED?                 you a payment, you can get paid            Australians: International Comparisons, 2007, 10
  If you are having difficulty           while you appeal. Tell Centrelink
                                                                                     Essentials, ACOSS, Strawberry Hills, Australia.
                                                                                     4 Schrader, T. (2004) Poverty and Health in
   paying utility bills or finding        you want to request payment                Australia, New Doctor, 80, Autumn.
   enough money to buy food, you          pending review.                            5 Ibid
                                                                                     6 Ibid
   can ask Centrelink for a referral
   for Emergency Relief.
  S om e c om m un i t y s er vi c e
   organisations can assist people
   with debt negotiations at no
   cost. Ask Centrelink for contact

   details for your local Financial               Poverty in Pictures Photographic Prize
   Counsellor.                                    With growing concern for those Queenslanders missing out, the Welfare
                                                  Rights Centre Inc. has decided to raise the profile of poverty by running
 WHAT I NEED FROM MY PREVIOUS                     an annual photographic prize.
  Empl oyment Sepa ration                        Individuals, businesses and large corporations
   Certificate (ESC). This is a form              can get involved in three ways:
   from Centrelink (or a letter                    Sponsor the prizes so more people are encouraged to get involved.
   from the employer on business                   Promote the competition, annual event and raise awareness of
                                                    poverty in Queensland through their networks and publications.
   letterhead) which contains in-
   formation about how the employ-
                                                   Take photographs of images in public places of contemporary
                                                    communities that portray poverty. These are visions that may have
   ment ended and details of any                    been left unseen if it wasn’t for the artistic eye.
   leave payments paid or owing and
                                                  This year’s competition is open until Anti-Poverty Week in
   /or any compensation payable.
                                                  October 2009, and it will take place throughout regional, coastal
  Voluntary unemployment can                     and urban Queensland.
   delay entitlement to payments
                                                  For further information, contact the Welfare Rights Centre Qld on
   for 8 weeks.
                                                  3421 2510 or check out the website: http://sceneandunseen.com/
   If your employer says you
   became voluntarily unemployed

  QWHN News, APRIL 2009                                                                                                             3
                                                How Much Pain Can
                                                                An extract from a presentation to The Brisbane International

W        e are born into an
         organised society that
                                          failure compounds her pain. There
                                          is also the pain of failing to
                                                                                 absolutely must save your own life.
                                                                                 Back to Book-keeping. The
deprives individual citizens of a         provide comfort for the hurt of        dominant fiscal accounting system
fair share of benefits and                those in her care, while she           refuses to recognise the bulk of
rew ard s. Sex a nd Gend er               herself lives without comfort.         exchanges exercised in the
proscribe a “less reward for more         When this pain is unresolved it        domestic economy, the vernacular
work”. Class and Caste proscribe          soon turns to stress, anxiety,         economy, the subsistence economy
“ l e s s c h o ic e a b o u t m o r e    relationship failure, depression,      and in the non-monetised economy.
performance” . Locality and               physical ailments, and loss of         This dominant fiscal accounting
Commerce proscribe “less scope            confidence or substance abuse.         system makes its profit from your
for personal expression and more          Every reduced level of                 pain and from your ignorance and
penalties for misbehaviour.” If           performa nce inc rea ses t he          from your inability to find and use
these six forms of oppression fail        likelihood of further loss of          an acceptable accounting system
to achieve your capitulation, then        effective participation as an equal    for your own lived experience.
Racism and Ageism will assist.            in society, and guarantees further     You can learn to leave this abusive
After a chain of setbacks a woman         marginalisation.                       Market Place without losing, when
can no longer afford to participate       Our Market Place System of             you weigh up the benefits of
                                          accounting, book-keeping and           escaping from the margins of
                                          court-enforced debt collection         another person’s domain. You do
    “… For women of few assets            does not recognise the costs she       not belong in the place that
     or resources each fresh              has been forced to pay. This           someone else would have you
        situation of failure              unpaid cost is done in a double-
     compounds her pain …”                denial manner — they deny that
                                          you are being economically,                 “… Every reduced level of
                                          physically, socially and emotionally       performance increases the
as an equal, and she retreats to a
                                          abused, and they deny you any              likelihood of further loss of
marginalised and less contested
                                          process of redress. You feel                  effective participation
position — a position constructed
                                          trapped, abandoned and of little            as an equal in society …”
for her by others. When things go
                                          value to anyone, including yourself.
wrong there are fewer resources
to draw from and fewer assets to          Confronting your Monsters will
                                          cost you even more, at the time        occupy, unless you are giving
fall back on, and her grip on her
                                          when you can least find the            informed consent to be there. But
current position is weakened
                                          strength to continue. Your             first you have to recognise the
                                          defiance attracts even more            reality of your situation.
 God has pity on kindergarten
                                          retaliation. But you cannot afford     If you are a woman with
 He has less pity on school children.     to stay entrapped until you do         reasonable resources and assets,
 And on grown-ups he has no pity          actually break. Because if you have    then The Economy buys you at the
 at all,                                  a stress breakdown — what your         price they can offer you. If you
 He leaves them alone,                    physical body will do in self          are a woman with little resources
 And sometimes they must crawl on         defence — you will most likely be      other than your life then The
 all fours…                               treated by friends and employers       Economy sells you at the price it
                         Yehuda Amichai
                                          and professional helpers alike as if   can get for you. If you do continue
For women of few assets or                you have a mental or a nervous         to live in reduced circumstances
resources each fresh situation of         breakdown and at this point you        and continue to cope with the pain

