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Quality education, excellence, opportunities – a foundation for ... - PDF


Quality education, excellence, opportunities – a foundation for ...

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									     Quality education, excellence, opportunities – a foundation for the future

 Wollongong West Public School                  Phone: 02 42292096                           Email: wollongwst-
 Crown Street                                                                      
 West Wollongong 2500                           Fax:       02 42265057
                                                                                             Website: http://www.wollongwst-
 Principal: Mrs Cathy Reade                                                        

 Issue 5:          Term 1            Week 5                                                                     27 February 2008

                                                                                            Important Reminder
                         Coming Events
                                                                         Please remember that the bottom carpark is for staff, deliveries
Week 5           Event                                                   and parents with a disability label on their car only.
Thurs 28 Feb     2.30 pm – PSP survey information presentation           The gate will be closed in the afternoons as unfortunately parents
Fri 29 Feb       Clean Up Australia activity                             are again using the bottom carpark and causing us concern for the
                                                                         safety of students. If you drive to school, please park on either
Week 6           Event – PSP Survey Week                                 Phillips Ave or Fisher St when dropping off or collecting children.
Mon 3 Mar        Open Afternoon for Year 6 students and families
                 at WHSPA
                                                                                            Security Fence News
Thurs 6 Mar      Year 6 Leadership Day                                   The fence is now complete and all external gates have been
                 Welcome Night at the pool                               installed. There is one gate on Phillips Ave that is to be relocated,
                                                                         but that will happen soon.
Fri 7 Mar        Regional Swimming Carnival
                                                                         Please note that the Mt Keira Road gate will be closed during the
Week 7           Event
                                                                         day (but not locked). If you are entering or leaving the school via
Fri 14 Mar       School Cross Country                                    this gate, please make sure that you close it behind you.

                     Lovely in Green!                                                    Nut/Anaphylaxis Awareness
                                                                         Please remember that our school is working to keep all students
                              On Friday 22 February we had our
                                                                         safe at school. We have a number of students who are severely
                              green ‘Mufti Day’ to raise money
                                                                         allergic to peanuts and other nuts. Our Nut/Anaphylaxis
                              for prizes for the P & C’s Trivia
                                                                         Awareness policy asks for the co-operation of the school
                              Night. There was a fabulous
                                                                         community. Please do not send your child to school with peanut
                              response and $204 was raised.
                                                                         butter on anything, nutella or other nuts or nut products. It is also
                              The winning class was 3/4W and
                                                                         important to remind your child/ren not to share their food with
                              students were rewarded with an
                                                                         anyone else.
                              apple slinky each on Tuesday
                              morning. The apples were provided          A copy of the Nut/Anaphylaxis Awareness Policy is available for
                              by the P & C through the weekly            download on our school website.
                              apple order program.
                              The money raised will enable the P
                                                                                           Year 6 Leadership Day
                              & C to get some great prizes for                      th
                                                                         Thursday 6 March has been set aside for a full day of leadership
                              the night. Thank you to all the            activities for all Year 6 students. Mrs Baines is organising the
                              students    and      families  that        activities and Mrs Reade will assist on the day. Mrs Baines is
                              supported this activity.                   currently in the process of inviting some inspirational guest
                              Alex with his apple slinky                 speakers to visit. A note with more information will be going home
                                                                         with all Year 6 students early next week.
                         PSP Survey
                                                                                                Welcome Night
Next week is the PSP Survey week. To further assist families in
filling in the survey, an information afternoon is being held            You are invited to attend the P & C’s Welcome Night on Thursday
tomorrow – Thursday 28 February in the hall commencing at 2.30           6th March. It is a great night with swimming in the pool for students
pm. A short DVD will be played that addresses all aspects of the         and a free BBQ for everyone. Drinks will be available for sale. The
survey and will answer any questions you may have about the              evening commences at 5.30 pm and concludes at 7.30 pm.
survey. Please come along to learn more about the PSP Survey             Come along and have some fun. It is a great way to meet new
process.                                                                 families and catch up with your school friends.

                Rugby League Selection
David, Liam, Mark and Michael have all been selected for the next
round of trials for the Area Rugby League team. Congratulations
boys, on your efforts so far, and good luck at the next level.
 Issue 5:              Term 1          Week 5                                                                        27 February 2008

