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					                             Isabella County Recycles

Board Meetings
March 18
                           spring 2010
April 15

Facility Closed
Good Friday April 2
(closed 1:00 to 5:30)
                               ——Earth Day——
                        Come join us on April 24th at the      processed    with   other   organic
Memorial Day May 31     Recycling Center as we celebrate       waste.
                        Earth Day. We will be accepting
                                                               Composting, unlike burning, does
Special Events          yard waste free of charge from 8
                                                               not result in negative environ-
Earth Day               am to 1:30 pm.
                                                               mental consequences.      Burning
April 24                Volunteers and Recycling Center        leaves, grass, and other yard de-
                        staff will greet you at the front      bris can be harmful to human
Free Shred Day
                        gate and direct you to drop-off        health and degrades air quality.
May 14
                        points. Assistance will be avail-      Small particles produced while
                        able if you need help unloading        burning can cause various lung
                        your vehicle.                          and breathing problems. Burning
                                                               also creates hydrocarbons and
                        Earth Day is celebration of our en-
                                                               carbon monoxide.
  HOURS:                vironment and a day to show ap-
                        preciation for all of its resources.   Burning yard waste can be a nui-
  Monday-               On the day designed to create          sance to neighbors and creates a
  Wednesday                                      awareness     fire hazard. See the EPA website
                                                 about         for more information.
  8 am to 5:30 pm
                                                 what we
                                                               Take advantage of this free ser-
  Thursday                                       can do to
                                                               vice to dispose of yard waste
  8 am to 7 pm                                                 properly. Come celebrate Earth
                                                               Day with the Recycling Center!
  Friday                                         mental
                                                 health, we
  8 am to 5:30 pm
  Saturday              proper disposal of yard waste.
                        Yard waste (grass clippings,
                                                                    Free Yard Waste Day
  8 am to 1:30 pm
                        leaves, brush, branches) is best
                        disposed through composting.              Leaves, grass clipping,
                        Composting is the natural process
                        of decomposition that turns yard
                        waste into a healthy soil amend-
                                                                brush, and small branches.
                        ment. Yard waste accepted at
                        the Recycling Center is sent to a                  April 24th
                        composting facility where it is
                                                                      8 am to 1:30 pm
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                                       Shred After Tax Day
                                       After tax season is over we              On May 14th from
                                       clean out our files, but what do
                                       we do with all that paper-               10 am to 2 pm you
                                       work?       Shredding prevents           can drop off sensitive
                                       your personal information                      documents to
                                       from being used for iden-
                                       tity theft.                                    be shredded
                                       Rather than spend hours in
                                                                                      and recycled
Always shred:                          front of a small shredder                      for free.
 Medical Records                     take advantage of Free
 Tax Records                         Shred Day at the Recycling
 Credit Card Statements              Center.
 Pay Check Stubs
 Credit Card Applications
 Expired License
                                                     Free Shred Day for Sensitive Documents
 Insurance Policies and
                                                             Friday, May 14th, 10 am - 2 pm
 Bank Statements
                                      Document destruction works towards combating the prob-
 Mortgage Records
 Student Loan Receipts              lem of identity fraud through shredding of important personal
 Social Security Number             documents. Documents that can be used for fraud are per-
  & Birth Date
                                      sonal checks, expired licenses, bank statements, credit card
 Unfilled     Drug    Prescrip-
  tions                               statements and receipts, pay stubs, and other documents
 Credit     Card or Personal        containing address and personal identification numbers.

                                       A Little Earth Day History...
                                       The first Earth Day was in 1970 and was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord
                                       Nelson. The timing of the day dedicated to conservation and environmental
                                       issues is closely tied to the Spring Equinox.
                                       This year is the 40th anniversary, celebrate this momentous event through
                                       environmental action.

                                      Bring yard waste to the Recy-    Make a commitment    Take a walk in your favorite
                                      cling Center on April 24th for   to start recycling   park and clean up litter on
                                      free disposal.                                        your way.

                       SPRING       2010
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Spring into Good Habits
                          COMPOST                      GRASS CYCLE                     MULCH
                          Composting is the recy-      Grass cycling is simply         The use of natural
                          cling of yard waste and      leaving freshly cut clipping    mulches around trees and
                          food scraps. Making a        on the lawn instead of          plants promotes water
                          compost bin is easy and      bagging. For successful         retention and discourages
When the snow melts it    inexpensive. Yard waste      grass cycling cut the grass     weed grow. Shredded
doesn’t take long before  and food scraps, when        when it is dry and set the      leaves, dried grass clip-
we are spending countless mixed together and com-      mower blade a minimum           pings, pine needles, com-
hours working on our      posted, produce a healthy    of 2 to 3 inches. Keeping       post, straw, and wood
lawns and in our gardens. soil amendment that          grass a little bit long helps   chips are good options for
Before you get your hands works great on gardens       develop a better root sys-      natural mulching. Keep
dirty, read these helpful and flower beds. Recy-       tem, resulting in less wa-      mulch application thick
tips to improve plant     cling Center can provide     tering required during          enough to prevent weeds,
health while saving you   you with the how-to of       those hot weeks in the          but thin enough to pro-
time and energy.          composting. Visit us to-     summer.                         mote air flow.
                          day to get started.

As far as the environment goes, natural fertilizers are preferred over their synthetic counter-
parts for obvious reasons. But if you are looking for results, natural options are still your best
bet. Synthetic fertilizers designed for quick and immediate results often times require multi-
ple applications. They are more likely to treat the symptom rather than the problem. Natu-
ral alternatives like compost build up soil health. Healthy soil holds moisture longer and pro-
vide essential nutrients to young and growing plants.

                        DIY Compost Bins

     available at

  Recycling Center

                        Old Trash Can...              Wire fencing...           Repurpose pallets...
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              Electronic Waste Disposal
              New technology brings us infor-         Here are a few things to consider the
              mation faster, movies with high         next time you replace a piece of elec-
              definition, and puts reality into       tronic equipment:
              our games. It also weighs us            1. Do not put e-waste in with regu-
              down when we replace the old               lar household waste. E-Waste
              with new. It’s an unplugged com-           contains heavy metals that can
              puter sitting in a corner of the           contaminate our groundwater.
              home office and the old television
                                                      2. If the item still works, donate it!
              set stuck in the spare bedroom.
              Our homes are filling up with           3. Utilize collection programs that
              what the industry calls electronic         handle electronic waste. See be-
              waste or “e-waste.”                        low for more information.

              Recycling Center:
                  Call list: Provide an email or mailing address and we will contact you when
                    we have an upcoming Electronic Waste Collection
                  Cell phones: Drop off old cell phones in the front office
              Local Businesses and Organizations:
                  Computers and accessories: Goodwill (details)
                  Electronics: Best Buy (details)
                  Cell phones: AT&T (details)
                  Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CLF): Home Depot (details)
                  For more information visit Michigan DNRE
                  For other disposal options visit EPA electronic waste

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