4                                                                                           QWHN News, APRIL 2009
A Woman Afford?
Feminist Conference 2008 by LILLIAN GEDDES

    of participation at this stage of        opportunity to pick up the                reduce our transactions with       the
    your life, for reasons that you          separated pieces that you are left        juice-sucking tentacles of         the
    understand, then so be it. If you        with, and reassemble them. You            dominant economic paradigm,        and
    know that you cannot keep this up        can glue yourself back into a             keep more of our life’s blood      for
    for much longer then I suggest           pattern that is more health-giving        ourselves.
    that you remove some of the              and supportive of yourself than
                                                                                       Lillian has been active in the
    unfair bits and pieces that lock         the last one was.                         Community Development sector for
    you into this unjust paradigm of         So how much pain can a woman              over 20 years, exploring self-funded
    loss. You can move across to a           afford? There are other ways to           options for low-income groups.
    different accounting system.             live — more beneficial ways. We           She established the Community
                                             can function differently — if we          Development Institute of Queensland
    Now, back to your well-being.
                                                                                       in 1992 as a not-for-profit business
    When your mental framework is so         are to function at all. And we must
                                                                                       held in trust, and works outside of
    challenged that it can fall apart,       function differently if we are to         the grants-dependent c.d. sector.
    what is now available to you is the      reclaim our birthright. We must           Website: www.cdiq.org.au

