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Dry Supplier Lineup

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									                                                                                                                        April 2010


Kellogg's...              Visit www.dotexpressway.com to view their complete product portfolio

MANUFACTURER                             BRANDS                  DESCRIPTION

ACH                                      Argo                    Cornstarch
                                         Henri's                 Salad dressings
                                         Karo                    Assorted corn syrups, pancake syrup
Advanced Food Products                   Café Classics           Crème Brûlée
                                         Muy Fresco              RTU cheese sauce and pudding
                                         Real Fresh              RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
                                         Regent                  RTU cheese sauce
American Italian Pasta Company           Heartland               Whole wheat, whole grain, organic and Plus (with ALA Omega 3) pastas
                                         Montalcino              Bulk long, short and ribbon pastas
                                         R&F                     Retail and bulk packed long, short, flavored, egg noodle, specialty and tri-
                                                                 colored pastas
American Licorice Company                Red Vines               Licorice
                                         Snaps                   Old time candy
                                         Sour Punch              Sweet/sour chewy candy
                                         Super Ropes             Rope licorice
Apple & Eve                              Northland               Cranberry juices
                                         TreeSweet               Orange and grapefruit juices
Arthur Schuman                                                   Plain and seasoned bread crumbs
                                         Imperia                 Dometic and imported grated cheese (including Parmesan and Romano)
Aunt Kitty's Foods Inc.                  Castleberry Foods       Ravioli, spaghetti sauce, soups, beef stew, corn beef hash, pureed meats
                                         Venice Maid             Ravioli, spaghetti sauce, soups, beef stew, corn beef hash, pureed meats
Azar Nut Company                         Azar                    Packaged pecans, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, mints, trail mixes
B & G Foods                              Accent                  Natural food flavor enhancer
                                         B&M                     Assorted baked beans, brown bread
                                         Brer Rabbit             Molasses
                                         Bull                    Hot sauce
                                         Grandma's               Molasses
                                         Las Palmas              Red chile and enchilada sauce, jalapeno and green chili peppers, crushed
                                         Louisiana               Hot sauce
                                         Mexi-Pep, Indi-Pep      Hot sauce
                                         New York Style          Canned pickles
                                         Ortega                  Taco seasoning, taco shells, chiles/peppers, salsa/picantes, sauces
                                         Red Devil               Cayenne pepper sauce
                                         Regina                  Red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, cooking wine
                                         Trappey's               Peppers in vinegar
                                         Vermont Maid            Pancake syrup
                                         Wright’s                Hickory seasoning

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MANUFACTURER              BRANDS                         DESCRIPTION
Barilla                   Barilla                        All cuts of dry pastas, and red pasta sauces
Basic American Foods      Golden Grill                   Premium hashbrown potatoes
                          Natures Own                    Premium mashed potatoes
                          Potato Pearls Excel            Premium mashed potatoes
                          Quick Start                    Home style chili
                          Santiago                       Refried beans-seasoned, vegetarian, and seasoned black
                          WHIPP                          Instant mashed potatoes
Baumer Foods, Inc.        Crystal                        Hot sauces and condiments
                          Ditka's                        Tabletop condiments (proprietary)
                          Figaro                         Liquid smoke and marinades
                          Firey                          Hot sauce value priced
                          Shula's                        Tabletop condiments (proprietary)
Bay Valley Foods          Bay Valley Premium             Pickles, RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
                          Bay Valley Select              Pickles, RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
                          Gracias                        RTU cheese sauce
                          Jose Ole                       RTU cheese sauce
                          Thank You                      RTU cheese sauce, RTU pudding
Beer Nuts                 Beer Nuts                      Retail packaged nuts and snack mix
Bell-Carter Foods         Lindsay Olives                 Domestic olives; whole, pitted, Spanish green, stuffed, and Sicilian
Beverage Specialties      Jero                           Lemon and lime bar mixes
                          Major Peter’s                  Bloody Mary mixes, bar mixes
Birds Eye Foods           Brooks                         Hot chili beans
                          Globe                          Pudding, pie filling, glazes, and canned fruits
Biscomerica               Basil's                        Sandwich cookies
                          Knott's Berry Farm             Cookies
                          Sun-Maid                       Cookies
Bosco's Pizza Co.         Bosco's                        Pizza sauce
Brach                     Brach’s                        Mints, fruit snacks, gummy bears, chocolate candies
                          Star Brites Mints              Mints
Bruce Foods Corp.         Bruce's                        Yams, pancake, muffin, biscuit mixes
                          Cajun King                     Seafood seasonings
                          Casa Fiesta                    Taco sauce, enchilada sauce, burrito seasoning
                          Mexene                         Texas-style chili
                          Original Louisiana Hot Sauce   Hot sauce, jalapeno peppers
                          Red Rooster Hot Sauce          Hot sauce
                          Taylor's                       Sweet potatoes
Burry Foodservice         Burry                          Croutons, crackers and pie shells
Bush Brothers             Bush's Best                    Baked beans, southern greens, spinach, beans
                          Fanci-Pak                      Fancy navy beans
                          Showboat                       Extra fancy navy beans
Cadbury Adams             Bubblicious                    Gum
                          Certs                          Mints
                          Dentyne                        Gum
                          Stride                         Gum
                          Trident                        Gum
Campbell's Soup Company   Campbells                      Soups, tomato juice
                          Chef Kettle                    Condensed soups
                          Mesa Grande Picante            Mild and medium picante sauce
                          Pace                           Mexican sauces, salsas, peppers, chilis, beans, seasoning
                          Pepperidge Farm                Cookies, desserts, fresh breads, crackers, pastry, pot pies
                          Prego                          Spaghetti sauces