                       Last Week’s Awards                                      Megan was charmed by ‘Josh’, a 16 year old boy, on her
                        Principal’s Awards                                     MySpace website. They never spoke and maintained a purely
                                                                               online romance over a period of time. ‘Josh’ suddenly turned
                             Jarrod, Jorja
                                                                               nasty on Megan, among others things accusing her of being a slut
                     Encouragement Awards                                      and being fat. Other girls who had joined Josh’s website added
                             Kala, Stefan                                      abusive messages as well. Tragically, Megan took her own life
                        Playground Awards                                      soon after.
               Emily, Jorja, Cindy, Liam, Kento, Jack
                                                                               It turned out that ‘Josh’ was in an invention of Megan’s 47 year
                         Assembly Award                                        old neighbour Lori Drew, the mother of one of Megan’s former
                              KP & K/1M                                        friends. Drew had intimate knowledge of Megan, including the fact
                       Environment Award                                       that she had been on anti-depressants and that she had a
                                 K/1M                                          MySpace page.
                           Merit Awards                                        Unfortunately, Lori Drew could not be prosecuted and the case
                      Nikola, Arok, Cody, John                                 has raised debate in the US about legislation against internet
                  Lyons, Sarah, Jorja, Shaydean,                               harassment.
                  Jack, Chelsea, Dylan, Cooper,                                But from a parental perspective this case highlights the need to
               Taylalace, William, Athena, Hyun!joo,                           tackle Internet protective behaviours head-on with kids.
                         Jessica, Dale, Lily
                                                                               Past generations of parents taught their kids about stranger
                                                                               danger, instilling a range of safety messages such as “Never talk
                                                                               to strangers,” “Stay together in public place,” and “If a stranger
   Awards to be presented at this week’s assembly                              approaches and you feel threatened go to the first safe house you
                 29 February 2008                                              see.”
                                                                               They also taught kids how to recognise potentially risky situations,
                           Bronze Awards                                       trusting their feelings if they things didn’t seem right. It was done
                          Macinley, Thomas                                     hopefully in a way that didn’t place every adult under suspicion.
                          Working Bee                                          Getting the balance right between the need to stay safe and
                                                                               developing healthy trust is difficult.
This Saturday, 1 March, there will be a Working Bee to tidy up in
and around the school gardens. Please come along and join a                    Today’s parents need to develop in kids a range of online
dedicated band of volunteers from between 8 am and 1 pm. You                   protective behaviours as well as offline protective behaviours.
will need to bring gardening gloves and tools.                                 Cyber space is such a different medium. It ensures anonymity for
                                                                               potential bullies or assailants that can’t be attained in the real
                                Lost                                           world.

Mrs Proust has lost her mobile phone. It is a silver coloured ‘Nokia’          The first consideration to develop in kids is that “Things aren’t
phone. If you locate it would you return it to the office at the school        always what they first seem online”. This applies to websites,
please.                                                                        information and people. Teaching kids to be sceptical about what
                                                                               they encounter and who they meet online is the essential
                                                                               parenting thing to do.
                       Head Lice Problem                                       The rapid increase in the use of social networking sites such as
Over recent weeks there have been a number of cases of head                    MySpace and Facebook means that kids are more exposed than
lice in the school. Notes have gone home with students and some                ever to those who don’t have their best interests at heart. But
classes where the problem has been more widespread. To ensure                  what do we teach kids? How do we develop scepticism without
that this problem is solved, please check your child’s hair and                making them fearful? These are new challenges for parents. It’s
everyone else in the family. If you find either nits or lice, please           hard.
keep your child at home until you have treated their hair and the
                                                                               The new imperatives for parents include:
nits & lice have been completely removed from the hair. You will
also need to recheck every day for at least a week and retreat if                1. Know what your kids do online. Be aware of their behaviours
necessary.                                                                     and what they tend to do online. If you are unsure how they use
                                                                               the net then it maybe time to find out.
                             Assembly                                             2. Develop a healthy sense of scepticism. The Internet is great.
The leaders for this week’s assembly are Yesim and Thomas. It is               It is a brilliant tool but there are some rules to its use to ensure
Year 3C’s turn for a class item.                                               enjoyment and safety. People and things aren’t always what they
Cathy Reade
Principal                                                                        3. Teach kids some basic safety behaviours. Start with: ‘Don’t
                                                                               give your passwords away, even to your best friend’; ‘Save the
                                                                               evidence if there is bullying and tell someone’; and ‘Don’t reply to
                      For Your Information                                     harassment as bullies can spread your reply around’.
             Why online scepticism is good for kids
                                                                               One of the best ways for parents to get these messages across is
                       by Michael Grose                                        to spend some time with kids online. This ‘side-by-side parenting’
Things aren’t always what they seem.                                           offers opportunities for you to find out how your kids use the
                                                                               Internet but importantly develop some smart strategies together to
This is the compelling lesson to instil in kids about the online               help them stay safe in this brilliant, exciting but potentially risky
world. The recent reporting of the suicide of 13 year-old American             new space.
Megan Meier as a result of a bizarre internet hoax highlights the
vulnerability of children and young people in cyberspace.

                        Highly qualified, experienced and caring staff dedicated to providing a well balanced curriculum
 Issue 5:           Term 1            Week 5                                                                       27 February 2008

                                                                                                    Bunnings BBQ
                                                                             Bunnings have given us a call, another school has dropped out of
                                                                             a BBQ this Sunday. They have asked us to fill in. That will be
                                                                             another $500 ! $900 in our bank account.