         The Effects of Genital Image and Body Image
               on Sexual Functioning in Women
      T    his study will evaluate the
           association between
      genital image, body image                 The study invites participants to
                                                                                            of achieving this is helping
                                                                                            women become more know-
                                                                                            ledgeable and comfortable
      and sexual satisfaction in                complete questionnaires on-line             with their genitals.
      women across the repro-                     which will take approximately             The study is being conducted
      ductive spectrum.                            20-30 minutes to complete.               by Frances D’Arcy-Tehan
      Coping with psychosexual                                                              and will form the basis
      issues for individuals and
                                            www.fhs.usyd.edu.au/sexualhealth/               for the Doctor of Philosophy
      their partners can be difficult.                     genitalimage                     (Sexual Health) at The
      Disappointment, isolation and                                                         U n i ve rs i t y of S yd n e y
      poor quality of life can occur if                                                     under the supervision of:
      sexual issues are not understood. Perceptions of one's Dr Gomathi Sitharthan, Research Co-ordinator, Faculty
      physical self play a significant role in one's sexual self- of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney and
      esteem. The more discomfort one has about their body Dr Matthew Dunn, Associate Supervisor, University of
      the more avoidance one may experience in expressing New South Wales.
      their sexuality. Genital image is an important component
      of sexual functioning that is poorly represented in the If you would like to know more about this research
      literature. Indirect evidence for the concept of genital please feel free to contact:
      image can be found in the media that document the Frances D’Arcy-Tehan
      recent increase in women seeking cosmetic surgery for Doctor of Philosophy Student (Health Sciences)
      their genitalia.                                             University of Sydney
      This research will investigate further, the intimacy issues (03) 5229 9055, 041 4455 420 or
      for women by evaluating if genital image concerns fdar7260@usyd.edu.au
      influence comfort during sexual activity. The research Or
      aims to evaluate the type of framework or prevention Dr Gomathi Sitharthan
      intervention that is necessary to enhance quality of life Research Co-ordinator
      for women who have genital image concerns. One way (02) 9351 9584 or g.sitharthan@usyd.edu.au

     QWHN News, APRIL 2009                                                                                                    5
                                           WHAT’S ON…
                                 Important Events, Conferences
                            and Workshops around the State & beyond

     2010       The New National Agenda. Call for Abstracts Closes Soon!
                The major focus of the Conference will be to continue the work of getting women’s health as
                a priority issue onto the public agenda. It will provide an opportunity for individuals,
                organisations and services involved and concerned with women’s health to contribute to
                international dialogue, share ideas, knowledge and practice. Abstracts are invited for oral
                presentations, workshops, performances and poster presentations.
                For information visit the Australian Women’s Health Network at http://www.awhn.org.au

              ‘Rural Health: The Place To Be…’ Celebrating the innovation and resilience of country
                communities. Research reports, case studies, workshops, an exhibition and a special Community
                Day. Conference Program is available through the National Rural Health Alliance at:
                http://10thnrhc.ruralhealth.org.au or call (02) 6285 4660.
                International and Australian speakers look at how to achieve their 2020 Vision of the mental
                health system. Visit http://www.qldalliance.conorg.com.au or (07) 3832 2600
              ADELAIDE, SA.
                Bringing together the work of researchers, managers, administrators, and practitioners from
                across community health and nursing. For more information visit http://www.sapo.org.au
       1 SEPT Celebrating 50 years of working for a fair Queensland. Visit http://www.qcoss.org.au

                   WOMEN’S HEALTH ON THE NET
                                Hot Spots on the Internet for Women
OXFAM AUSTRALIA                       Podcasts (lecture series), and E-        a forum for sharing experiences
www.oxfam.org.au                      newsletters. There are also Policy       for DES exposed women and men

                                      Papers providing information for         and their loved ones.
     xfam Australia is an             activists, students and anyone           Carol has christened it with her
     independent, non-profit aid      interested in social justice issues.     very own literary effort, Voices of
and development organisation that
                                                                               Thousands Ring, a poignant tale of
aims to overcome the root causes      WOMEN URGED TO TELL                      the experiences of DES affected
of poverty and injustice. They        THEIR DES STORIES ONLINE                 lives that have crossed paths with
achieve this by supporting people’s   Http://desnsw.blogspot.com               her group and been touched by
right to: a livelihood; basic

services; life and security; be            ES Action Australia — NSW           her activism for women’s health.
heard; and equity. The com-                has launched its official blog,     Carol is now urging all women to
prehensive website includes           developed and written by DES             visit http://desnsw.blogspot.com/
valuable resources including From     daughter and co-ordinator of the         to share their own experiences
Poverty to Power (manifesto),         group, Carol Devine. In her true         and connect with others who have
Oxfam News magazine, RSS Feeds        wax lyrical style, this blog site will   been touched by DES in some
(media releases), MP3s and            provide information, resources and       form.