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MANUFACTURER                       BRANDS                 DESCRIPTION
Campbell's Soup Company            Restaurant Style RTS   Soups
                                   Swanson                Chicken, beef, vegetable broths
                                   V8, V8 Fusion          Vegetable juices, juice beverages
Cargill Salt                       Alberger               High-end, gourmet salt
                                   Cargill                Evaporated salt and pretzel salt
                                   Diamond Crystal        Specialty (kosher, popcorn, french fry salt, etc.) and various table salts
Carriage House Companies           Branding Iron          Barbeque sauces
                                   Bremner                Animal crackers
                                   Carriage House         Jellies, preserves, peanut butter, syrups
                                   Home Brands            Jellies, preserves, peanut butter, syrups
                                   La Junta               Salsa, taco and picante sauces
                                   RyKrisp                Crackers
                                   Stratford Farms        Jellies, preserves, peanut butter, syrups
Chattanooga Bakery                 Look Out               Fancy Southern pies
                                   Moon Pie               The original marshmallow sandwich
Chicken of the Sea International   Chicken of the Sea     Canned and pouch seafood (mainly tuna and salmon)
                                   Genova                 Canned and pouch seafood (mainly tuna and salmon)
Chiquita Brands                    Chiquita               Processed banana products; purees, diced, sliced, whole, powder/flakes,
                                                          extract & essence
Clabber Girl                       Clabber Girl           Baking soda, baking powder, corn starch, baking mix
                                   Fleischmann's          Baking powder
                                   Hearth Club            Baking powder
                                   Royal                  Dry puddings and gelatins
                                   Rumford                Baking powder
Clement Pappas                     3-C                    Lemon juice
                                   Ruby Kist              Fruit and vegetable juices, cranberry sauce, iced tea, lemonade, sport
Clorox                             Hidden Valley          Dry dressing mixes
                                   KC Masterpiece         Barbeque sauces
                                   Kitchen Bouquet        Browning sauce
Clown-Gysin Brands                 Clown                  Marshmallows, breadsticks, dried fruit, tortilla chips, soy peanut butter
Colavita USA                       Colavita               Olive oil, pastas, vinegar, pasta sauce, rice, marinated vegetables
ConAgra Dry Ingredients (Gilroy)   Gilroy                 Powdered, chopped, granulated onion and garlic items
ConAgra Shelf Stable               Angela Mia             Marinara, spaghetti, and other red sauces
                                   Chef Boyardee          Pasta, pizza, dinner kits
                                   Hunt’s                 Canned tomatoes, sauces, tomato paste, ketchup
                                   Hunt’s Snack Pack      Pudding
                                   J. Hungerford Smith    Dessert toppings, syrups
                                   La Choy                Asian sauces and vegetables, chow mein noodles, complete meals
                                   Pam                    Non-stick cooking spray
                                   Swiss Miss             Hot chocolate
                                   Wesson                 Vegetable, corn, canola, best blend cooking oils
Continental Mills                  Continental Mills      Mixes - cake, pancake, muffin, etc.
                                   Krusteaz               Mixes - cake, pancake, muffin, etc.
Custom Culinary                    Chef's Own             Bases and flavorings
                                   Custom Culinary        Bases, tenderizers, gravies, sauces
                                   Master’s Touch         Bases
Dakota Growers                     Dakota Growers         Dry pasta
                                   Dream Fields           Dry pasta
                                   Mrs. Weiss             Dry pasta
                                   Prince                 Dry pasta
                                   Ronzoni                Dry pasta

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MANUFACTURER                BRANDS                   DESCRIPTION
Darlington Farms            Caring Cuisine           Healthcare cookies and treats
                            Darlington Farms         Fresh cookies
DeCecco Imported Pasta      DeCecco                  Regular and specialty pastas
Del Monte Foods             Contadina                Pizza and tomato sauces, tomato paste, tomato products
                            Contadina Deluxe         Pizza and tomato sauces, tomato paste, tomato products
                            Del Monte                Canned vegetables and tomatoes, ketchup, packaged fruit
Denali Ingredients          Denali Ingredients       Dry dairy/ice cream flavors, coatings, variegates, water ice flavors,
Diamond Crystal             Cattleman's              Sweet BBQ sauce portion packs
                            Frank's                  Red Hot Original; Buffalo sandwich and dipping sauces portion packs
                            French's                 Yellow, dijon and spicy brown mustard portion packs
Diamond Walnut              Diamond                  Walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts
                            Emerald                  All types of nuts, including walnuts and peanuts
Eastern Tea                 Bromley                  Black, herbal, flavored and instant teas
Elizabeth Beverage          Jolly Rancher            Flavored soda
Fleischmann's Yeast         AB Mauri                 Double acting baking powder, dry malt, Par C tablets, etc.
                            Fleischmann’s            Dry yeast
Florida's Natural Growers   Big Tex                  Canned and PET juices
                            Bluebird                 Canned fruit juices
                            Daily Sun                Shelf stable juices for dispenser and hand mix
                            Donald Duck              Canned juice
                            Florida's Natural        Orange, grapefruit and other not from concentrate juices
                            Growers Pride            Brand dispenser juice program
                            Texsun                   Citrus juices
FoodShouldTasteGood         Food Should Taste Good   All natural tortilla chips
Foremost Farms USA          Nutrimix                 Modified non-fat dry milk
                            PZ-44                    Dough conditioner
                            Reddi-Sponge             Dough developer
Foxtail Foods               Foxtail                  Pancake mixes and syrup
French's                    Cattleman’s              Barbeque sauces
                            Frank’s                  Cayenne pepper, buffalo wing and zing sauces
                            French’s                 Mustard, potato sticks, french fried onions, Worcestershire sauce,
Fresh Start Bakeries        Pennant                  Dry mixes, fillings, icings and glazes
FSI Beverage Systems        Sebastiano's             Flavored syrups
Gehl's                      Gehl's                   Cheese and chili sauces
                            Main Street Café         Iced lattes
General Mills               Betty Crocker            Potatoes, stuffing casseroles, fruit snacks
                            Big G - General Mills    Cereals: bulk, cup, bowl pack & family cereals
                            Bisquick                 Baking mix
                            Chex                     Snack mix
                            Gardetto's               Snack mix
                            Gold Medal               Baking mix
                            Nature Valley            Grain snacks
                            Old El Paso              Mexican
                            Pancho Villa             Mexican
                            Progresso                Breadcrumbs
Ghirardelli Chocolate       Ghirardelli              Chocolate sauces, ground chocolate, chocolate chips and cocoa
Golden Heritage Foods       Busy Bee                 Clover honey
Goya Foods                  Goya                     Hispanic items
Grain Processing            GPC                      Maltodextrins, corn syrup solids, starches

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MANUFACTURER               BRANDS                   DESCRIPTION
Great Lakes Kraut          Krrrrisp Kraut           Sauerkraut
                           Silver Floss             Sauerkraut
Groeb Farms                Groeb Farms              Honey, peanut butter, mustard, molasses
H C Brill Foodservice      Baker & Baker Karp       Mixes- cake, donut, muffin and brownie, pie fillings, cobbler fillings &
                                                    toppings, icings, schmeers, glazes, fondant
                           Bestovall                Mixes- cake, donut, muffin and brownie, pie fillings, cobbler fillings &
                                                    toppings, icings, schmeers, glazes, fondant
Harmony Foods              Harmony                  Candies and snacks
HealthPro Brands           Fit                      100% natural fruit & vegetable wash
Heinz                      College Inn              Broth
                           Heinz                    Ketchup, condiments, sauces, meals, soups, seafood, snacks
                           Lea & Perrins            Worcestershire sauces and steak sauces
                           Starkist                 Tuna
Homestat Farm              G. Washington            Broth
                           Maltex                   Hot cereals
                           Maypo                    Hot cereals
                           Wheatena                 Hot cereals
Hormel Healthlabs          Fiberbasics              Fiber fluid, drink mixes
                           Herb-ox                  Broth packets
                           L-emental                Amino acid formula drink mixes and packets
                           Multimix                 Protein and calorie supplements
                           Nutrathick               Fortified instant food thickener
                           Sinfree                  Reduced calorie and reduced fat desserts
                           Thick and Easy           Healthcare instant food thickener
IZZE Beverage Company      IZZE                     Carbonated fruit beverages
John B. Sanfilippo & Son   Fisher                   Walnuts, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios and
                                                    peanut butter
                           Sanfilippo               Nuts
Johnson & Johnson          Splenda                  Sweetener
Kangaroo Brands            Kangaroo                 Pita chips
Kellogg's                  Apple Jacks              Cereal
                           Austin                   Cookies
                           Carr's                   Crackers, cookies
                           Cheez-It                 Cheese cracker snack food
                           Club                     Crackers
                           Cocoa Krispies           Cereal
                           Corn Flakes              Cereal
                           Corn Pops                Cereal
                           Eat-It-All-Cones         Edible cones
                           Elf Grahams              Graham crackers
                           Famous Amos              Cookies
                           Froot Loops              Cereal
                           Frosty Flakes            Cereal
                           Hi-Ho                    Crackers
                           JJ Flats                 Flatbread crackers
                           Keebler                  Cookies and crackers
                           Mini Wheats              Cereal
                           Oat Bran                 Cereal
                           Old London               Crackers
                           Pop Tarts                Pastry
                           Raisin Bran              Cereal
                           Ready Crust Pie Shells   Graham cracker, shortbread and chocolate pie crusts