                                                                                               Our Green Mufti Day
                         P & C News                                          Wow! Thank you to everyone who took part in our Green Mufti
Minutes are now available on the P & C News webpage via the                  Day supporting our Trivia Night. We raised $204 on Friday. Well
schools website.                         done everyone, you all looked amazing in green.
                                                                             Money Raised to date: $1995
                        P&C Meeting
There has been a change to our normal time and date for our next
P&C Meeting, it will now be on Tuesday 4th March at 1.30pm in the
hall. Feel free to come along. To have voting rights you need to
be a financial member, this comes at a cost of $1 per person.

                         Snakes Alive
                                                                                                 Bedwetting Institute
Your Snakes Alive money is due back to school next Friday 7th                 A new DVD based program, Bedwetting Cured, has been
March. If you have sold your snakes please send in the money.
                                                                             developed by Dr Mark Condon and Physiotherapist, Margaret
Last week my children sold almost a box whilst waiting for their
swimming lessons to begin. Ask your family, friends, work mates              O’Donovan. It outlines a successful program for parents to
or take a box along to your children’s next sporting event. We do            implement at home with their children. For more information and a
have 10 spare boxes at the office, you are welcome to come in                free Bedwetting Fact Sheet please visit the website:
and get another box if you wish.                                    or phone 1300 135 796
Remember money back 7th March $48 per box.

       Welcome Night – Thursday 6th March                                                    St Mark’s Anglican Church
Our annual welcome night BBQ will be held on Thursday 6 March                St Mark’s are having a Super Saturday. A fun afternoon for
2008. The evening is all about making new families feel welcome              children aged from Pre!School to Year 6 offering games, rides,
and an opportunity to meet new people. Children will be able to              activities   and    music.        Includes    afternoon   tea.
swim in the pool and a free BBQ is provided for your family. Soft            Saturday 1st March, 1.30pm to 4pm. “Two by Two” ! Noah’s Ark.
drinks and juice can be purchased on the night. So bring along a             St Mark’s Anglican Church, 429 Crown Street, West Wollongong.
picnic blanket and join in the fun. The evening commences at                 $5 per child (maximum $15 per family). For more enquiries ph:
5.30pm till 7.30pm. It is a great social night and a way to meet             4225 8622
new families and catch up with your school friends. We will be
providing steak and sausage sandwiches, should you have any                                            Vikings
special dietary requirements you are more than welcome to bring
your own picnic.
                                                                                              Junior Rugby Union Club
ALL ORDERS MUST BE AT THE OFFICE BY Tuesday 4th                              Would you like to join the Mighty Vikings? Training every
March complete the slip at the end of the newsletter. No                     Wednesday, VIKINGS OVAL (cnr
orders will be accepted after this date!no exceptions. You will be
able to bring your own picnic if you miss the cut off date.
                                                                                FULL TIME & PART TIME CARERS
                         Trivia Night
                                                                                 for children and young people
We still have about 6 seats available for the Trivia Night. It is
lovely to see our parents supporting the Trivia Night this year. So                        REQUIRED
far we have about 9 ! tables booked.
If you haven’t yet paid please pay at the office a.s.a.p to hold your
seat. If your family is donating a prize could you please send it to
the office by Friday 7th March.

                         Easter Raffle
This year we will be holding an Easter Raffle. We will be asking
each child to donate an Easter Egg/Rabbit etc the items will be
made         up      into     hampers        by     the      P&C.
Every donation of Easter Egg/Rabbit etc will receive a bonus raffle
ticket. Donations to be brought to the classroom between Friday
29th      February       !    Friday     14th     March     2008.                               Call Kerrie on 04205 10313
Easter raffle tickets will go home on Friday 7th March 2008. 5                                     Life without Barriers
tickets at $1 each, and for every book brought back to the school
the family will receive an extra ticket into the raffle.
The raffle will be drawn on Wednesday 19th 2008 winners will be
notified by phone and in the newsletter.

                      Highly qualified, experienced and caring staff dedicated to providing a well balanced curriculum
 Issue 5:          Term 1            Week 5                                                                       27 February 2008

         PSP Survey Request in Another Language
Please indicate with a tick the language you require for the PSP
Arabic                  Italian                 Samoan
Bengali                 Japanese                Serbian
Bosnian                 Khmer                   Somali
Burmese                 Korean                  Spanish
Chinese (Trad)          Lao                     Tamil
Croatian                Macedonian              Thai
Filipino/Tagalog        Persian (Farsi)         Tongan
Greek                   Portuguese              Turkish
Hindi                   Punjabi                 Urdu
Indonesian              Russian                 Vietnamese

Student Name: ______________________________
Class: ___________

                     Highly qualified, experienced and caring staff dedicated to providing a well balanced curriculum

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