6                                                                                       QWHN News, APRIL 2009
Australian Women’s Health Network

The Australian Women's Health            people from the Commonwealth          the Inquiry into the effectiveness
Network (AWHN) is the peak               Department of Health. We wrote        of the Commonwealth Sex
organisation for women's health in
                                         to other politicians, including the   Discrimination Act and the
Australia. AWHN is a not-for-profit
network run primarily by volunteers to   All-Party Parliamentary Group on      National Council to Reduce
maintain and advance a national          Population and Development and        Violence against Women and
voice on women's health through          the Labor Women's Caucus. We          Children. AWHN continues to
advocacy and information sharing.        applied for support for our           advocate for improvements in all
AWHN is an umbrella organisation for     Aboriginal Women's Talking Circle     these areas.
State and Territory Women’s Health
                                         and a meeting of State and            The new NWHP will be developed
Networks (including QWHN), and other
national organisations which embrace     Territory reps is being held in       during 2009 and released in mid-
its objectives and philosophy.           Adelaide in April. Agenda items       2010. It aims to ensure "that the
                                         include Aboriginal women's NWHP       planning and delivery of health
CONVENOR’S REPORT                        priorities and participation in the   services better meet the needs of

2   007, 2008 and 2009 have              Sixth National Women's Health         Australian women". Prevention and
    been busy years for AWHN.            Conference.                           the social determinants of
We set out to get women's health         In 2008/09, AWHN contributed          Australian health inequalities,
back on the national political           to and       participated        in   including gender, will be priorities,
agenda and I'm pleased to say, we        Commonwealth enquiries and            along with the needs of ATSI
succeeded. In 2007, we produced          forums, including the 20/20           women, women in rural and remote
a women's health discussion paper,       Summit. Submissions went to the       communities, CALD women and
followed by a Summit at                  Health and Hospitals Reform           ec onom i c a l l y d i sa d va nta ge d
Parliament House, Canberra in            Commission, the Productivity          women. Policy will be developed
September. After wide input, the         Commission's Inquiry into Paid        through a series of consultations,
Paper was revised, published and         Maternity and Parental Leave,         beginning with a Roundtable in
distributed to hundreds of stake-                                              March.
holders and relevant politicians                                               The consultations are a great
around Australia. It can be found            6TH AUSTRALIAN                    opportunity for us to tell the
on the AWHN web site.                        WO M EN’S                         Commonwealth what we want. I
Our work, which went back to mid-
90s, came to fruition when Nicola            HEALTH                            encourage you to participate and
                                                                               to distribute information as widely
Roxon announced that, if elected             CONFERENCE
                                             CONFERENCE                        as possible. The effort could be
in 2007, Labor would introduce a                                               well worth it: the first NWHP
new National Women's Health                     Call for Abstracts             produced a quadrupling of women's
Policy (NWHP). 2008 saw AWHN                    NOW OPEN                       health services around Australia!
working on three main fronts:                  Closes 1 June, 2009.            The background paper can be
to progress the new NWHP,                        www.awhn.org.au               downloaded from www.health.
to strengthen our Aboriginal                                                   gov.au/womenshealthpolicy
Women's Talking Circle and to plan
for the Sixth National Australian
                                                  FREE                         All AWHN's work is voluntary and
                                                                               we rely on membership fees
Women's Health Conference, to               BOOKMARKS                          for essentials, such as tele-
be held in Hobart, 18-21 May                  are being distributed with       conferences. We ask you to
2010. The invitation to submit an            this edition of QWHN News.        support our work by joining.
abstract is now open. Details are              To order more, or for further   Membership forms can be found
on the website.                              information please contact your   on our web site at:
                                           AWHN Qld Rep. & QWHN Coordinator
To help progress the NWHP, we                                                  http://www.awhn.org.au/
sought meetings with Nicola Roxon              Maree on 4789 0665
and other relevant Ministers and               or qwhn@bigpond.com                                      Gwen Gray
                                                                                                     AWHN Convenor
their staffs and with key policy