                                                                                                              04/10 page 5
MANUFACTURER              BRANDS                             DESCRIPTION
Kellogg's                 Special K                          Cereal
                          Town House                         Crackers
                          Worthington Foods                  Vegetarian foods
                          Zesta                              Crackers
Kerry Food and Beverage   Enhance                            All purpose breading, batters
                          Golden Dipt                        Breading, batters, specialty coatings, baking mixes
                          Modern Maid                        Coconut coatings
                          Snowflake                          Flaked and shredded coconut mixes
                          Wingers                            Hot sauce
Kerry Sweet Ingredients   Kerry Sweets                       Decorettes, nonpareils, sanding sugar, almond paste and chocolate chips
Kettle Foods              Kettle                             All natural potato chips
Knouse Foods              Knouse                             Cheese sauce, pudding
                          Lincoln                            Juice
                          Lucky Leaf                         Pie filling
                          Musselmans                         Applesauce, juice
                          Speas Farm                         Juice
Kraft                     A-l                                Steak sauce
                          Baker’s Chocolate                  Hot cocoa mix
                          Bullseye                           Barbeque sauces
                          Caffe Origins                      Gourmet coffee
                          Calumet                            Baking powder
                          Capri Sun                          Juice drink pouches
                          Chips Ahoy                         Cookies
                          Cornnuts                           Snacks
                          Country Time                       Lemonade
                          Cream Of Wheat                     Hot breakfast cereal
                          Dezerta                            Sugar-free desserts
                          Dream Whip                         Dessert topping mix
                          Fig Newton                         Cookies
                          General Foods International Coffees Coffee, cappuccino
                          Good Seasons                        Salad dressing
                          Grey Poupon                        Mustard
                          JELL-O                             Gelatin, pudding
                          Jet Puff                           Marshmallows
                          Knox                               Gelatin
                          Kool-Aid                           Juice drink
                          Kool-Aid Bursts                    Juice
                          Life Savers                        Candy
                          Lorna Doone                        Shortbread cookies
                          Maxwell House                      Coffee
                          Multi-Grain                        Crackers, chips, scones
                          Nutter Butter                      Cookies
                          Open Pit                           Barbeque sauces
                          Oreo                               Cookies
                          Planters                           Peanuts
                          Premium Saltine Crackers           Crackers
                          Ritz                               Crackers
                          Sanka                              Decaffeinated coffee
                          Shake & Bake                       Seasoned coating mix
                          Shredded Wheat                     Breakfast cereal
                          Snack Wells                        Cookies
                          Starlight Mints                    Mints

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MANUFACTURER                            BRANDS                DESCRIPTION
Kraft                                   Stove Top             Stuffing mix
                                        Tang                  Drink mix
                                        Tapioca               Pudding
                                        Tazo                  Tea
                                        Teddy Grahams         Graham snacks
                                        Triscuit              Whole grain snack crackers
                                        Twist                 Juice drink
                                        Wheat Thins           Crackers
                                        Yuban                 Coffee
Land O' Lakes                           Land O' Lakes         Aged cheddar, mild cheddar, mild nacho, jalapeno, calient, sharp cheddar,
                                                              and mucho queso jalapeno sauces. Dry instant non-fat milk
Land O' Lakes Ingredients               LaChedda, Cheddease   Cheese powder
                                        Land O' Lakes         Cultured skim, cultured buttermilk, agglomerated instant milk
Lawrence Foods, Inc.                    Lawrence Foods        Fruit fillings, fruit toppings, icings, glazes, cream fillings, jellies and
                                                              preserves, nutrition bar components, caramel, fondant and dry mixes
                                        Orchard Fresh         Cobbler fruit fillings
                                        Security              Value brand whole fruit fillings
Leahy/IFP                               Carbotrol             Fruit and juice drinks
                                        Dunn's Farm           Syrup - sugar free or diet
                                        Pro-Right             Protein supplement
                                        Supplatrol            Balanced nutritional supplement drink
                                        Valuetrol             Juice bases
Living Essentials                       5 Hour Energy         Energy shot
Magic Seasoning Blends                  Chef Paul Prudhomme   Seasonings, blends
Malt 'O Meal                            Malt 'O Meal          Bulk pack cereals, ready-to-eat bowl pack cereals, hot wheat cereal,
                                                              oatmeal, grits and farina
Mancini Packing                         Mancini               Roasted peppers, fried peppers, fried onions, blanched food service
                                                              peppers, specialty pepper items
Mars Foodservices                       Uncle Ben’s           Converted rice, rice pilaf, flavored rice, infused rice, long grain & wild
                                                              rice, stuffing, sauces
Maruchan                                Maruchan              Ramen noodles and Instant Lunch
Marx Brothers                           Coral Bay             Coconut
                                        Marx                  Coconut
McCormick                               Lawry's               Marinades, spice blends, seasoning mixes
                                        McCormick Culinary    Assorted spices, seasonings
                                        Old Bay               Seasonings
                                        Thai Kitchen          Assorted spices, seasonings
MegaMex Foods                           Búfalo                Hot sauces
                                        Chi Chi's             Salsa
                                        Doña Maria            Mole and napalitos
                                        Embasa                Salsa, jalapenos, chilies, peppers
                                        Herdez                Salsa and peppers
                                        La Victoria           Mexican salsas, chilies, sauces
Michael Foods                           Michael Foods         Whole dried eggs and dried egg yolks
Michigan Milk                                                 Spray dried nonfat dry milk, low heat and high heat powders
Mission Foods                           Mission               Tortilla chips, taco shells and tostadas
Monin, Inc.                             Monin                 Flavorings for beverage and culinary applications
Monterey Canned Mushrooms               Monterey              Domestic mushrooms
Moody Dunbar                            Canon                 Sweet potatoes
                                        Dunbars               Peppers, pimentos, sweet potatoes
Mott's USA (Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group)   Clamato               Tomato juice cocktail
                                        Hawaiian Punch        Fruit juices

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MANUFACTURER                            BRANDS            DESCRIPTION
Mott's USA (Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group)   Holland House     Pina colada, margarita, daiquiri and other bar mixes
                                        IBC               Root beer, cream soda, black cherry soda
                                        Mott’s            Apple juice, apple sauce
                                        Mr. & Mrs. T’s    Bloody Mary, margarita and other bar mixes
                                        ReaLemon          Lemon juice
                                        ReaLime           Lime juice
                                        Rose’s            Sweetened lime juice, grenadine
Multifoods/Best Brands                  Multifoods        Baking mixes
                                        PET               Evaporated milk
                                        Pillsbury         Ready-to-bake biscuits, breads, cookies, rolls, pie crusts
Nature Kist                             Nature Kist       In-shell peanuts and pistachios
Nestle Foods                            Chef-mate         Heat-and-serve entrees
                                        Coffee-mate       Non-dairy creamer in powder and liquid
                                        Libby’s           Canned pumpkin, pie mix
                                        Nescafe           Flavored coffee mixes, iced coffee
                                        Ortega            Taco shells and sauces, seasonings, salsa
                                        Taster’s Choice   Instant coffee
Nestle Healthcare Nutrition             Carnation         Instant breakfast mix
                                        Nutren            Liquid nutrition with or without fiber
                                        Peptamen          Products for GI-compromised patients
New World Pasta                         American Beauty   Pasta
                                        Creamette         Pasta
                                        Prince            Pasta
                                        Ronzoni           Pasta
                                        San Giorgio       Pasta
                                        Skinner           Pasta
Nonni's                                 New York Style    Deli snack chips, bagel chips
                                        Nonni's           Biscotti
O-AT-KA                                 Gold Cow          Evaporated milk
                                        Jerzee            Evaporated milk
                                        Spring Farm       Filled milk and sweetened, condensed milk
Oberto                                  Oberto            Beef jerky and other meat snacks
Ocean Spray                             No-Thaw           Juice cups
                                        Ocean Spray       Jellied sauces, juices, bar packs
Oregon Chai                             Chai Charger      Original Oregon Chai flavor drink
                                        Herbal Bliss      Dry chai, herb mixes
                                        Oregon Chai       Chai concentrates, dry mixes
Par-Way/Tryson                          Bake-Sheen        Egg wash substitute
                                        Bak-klene         No-stick bakery spray
                                        Saragosa          Oils
                                        Tryson Gold       Topping oil for browning
                                        Vegalene          No-stick pan spray for cooking surfaces and utensils
Pepsico                                 Aunt Jemima       Pancake and waffle mix, syrups, self-rising flour
                                        Captain Crunch    Cereal
                                        Cracker Jack      Snack
                                        Dole              Fruit, vegetables, juices
                                        Gatorade          Sport drink, energy bars
                                        Life              Cereal
                                        Near East         Rice pilafs, couscous, taboule, grain dishes
                                        Propel            Fitness water with added vitamins
                                        Quaker            Oatmeal, grits, corn meal, granola bars, snacks, cereals

                                                                                                                       04/10 page 8
MANUFACTURER                BRANDS                 DESCRIPTION
Pepsico                     Rice-A-Roni            Rice-A-Roni, Pasta Roni
                            Tropicana              Orange and grapefruit juices, juice blends
Perfetti Van Melle          Airheads               Non-chocolate candy
                            Mentos                 Mints
Pinnacle Foods              Log Cabin              Syrup
                            Mrs. Butterworh's      Syrup
                            Vlasic                 Pickles
Pompeian                    Pompeian               Olive oil, vinegar, cooking wine, artichoke hearts, olives
                            Romanza                Olive oil, specialty vinegar, artichoke hearts, olives and cooking wines
Portion Pac                 Cary’s                 Maple syrups
                            Chatsworth             Dipping sauces and dressings
                            French’s               Mustard, mayo, Worcestershire sauce
                            Log Cabin              Maple syrups
                            Mrs. Butterworth       Maple syrups
                            Musselman’s            Apple butter, apple juice, apple sauce, juice drinks
                            Nestle                 Single serve hot fudge and chocolate sauce
                            ReaLemon               Lemon juice
                            Sue Bee                Honey
                            Texas Pete             Hot sauce, honey mustard, barbeque sauce
                            Welch’s                Jams, jellies, preserves
                            WigWam                 Maple syrup
                            Wish-Bone              Salad dressings
Precision Foods             Baker’s Joy            No-stick cooking spray with flour
                            Dole Whip              Fruit-flavored soft serve
                            Foothill Farm          Salad dressings and seasoning mixes
                            Frostline              Soft serve, smoothie, yogurt and shake mixes
                            Land 'O Lakes          Hot cocoas
                            Milani                 Salad dressings and marinades
                            Molly McButter         Healthier butter flavorings
                            Mrs. Dash              Salt-free seasonings
                            Precision              Dry mixes
                            Smither’s              Broth concentrates
                            Sugar Twin             Sugar substitute
                            Thick-It               Instant food and liquid thickeners
                            Total Ultimate Foods   Sauces, gravy, mixes, salad dressings, soup bases
Procter & Gamble            Pringles               Potato chips
Producers Rice              Bamboo                 Rice
                            Classic Grains         Rice
                            LeGourmet              Long and medium grain brown and white rice
                            Mandalay               Rice
                            ParExcellence          Rice
Racconto Imported Pasta     Racconto & Orofino     Pasta, olive oil
Rich Products Corporation   J W Allen              Bakery mixes, icings, bases, fillings, glazes
                            Rich's                 Bakery mixes, icings, bases, fillings, glazes
Richardson Brands Company   After Dinner           Mints
                            MoofusPOP’s            Lollipops
                            Richardson Brands      Mints and candies
                            TaToo                  Bubblegum
Roquette America            Roquette               Dextrose and corn syrup solids
Rothbury Farms              Rothbury Farms         Croutons, cake mixes and stuffing
Rytway Products             Ryt-way                Milk powder, dairy blends, bacon bits, pan release spray

                                                                                                                04/10 page 9
MANUFACTURER                     BRANDS             DESCRIPTION
Sara Lee Roast & Ground Coffee   Butter-Nut         Cappuccinos
                                 Café Continental   Gourmet coffee products
                                 Douwe Egbert       Dry gourmet roast and ground coffee
                                 Paradise           Tea products
                                 Superior Brands    Dry roast ground products including Euro, Gourmet, Columbian and price
                                                    point coffee products
Schreiber Foods                  Colman's           Dry rub mustard
                                 Ybarra             Spanish olive oil
Sea Watch                        Cap’t Fred’s       Ocean clams, canned
                                 Old Salt           Ocean clams, canned
                                 Sea Watch          Clams in juice, clam juice
Seneca                           Libby's            Canned fruit and vegetables
                                 Stokely            Canned fruit and vegetables
                                 Veg All            Canned mixed vegetables
Shasta Beverages                 Ever Fresh         Single serve juice drinks
                                 La Croix           Sparkling spring water
                                 Mt. Shasta         PET spring water
                                 Shasta             Regular and diet soda, concentrates, energy drinks
Simplot                          Idahoan            Potatoes
                                 True               Instant mashed potatoes
Soma Beverage                    Metroelectro       Electrolyte water
                                 Metromint          Flavored water
Spangler Candy                   Circus Peanuts     Marshmallow candy
                                 Dum Dum Pops       Lollipops
                                 Saf-T-Pops         Suckers
Splenda/Diamond Crystal          Splenda            Granular baking & Splenda packets
Stapleton-Spence Packing Co.     Stapleton-Spence   Dried fruits and nuts, juice concentrate
Stratas Foods                    Equal              Zero-calorie sweetener
                                 Frymax             Deep frying oil
                                 Mazola ZT          Frying oils
                                 Nutex              Liquid cake shortening
                                 Prep               Soybean oil, pan release
                                 Primex             All-purpose shortening, baking release
                                 PureVia            All-natural, zero calorie sweetener
                                 Sterling           Salad oil
                                 Sweetex            Cake and icing shortening
                                 Sweetmate          Sweetener
                                 Whirl              Butter flavored oil for grilling, panfrying and saute'
Sturm Foods, Inc.                Fulfill            Flavored fitness drink sticks
                                 Moo Magic          Flavored milk drink sticks
                                 Morning Spark      Caffeinated and vitamin enriched drink sticks
                                 Power Edge         Energy drink sticks
                                 Replenish          Flavored fitness drink sticks
                                 Village Farms      Hot cereals and hot cocoa, gelatin and pudding mixes
Sue Bee Honey                    Sue Bee            Honey
Sugar Foods                      C&H                Sugar
                                 Crisp 'N Fresh     Anti-oxidant powder for salad bar items
                                 N Joy              Dry mix salad dressings, seasonings, grated cheese, bacon bits, non-dairy
                                 Nu-Salt            Salt substitute
                                 Nutra Taste        Economic aspartame sweetener
                                 Sugar Foods        Croutons, bread crumbs, cracker meal, stuffing mixes, snacks