 QWHN News, APRIL 2009                                                                                              7
           ‘Stepping Out of the Shadows:                                                                    QWHN
    Reducing Stigma in Multicultural Communities’                                                       CONTACT DETAILS

T    his resource is a new
     training package that has
been developed for CALD
                                                  MMHA has already piloted the
                                                  training kit nationally. Expert
                                                  Trainers have already been
                                                                                                         Phone (07) 4789 0665
                                                                                                          Fax (07) 4789 0647
community workers to educate                      selected from each state and                          Postal Address: PO Box 1855
their communities about mental                    territory under the direction of                        Thuringowa BC QLD 4817
health to help reduce stigma                      MMHA. Some of the Expert
towards mental illness.                           Trainers have since trained their                        Email: qwhn@bigpond.com
This package contains additional                  community leaders, who will be
resources including a DVD and bi-                 supported by MMHA during this                             Committee Members
                                                                                                      Townsville: Betty McLellan (07) 4728 5600
lingual mental health fact sheets.                funding round, to roll this stigma
                                                                                                      Brisbane:   To Be Filled
The training package aims to:                     reduction training kit into their
                                                                                                      Mount Isa: Shirley Slann (07) 4743 0946
 reduce stigma                                   immediate communities. The                          R’hampton: Sandra O’Brien (07) 4935 2003
                                                  Communit y Trainers are
 help individuals, families and                  responsible for working at the
                                                                                                      Cherbourg: Lillian Gray (07) 4168 1016

  communities from CALD                           grassroots level in raising
  backgrounds deal with mental                    awareness and acceptance of
  illness and address the stigma                  mental illness.                                        HAVE YOUR SAY…
  associated with it                              The implementation of the
 increase their knowledge about                  training kit will rely on the                                     We are interested
  mental health and decrease                      commitment and goodwill of many                                       in obtaining
  stigma                                          people working in the mental                                       feedback on the
The training kit aims to build a                  health and multicultural com-                                        quality of the
greater awareness of mental ill-                  munity sectors around the                                           newsletter and
ness, dispel myths and misunder-                  country.                                             issues and topics you would like
standing, raise acceptance of                     To be involved in the national roll                     to see in future editions.
mental illness as another illness,                -out of this training, please call
                                                                                                         If you have something to say
break down the stigma assoc-                      Multicultural Mental Health
                                                  Australia — 02 9840 3333.                                please contact Maree on
iated with mental illness, assist
families and encourage them to                                                                          (07) 4789 0665 or email us at
                                                  Information supplied by Multicultural Mental
seek the medical help required.                   Health Australia. Visit www.mmha.org.au

 MEMBERSHIP                                               To join or renew your membership with QWHN, simply fill in this form
                                                            and send to QWHN at PO Box 1855, THURINGOWA BC, QLD 4817
    Membership of the Network is open to women’s organisations & individual women who are in agreement with the Network’s purpose and objectives.

     Name:                                                                                              NEW MEMBER?          YES NO

     Phone:                                                                    Fax:


     Profession / Organisation:

     MEMBERSHIP FEES: Individual (unwaged or student) — $5.50 Individual (waged) — $11.00 Organisation — $33.00

    Please find enclosed a cheque/money order for $……………… for one financial year’s membership (1 July 2009—30 June 2010)

    Do you consent to your name, as part of the membership list, being distributed for networking purposes?                  YES NO
    I/We hereby agree to abide by the Purpose, Objectives and Policies of the QWHN. (see website)
                                                                                                                                     TAX INVOICE
    Signature …………………………………………………………………………………………                                   Date ……………………………………                    ABN 11700374032

8                                                                                                                   QWHN News, APRIL 2009

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