                                                                                                              04/10 page 10
MANUFACTURER                              BRANDS             DESCRIPTION
Sugar Foods                               Sugar in the Raw   Turbinado sugar, natural specialty sugar
                                          Sweet ‘N Low       Sugar substitute
Sunny Delight                             Crystal Light      Low-calorie beverages
                                          Fruit2O            Flavored water
                                          Sunny Delight      Shelf stable orange based fruit drinks
                                          Veryfine           Juice
T.W. Garner Food Company                  Garners            Jams, jellies and preserves
                                          Texas Pete's       Hot sauce, barbeque and honey mustard sauces
Tetley Tea                                Kokoro             Organic tea
                                          Private Estates    Tagged and envelope hot tea bags
                                          Tetley Harris      Hot tea bags, drawstring hot tea bags, iced tea Brew Magic, liquid
                                                             concentrates, filters, specialty & herbal teas and organic teas
Thanasi Foods                             BIGS               Sunflower seeds
                                          Frank's Red Hot    Beef jerky
                                          Jim Beam           Sunflower seeds, beef jerky
                                          Stubb's            Beef brisket and jerky snacks
The Inventure Group                       Boulder Canyon     Chips
                                          Poore Brothers     Kettle chips
                                          TGI Friday's       Meat snacks, potato skins, snack sticks
The J.M. Smucker Company                  Folgers            Coffee
                                          Millstone          Coffee
The Neil Jones Food Company               Missions Best      All varieties of tomato products
                                          Old California     Varieties of tomato products in pouches
                                          Oregon Trail       Sliced pears, diced pears, plum halves, dark pitted cherries
                                          Pacific Breeze     Sliced and diced peaches, fruit cocktail
                                          San Benito         All varieties of tomato products
The Topps Company                         Baby Bottle Pops   Non-chocolate candy
                                          Bazooka            Chewing gum
                                          Juicy Drop Pops    Non-chocolate candy
                                          Push Pops          Non-chocolate candy
                                          Ring Pops          Non-chocolate candy
Tone Brothers                             Durkee             Spices and seasonings
                                          Patak's            Authentic Indian cuisine
                                          Tone's             Spices
                                          Trader's Choice    Spices and seasonings
Tootsie Roll Industries/Charms Division   Andes              Mints and candies
Trinidad Benham                           Jackrabbit         Dried beans and lentils
True Natural Foods / Edibowls             Edibowls           Edible salad bowls
Uncle Ray's                               Uncle Rays         Potato chips
Unilever Foodsolutions                    Best Foods         Mayonnaise
                                          Hellman’s          Mayonnaise, mustard, sandwich spreads
                                          Knorr              Bouillons, soups, sauces, snacks, complete meals
                                          Lipton             Teas
                                          Wish-Bone          Salad dressings
Upper Crust                               Upper Crust        Panko bread crumbs
Vanee Foods                               Vanee              Beef barbeque, chili, dumplings, hot dog sauce, pot roast, chicken broth
                                                             and soup, gravies
Ventura Foods                             Chef's Pride       Pan & Grill, flavor bases, canola oil, dressings
                                          Classic Gourmet    Soup, sauce, gravy flavor bases, salad dressings
                                          Extend             Liquid deep fry shortening
                                          Gold-N-Sweet       Pan & Grill, nonstick cooking spray
                                          Hidden Valley      Dry dressing mixes

                                                                                                                        04/10 page 11
MANUFACTURER                  BRANDS                 DESCRIPTION
Ventura Foods                 Kaola Gold             Cholesterol-free, all-vegetable solid griddle shortening
                              Lou Anna               Peanut oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil
                              Mel-Fry                Liquid fry shortenings
                              Savory                 Liquid butter alternative
                              Trail Hand             Barbeque, buffalo wing and cayenne pepper sauces
                              Ultra-Fry              Clear liquid shortening
                              White Cap              Pure vegetable, Kosher baking release
Vitality Foodservice          Sunkist                Portion control juices
Welch's                       Welch’s                Jams, jellies, preserves
Westminster Crackers          Westminster Crackers   Oyster crackers
White Wave Foods              Horizon                Organic milk - asceptic packs
                              Silk                   Soymilk - aseptic packs
World Confections             World Confections      Candy sticks
Wrigley's                     Altoids                Gum and mints
                              Doublemint             Gum and mints
                              Eclipse                Gum
                              LifeSavers             Non-chocolate candy
                              Orbit                  Gum
                              Skittles               Non-chocolate candy
                              Starburst              Non-chocolate candy
Zatarain's                    Zatarain's             New Orleans style seasoning, mixes, condiments, rice, seafood, ready-to-
                                                     serve dinners

Baking Soda                                          Baking soda
Beans                                                Dry beans; rice and barley
Bottled Water                                        Drinking and spring water packed in flat cap and sport cap
Canned Fruit and Vegetables                          Canned apples, peaches, pears, tomato products and canned vegetables
Cherries                                             Maraschino cherries-all glass product is fancy quality and all plastic
                                                     product is bar grade
Corn Meal                                            White & yellow corn meal, self-rising and regular
Corn Starch                                          Bulk corn starch, Clear Jel, Melo Jel, Signature Secret, Specialty National
Flour                                                Hotel & restaurant flour, specialty items, Pillsbury and ConAgra
Food Grade Chemicals                                 Citric acid, ascorbic acid, sodium erythorbate, calcium saccharin, sodium
                                                     saccharin, sodium benzoate, malic acid, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid,
                                                     sorbital, sodium citrate, sodium nitrate, sodium tripolyphosphate, tartaric
                                                     acid, MSG and many others
Honey and Molasses                                   White table & light amber honey, molasses
Imports - Canned                                     Artichokes, citrus, mandarin oranges, mushrooms, olives-green and ripe,
                                                     olive oil, tropical fruit, tuna, water chestnuts
Milk Powders                                         Spray process - Grade A & extra grade low heat and high heat, instant
                                                     milk powders, buttermilk
Oat Products                                         Bulk, quick oats, rolled oats, baby oat flakes, oat flour, oat bran
Oils/Dressings - Commodity                           Soybean, canola, peanut, pan and grill, popcorn, coconut oils; Salad
                                                     dressings- mayo, bleu cheese, golden Italian, honey mustard, ranch, red
                                                     french, thousand island
Pancake Syrup                                        First quality and economy grade
Peanuts and Peanut Butter                            Peanuts-granulated, raw, spanish, peanut butter - creamy, crunchy, natural,
Pecans                                               Small, medium, large pieces, halves, buttered, roasted, fancy and choice
Popcorn                                              Yellow popcorn, specialty popcorn kits

                                                                                                                  04/10 page 12
MANUFACTURER                          BRANDS                    DESCRIPTION
Raisins                                                         Natural Thompson seedless raisins: select, midgets, golden, & zante
                                                                currant raisins
Salt                                                            Iodized, plain, flour salt, water softener pellets; salt rounds
Sugar & Sugar Packets                                           Extra fine granulated, powdered, and brown sugars
Whey                                                            Sweet dairy whey

Equipment & Supplies
3M                                    3M                        Aerosol cleaners, squeegees, cleaners
                                      Niagra                    Sponges and scouring pads
                                      Scotch Brite              Hand pads, sponges, wipes, grill bricks
Allied Metal Spinning Corp.           Allied Metal & Spinning   Pizza pans, pizza accessories, baking pans, baking accessories
Anchor Hocking                        Anchor Hocking            Stemware, tumblers, mugs, ashtrays, pitchers
                                      Stozle                    Stemware, tumblers, pitchers
APW/Wyott Foodservice Equipment Co.                             Counter equipment, electric
Arden/Benhar Mills                    Arden Benhar              Aprons, chef apparel, oven mitts, towels, accessories
Bar Maid Corporation                  Bar Maid                  Glass washers- electric and manual, low suds glass cleaners, sanitizers,
                                                                blenders, electric and manual glass brushes
                                      Glass Pro                 Glass washers, electric and manual
                                      LoSuds                    Liquid glassware detergent
                                      Sani Maid                 Sanitizer
Blaze Products                        Blaze                     Chafing dish fuels
Bunn-O-Matic                          Bunn                      Coffee brewers, tea brewers, water treatment systems
BVT-Chef Revival                      Best Value Textiles       Uniforms, bar towels, oven mitts, chef coats, pot holders, chef hats
Cactus Mat Mfg                        Catalina                  Carpet mats made of Olefin
                                      VIP-Deluxe                Heavy duty anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats, black & red
                                      VIP-Red Cloud             Anti-fatigue mats
                                      VIP-Topdek Junior         Lighter weight mats, grease resistant
                                      VIP-Tuffdek               Topdek, anti-fatigue & anti-slip mats, black & red
Cadco Ltd.                            Cadco                     Ovens, warmers, griddles, & toasters
Cambro Manufacturing Co.                                        Trays, tumblers, pitchers, punch bowls, pebbled bowls, square and round
                                                                food storage containers, food storage pans and boxes, ingredient bins,
                                                                measuring cups, scoops, Camtainers, Camcarriers, booster seats, dunnage
                                                                racks, shelving
Carlisle Foodservice Products                                   Salad bar crocks
                                      MARKO                     Table skirting, padding, covers
Chef·Master (Mr. Bar-B-Q)                                       Butane fuel, butane lighters, induction range, salad spinner, meat
                                                                tenderizer (manual)
                                      Chef·Master               Butane stoves
Continental Manufacturing                                       Waste receptacles and lids, wastebaskets, mop buckets and wringers, mop
                                                                heads, mop handles, floor brushes and handles, deodorizing gels, urinal
                                                                screens and blocks, change station
Cooper/Atkins Corp.                   Cooper & Atkins           Food temperature and humidity instruments
Dexter Russell                        Dexter Connoisseur        Professional cutlery
                                      Dexter/Russell            Professional cutlery
                                      Green River               Black walnut handled cutlery
                                      Russell Green River       Black walnut handled cutlery
                                      Russell International     Cutlery
                                      Sani Safe                 White sanitary polypropylene handled cutlery
                                      Sofgrip                   Cutlery with non-slip handle
Diversified Ceramics Corporation                                Ovenware, coffee mugs, ramekins, creamers, teapots
Edlund Co., Inc.                      Edlund                    Kitchen scales, can openers
Forschner/Victorinox                  Victorinox                Cutlery

                                                                                                                              04/10 page 13
MANUFACTURER                           BRANDS                       DESCRIPTION
Glit Disco / Div. of Continental Mfg                                Grill bricks, s/s scrubbers, cleaning pads, filter paper, mop heads
Hall China                             Hall                         Ramekins, baking dishes, soup crocks, AuGratins, and sugar pack holders
                                                                    and creamers
Hamilton Beach                         Hamilton Beach               Blenders-dishers
International Tableware, Inc.                                       Table top china
Jaccard Corporation                    Jaccard                      Manual meat tenderizers, mandolins, vegetable peeler & meat mallet
JohnsonDiversey                        O-Cedar                      Maxi-Angler brooms
Libbey Glass, Inc.                                                  Stemware, tumblers, mugs, pitchers, ashtrays
Lincoln Foodservice                                                 Stock pots, fry pans, sheetpans
Mundial Inc.                           Mundial                      Knives, turners, spatulas, steels & cooks forks
Nemco Food Equipment                                                Counter equipment, manual food cutters
O-Cedar Commercial                     O-Cedar                      Mops, brooms, mop handles
Oneida/Buffalo China                                                China
Oneida/Delco                           Delco China                  China and flatware
                                       Delco Econoline Collection   Lower end flatware
                                       Delco Elite Collection       Higher end flatware
Oneida/Rego China                                                   China
Oneida/Silversmiths                                                 Flatware, serviceware
Oreck Commercial Sales                                              Vacuum cleaners
Regal Ware, Inc.                                                    Coffee brew urns, coffee servers
San Jamar                              Katchall                     Film & foil dispensers, ice totes, matting
                                       San Jamar                    Tissue, napkin, and towel dispensers, cutting boards
Serving Solutions                      Serving Solutions            Plastic fast food and cafeteria trays, assorted colors
SLI                                    SLI                          Light bulbs, shielded and un-shielded, heat lamps, flood lights, fluorescent
                                                                    bulbs, shielded and un-shielded
Sterno Group                                                        Wax candles, table lamps, and birthday candles
                                       Handy Fuel                   Chafing and warming fuel
                                       Sterno                       Chafing and warming fuel
Syracuse China (Div. Of Libbey)        Syracuse                     China in body colors Bone, Royal Rideau, Aluma White and Flint,
                                                                    Cantina colored glaze china and Casablanca ovenware
T&S Brass & Bronze Works               T&S                          Faucets, pre-rinse units, repair kits, glass fillers, hoses, flex for pre-rinse
Tablecraft                             Tablecraft                   Table top supplies
Taylor Instruments                     Taylor                       Scales, timers, thermometers
Teknor Apex                            Teknor Apex                  Hot water hoses
Tolco Corporation                      Tolco                        Janitorial cleaning and safety products
Traex/Div. Libbey Inc.                                              Pitchers, tumblers, trays, food, brushes, salt & pepper shakers & dispensers
Univex                                 Univex                       Electric slicers, mixers
Update International                   Update                       Smallwares, flatware, chafers & buffetware, cookware, pizza supplies
Vita Mix Corp.                                                      Blenders and food processors
Vollrath Company, Inc.                                              Steam pans, cookware, s/s utensils
Walco Stainless Inc.                                                Steam pans, cookware, s/s utensils
Waring                                 Waring                       Blenders, mixers, extractors, food processors
Warren Distribution                                                 Automotive supplies
                                       Mag1                         Automotive oil and lubricants
                                       Polar                        Antifreeze and windshield wash
                                       STP                          Automotive oil and lubricants
Wells Manufacturing Co.                Wells                        Coffee decanters, air pots, warmers
WINCO                                  WINCO                        Chafers, buffetware, cookware, smallwares, table top supplies, food
                                                                    storage containers, pans and boxes
Win-Holt Equipment                     Win-Holt                     Sheet pan racks, dunnage racks, can racks, stainless steel wall shelves,
                                                                    hand sinks, rack covers

                                                                                                                                    04/10 page 14
MANUFACTURER                            BRANDS              DESCRIPTION
World Tableware/Div. Libbey Inc.                            China and flatware

Cargill Salt                            Diamond Crystal     Water conditioning and deicing salts
Clorox                                  Armor All           Protectant, multi-purpose cleaner, car wash, wipes
                                        Clorox              Liquid bleach, liquid cleaner, disinfecting wipes, ready mop, toilet wand,
                                                            bath wand, mildew cleaner, bleach pen
                                        Formula 409         Orange cleaner, heavy duty degreaser, multi-surface cleaner, carpet cleaner
                                        Kingsford           Charcoal
                                        Lestoil             Cleaner
                                        Liquid-Plumr        Drain opener, foaming pipe snake, build-up remover
                                        Pine-Sol            Liquid cleaner
                                        S.O.S.              Dish detergent, soap pads, scrubber sponges
                                        Tilex               Scum remover, instant mildew remover
Colgate-Palmolive                       Ajax                Cleanser
                                        Fabuloso            All purpose cleaner
                                        Murphy's Oil Soap   All purpose cleaner
                                        Palmolive           Dishwashing liquid
                                        Softsoap            Hand soap
Dial Corporation                        Boraxo              Heavy duty hand cleaner
                                        Combat              Insecticides
                                        Dial                Antibacterial liquid hand wash
                                        Dial Complete       Foaming antibacterial liquid hand wash
                                        Pure & Natural      Liquid hand soap
                                        Purex               Laundry products
                                        Renuzit             Air fresheners
                                        Right Guard         Antiperspirants & deodorants
                                        Soft Scrub          All purpose cleanser
Discovery Products Corp.                                    Carbon Off, Foam Plus, Brite Shine, fryer boil out
French's/Reckitt Benckiser (Cleaning)   Airwick             Air fresheners
                                        Brasso              Cleaner for copper, brass, chrome
                                        D-Con               Mouse/rat traps and poison
                                        Easy-Off            Cleaner for cooking surfaces
                                        Electrasol          Dish detergent
                                        Lysol               Disinfectants, air fresheners and cleaners
                                        Metalist            Floor cleaners
                                        Old English         Furniture and wood cleaner, duster
                                        Resolve             Carpet cleaner
                                        Sani-Flush          Cleaning brushes and wipes
GOJO Industries, Inc.                   GOJO                Skin care solutions, hand sanitizers
                                        Micrell             Anti-bacterial soap
                                        Provon              Skin care products
                                        Purell              Hand sanitizer
JohnsonDiversey                         Drano               Drain clog remover
                                        Easy Paks           All-purpose cleaner/deodorizer
                                        Glade               Air freshener
                                        Mr. Muscle          Oven and kitchen cleaners
                                        Off                 Insect spray
                                        Pledge              Furniture cleaner
                                        Raid                Insect killer
                                        Sani-Sure           Multi-surface sanitizer
                                        Skidoo              Institutional insecticide

                                                                                                                      04/10 page 15
MANUFACTURER                       BRANDS                DESCRIPTION
JohnsonDiversey                    Sure-Trac             Bathroom cleaner
                                   Twinkle               Metal cleaner/polish
                                   Vanish                Air freshener
                                   Vector                Electronic fly system
                                   Whistle               All-purpose cleaner
                                   Windex                Glass cleaner
Par-Way/Tryson                     Puricit               Odor eliminator, grill & oven cleaner, multi-purpose degreaser and
                                                         stainless steel cleaner
Procter & Gamble                   Bounce                Fabric softener
                                   Cascade               Dishwashing detergent
                                   Cheer                 Laundry detergent
                                   Clean Quick           Professional grade quaternary sanitizer
                                   Comet                 Cleaning products
                                   Dawn                  Dishwashing detergent and floor cleaner
                                   ERA                   Laundry detergent
                                   Febreze               Fabric and air freshener/odor eliminator
                                   Gain                  Laundry detergent
                                   Ivory                 Soap and detergent
                                   Joy                   Dishwashing detergent
                                   Mr. Clean             Multi-purpose cleaners
                                   Spic & Span           Cleaning products
                                   Tide                  Laundry detergent
Sheila Shine                       Sheila Shine          Cleaner and polish for use with stainless steel, plastic, formica, enamel,
                                                         leather and wood furniture
U.S. Chemical                      Enterprise            Cleaning products, warewashing detergents, sanitizers, laundry detergents
                                   USC                   Cleaning products, warewashing detergents, sanitizers, laundry detergents
Waterbury Companies Inc.           Time Mist             Metered air fresheners, insect control systems and touchless washroom
                                                         control systems
                                   Yankee Candle         Air fresheners

AJM Packaging                                            Paper bags in craft (brown), bleached (white), sacks and paper plates
Atlantic Mills Corp.               Atlantic Mills        Foodservice & microbial wiping products, aprons- medium and heavy
                                                         weight, water resistant and fire retardant
                                   Galli Green           Biodegradable cornstarch, sugarcane, PLA and paper disposable
Boyd Medical and Safety Supplies                         Vinyl and latex, disposable aprons, dishwashing gloves
Bunn-O-Matic                       Bunn                  Coffee and tea filters
Cellucap                           Cellucap              Chef hats, overseas caps, hairnets, bouffants
Clorox                             Glad                  Wraps, storage and freezer bags, Gladware, Glad straws, indoor and
                                                         outdoor trash bags
Crayola                            Crayola               Crayons, bulk, boxed and cello wrapped
Daymark Food Safety Systems        Day Mark              Food safety labels and systems, guest checks
EMI Yoshi                          Caterers Collection   Disposable dinnerware, caterware
                                   Clear Ware            Disposable clear dinnerware, caterware
                                   ConServe              Environmentally friendly dinnerware, trays
                                   EMI Yoshi             Buffetware, caterware, tumblers, mugs, carry out containers
                                   Majestic              Disposable dinnerware, caterware
                                   Prepserve             Disposable preparation/serving bowls
                                   Resposables           Disposable dinnerware, tumblers, mugs, serving trays
                                   Small Wonders         Disposable petite caterware, dinnerware
                                   Squares               Disposable square shaped dinnerware
                                   Triangles             Disposable triangle shaped dinnerware

                                                                                                                     04/10 page 16
MANUFACTURER                    BRANDS              DESCRIPTION
Evergreen                       Evergreen           Napkin bands and register rolls, POS register rolls
Goldmax Industries, Inc.                            Frill toothpicks, toothpicks, wood skewers
Handgards                                           Gloves in PVC, poly, latex vinyl, synthetic and nitrile, food storage bags
                                Handgard Eclipse    Cutlery, HW, polystyrene, black & champagne cutlery, MW,
                                                    polypropylene, white cutlery kits, polypropylene, white gloves, latex,
                                                    powdered & powder free gloves, PVC, powdered & powder free
Handi-foil of America           Handi-foil          Roll foils, interfold sheets, containers & lids
                                Medallion           Roll foils, interfold sheets
Handy Wacks Corp.               Handy Wacks         Deli wrap paper, pan liners, patty paper
Hoffmaster/Smith-Lee            American            Traymats
                                Hoffmaster          Napkins, placemats, tablecovers, Linen-Like, doilies, bake cups
                                Smith-Lee           Placemats, napkin bands, doilies, bake cups, paper plates, dinner napkins
JohnsonDiversey                 Ziploc              Resealable plastic bags
M & Q Plastics                  PanSaver            Pan liners, ovenable cook and hold pan liners
National Checking Company       A-Line              Guest checks: single part, two part, three part, sales books, delivery forms
                                N-Line              Guest checks: single part, two part, three part, sales books, delivery forms;
                                                    register rolls: one ply, two ply & thermal; food rotation products:
                                                    permanent, removable & dissolving labels, portion bags
Pan Pacific Plastics Mfg Inc.   Ecoplas             Biodegradable bags
                                Pan Pacific         Regular PET T-shirt bags and food bags
Pitt Plastics                   Black Star          Black trash can liners
                                Déjà Vu             Trash can liners made from recycled resins
                                Mighty Tough        White can liners approved for food storage
                                Shark Skin          Silver trash can liners on coreless roll
                                Titanium            Premium heavy duty bags
                                Tru-Mil             Premium heavy duty bags
                                Vu-Thru             High quality clear trash can liners
                                White Star          High quality white trash can liners
Procter & Gamble                Atsa                Batteries
                                Duracell            Batteries
                                Pampers             Diapers
                                Puffs               Tissues
Reynolds Food Packaging         Metro               Economy brand of film and foil
                                Reynold’s           Aluminum foil, film, take out containers
Sani Professional/Nice Pak      Giant Wet Nap       Moist towelettes
                                Pudgies             Baby wipes
                                Sani Hands          Cleaner for hard, non-porous food prep surfaces
                                Sani-Wipe           Pre-moistened, no-rinse surface sanitizing wipes
                                Thermo-San          Moist towels, baby wipes, table wipes
                                Wet Nap             Moist towelettes
Spectrum Plastics                                   T-sacks, can liners

Health, Beauty & Wellness
Cadbury Adams                   Halls               Cough Drops
Colgate-Palmolive               Colgate             Toothpaste, toothbrushes
                                Irish Spring        Bar soap, body wash
                                Lady Speed Stick    Women's deodorant
                                Mennen              Deodorant
                                Softsoap            Liquid hand soap, body wash
                                Speed Stick         Men's deodorant
                                Wisp                Single-use, no-rinse toothbrushes
Convenience Valet               Convenience Valet   Individually packaged Health, Beauty & Wellness products

                                                                                                                04/10 page 17
MANUFACTURER                 BRANDS                 DESCRIPTION
Energizer Personal Care      Baby Magic             Lotion, baby wash and creamy oil
                             Banana Boat            Tanning oil, sun block and aloe
                             Diaper Genie           Diaper disposal system
                             Edge                   Shaving gel
                             Hawaiian Tropic        Tanning, sun protection and skin care products
                             Playtex                Femcare products and baby bottles
                             Schick                 Shaving products
                             Skintimate             Shaving cream
                             Wet Ones               Hand sanitizers
Johnson & Johnson            AlternaGel             Intestinal relief
                             Aveeno                 Skin and lip care
                             Band-Aid Brand         Bandages
                             Benadryl               Allergy medicine
                             Clean & Clear          Facial care
                             Desitin                Diaper rash, skin irritation ointment
                             Dramamine              Motion sickness medicine
                             Imodium                Intestinal relief
                             Infants' Mylicon       Infant intestinal relief
                             Johnson's              Cotton balls, swabs
                             Johnson's Baby/Kid     Shampoo, oil, powder, bath
                             K-Y Brand              Personal lubricant
                             Lactaid                Intestinal relief
                             Listerine/Listermint   Oral care
                             Monistat               Feminine care
                             Motrin                 Pain reliever
                             Mylanta                Stomach relief
                             Neosporin/Polysporin   First aid ointments
                             Neutrogena             Skin care
                             Nizoral A-D            Dandruff shampoo
                             Pepcid                 Stomach relief
                             Purell                 Hand sanitizers, wipes
                             Purpose                Skin care
                             Reach                  Oral care
                             Red Cross              First aid items, kits
                             Rolaids                Antacid tablets
                             Shower to Shower       Body powder
                             Simply Sleep           Sleep aid
                             St. Joseph             Pain reliever
                             Stayfree/Carefree      Feminine care
                             Sudafed                Cold, sinus, allergy medicine
                             Tena Serenity          Bladder protection products
                             Tylenol                Pain reliever, cold/allergy medicines
                             Viactiv                Dietary supplement
                             Visine                 Eye drops
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare   Advil                  Aches and pain medication
                             Alavert                Allergy medication
                             Anbesol                Oral health
                             Caltrate               Osteoporosis and bone health treatment
                             Centrum                Nutrition and vitamins
                             ChapStick              Oral health
                             Dimetapp               Allergies, cold and flu medication
                             Dristan                Cold and allergy congestion relief

                                                                                                     04/10 page 18
MANUFACTURER                 BRANDS                  DESCRIPTION
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare   FiberCon                Constipation and irritable bowel syndrome relief
                             Preparation H           Anal itch and hemorrhoid relief
                             Primatene               Asthma relief
                             Robitussin              Cold and flu products
                             Thermacare              Aches and pain relief
Procter & Gamble             Always                  Femcare products
                             Daisy                   Disposable women's razor
                             Dry Idea                Women's deodorant
                             Gillette                Blades, razors, toiletries, electric shavers
                             Good News!              Disposable razor
                             Head & Shoulders        Shampoo and conditioner
                             Ivory                   Bath soap
                             M3 Power                Men's razor
                             M3 Turbo                Men's razor
                             Mach 3                  Men's razor
                             Pepto Bismol            Medication
                             Pert Plus               Shampoo and conditioner
                             Sensor                  Women's razor
                             Sinex                   Nasal spray
                             Tampax                  Femcare products
                             Vicks                   Nyquil, Dayquil, 44D, 44M, 44, cough drops and vapor rub
Ricola                       Ricola                  Herbal cough drops
Schering-Plough              A&D                     Skin care
                             Afrin                   Upper respiratory
                             Claritin                Upper respiratory
                             Coppertone/Solarcaine   Sun care
                             Coricidin               Upper respiratory
                             Dr. Scholls             Foot care

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